Christ the Healer

“Methods of Obtaining Healing”
We’re finally up to the point where we can start looking at the 7 methods God has gi en us to obtain healing! "#ike $ said before% &ach of these methods re'uires a different le el of faith! (nd) there’s somewhere here) that &*&+,O-& can “hook in”) and recei e their healing! "What we’ll do here) is start with the method that re'uires the #&(./ (MO0-/ of faith) and then) we’ll mo e upward) until we get to the H$GH&./ M&/HO1 of obtaining healing! "-ow) before we get into this% Ha e you e er heard someone say% “$ don’t understand it2 When $ first got sa ed) $ used to get healed so easily! (nd) now) it seems like $ can’t get healed) no matter what $ do2”3 4& er hear that3 $t’s a common problem!5 6$’ll tell you why it’s that way2 6When a person first gets saved) God doesn’t +&70$+& (. M08H) as He does) when you start to get older!

NATURAL ILLUSTRATION: $ ha e two kids% 8handra and .haun! 48handra " 9 years old! .haun " : months old!5 "$ don’t expect as much of .haun) 4as $ do of 8handra5) ;ust because of the age difference! "$f .haun dirties his pants) it’s no big deal! 4We don’t think a thing of it25 "<ut) if 8handra were to dirty her pants) that would be another story2 "4-ow) $ understand) accidents happen! <ut) for the most part) we should be past that) by now25



"God doesn’t e#$e%t as &'%h (f y(') when you’re a baby 8hristian2 ".o) when you were a baby 8hristian) God would let you get healed) and He wouldn’t re'uire ery much faith at all2 "<ut) )(w y('’ve been saved 9"= years) and you’re still tryi)g t( get HEALE! the sa&e way you did) back then2 6(nd) it’s not going to work2 ".ee) God wa)ts t( y(' *ROGRESS in faith2 4He’s not going to let you wear diapers fore er2 He wants you to grow up25

ely t( have a cry on His hands.ust mo ing .H$.. the “gifts of healings” operates in a M&&/$-G where sinners are present! ".ou’ll find that 0. O@ /H& .ee) healings ha e always been God’s “calling card”! "(nd) He’ll initiate some healings O.o) as we look at these different methods of obtaining healing! >eep in mind that GO1 W(-/.ou’ll notice that O-& of the : gifts of the . to heal! 4(nd) really) He’s God2 Who’s going to tell Him) He can’t do it35 H2 !OES GO! INITIATE HEALINGS ON HIS O N8 ".5:67. 7 . too2 "<ut) it’s good for you) to grow up2 ".. in faith! "(nd) He may not #&/ . his own healing!5 $n the other =) M(- "<ut) here) God is ./ RECEI0ING HEALING 12 THE GI3TS O3 THE S*IRIT . OW-) as a SIGN and a UN1ELIE0ER’S ATTENTION ! ON!ER) in order to %a$tivate the .0(##.O0 /O ?+OG+&./H& G$@/.O?&+(/$O-) that’s GO! INITIATING heali)g! "4/his is the only method we’ll look at) in which God initiates the healing! $-$/$(/&. .?$+$/ (+& $."(nd) that may not be (all that) pleasant a process2 "When you take away your kid’s pacifier) you’re likely to have a cry on your hands2 "(nd) when God starts t( re+'ire &(re of you) to recei e healing) He’s li. C(r4 .O*&+&$G-#.O0 “hook in” way down) where a new belie er would “hook in”! 40nderstand35 -.pirit was called) “/he gifts of healings”! "4$n the Greek) both the words “gifts” and “healings” are plural!5 "/here’s no such thing as a person ha ing the “gift of healing”! 4“$’ e got the gift of healing2” -o) you don’t25 "<ut) God can manifest Himself) and gi e “healings” as a “gift”) to arious ones in the congregation! 4/hat’s why He called it) “gifts of healings”!5 "God is passing out “gifts of healings”! 4Heal) heal) heal) heal) gift) gift) gift) gift!5 6-ow) WH&.

he said) “$ still can’t belie e it2” own faith) then! /hat’s ob ious25 ".tates!5 Healed " walked out of a wheelchair! 4Well) you >-OW she didn’t get healed on her "& ening meeting% .o) you’d better learn to $-$/$(/& your OW.O0) faster than you can blink2 "& en if a person has been healed by the Gifts of the .pirit) they’re going to ha e to use their own faith) to >&&? and M($-/($.2 6.atan will always come back with a counter"attack2 "?ut some symptoms on you) and see what you’ll do! "$f you say% “Gee) $ thought $ was healed! $ guess $’m not!” " H&’## .healing2 rite: .ou can’t2 ON!ER3UL" HO CAN I GET IN ON IT8 "/his isn’t something you can “belie e for”! God .pirit! <ut) /H& WO+1 (#W(.#(? /H(/ /H$-G <(8> O. initiate your own healing2 4(nd) God will honor His Word!5 4One last thing!!! before we mo e on!5 A *ERSON HEALE! 12 THIS METHO!444 Will still ha e to 1&*&#O? his own faith) otherwise he will #O.. WO+>.ou can’t count on being healed by the Gifts of the .ust does it on His own2 "(nd) chances are% You’ll probably live and die.. and never be healed by this method! ".pirit) must be >&?/) and M($-/($-&1 through the person’s own faith! "$n e ery method of healing% .ou can (#W(.their healing! ."What’s the difference between a “sign” and a “wonder”3 "( “sign” points you to something! (nd) a “wonder” makes you scratch your head) and say) “Gee) $ wonder how that happened!” "$n both of those cases) it gets the sinners attention) and points him to 8hrist! HO MUCH 3AITH !OES IT TA9E8 4$n order to be healed by this method35 "-one! God does this on His own2 "$ remember one lady% 4When $ was in the .& the healing that God ga e him! 6What has been G($-&1 through the Gifts of the .o) how much faith does this re'uire3 -O-&2 THAT SOUN!S ".