Unit Test I Flamingo : Prose Flamingo : Poem Note Making First Quarterly Examination Flamingo : Prose Flamingo : Poem Vistas Short Compositions Report Writing Letters Article / Speech Unit Test II Flamingo : Prose Vistas Short Composition Flamingo , Text book for XII ( Core Course ) Vistas – Supplementary Reader for class XII ( Core Course )

: :

1,2 1,2

: : : : :

1-4 1-4 1-4 Notice, Advertisement, Invitations, Poster General Complaint Application for Job, Enquiry

: : :

5, 6 Chapter 7 Notice, Advertisement, Invitation, Poster

Half Yearly Examination Flamingo : Prose : Flamingo : Poem : Vistas : Short Composition : Report Writing / Factual Description Letters : Article / Speech Pre-Board II :

1-8 1-6 1-8 Notice, Advertisement , Invitations, Poster Placing Order Complaint of a product

Complete Syllabus

MATHEMATICS Text Book : Mathematics Textbook for Class XII-NCERT Part I and Part II Unit Test I : : : Inverse Trigonometric function Matrices and Determinants Continuity and Differentiation

Chapter 2,3,4,5



First Quarterly Examination

: : : : : :

Relations and functions Inverse Trigonometric Functions Matrices and Determinant Continuity and Differentiation Application of Derivatives Indefinite and Definite Integrals


Unit Test II

: : : :

Application of Integrals Differential Equations Vectors 3–D

Chapter 8,9,10,11

Half Yearly Examination Pre-Board

: :

Complete Syllabus ( Chapter 1-13 ) Complete Syllabus ( Chapter 1- 13 ) PHYSICS

Unit Test I


Chapter 1,2, 3

First Quarterly Examination (Theory) : Chapter 1,2, 3,4,5,6,8, 14,15 Practical : : : : : : : To find resistance of a given wire using metre bridge and hence determine the specific resistance of its material To determine resistance per cm of a given wire by plotting a graph of potential difference versus current To verify the laws of combination (series/parallel) of resistances using a metre bridge. To compare the emf of two given primary cells using potentiometer. To determine the internal resistance of given primary cell using potentiometer. To determine resistance of a galvanometer by half-deflection method and to find its figure of merit. To convert the given galvanometer (of known resistance and figure of merit) into an ammeter and voltmeter of desired range and to verify the same. Or To find the frequency of the a.c. mains with a sonometer.

: Project Work Unit Test II Half Yearly Examination (Theory) :

Chapter 7,9,10,12


Complete Syllabus P.T.O.

-3– Practical : : : : : : (Seven Practicals mentioned in First Quarterly) To find the value of v for different values of u in case of a concave mirror and to find the focal length. To find the focal length of a convex mirror using a convex lens. Or To find the focal length of a concave lens using a convex lens. To find the focal length of a convex lens by plotting graphs between u and v or between 1/u and 1/v. To determine angle of minimum deviation for a given prism by plotting a graph between angle of incidence and angle of deviation. To determine refraction index of a glass slab a travelling microscope. Or To find refraction index of a liquid by using (i) concave mirror (ii) convex lens and plane mirror. To draw the I – V characteristic curve of p-n junction in forward bias and reverse bias. To draw the characteristic curve of a zener diode and to determine its reverse break down voltage. To study the characteristic of a common – emitter npn or pnp transistor and to find out the values of current and voltage gains.


: : : :

Project work Pre-Board : Complete Syllabus Demonstrations and Activities will be done in each term. CHEMISTRY Text Books : 1. Chemistry, Textbook for Class XII- Part I, II ( NCERT ) 2. Laboratory Manual in Chemistry for Class XII ( Laxmi Publication, comprehensive) Unit Test I NCERT Part I First Quarterly Examination (Theory)

: :

Unit 1 to 3 NCERT Part 1 Unit : 1 to 5 : NCERT Part 2 Unit : 14, 15, 16 :

(Practical) i) Volumetric Analysis ii) Salt Analysis iii) Chromatography iv) Functional Group Analysis v) Food stuffs’ analysis vi) Preparation of Inorganic compounds vii) Investigatory Projects viii) Practical Record + Viva Voce P.T.O.

-4– Unit Test II NCERT Part II : Unit 10 and 11

Half Yearly Examination : Theory : Complete Syllabus Practical i) First Quarterly Syllabus plus ii) Chemical Kinetics Experiment iii) Preparation of Organic Compounds. Pre-Board II Theory Practical : : Complete Syllabus Complete Syllabus BIOLOGY Text Book : 1. Biology, Textbook for Class XII ( NCERT ) 2. Biology, Laboratory Manual for Class XII ( Arya Publication by S.C. Maheshwari ) Unit Test I NCERT


Chapter 1-4

First Quarterly Examination NCERT : Chapter 1-8 Practicals 1. Dissection of flower. 2. Temporary mount of pollen germination. 3. Study of pollen germination on permanent slide. 4. Study of adaptations in flowers for pollination. 5. Prepare temporary mount to study mitosis. 6. Study meiosis through permanent slides. 7. Exercises on controlled pollination. 8. Study of gametogenesis and blastula. 9. Study mendalian inheritance. 10. Study disease causing organisms and symptoms of disease. Unit Test II NCERT


Chapter 9,10,11,12

Half Yearly Examination NCERT : Chapter 1-16 Practicals Exp. 1-10( done above ) 11. To study the effect of temperature and pH on salivary amylase.a 12. Study disease causing organisms and symptoms of disease. 13. Study of pedigree charts. 14. Study of soil samples. 15. Study of water samples. 16. Study of SPM in air. 17. Study of plant population density/frequency by quadrat method. 18. Study plant and animal adaptations. ( Xeric & aquatic conditions ) P.T.O.

-5Pre- Board Examination Theory Practical : : Complete Syllabus Complete Syllabus ENGINEERING GRAPHICS Text Book : 1. 2. Engineering Graphics, Part II by V.P. Kumar Engineering Graphics, Part II published by CBSE

Unit Test I Isometric projection of solidsConstruction of isometric scale, isometric projections of single solids ( All pyramids and cone with their standing and inverted position ) Frustum of pyramids and cone ( Indicate the direction of viewing ). Hidden lines are not required. Unit Test II 1. Combination of two solids ( except frustums of pyramids and cone) 2. Machine drawing – Screw threads, Bolts, Nuts, plain washer and combination of Nut and bolt, single riveted lap joint. 3. Assembled and Disassembled views footstep bearing , cotter joint , circular, round and square rods. First Quarterly Examination 1. Machine drawing – Freehand sketches, Threads, Studs, Machine Screws etc. Types of rivets and keys. 1(a) Combination of two solids ( some questions ) 2. Assembled and Dissembled views of the following Machine parts . Bearings ( Open, Bushed, Plummer Block). 3. Practical of Machine Block and Project file ( CAD ) simple solids or Machine Blocks as prescribed by the CBSE. Half Yearly Examination Assembled and Disassembled views of the following 1. Knuckle joint, Turn-Buckle, Flange pipe-joint. 2. Couplings- Protected and un-protected. 3. Pulleys – solid cast iron, single grooved V-Belt 4. Revision 5. Practical –Complete machine block questions ( given in the CBSE Syllabus ) , Viva – Voce. “Computer aided design” CAD – Project form software of simple solids ( Prisms, Pyramids and frustum of pyramid and cone or Machine blocks as prescribed in part-1.) Pre-Board Examination : Complete Syllabus COMPUTER SCIENCE Text Book :A textbook for Computer Science with C++ . Textbook XII Volume I and Volume II Unit Test I First Quarterly Examination : : : Chapter 1-6 Chapter 1-9 Communication and network concepts ( partial ) Project Work P.T.O.

-6Unit Test II : Chapter 10-12

Half Yearly Examination : Complete syllabus Pre-board Examination : Complete syllabus Note : Syllabus for Practical Exams will be same as topics covered in theory for that exam. INFORMATICS PRACTICES Text Book :- Informatics Practices ( CBSE ). Unit Test I Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 : : : : : : : : : : : My SQL Revision Tour More on Databases and SQL Advanced RDBMS concepts My SQL Chapters 1 –4, 8,9,10 Netbeans and My SQL Project Work Advanced Programming Concepts Database Connectivity Netbeans and My SQL Chapters 1 – 11 Complete Syllabus

Practical First Quarterly Examination Practical Unit Test II Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Practical Half Yearly Examination

Practical Pre Board Practical

: : :

Netbeans and My SQL Chapters 1 – 11 Complete Syllabus Netbeans and My SQL

MULTIMEDIA AND WEB TECHNOLOGY Textbook : Unit Test I Multimedia and Web Technology for Class XII by Mukesh Kumar . Chapter1 Chapter 5 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 : : : : : : Revision of Class XI Multimedia Applications Flash –An Introduction Creating Animation Publishing Flash Movies VbScript, HTML, Flash

Practical First Quarterly Examination Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter

: : : : : :

Computer System : Databases Communication and Network Concepts Introduction to Open Source Software Getting started with Active Server Pages ASP : Variables and operators 1 to 7 , 14 to 16 P.T.O.

-7Practical Unit Test II Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Practical Half Yearly Examination Practical : : : : : : : : : ASP : Flow of Control ASP : Procedures ASP : Objects JavaScript, ASP Complete Syllabus Ms-Access, ASP, JavaScript Project Work Complete Syllabus MS- Access , ASP, JavaScript ACCOUNTANCY Text Books:1. Accountancy ; Text book for class XII (Not for Profit Organisation and Partnership Accounts.), NCERT ( First book ) 2. Accountancy ; Text book for class XII (Company Accounts and Analysis of Financial Statements), NCERT ( Second book ) Unit Test I : Partnership - Fundamentals, Valuation of Goodwill, Admission of a partner. Syllabus of Unit Test I + Admission of partner, Retirement and Death of a partner, Change in Profit Sharing Ratio, Dissolution of Partnership firm , Issue of Shares. Issue of Shares and Debentures including Redemption of Debenture. Cash flow Statement , Ratio analysis , financial statement analysis ( Complete Syllabus ) + Project Work Complete Syllabus BUSINESS STUDIES Text Books : 1. Business Studies Part –I : Text book for Class XII ( Principles and Functions of Management ) – NCERT 2. Business Studies Part- II : Text book for Class XII ( Business Finance and Marketing ) – NCERT Unit Test I First Quarterly Examination Unit Test II : : : Chapter 1,2 Chapter 1 to 7 Chapter 8,9 : Ms-Access, ASP

Pre-Board Practical

First Quarterly Examination:

Unit Test II


Half Yearly Examination





-8Half Yearly Examination Pre-Board : : Chapter 1-12 , Project Work Complete syllabus ( Chapter 1 to 12 ) & Project Work ECONOMICS Text Books : 1. Book I : Introductory Mircro Economics , Text book in Economics for Class XII-NCERT 2. Book II : Introductory Macro Economics , Text book in Economics for Class XII-NCERT Unit Test I Book I


Unit I, II

First Quarterly Examination Book I : Unit Test II Book II : Half Yearly Examination Pre-Board II : :

Unit I, II, III, IV Unit VI Complete Syllabus Complete Syllabus

PHYSICAL EDUCAITON Text Book :Health and Physical Education by V.P. Sharma (Saraswati Publication.) Unit Test I Part A Unit Test II Part A


Unit 1, Unit 2


Unit 3, Unit 4

First Quarterly Examination Part A : Unit 1 to 5 Part B : Unit 1 Practical : i) Physical fitness test ii) Skills of chosen sport/game iii) Any five Asana Half Yearly Examination Part A : Part B : Practical :

Unit 1 to 7 Unit 1 , Unit 2 i) ii) iii) Physical fitness test Skills of chosen sport / game Any five Asana

Pre -Board Complete Syllabus Part A Part B

: :

Unit 1 to 8 Unit 1, Unit 2 P.T.O.

Practical : i) ii) iii)


Physical fitness test Skills of chosen sport/game Any five Asana ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION

Text Book :Environmental Education for us by Y.P. Purang ( Arya Publishing Company ) First Quarterly Examination: Project : Half Yearly Examination Project : : Unit I and II Biodiversity and its conservation Unit III and IV Sustainable development and agriculture.

Note : No formal written examination will be held. It will be evaluated on the basis of the project work. COMMERCIAL ART Text Book : History of Art Chapter : 1. The Rajasthani and Pahari Schools of Miniature Painting. 2. The Mughal and Deccan Schools of Miniature Painting. 3. The Bengal School of Painting and the Modern Trends in Indian Art. Unit Test I The Rajasthani School 1. Orgin and Development 2. Sub Schools – Mewar, Bundi, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Kishangarh and Jaipur 3. Main features of the Rajasthani School 4. Study of the following Rajasthani Paintingsi) Maru Ragini ii) Raja Anirudha Singh Heena iii) Chaugan Player iv) Krishna on swing v) Radha ( Bani Thani ) vi) Bharat meets Rama at Chitrakut 5. Pahari School origin and development First Quarterly Examination Theory 1. The Rajasthani and Pahari Schools of Miniature Painting 2. The Mughal School and Deccan School of Miniature Painting 3. Bengal School of Painting 4. A new era in Indian Art an introduction. Practical Posters and compositions Unit Test II Chapter : The Pahari School Chapter : The Mughal School P.T.O.

- 10 1. 2. 3. 4. Orgin and Development Main features of Mughal School Main features of the Pahari School Two Paintings

Half Yearly Examination Theory 1. The Rajasthani and Pahari Schools of Miniature Painting 2. The Mughal and Deccan Schools of Miniature Painting 3. The Bengal School of Painting and the Modern Trends in Indian Art. Practical Posters and Compositions. Pre-Board : Full syllabus Practical 1. Posters and compositions 2. Internal Assessment