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Ahmedabad BRTS
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Ahmedabad Bus Rapid Transit

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Ahmedabad BRTS
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from wiki: The Ahmedabad BRT System is a highly ambitious rapid transport system developed by Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (GIDB) for the city of Ahmedabad, recognizing that no single mode would cater to the mobility needs of the city and that ‘Bus’ forms the most critical segment of the public transport system in the Ahmedabad city. GIDB has thereby entrusted the system design task to CEPT University. A part of first corridor connecting Pirana to R.T.O. was opened to public on October 14, 2009 by Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi.



Ahmedabad BRTS - SkyscraperCity

Operational Routes:

Route Map - Copyright PlaneMad - Click on it to view large

Slides from this Pdf (BRTS in Gujarat):
http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 2/36


Ahmedabad BRTS - SkyscraperCity



com/showthread.skyscrapercity.php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 4/36 .4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS .SkyscraperCity http://www.

4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS .SkyscraperCity http://www.skyscrapercity.php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 5/36 .com/showthread.

com/showthread.skyscrapercity.SkyscraperCity http://www.4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS .php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 6/36 .

php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 7/36 .com/showthread.skyscrapercity.SkyscraperCity http://www.4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS .

SkyscraperCity Pdf 2 (Operating stats/features) http://www.com/showthread.4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS .php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 8/36 .skyscrapercity.

com/showthread.SkyscraperCity http://www.skyscrapercity.php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 9/36 .4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS .

Under Construction http://www.php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 10/36 .com/showthread.skyscrapercity.4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS .SkyscraperCity Phase II .

Phase III .skyscrapercity.com/showthread.4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS .Planning stage http://www.php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 11/36 .SkyscraperCity For the latest construction pictures and updates see the last page of the thread.

skyscrapercity. Related Article Last edited by IU.com/showthread. The third phase will have nine new routes which will include routes from Narol to Aslali ring road. January 28th. Sarkhej and Thaltej.Hatkeshwar-Khokhara-New Cloth Market. The third phase will consist of 37 kms and take the overall network of BRTS to around 125 kms.SkyscraperCity All the new routes (in purple) are along the radial roads connecting the 132 feet inner ring road (in blue) to the 200 feet SP ring road (in green). Akhbarnagar-Gota. Chadkheda-Zundal circle. 2012 at 04:30 AM. New C G Road. Khokhra-Rakhial-Civil Hospital-Ghewar circle-Shahibaug DafnalaAcher. Sola Fly-over to Science city and Shivranjani to APMC market. CTM.4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS . Jasodanagar to Hathijan ring road.php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 12/36 . The much awaited Helmet-Crossroads to SP ring road via Drive-In road and Thaltej will also be built in this phase. Sponsored Links http://www.Vishat Junction-IIT.

SkyscraperCity Large-Span Skylights Add Sky to Your Design.skyscrapercity. 2006. Learn more June 19th.php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 13/36 .4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS .. Registered User Join Date: Jul 2005 Posts: 1.124 Likes (Received): 2 http://www.com/showthread. 11:39 PM #2 ramkan This is going to set an example on public road transport in INDIAN cities.

Brazil. In case of median lanes bus stops or stations can be built in the median to further improve the flow. The merit of this alternative is worth examining.SkyscraperCity Ahmedabad takes the bus While other cities in India are planning new Metro systems to address their transport woes.4/2/2014 Quote: Ahmedabad BRTS . In a BRT system the median and the inner most lane or the left most lane can be dedicated to the bus. this space around the bus stop is anyway eliminated from use due the overflow of passengers waiting at the bus station. Ahmedabad has taken a different route. buses account for about 10% of the total traffic. A bust stop in Curitiba. Flow theorists studying transport always emphasize homogeneity.skyscrapercity. which describes a high-capacity transport system with its own right-of-way. Segregation by vehicle type or travel mode is the key to improving traffic flow. but can occupy twice that percentage of road space in terms of area. Passengers are allowed to cross at the nearest signal or intersections. that is additionally changing lanes back and forth regularly. various solutions to tackle this are being proposed around the country. placing its faith in bus rapid transport.the first step Would dedicated lanes for buses mean sub-optimal use of already over-capacity roadways? No. Complicated as it sounds.com/showthread. Ahmedabad has thrown its weight behind Bus Rapid Transit instead. And given the may advantages this enjoys over rail cost. as in the coming years many other cities will travel down the congested paths that the major metropolitan areas already find themselves in. writes Madhav Pai. implemented using buses through infrastructural and scheduling improvements.it may prove to be the wiser choice. while the attention of nearly every other metropolitan area seems fixed on rail-based systems (Metros) as the solution. this is nothing but high-capacity articulated buses operating in lanes reserved for their exclusive use. flexibility . (Picture source: Wikipedia) http://www.With crumbling transport infrastructure in many of our cities. Interestingly. Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) takes part of its name from "Rapid Transit". To add to the problem. Given that there is a bus stop every 1. potential. home to one of the most successful BRT systems in the world.php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 14/36 . and huge investments are in the pipeline. imagine the road space consumed by the least manoeuvrable traffic. Segregation . to provide a high level of service.5 to 2 kilometres. buses typically stop 5-7 feet away from the kerb in many locations. 17 May 2006 . On a typical arterial road.

5 crores a km. also as part of phase-I. roads are often designed to take a particular number of users. The Ahmedabad BRT project comprises of creating a 150-km long two-way corridor for swanky 70-seat buses. The first tender issued is for the 10-km stretch of road between Naroda and Thakkar Bapanagar in phase-I.571 crores. tell us that in fact BRT systems have improved traffic flow in the non-BRT lanes too. if they are accompanied by substantially higher benefits to the transport infrastructure's current woes. even without accounting for the cost escalation.6500 crores at today's price levels works out to Rs. Planning road volumes In India.000 people to travel from A and B. The expected ridership in 2005 was 15 lakh passenger trips per day. not along point A and point B on an arterial. However. The capital cost of Phase I was estimated as Rs. Travel Demand does not work like that. a tenth of the costs for a Metro. But look at how Delhi's Metro is functioning.165 crores per km. to be completed in 18-24 months after the bid is finalised. at a cost of Rs 75-crore.com/showthread. existing circular roads and some arterial roads will be widened for these to ply. A single dedicated lane BRTS is known to carry 20. The Bangalore metro project.000 persons per hour per direction. but it has been proved possible.php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 15/36 . after more than a year of being in service. contrary to expectation. A well implemented efficiently-run BRTS will also cause citizens to switch travel modes from car to bus. will be similar in cost. Almost certainly.000 passengers per hour per direction. experiences from around the globe.SkyscraperCity It might seem criminal to eliminate one lane of traffic for buses.6000 crores at Apr 1996 price levels. which will further alleviate the traffic situation. say 30. But the demand for use of any one road tells us only part of the story. the completion cost was Rs. Experiences from around the globe tell us that BRT systems have improved traffic flow in the non-BRT lanes too. Hence a service which delivers passengers from their desired origins to their desired destinations should be concieved while designing roadways. should we be choosing these instead of Metros for the big cities? Is a 30-km Metro really better than a 500-km BRTS? A comparison between the Delhi Metro and Ahmedabad's BRT project is instructive.skyscrapercity. its projected cost of Rs. A certain degree of infrastructural and design innovation is required to achieve this goal. the system http://www. The first phase of the Delhi metro is 64 kms. it exists between origins and destinations. not from their home to work or education institution and vice versa. That's a mere 7. claim to carry 40.4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS . Higher costs for Metros may be acceptable. A second tender will be issued for another 8-km Naroda-Chiloda stretch next month. It is like designing for 30. And at what cost? If dedicated bus lanes are so efficient. A second lane at bus stops for overtaking has shown to double the system capacity. That's a whopping Rs. and encroachments from certain portions will be removed. At the same time existing BRTS. the completed cost will be higher.178 crores per km. looking at corridor volumes using a travel demand model is a flawed approach. The segregation of traffic is one of the big reasons for this. like the Trans Millenio in the Colombian capital Bogota. which recently got off the ground. taking into account the cost escalation during the construction period of nearly eight years.10. However.000 passengers per hour per direction. Today.

California. This approach lends itself to incremental learning of the problem. As many as 35 cities in the world have successful BRTS. besides North and Latin America and Europe. This first-phase system should be in operation in less than 2 years.. The website is painfully slow with a low bandwidth.. as well as adaptation of design to local conditions and implementation. 2012 at 04:29 AM.. the system can first be implemented over a 10 km stretch. Like in Ahmedabad. June 20th. in Oakland... it is quite likely that bus rapid transit is the more profitable solution for many cities.egovamc. And at the operational level.. http://www. A fixed-line Metro at high cost offers none of this flexibility. and eliminating mistakes as the development proceeds. The relatively low implementation costs also don't leave taxpayers tied to one particular technology or solution.another reason for BRTS An important advantage of BRTS is its flexibility. It is very easy to blame the travel demand forecasting model for incorrectly forecasting ridership. One successful implementation in Ahmedabad could lead to a windfall of equitable.i think they wld work wonderfully well in unision. including five in China. but these greatly depend upon design.SkyscraperCity actually gets about 4..php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 16/36 .. How can these be so different? One explanation is the lack of connectivity at ends of the metro lines. Even without those.. During the last six months he has been with Egovernments Foundation in Bangalore. sustainable. 12:00 AM #3 harsh1802 MAVerick Yeah gud option to go with for a city like Ahmedabad. http://www. Flexibility .com/BRTS/BRTS.and to think tht a MRTS wld solve all the transportation problems is foolish to say the least.ASP Last edited by IU. A number of other advantages too can accrue from BRTS.. affordable and environment-friendly BRTS projects across the country.skyscrapercity. But i think the big 6 shld also consider a parallel BRTS to go along with the MRTS.4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS .. This is very similar to the 'A to B' example cited above. ⊕ Madhav Pai 17 May 2006 Madhav Pai is a Senior Transport Planner at Dowling Associates Inc.com/showthread. 2006.. design changes in response to new concerns are also relatively simple to make even after the system is under operation. It is very encouraging though to see Ahmedabad make the bold decision to go with BRTS. against the conventional wisdom that favours Metros. however.5 lakh passengers a day. Most of the major cities in the world do it this way. helping to establish the transport planning group there (full disclosure: India Together editor Ashwin Mahesh leads this research group). January 28th.

12:53 AM #4 JD How exactly they are going to find space for a dedicated bus lane in already non-existant Indian roads? BANNED Join Date: Apr 2006 Location: Santa C lara Posts: 1. 2006.com/showthread..skyscrapercity. Join Date: Jul 2005 Posts: 1.4/2/2014 Join Date: Apr 2006 Location: Hyderabad/Houston Posts: 6.721 Likes (Received): 81 Ahmedabad BRTS . Some of us just go one god further. with Right of Way for BRTS in the middle.SkyscraperCity __________________ Harsh's Photo Thread / Bharadwaj's mini South India Trip Webcams Thread / Hyderabad Cityscapes "We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in.php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 17/36 . 2006. 07:21 AM #5 60 meter road width along the corridor ramkan Registered User Here is the cross-section.167 Likes (Received): 3 June 20th." .Richard Dawkins June 20th.124 Likes (Received): 2 http://www.

com/showthread.php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 18/36 .skyscrapercity.4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS .SkyscraperCity Here is the route map on first phase covering 60 km http://www.

com/showthread. 07:31 AM #6 More diagrams ramkan http://www.SkyscraperCity June 20th.php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 19/36 .skyscrapercity. 2006.4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS .

php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 20/36 .skyscrapercity.124 Likes (Received): 2 http://www.. Join Date: Jul 2005 Posts: 1.com/showthread.4/2/2014 Registered User Ahmedabad BRTS .SkyscraperCity AMC has done some thorough work on this.

com/showthread.php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 21/36 .4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS .skyscrapercity.SkyscraperCity http://www.

php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 22/36 .4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS .com/showthread.skyscrapercity.SkyscraperCity http://www.

23/36 http://www.SkyscraperCity June 20th..skyscrapercity. they need to put up pedestrian overhead bridges or subways to cross. The bus shelters would be approximately 100 . http://www...300 meters from the junctions. 03:28 PM #8 Quote: cncity Registered User Originally Posted by Tintin27 Knowing the traffic discipline in india. 04:13 PM #9 ramkan Registered User Infact.384 Likes (Received): 29 Constructing subways and overhead bridges wont help in India. here is one video of one of the bus with TVs installed. I wonder when we will get these in india. just like Singapore. 2006. Speaking of the BRTS bus. 2006..people are just too lazy to use them. they need to put up pedestrian overhead bridges or subways to cross.com/watch?v=L-lxy.com/showthread. just like Singapore.?? on the sides of the road.. I wonder when we will get these in india....youtube. Beijing BRTS mostly has subways for crossing the street to the BRTS station in the middle. one of the studies and proposed design of the bus stops for ART..php?t=364192?pagewanted=all .com/watch?v=L-lxy.. __________________ The only 2 animals that can see behind itself without turning it's head are the rabbit and the parrot ~~~~~~ Pune. India ~~~~~~ June 20th.tall enough that they wont be able to jump over it or pass through them to cross over. 2006. Beijing BRTS mostly has subways for crossing the street to the BRTS station in the middle.. jump over the rails or even break the cement blocks to cross over and never use the bridges. Speaking of the BRTS bus.4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS . India ~~~~~~ North Mumbai..=beijing%20bus June 20th.youtube. here is one video of one of the bus with TVs installed. http://www... 08:15 AM #7 Tintin27 Registered User Join Date: Feb 2005 Posts: 459 Likes (Received): 13 Knowing the traffic discipline in india.=beijing%20bus Join Date: Feb 2005 Location: Toronto Posts: 3. considers fencing along the median. The only way to make them use overhead bridges or subways is to have tall borders.... Which forces the pedestrians to cross using zebra crossing at intersections.they'll still cross in between the road.

4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS . 04:40 PM #10 Bus Shelters and Access ramkan Registered User Various options considered Join Date: Jul 2005 Posts: 1.124 Likes (Received): 2 June 20th.SkyscraperCity Precisely the bus shelters along the median(instead of conventional road side) is choosen to discourage people crossing roads and occupying roads while boarding buses. 2006. Join Date: Jul 2005 Posts: 1.com/showthread.skyscrapercity. I would post those bus shelter and access designs soon..php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 24/36 .124 Likes (Received): 2 http://www.

skyscrapercity.php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 25/36 . note how commuters spill onto the roads and occupy 1 to 2 lanes http://www.com/showthread.4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS .SkyscraperCity Current bus stations and road usage.

SkyscraperCity Proposed Design http://www.skyscrapercity.4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS .com/showthread.php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 26/36 .

skyscrapercity.SkyscraperCity http://www.com/showthread.4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS .php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 27/36 .

skyscrapercity.php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 28/36 .com/showthread.4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS .SkyscraperCity http://www.

SkyscraperCity June 21st.skyscrapercity.php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 29/36 .. http://www. 03:33 AM #11 Quote: Babji Registered User Join Date: Mar 2006 Posts: 5.711 Likes (Received): 32 Originally Posted by ramkan This is going to set an example on public road transport in INDIAN cities.4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS . 2006.com/showthread.

they really don't need a full fledged BRTS. The roads in the new areas are nice. 2006 at 03:42 AM.SkyscraperCity how did they decide and justify this mode of transport system? is it really better than a metro in terms of operational cost? what about usage of already sparce fossil fuels? pollution? is it convenient for commuters accessing the bus stations? is the land spared for roads used optimumly? would it be a profitable venture? Last edited by Babji. __________________ http://www.skyscrapercity. June 21st.com/showthread.php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 30/36 . June 21st.4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS . Finally something meaningful for one of my home towns!!! I think apart from this they seriously need to widen the roads in the city. but the ones in the old areas are yuck!! And I hope that Baroda also gets new modern buses. 2006. 04:46 AM #12 centralized pandemonium Satyameva Jayate Holy crap!! This looks awesome.

August 7th..890 Likes (Received): 12 June 21st. 2006. i think cost and accessibility is the reason for this project. lighting.SkyscraperCity Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Join Date: Jul 2005 Posts: 1.124 Likes (Received): 2 I will post more study docs at a later time. parking zones.. there must be a lot of space for there to be an eight lane road running through the city. This is a welcome change for an INDIAN CITY.ironaddicts. Babji. Teach a man to fish and he gets drunk and sunburned every weekend. pavements. www. August 7th. It is a good idea they should try to get environmental friendly buses if the project succeeds. If they would keep the dust off the road they could add extra lanes.4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS . 05:10 AM #13 ramkan Registered User AMC has detailed plans on every road from widening roads. They might still go for metro at a later stage but this is to better utilize road space with minimum cost. http://www..com/showthread. 04:44 AM #14 mayur_k100 Registered User Join Date: Mar 2006 Posts: 17 Likes (Received): 0 I think there is plenty of road space on main roads but they are under utilized because half the road space is covered with sand. 05:30 AM #15 VaastuShastra BANNED Wow. how to keep road side shops from choking traffic etc..com Join Date: Aug 2004 Location: C an-duh-a Posts: 2.skyscrapercity. drainage. 2006. CEPT has done extensive study in the last few years. 2006.php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 31/36 .

438 August 7th.com/showthread.php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 32/36 . 07:50 PM #16 kashyap3 Right Wing-ed Join Date: Jul 2006 Location: Batcave Posts: 325 Likes (Received): 0 this system should be implemented in cities like Baroda. after inviting tenders to begin work on Narol-Naroda National Highway stretch. Amritsar. August 14: THERE is some good news as well as bad news for those eagerly waiting to see the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) through. Trivendram. Surat. 2006. Ahmedabad. the AMC has set a deadline of one year from October http://www. Pune. 2006. 08:46 AM #17 BRTS project gets Govt nod ramkan Registered User Finally some news on the BRTS Quote: Join Date: Jul 2005 Posts: 1. the administrative and political wings say that this has been done to avoid delay in its implementation.4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS . Guwahati. Patna etc where there is a lot of room for cost effective development __________________ World Online Represent Your Country August 30th. First the good news: the project has got the Central Government approval for the Rs 493-crore first phase covering 58 kms. Now the bad news: the AMC. Vizag. however. But the truth is the AMC has been finding it tough to have necessary approvals from the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) for redesigning the Narol-Naroda highway because it involves material alterations in the original road design. Vijayawada.60 crore. Nagpur. which will involve an expenditure of Rs 87. To complete this part of first phase of the project.SkyscraperCity Join Date: Jun 2005 Posts: 8. has decided to start it between Pirana and RTO.skyscrapercity. Maintaining a brave face. is happy that the Central Government has given its approval for the project paving way for starting work on the 12-km Pirana-RTO route.124 Likes (Received): 2 WORK ON FIRST PHASE OF THE PROJECT COVERING 58 KM WILL COMMENCE SOON Express News Service Ahmedabad. The corporation.

.4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS .. so it seems with the prestigious transport infrastructure project of Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) for Ahmedabad.SkyscraperCity 2006. 2006. As part of this.com/fulls. said Mayor Amit Shah. Standing Committee chairperson Madhuben Patel and Municipal Commissioner I P Gautam at a joint press briefing.50 crore (50 pc). The Pirana-RTO route consists of two parts: from RTO to Shivranjani crossroads (8 kms) and from Shivranjani crossroads to Pirana bridge (4 kms). Come September 2007 and the first phase of BRTS was expected to be commissioned.php?t=364192?pagewanted=all . will be borne by the AMC. August 30th. the Central Government will bear Rs 30.44 crore (15 pc) while the rest. Reason: technical problems. the AMC has already grounded signage system and traffic signals at Shivranjani crossroads. it will be the first in India to offer commutation through BRTS. controlling bus movement through GPRS system.com/showthread. December 20: As with most civic projects that are announced with a lot of fanfare before they get mired in delay.66 crore (35 pc) and the State Government Rs 13. electronic ticketing and low-floor high payload capacity buses of extra length. But now it is going to suffer a delay of another six months and will be commissioned not before March 2008. 2006. 04:31 PM #19 cptracker http://cities.expressindia.skyscrapercity.?newsid=214013 BRTS deadline thrown 6 months off the track Express News Service Ahmedabad. When complete. Rs 43. 33/36 Registered User Join Date: Aug 2005 Posts: 252 Likes (Received): 3 http://www. 11:01 PM #18 Effer It looks excellent! Above the Ignorance Join Date: Jun 2005 Location: E Pluribus Unum Posts: 3.763 Likes (Received): 97 December 21st. Of the said expenditure.

even forcing the AMC to abandon this stretch and start on Pirana-RTO stretch instead. Approval from the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) for alterations in the Narol-Naroda bypass for BRTS project has been a major stumbling block in the progress of the project. we have undergone the tendering process afresh giving a new deadline of 15 months. He would not comment on the comparative tariffs for commuting through BRTS vis a vis AMTS. Gautam said. he said. Gautam added that the work on the Pirana-RTO stretch of 12 km and the Narol-Naroda stretch of the project would commence almost simultaneously and not only that. Accordingly.SkyscraperCity Admitting this. New buses will start arriving from next month. He clarified that where BRTS buses would ply. 30 per cent of them broke down daily and therefore. NHAI approval process is through and there won’t be any difficulty in starting project on this stretch where service road is encroached by locals who are also leading resistance to part of the project. no more new mini CNG buses would be introduced in the city. But now. AMC plans split flyover to Bopal Express News Service Ahmedabad. This is expected to have a dual effect on the transportation infrastructure of the city for while the proposed flyover Registered User Join Date: Aug 2005 Posts: 252 Likes (Received): 3 http://www..com/fulls. he said. AMTS buses would not come in between but serve as feeder to BRTS. had confirmed that the project would take at least 15 months for completion. NHAI has agreed to let AMC begin work on two split flyovers of Soni ni Chali char rasta and Thakkarpaba approach. he said.skyscrapercity.?newsid=213027 To fix space jam.4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS . He said that even the CEPT experts who were involved with the project since beginning. according to the Commissioner. About the 208 mini CNG buses plying in the city. 04:35 PM #20 cptracker http://cities. Along the road designing.php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 34/36 . it has decided to extend the BRTS route from Shivranjini Crossroads right up to Bopal village. Municipal Commissioner I P Gautam told reporters here on Wednesday that though the Bhurelal Committee had asked the AMC to complete the project in nine months. 2006.expressindia. work on installation of signals and bus manufacturers like Volvo. Ashok Leyland and Tata have also been started.. December 21st.’’ he said. the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has decided to build yet another split flyover bridge across SG highway to facilitate further extension of Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) in the city to cover newer areas. the Narol-Naroda portion would be commissioner by July 2008. that is by September 2007. it was not possible technically to meet that deadline. ‘‘We have gone for construction of four split flyovers on the BRTS route mainly to facilitate movement of BRTS buses in more than one direction and segregate heavy vehicular traffic from the BRTS route’’. ‘‘No contractor came forward to complete the project in nine months and therefore. several other processes would start along with the main project.com/showthread. he said these buses had proved a failure because while nearly 60 per cent of them had some problem or the other. December 12: In a major two-pronged urban development initiative. He said that while Pirana-RTO stretch would be commissioned by March 2008.

one the busiest level crossings in the city. This will be the first split flyover across the SG Highway and the AMC expects to receive due permission from the National Highways Authority of India in due course. Page 1 of 76 1 2 3 4 5 11 51 > Last » Tags ahmedabad « Previous Thread | Next Thread » http://www. he said. This will also have service lanes and cycle track on both sides. the AMC has now decided to build a 410-metre long four-lane underpass at a cost of Rs 12 crore. Municipal Commissioner I P Gautam on Tuesday said the proposal was given to the CEPT University for working out final design and other modalities. Besides this.4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS . Gautam also said that to facilitate another BRTS route from Sarangpur to Soni ni Chali. the Sarangpur railway overbridge would be expanded and that talks with railway authorities were in progress. Since the extension is part of the BRTS project approved under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM). at Shahibaug Ladla Pir level crossing. he said finance would not be a problem for AMC as the State Government and the Central Government would be chipping in their share of the cost. it was earlier decided to build an underpass but now the decision has been overturned and a flyover will be built here costing Rs 16 crore. On the other hand.com/showthread.skyscrapercity. While Parimal Garden crossing was to have an underpass. Originally an underpass was planned here but it was turned into a flyover following stiff resistance from ‘‘local residents’’ but again.php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 35/36 . it will also provide a fast means of public transport through a viable bus route.SkyscraperCity will reduce traffic congestion at Iskcon junction on Sarkhej-Gandhinagar highway. the AMC has also taken a major decision of reversing the two projects involving Parimal Garden level crossing and Ladla Pir (Shahibaug) level crossing. The reason being that the project for an underpass would have used up Rs 7 crore just for shifting of underground utilities. said Gautam. now the original project stays with modifications in design to accommodate service lanes and cycle tracks.

2.8 Beta 1 C opyright ©2000 .SkyscraperCity Posting Rules You You You You may may may may not not not not post new threads post replies post attachments edit your posts BB code is On Smilies are On [IMG] code is On HTML code is Off Forum Rules All times are GMT +2. Feedback Buttons provided by Advanced Post Thanks / Like v3.2014.5 (Pro) .php?t=364192?pagewanted=all 36/36 . vBulletin Optimisation provided by vB Optimise (Pro) . -.com/showthread.Privacy Statement . SkyscraperC ity ☆ In Urbanity We trust ☆ about us | privacy policy | DMC A policy Hosted by Blacksun.vBulletin Mods & Addons C opyright © 2014 DragonByte Technologies Ltd.8.English (US) Contact Us . The time now is 03:32 PM.SkyscraperCity .4/2/2014 Ahmedabad BRTS .Top Powered by vBulletin® Version 3.vBulletin Mods & Addons C opyright © 2014 DragonByte Technologies Ltd. vBulletin Solutions. dedicated to this site too! Forum server management by DaiTengu http://www. Inc.Archive .skyscrapercity.