This Fashion Assistant Recruitment Handbook serves as a guide to help the recruiter better understand the selection process. It enables the recruiter to recognize & use the selection tools to make recruitment a scientific, objective & effective process. It enables different recruiters to use this handbook to ensure that uniform quality of Fashion assistants are selected who help in projecting the desired brand image.

Confidential -1-

The Requisition process: Overview The total headcount for the year will be within the approved manpower budget for the year The Manpower requisition will start with signed manpower requisition form This form can be signed by A. by HR Sourcing (Field. Regional retail incharge for numbers within agreed budget C. referrals) Resp-Regional Recruitment Champions Screening & Check for Profile match Selection Process Begins Confidential -2- . Process begins with: Requisition from the concern Dept/Store Check: Within budget numbers / replacement/ New store Any additional requirements – Signed MR form recd. Regional retail incharge for replacements B. Head Retail for new store / additional requirement. Store. Contacts.

  Sl. Therefore he will be able to relate with our customer profile..dependency factor Reference check – if we know anyone in his previous place of work/locality –discreet reference check should be done Post first time meeting him. (Suitability –Yes .Graduate English Medium Preferred 5 Has the education been in English medium or local language. o To ensure a better match with expected caliber of FA o In case there are walk in candidates and we need to meet them urgently.Yes …No Desired Criteria 18 .No. PUC or Graduate? Suitability therefore…Yes. Upto 3 Years of Experience max.. To help in the above –following is a check list of questions with desired criteria of what we are looking for. The candidate is therefore_______ years of age. .. Family Background –Parents working /sisters & brothers….(Location). Is it possible for him/her to commute daily given the long work hours Does he /she have a two wheeler? Does the Candidate have previous experience ……….FA / Asst. 6 7 Confidential -3- . X standard or less.Manager .The Pre -selection process: Check list  This is a single sheet ready reckoner which will help the recruiter o To filter from lot of application o To filter from multiple suitable candidates and meet only those who meet these basic criteria..25 Years of age Within 6 – 10 Km or within 30 Min of commute time Definite plus. Education – what is his/her education qualification.. Those who qualify these can now be taken forward for further evaluation of skills & “fit for the Brand”.No 1 Check list questions Check the candidates Date of birth.No) The candidate resides in …. 2 3 - If yes –is it in retail or other Field? Is the previous location nearby to our current store of candidate’s likely placement. 4 FA – X Std Pass Sr.How long has candidate worked in last job /before that.

Clarity of speech (5 Marks) 10 Marks (Refer Page no – 10) 5 Marks A. 3 Last company profile match – Retail /FMCG 5 Marks/2 marks 5 Marks /2 marks 5 Marks /2 marks Total 100 marks (Note: FA’s will Qualify for Further selection process after they clear the Elimination stage) Confidential -4- . 2 Selling skills C. Specific Role competency – to be assessed through competency based interview A) General Competency A.Fluency (5 each) .Basic Communication skill A) English Spoken (Refer Page no – 9) 20 Marks B) Local language . 3.Ability to communicate the brand identity _ _ _ _ _ _ Elimination Stage _ _Minimum cutoff 16 out of 30_ _ _ _ _ _ _ B) Cognitive & Basic arithmetic Through written test (Test is enclosed) 20 Marks C) Role specific competency C . 2. 1 Graduate /undergraduate D. Presentation and grooming .FA SELECTION GUIDE The FA will need to have the following competency for selection A. D) Profile D. 2 Experience /Fresher D. 3 Values compatibility (Refer Page no – 12) (Refer Page no – 14) (Refer Page no – 16) 35 Marks 10 Marks 15 Marks 5 Marks (Difficult to judge by any method) These will be evaluated during interview using the competency based interview method . General competency -to be assessed through a written test /during interview B.As per scale A. 1.1 Customer Orientation C.

Basic Communication skill SPOKEN 10 Marks A) English B) Local language Fluency Clarity of speech (5 each) (5 Marks) 10 Marks A.3.SR .4 Working in Team (Through written test –Advanced level) 20 Marks 35 Marks 10 Marks 15 Marks 5 Marks (Refer Page no – 17) 10 Marks These will be evaluated during interview using the competency based interview method.4. Basic Computer Skills 10 Marks _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Elimination Stage _ _ _ _ _Minimum cutoff_ _ _ _ _ _ _ B) Cognitive & Basic arithmetic C) Role specific competency C. Profile fit is assumed Total 100 marks Note: FA’s will not qualify for Role Specific Test unless they clear General Competency Test Confidential -5- . 3 Values compatibility C.FA / Assistant Showroom Manager SELECTION GUIDE A) General Competency A. 2 Selling skills C. Presentation and grooming A.1. II Written Communication A.1. Ability to communicate the brand identity 10 Marks 5 Marks A.2. 1 Customer Orientation C.

3. Initial assessment 1. Use the enclosed scale foe Presentation and Grooming evaluation. Do’s Always be polite Ask if candidate needs water to drink Speak clearly & repeat in local language if necessary Plan your time for the meeting Brief the candidate about Company & Brand Don’t Don’t be rude / arrogant /abusive Don’t keep the candidate waiting Do not be abrupt or rush the person Do not make calls or Use mobile phone. irrespective of candidate profile or interview outcome.Candidate must score a minimum of 6 out of 10 .The Selection interview The interview is a meeting where both the employer and prospective employee need to exchange ideas to understand the role & expectation. Assessment on Communication skill . Confidential -6- . We need to be polite and considerate throughout the interaction.This will make the candidate eligible to go the next stage of evaluation. Oral communication both in English and local language should be judged by Making them read a newspaper /magazine column Translation in local language. 2. The total evaluation must be 16 /30 .

1. describe. or convey ideas in individual and group situations. Apart from direct observation the following questions may be asked. as well as keeping all appropriate parties “in the loop” regarding any relevant issues. Questions: Describe your favorite book or movie? Describe a situation when miscommunication created a problem on the job? Tell me about a particularly difficult or awkward conversation you needed to have with someone? Confidential -7- . Oral Communication Definition . is able to articulate ideas. How to Measure? Communication can be judged throughout the interview.” Behavioral Descriptors: What do I look for? In speaking / writing.GENERAL COMPETENCY Assessment Guide:A. It includes adjusting language and detail to the characteristics and needs of the audience to ensure that complex messages have been accurately understood .“Is the ability to effectively explain. concepts with clarity Uses several ways to convey an idea to a diverse group and ensures understanding of the same by means of feedback.

g. has moderate levels of confidence maintains good eye contact (erect posture). Do you think long working hours is a part and parcel of every job? 3.etc…). What would you do if you realize that some of the organization’s policies are unfair? 2. Most aspects of Personal Attributes are directly observable: e. wearing slippers / Chappals). unclean clothes. professional and appropriate. asthma etc) 2 Is relaxed and has pleasant mannerisms. Sports. Physically unfit (that is he suffers from minor health ailments such as migraine .A. chronic pains asthma . farming . Grooming and Conduct inclination to join political organizations can be checked through background and reference checking. 5 Attire is neat. Follows the basic standards of Presentability (e. neither too high nor too low).2. Questions: 1. is clean shaven. Demonstrates a good sense of humor. Personal Attribute Behavioral Descriptors: What do I look for? Look for “Presentability / Grooming Conduct Physical Stamina/active& energetic Low Inclination to associate himself with political organizations” How to Measure? 1 Is untidy / Shabby Dresser (Unshaven.g.hence can sustain long hours of work 4 Is energetic and confident.g. shows positive body language (relaxed erects posture.etc 3 Is enthusiastic. and maintains good eye contact and appropriate voice levels. Presentability. What kind of non academic activities have you participated in? Confidential -8- . Neatly dressed (Shaven. Does not have a past record of joining political organizations furthermore also demonstrate a low inclination / interest to join political organizations. clean and shoes). hair is brushed.) Free from minor health problems such as migraine. Has been engaged in various physical activities(e.

Role Specific Competency Customer orientation Sales orientation Values Compatibility Working with Team Confidential -9- .

It includes awareness of customer needs and how those issues impact and are impacted by business decisions and processes. Demonstrates passion for the customer and actively attempts to go beyond what is required in order to meet or exceed customer expectations.” Behavioral Descriptors: What do I look for? Has awareness of customer (internal/external) needs and how those needs impacted by business decisions and processes. 3 Takes ownership of the customer problems 4 Checks back with customers to ensure that needs have been met and issues resolved 5 Suggests or directly makes improvement in the processes through which customers are served Is able to solutions/addr ess needs with a sense of urgency Develops credible towards the relationships with the satisfaction of customers the customer Confidential .Competency based Interview Sales Associates: Interview Guide Assessment Guide:C. and comprehends his needs/concerns 2 Seeks information to better understand their needs/concerns of the customer Is able to identify the exact requirements and strive to meet them.1 Customer orientation Definition – “Is the demonstration of passion for the customer and the active attempt to go beyond what is required in order to meet or exceed customer expectations. How to Measure? 1 Attends and listens to the customer.10 - .

she decided to pick up a trolley. Call me in case you need any assistance Ok fine An elderly woman entered the neighborhood shop to purchase some vegetables one evening. try and ignore the customer. Since the quality of vegetables that she wanted to buy was huge.11 - . I am around. help out the complaining customer. what would you do (for e. She decided to ask an associate to get a trolley. suddenly a nail from the rack gets stuck in his shirt and it tears. Even the associate could not find the trolley as it was peak hour. offer to look into the matter and follow up. 5) A customer walks in with a trouser he had bought few days back and wants to exchange it. What will you do? Cases: You approach a customer who has been going around the store for more than 10 minutes without selecting anything. difficult or impatient customer 3) Is your job over once you have made a sale? 4) A customer walks into the store and has not yet bought anything.g ask a colleague to assist the complaining customer. What will you do as the person attending to him. However she could not find the trolley. You decide to approach the customer Dialogue: You: Good evening. After an exhaustive search he found some spare trolley behind empty cartons stacked in the corner of the store In which way could the above situation have been prevented? a) By a sales associate offering to carry the purchases of the elderly woman b) By borrowing a trolley from a customer who had fewer items in it c) By placing the shopping baskets near the store entrance d) None of the above Confidential .he has lost the bill. I am only looking You:_______________________ a) b) c) d) What are you looking for then? Have you an idea of what you are looking for? Sure.) 2) Tell us about an experience when you handled a rude. May I help you? Customer: Thanks....Questions: 1) If you are selling a product to a customer and you have another customer who is complaining about bad service.

such as seasons. cost and quality Is fluent in communicating the same to the customer so as to provide the customer with a rich & informed shopping experience 4 Is able to suggest further buying or create a need in the customer for the other goods available in the store Is efficient in identifying & demonstrating related/complime ntary products which follow from the purchase made earlier 5 Is able to anticipate and understand future sales goals. Questions: 1) Can you tell me the complete cycle of selling a product to any customer? (For e.2 Sales orientation Definition: “The ability to influence the customer to make a purchase. and suggest further selling. It includes the ability to clearly understand needs. present with various options. maintenance contracts. and explain benefits and outcomes in a persuasive and convincing manner” How to Measure? 1 Is able to connect with and identify the buying needs of the customer Is able to present varied options and explain the merits of each option to aid the customer in making the buying decision 2 Is able to convince the customer in a persuasive manner so as to motivate the customer to make a purchase Is able to do so by providing information about discounts available.g.12 - . develop and implement strategies for the same. brands. Is able to foresee opportunities that may present themselves.) 2) If a customer came to the store asking for a particular product that is not available at that point of time.C.. what question would you ask and why? Confidential . try and present them with an item of another brand or similar product. seal the deal.g. festivals. special days etc. aftersales service etc 3 Is aware of the latest trends in the market with regards to new & improved products. ask the customer if s/he is looking for a particular product. propose options. tell him/her to come later.. contact the warehouse/godown and arrange for the product) 3) If you were in my place. how will you deal with the situation? (for e.

The interviewer takes on the role of a customer and the candidate tries to sell the product to the interviewer 2. Sunil that his child is creating a nuisance Inform Mr. Sunil has entered the store.) Tell Mr.Mr. so that the child can play Distract the child by giving him a toy to play with Approaches the store manager/dept manager and raises concern Ignore the situation because Mr.. description of the mechanism. creation of a need/motivation to buy the product. As a sales associate. Sunil about the kid’s area. Sunil is a preferred customer Confidential . The candidate can be evaluated on parameters such as description of the product features.13 - .. However today he is come with his two children who were crating scene and disturbing the other customers. attention given to the packaging. comparison with competitor’s products. how would you deal with this situation? a) b) c) d) e) Role Play: How would you sell me this pen/mobile/refrigerator? 1. He is a regular customer and has come to do his weekly shopping.

” Behavioral Descriptors: What do I look for? The ability to manage one’s behavior in order to have positive benefits for the company and to ensure productive performance. it involves exhibiting high professional standards in the face of rapid and unpredictable organizational and industry change and is demonstrated through objectivity. religion.C. Keeping this in mind how many days in a month is it ok for a person to be late? 6. age. drink chew tobacco when you are stressed? 5.14 - . and using company resources wisely. tell me more about it.3 Value Compatibility Definition: “It is the ability to align oneself with the needs. how will you approach me” After completion of the first phase the interviewer continues with the following instructions – “I am a 50 year old man who has come to your outlet with nothing specific in mind how will you approach me?” Confidential . priorities and goals of the broader organization. Questions: 1. avoid taking the easy way out. What would you do if you saw a valued and regular customer behaving in an improper manner? 4. How would you manage a situation where you believed that something was not in compliance with professional ethics? Have you ever faced such a situation? If so. creed or class. Most of us at times are faced with a situation when we had to take a longer way of doing something in order to meet proper professional standards? Tell me more about it? Role Play: The interviewer starts the role play activity by giving the following instructions. 2. The ability to treat people uniformly irrespective of gender. The ability to be fair and honest in dealings. while adhering to the rules and regulations. What according to you are the characteristics of a difficult person (look out for general stereotypical comments concerning gender. and fairness. across all situations. courage. One cannot be on time every single day due to understandable reasons. caste. Do you smoke. caste or class) 3.“ I am a 16 year old teenager who has come to your outlet with nothing specific in mind.

But he does not have the size. What should he do? A. 2 The customer is asking for a specific size in the shirt.15 - .4 Working in Team Definition: “Is the ability to collaborate and work toward shared values and common goals. It is demonstrated through an ability to create and sustain positive working relationships with others” Different Situations where Team work orientation can be observed: 1 The customer is not satisfied with the answer given by the FA/CSA. The other FA/CSA who is watching this knows the correct answer. 3 List the ways in which the FA/CSA can demonstrate team activity in the store. Confidential .Guide him to section where shirts are available B Just explain that why it is not available.C. He is questioning the FA/CSA. What should he do? A . Interrupt and give the answer B keep quite C tell others about what happened.

Name some brands and major difference in them 2. use analytics.3. II Written Communication Definition – Is the ability to effectively describe or convey ideas and ensure that messages have been clearly understood by writing.For Sr. Questions 1.g. b. Questions . Basic Computer Skills Definition – Ability to use Excel and Word application to compile data. Behavioral Descriptors: What do I look for? Combination of the ARROW LOOK / FM LOOK Can he interact with a typical arrow customer / FM youth buyer We are developing the pictorials and description for this. How to Measure? a. Name some leading brands in sports /Kids wear /shirts /trousers /suits. . (e. issues during store opening and closing time.1. there are concerns regarding Complimentary Off) A.16 - .Open a document that has been previously saved.Ability to represent the brand he/she is being considered for. Give a situation & ask them to write a report to Head Office. follow documentation. 3. Ability to Communicate the Brand Identity Definition . Through newspaper reading & Comprehensive writing.Browse the Internet using a program like Internet Explorer . Which film stars endorse jeans? 6. What does he know about jeans? 5. What does he know about retail market? 4.How to save a copy of a document? .Create a table in Excel.4.FA’s and Assistant Store Manager Assessment Guide:A. Name some new brands in market A. prepare and maintain reports as may be required on the job. 3 FA’s are coming late. Confidential .

17 - . reporting place and person. DOB Proof Fitment & Offers After the candidate has cleared the above -He or She will be given an offer. Confidential . 1. Reference Check 5. On-boarding Process The prospective Fashion Assistant will report on the given date of joining to the designated place. 2. Certificates 4. . Drivers License / Voters Id 6. Pan card 3. generating of the offer letter will be done and joining Kit will be given to them. The Store manager / Area retail operation manager will be responsible to distribute the joining kit and conduct the joining formalities to the Fashion Assistant. The joining formalities like Account opening. Only on receipt of these documents will an offer be made to him. and the final offer will be given to the candidate with the joining date.Pre offer Check. Prior to an offer being made. Address Proof. All the joining formalities should be completed and all documents need to be submitted to HR. Further at least one reference check will be done and only after that is recorded on interview assessment sheet we can proceed further. after the selection process is completed the FA will need to submit the following documents. His or Her signature will be taken on the copy for records. After the candidate is ok with the offer.Information to be collected from FA.