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THE FOUR MOST COMMON REASONS PEOPLE LEAVE A CHURCH 1. The church is changing directions. a.

They liked things the way they used to be. o (That’s not always wrong.) When people join, they sign up for what you’re doing, right then. If you make a major change in direction, it just may not suit what some people are looking for in a church. o I’m not ignorant enough to belie e that an infinite !eing like "od only has one way of doing things # (which just happens to be $mine%)& o "'( I) ('I*" +',- T./* '*- T.I*" I* T.- -/,T., !-0/1)- T.-,- I) +',- T./* '*- 2I*( '3 4-,)'* I* T.- -/,T.. o Who’s right, the seeker friendly people or the ,i er people5 The Word of 3aith people or the !aptists5 The apostolic people or the $stay in one place and build a mega church% people5 T.-6 /77 /,-& b. The leadership is changing 8 their fa orite leader is lea ing. . The! "ere e#$ected to change. a. 7eadership confronted them about their personal life, and they didn’t want to make the necessary changes. )o, it’s just easier to lea e. %. &o' change and(or )inancia* $ressure. a. )ometimes a job is a legitimate reason to mo e. (!ut, you should at least see if there’s a good church where you’re going.) +. The! thin, a ne" *ocation "i** -ean a 'etter *i)e. a. 0hanging churches feels like progress. b. 4ri ate failure has can take its toll, and escape looks like deli erance.

9 +any pastors seem to ha e trouble with the idea that $"od is calling someone out of my church%. (.ow could .e5 We’re, by far, the best thing around&) 9 The truth is, when you’re first getting started, "od brings some people into your church as $scaffolding%. They’re there for a time. /nd, when the building goes up, (so to speak), they lea e. 9 7ooking at it from the perspecti e of the people. "od may bring someone into your church for a specific time, in order to make a deposit into their life. !ut, then .e’ll mo e them on, to recei e another kind of deposit elsewhere.

9 If "od did that for me.os$e* # (The "race of "od) 9 . 9 If someone comes and T-77) me they’re lea ing. so unless "od specifically tells me to say something. $'kay%. (They’re not asking for my opinion. you ha e 4astor . . / 0AS1C RULE OF THUM0 2 9 There’s a difference between someone coming to I*3'. I usually won’t.race Fe**o"shi$ # (3aith. 0hristian -ducation. who am I to say that . 9 4ut them together. the Word of "od) 9 Christian Center # (-. lo e for :esus) 9 Fu** .erything we learn here). 9 I couldn’t ha e become $me% being in any one of those local churches.cellence. I’ll say. it gi es me the right to speak into their life.e can’t do that for others5 9 *ow. 0haracter) 9 Victor! # (.on’s world iew. that’s not to say that you don’t ha e I*41T when people want to lea e.+ you that they’re lea ing.od # (0ommitment to "od. and someone asking for your 0'1*)-7 in the matter.) 9 If someone asks me my opinion.9 Asse-'*! o) . -ach one made a deposit that I’ll be eternally grateful for.