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Christ the Healer

“Personal Testimonies - General Instructions on Faith - Part 2”
-In our last session, we reviewed some of the basic principles of faith. -In this session, I want to cover the sub ect of confession. !"e#re not $oin$ to $o into $reat detail here.% -Give &ou 2 points concernin$ confession. The first thin$, I want &ou to understand is...

(1) CONFESSION IS NOT DENIAL -' lot of times, I#ve heard people snifflin$ and snee(in$ - OBVIOUSLY the& have a cold. -)ut, when someone comes up, and as*s them about it, the& sa&, “I DON’D HAB A CODE”. -'nd, the& thin* the&#re ma*in$ a “positive confession”. +)ut, fol*s, )I),- ./0F-11I/0 I1 NOT A DENIAL OF THE FACTS. RO ANS !"1# $ “Therefore it is of faith, that it mi$ht be b& $race2 to the end that the promise mi$ht be sure to all the seed2 not to that onl& which is of the law, but to that also which is of the faith of A%raha&, who is the father of us all.” !3nderline4 The phrase4 “the faith of 'braham”. In the ne5t verse, he#s about to tell 's a%o't the (in) of faith that 'braham had, *hen he recei+e) from God.% “'s it is written, I have made thee a father of man& nations, before him, !or ,I6- 30T/ 7I8%, whom he believed, even God, who 9uic*eneth the dead, and calleth those thin,s *hich %e not- as tho',h the. *ere.” 3nderline that last phrase4 “.alleth those thin$s which be not, as thou$h the& were.” -That#s the BIBLE DEFINITION of a “P/1ITI:- ./0F-11I/0”. - T7- ./0F-11I/0 /F F'IT7 calls those thin,s *hich BE NOT- as tho',h the. *ere. 0ow, where a lot of people miss it, is the& $et it t'rne) aro'n), and the& tr. to call those thin$s that ARE, as thou$h the& *ere not. -In other words, when the& have a cold. !That sniffles and snee(es are “The thin$s that ARE”.% -1o, thinking that the&#re operatin$ in faith. The& start to sa. that the thin$s that are, reall. )on’t e/ist. +The&#ll loo* &ou strai$ht in the e&es, and sa&4 “I don#t hab a code”. -”Those aren#t reall& snee(es &ou hear; 'nd, this isn#t reall& half a bo5 of 6leene5 la&in$ on the floor.”

0THAT’S NOT FAITH1 That’s )enial1 !'nd. .% I sai)" T<3.I shouldn#t waste m& time )en.7 BE NOT. !. the cold will leave. first. the s. there#s no power in denial. !?o &ou $et the point> True faith doesn#t )en. the facts. ' an&wa&.% !.et me show &ou what I mean. !That#s a totall& different thin$. I call for the healin$. I should CALL for the HEALIN5 I NEED.F'IT7 calls those thin$s which %e not as thou$h the& *ere. -In other words.F'IT7 calls those thin$s which BE NOT as thou$h the& 2ERE. F'IT7 CALLS T7/1. botherin$ me.T7I0G1 "7I. confession isn#t den&in$ the simplif& this4 An). I don#t need to den& the cat#s e5istence.1” them.” -I call for the thin$ I want.'T. an&wa&.% -If I want to $et rid of the .an &ou see that>% I don#t den& the cold.% -I ust call for the healin$. -2hen I ha+e a col)" I don#t have to den& the sic*ness.'. It calls for what the 2ORD SA6S.% -1o. !It wouldn#t help. when that manifests. !That won#t help.% +T<3. as thou$h there 2EREN’T. "hen the healin$ $ets here.. It#s *inda li*e4 If I have a cat han$in$ around.F'IT7 doesn#t call those thin$s that BE. -I run around sa&in$. -I don#t run around sa&in$4 “I don#t have a cold”. I ust have to call for the do$. It “. The cat#ll leave. “I DO have healin$. the sic*ness will leave.3'st ta(e the =st half of the phrase. +.&4to&s. T<3. if I have a cold .

The& don#t have the "ord SOLIDIFIED in their hearts. I said. thin. -1ee. -6eep hearin$. there#s a “schoolin$ in faith” that $oes on."17$1< -3nderline4 “"/<?”.. and sa&4 “1ee. The&#re not F9LL6 >ERS9ADED. what do &ou do> Go ahead and die> 0o. !li*e 'braham%. -1o. then.Gree*4 <hema. nothin$ happened”. the&sel+es into faith. which I ta*e these one at a time.. -Aou “school &ourself into faith”.o on *ith it for a few da&s. where the&#re schoolin.o'r heart . or someone else#s%. !from &our own mouth. in which &ou “school” &ourself into faith.onfession 9NTO faith”. &ou ma& not be assured of the fact that @esus too* &our infirmities.otten 4ast this first *ind of confession. That causes &our faith to $row. “. “spo*en word”. +It wasn#t 13PP/1-? T/ 7'PP-0. -This *ind of confession isn#t desi$ned to %rin.NE=ER HEALED AN6BOD61 +'nd. $No*. where &ou#re “schoolin$ &ourself” into faith. and bore &our sic*nesses.% -)ut. !or even spea* it &ourself%. that#s the FI<1T 6I0? of confession. that first4 -There#s a confession.s to 4ass. there#s a 1-. -1o. -1o. that#s where some people miss it. -It#s desi$ned to %'il) the 2or) into .-./0? 6I0? of confession. -The&#ve ne+er . 's &ou 7-'< the "ord. !It#s the . and spea*in$ the "ord. -I call that4 (a) THE CONFESSION 89NTO: FAITH RO ANS 1.4es of confession !a% There is a confession in which &ou “school” &ourself into faith !b% There is a confession of the faith. and $et it there in ')30?'0. the& .(7) There are t*o t. which alread& abides in &our heart . -'ccordin$ to this verse4 's &ou hear the "ord spo*en. there#s a “schoolin$ in faith” that $oes on.this (in) of confession.

ust *eep standin$. &ou need to learn to 6--P A/3< 8/3T7 173T. “I believed. and let &our confessions stand. don#t “30?/” the confessions &ou#ve alread& made. -Aou#ll $et there. until his dau$hter was raised. in this *ind of confession. ARA B"71$7@ $ That was his confession of faith..(%) THE CONFESSION 8OF: FAITH -This is the *ind of confession that brin$s thin$s to pass.A P-<13'?-?. 'nd.% 2HAT DO 6O9 DO. -If &ou#ve been standin$ awhile.ONCE 6O9’=E 8SCHOOLED 6O9RSELF: IN FAITHCONFESSION 8OF: FAITH . “it#s not wor*in$”. ADE THE +' lot of people do that. 1T'0? T7-<-F/<-. It#s a confession from a heart that#s F3. =erses 7!$7# $ !'nd.” That#s the *ind of confession that releases God#s Power.% -?urin$ the “standin$” time. -'nd.and done ever&thin$ &ou *now to do> E>H? #"1@ $ 7avin$ done all to stand. and confessin$ the "ord. +"hat do &ou do if &ou#re not there &et> -6eep schoolin$ &ourself into faith. =erse @!$@# $ From that point. T7-<-F/<. we have the stor& of the woman with the issue of blood%. then ust 173T 3P. 6eep hearin$. +"hat do &ou do./0F-11I/0. ma*e sure &ou#re not missin$ it somewhere !unfor$iveness%. and it#s $ettin$ hard to ma*e the ri$ht confessions. The "ord is alread& )3I.I have spo*en. and !because I believed%. 7 COR? !"1@ $ 0otice.. &ou ust SAID. ... &ou never do see @airus sa& '0AT7I0G. if the manifestation hasn#t come &et> -First. &ou have what &ou sa&. !That#s all I want to sa& about . “Gee. I wonder wh& it#s not wor*in$.” !"ell. he let his first confession stand. -Then. +In the face of ' )'? <-P/<T.T I0 to &our heart..

.'<A /F 1I. then &ou won#t be there lon$.-0.% +7e let his first confession stand.')3. is 0/T7I0G 'T '. .-. -If &ou stand with the attitude that4 “I#m here forever. !1ometimes.+@airus had learned the :/.. if need be. the best thin$ to sa&.”. and it did the wor*.

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