Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC) is a pioneer in the development of tourism infrastructure in Himachal.

Formed in 1972, it provides a complete package of tourism services, including accommodation, catering, transport, and conference and sports activities having a largest chain of finest hotels and restaurants in the state with 55 hotel and 1006 rooms. HPTDC also runs 60 restaurants and cafes, serving a varied cuisine, including Himachali delicacies. All these properties are set in superb locations in the lap of the nature. Hospitality is a way of the people of Himachal and this hospitality is at its best at HPTDC – The Perfect Host. SHIMLA CIRCUIT A-(SHIMLA-CHAIL-NALDEHRA-PARWANOO-BAROGKASAULI-PAONTA SAHIB-RENUKAJI) B-(SHIMLA-NARKANDA-RAMPUR-SARAHAN-ROHRU-KALPA) PREMIUM HOTELS THE PALACE, CHAIL – A Premium Heritage Hotel TEL.NO. (01792)248141, 248143, FAX: 248140 E-mail: palace@hptdc.in Maharaja suite (2 DBR) Maharani Suite (1 DBR) DBR Super Deluxe DBR Deluxe DBR Deluxe DBR Deluxe DBR Semi Deluxe Rajgarh Cottage (4 DBRs with dining room, lounge and kitchen) Room can be hired separately also @Rs.2800/- per day. Wood rose Cottage Full Cottage (Consisting of 3 DBRs with sitting room, dining room & kitchen) Monal Cottage Full Cottage (Consisting of 2 DBR with sitting room, dining room and kitchen). Log hut Deluxe Log huts Regular DBR (Himneel Block) 1 2 3 6 2 5 2 1 Rs.12000/Rs. 6000/Rs. 5000/Rs. 4000/Rs. 3200/Rs. 2800/Rs. 2000/Rs.11200/-


Rs. 5500/-


Rs. 3800/-

1 5 16

Rs. 1500/Rs. 1200/Rs.1500/-

Facilities: Drive in, Parking, Restaurant , Bar, Cable TV, Billiard room, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis, Video Games, Carom Board, Gift Shop, Laundry Services, Taxi on demand, Children Park and Conference facilities

2652538 FAX: 2813801 E-mail: peterhof@hptdc. Parking. running hot & cold water DELUXE HOTELS THE SHIWALIK. 6533169 FAX: 2801705 E-mail: hhh@hptdc. 2500/DBR Cozy 10 Rs. Restaurant. Cable TV. Bar. 800/- Facilities: Drive In. doctor on call. 1700/Rs. 2000/DBR Semi Deluxe 6 Rs. 700/Note: During May-June all rooms would be sold on MAP basis by adding Rs. 1300/Rs. Doctor on call. . 800/. Video games. TEL. (0177)2812236. Restaurant. 1900/DBR Semi Deluxe 14 Rs. Billiards. PARWANOO. 2000/Rs. SHIMLA TEL. 1600/DBR Regular (NXB) 2 Rs. 3000/DBR Super Deluxe 15 Rs. wall-to-wall carpet. (01792) 232295-96 FAX: (01792)232297 Luxury Suite A/C DBR Super Deluxe A/C DBR Deluxe A/C DBR Regular A/C DBR Regular Non A/C 2 2 11 5 3 Rs. (0177)2812890-95.in DBR Luxury 7 Rs. 1500/Facilities: Drive In. parking. Restaurant Pastry Shop.NO. 4000/DBR Deluxe 3 Rs. conference hall. 1000/Rs.NO. Coffee shop. room service. A/C Bar & Restaurant. TV with Star network. Doctor on call.No. Cable TV. car rental. Conference hall THE PETERHOF. 3000/DBR Deluxe 3 Rs. 2000/DBR Deluxe 15 Rs. centrally heated. SHIMLA TEL. 1200/DBR Economy(NXB) 6 Rs. Parking. 2500/DBR Deluxe 2 Rs.in VIP Rooms 2 Rs.per DBR per day for 2 persons Facilities: Drive In. Car rental.:2: THE HOLIDAY HOME. Bar.

Open air café. 600/Rs.200/each bed Facilities: Drive in. 1500/Rs.2200/DBR Deluxe 25 Rs.NO. away from Hotel) DBR 1 Rs. Laundry service. Table Tennis. Restaurant.A Heritage Hotel TEL. 272007 CP DBR Deluxe 1 Rs. Parking. Bar. Parking. 1000/Rs. Cable TV.in Luxury Suite 2 Rs. Conference Hall. 2350/DBR 3 Rs. 1200/Note: Rooms of Annexe will not be sold on CP basis Facilities: Drive in. . (01704) 222341. 1200/Rs. Credit Cards accepted THE YAMUNA. 500/- Facilities: Drive in. Cable TV. Restaurant Bar. 224161 DBR Super Deluxe A/C 3 DBR Deluxe A/C 10 DBR Deluxe A/C 2 DBR Semi Deluxe 3 DBR Regular 2 Rs.:3: THE ROS-COMMON. Children Park. Parking. 1300/Four Bedded Room 2 Rs. Sauna and Steam Baths.NO. Car rental.1500/DBR Semi Deluxe DBR Regular (Conference 2 Rs.NO. Restaurant. (01792) 272005. Cable TV. 1550/Annexe (500 mtrs. Billiard Room. BAROG TEL. (01792)238825-27 FAX: 238881 E-mail: pinewood@hptdc. PAONTA SAHIB TEL. 1750/DBR 1 Rs. 800/Hall Block NXB) Dormitory 4 beds Rs. 1650/DBR 1 Rs. Doctor on call. Conference Hall. Doctor on call. Car rental. THE PINEWOOD. KASAULI.

:4: THE RENUKA. 2200/DBR 7 Rs. NALDEHRA TEL. Children Park. 1200/Rs. Rs. 700/Rs.100/-each beds Facilities: Drive in. Boating. 2747809 DBR 3 Rs. 1600/DBR 12 Rs. Parking.NO.NO. (0177)2747739. (01702)267339 DBR Deluxe A/C 1 DBR Deluxe A/C 5 DBR Deluxe 6 DBR Regular 2 Dormitory 4 beds Rs. Restaurant. Rs. Parking. Rs. (01907) 222638 DBR Super Deluxe 2 (with sitting room) DBR Deluxe 4 (with sitting room) DBR Semi Deluxe 4 Dormitory 10 Beds Rs. NALDEHRA TEL. Restaurant . Parking.1500/-per day Cottage Regular 1 Rs. 850/- Rs. THE MAMLESHWAR. Golf Course. THE PEACH BLOSSOM. (01783) 239469 DBR 2 Rs. Restaurant. Cable TV. Rs. FAGU TEL. Beer Bar. 1500/- THE GOLF GLADE. 1200/DBR 2 Rs. Restaurant.NO. Table Tennis. TV.NO. 2747809 Cottage Super Deluxe (2 DBRs with drawing room & kitchen. 1400/DBR 5 Rs.1200/Facilities: Drive in. Walks. Cable TV. RENUKAJI. Laundry service. Cottage Deluxe (2 DBRs )Rooms can be hired separately also @ Rs. Parking. 5000/- 1 Rs.each bed Facilities: Drive in. Taxi on hire. Telephone. 1000/Facilities: Drive in. Cable TV THE COTTAGES. 3000/- 4 Rs. Doctor on call. CHINDI TEL.NO. TEL. (0177)2747739. 1200/1000/800/550/100/.

Parking. DARLAGHAT TEL. KIARIGHAT TEL.2500/(2 DBRs Deluxe with sitting room 1 DBR Regular) Rooms can be hired separately also DBR Deluxe (with sitting 1 Rs. Restaurant. 800/Dormitory 12 beds Rs. SARAHAN TEL. 248117 DBR 16 Rs. (01796) 248116.each bed SRIKHAND COTTAGE Full Cottage 1 Rs.NO. (01792) 256148 DBR DBR DBR 1 2 3 Rs. Restaurant. 800/- Facilities: Drive in.:5: THE BAGHAL. 75/. 900/Rs. 500/- Facilities: Drive in. Cable TV. 1500/private balcony) DBR Deluxe (with 8 Rs. Restaurant BUDGET HOTELS THE APPLE CART INN. (01782)274234 DBR Deluxe (with 3 Rs. 1200/room) DBR Deluxe 1 Rs. Cable TV. . TV.NO.NO. 1200/DBR Regular 1 Rs. Parking. Bar. 400/Facilities: Drive in. Bar. 1000/Rs. Parking. 1000/balcony) DBR Regular 4 Rs. Garden DELUXE HOTELS THE SRIKHAND.

1150/DBR Super Deluxe 2 Rs. (01781)251139 DBR Deluxe 2 Rs. . 1350/DBR Deluxe A/C 5 Rs. KALPA TEL. TV. 750/Facilities: Drive in. 4000/DBRs) DBR Deluxe 1 Rs. Restaurant. ROHRU TEL. NARKANDA TEL. Parking.NO. (01786)226159 DBR Super Deluxe ( 2 1 Rs. (01782)234103 CP Bushehar Suite A/C 1 Rs. 1500/DBR Deluxe 2 Rs. 1300/3 bedded Family Suite 2 Rs. Camping (Open April to November only) THE BUSHEHAR REGENCY. 800/DBR Regular 1 Rs. Restaurant. 1500/Facilities: Drive in. Restaurant.NO. Parking.:6: THE HATU. 1000/DBR 1 Rs.tripod. Restaurant. KALPA TEL. RAMPUR TEL.NO.NO. 2500/DBR Deluxe 6 Rs. 900/DBR A/C 5 Rs. 3000/DBR Deluxe 4 Rs. BUDGET HOTELS THE CHANSHAL.NO. 1200/DBR Regular 10 Rs. 1150/DBR Regular 5 Rs. 850/DBR Regular 5 Rs. Wall to wall carpet. Parking. 75/. Parking. 242509 E-mail: hatu@hptdc. Cable TV. (01786)226159 4 bedded Family Suite 1 Rs. Restaurant. Spacious Lawn. 800/Facilities: Drive in. 1400/DBR Deluxe 7 Rs. 1750/DBR Super Deluxe A/C 2 Rs. 2000/DBR Semi Deluxe 1 Rs.com DBR Deluxe 8 Rs. KHARAPATHAR TEL. (01782)242430. 900/Facilities: Catering. Bar. Skiing in winter THE TOURIST COMPLEX. Parking. 1200/DBR Deluxe 1 Rs.each bed Facilities: Drive in.in Website: http://hotelhatu. (01781)240661 DBR A/C 8 Rs. Cable TV (Open April to November only) THE KINNER KAILASH COTTAGE. Cable TV THE GIRIGANGA RESORT. 1200/3 bedded Room 2 Rs. 1000/Facilities: Drive in.NO. 650/Dormitory 6 beds Rs.

each bed. MANALI TEL. 2100/Rs. 4000/(Each Log hut consists of 2 bed rooms. 75 /. Rs.Rs. 4200/Log Huts 8 Rs. Food).per person per day (Veg. drawing cum dining room and kitchen. 2800/- . 1000/. Art Museum. 1800/Rs. 1500/Rs. (01902)253225. 2000/Rs. Facilities: Drive in.per person per day (Veg. Parking. drawing-cum-dining room and kitchen). 300/Dormitory 5 beds Rs. NOTE: Orchard huts can also be sold on MAP basis by adding Rs. NAGGAR-A Heritage Hotel Tel. Parking. catering service.: (01902) 253225-26 FAX: 252325 E-mail: manali@hptdc. 253226 6 Rs. 1800/Rs.3800/Orchards huts (Each orchard hut consists of 2 bed rooms. 2500/MAP Rs.per person per day (Veg. Parking. Cable TV. except during May and June Rooms are to be sold on MAP by adding Rs.:7: MANDI-KULLU-MANALI CIRCUIT (MANDI-JOGINDERNAGAR-REWALSAR-KULLU-MANALI-MANIKARANKEYLONG-KAZA) PREMIUM HOTELS THE LOG HUTS TEL NO. catering service.) NOTE: Log huts can also be sold on MAP basis by adding Rs. Facilities: Drive in.P. DBR Common Toilet 4 Rs. Cable TV. 500/(consisting of 2 separate DBRs) Common Toilet.250/.250/. food) Block-B 4 Bedded Family Suite 1 Rs.150/. Facilities: Drive in. 2300/CP Rs.No: (01902)248316 Block-A DBR Super Deluxe 1 DBR Deluxe 1 DBR Deluxe 2 DBR Semi Deluxe 2 DBR Semi Deluxe Rs. 4500/Log Huts 1 Rs.in Log Huts 3 Rs. Restaurant. Food).NO. 1300/2 NOTE: The above rates are on C. THE ORCHARD HUTS. THE CASTLE. Cable TV.

except during May-June rooms are to be sold on MAP by adding Rs. Bar. cable TV. Food). M. parking. 2450/.P. MANALI TEL.Rs. 1450/. 1950/DBR (NXB) 36 Rs. 2750/DBR Luxury 4 Rs. 650/Rs. Facilities: Drive in.P DBR 16 Rs. Restaurant and Conference Room.Rs.1300/BLOCK-B 4 bedded room 5 Rs. 900/Rs. drawingcum-dining room and kitchen.P. 950/DBR (NXB) 3 Rs.) Note: No charge for extra bed.in CP MAP Presidential Suite 1 Rs.250/.1000/. 900/NOTE: The above rates are on C. THE ROHTANG.NO. Cable TV.:8: DELUXE HOTELS THE KUNZAM.per person per day (Veg.Rs.150/-per person per day (Veg. 2150/DBR Luxury 3 Rs.NO. Food) Facilities: Drive in. 2050/DBR Luxury 3 Rs. 1650/.per person per day (Veg. 1750/NOTE: The above rates are on C. Food). MANALI TEL. parking.Rs.150/. . (01902)252334 Cottage Deluxe 12 Rs.) Note: No charge for extra bed.Rs. NOTE: Hamta huts can also be sold on MAP basis by adding Rs. 1800/(Each hut consists of one bed room.Rs. 1850/. 600/Rs. 2000/(Each cottage consists of one bed room.A.per person per day (Veg. food) Facilities: Drive in. 253723 BLOCK-A C. MANALI TEL. MANALSU.250/. except during May and June rooms are to be sold on MAP by adding Rs. THE HAMTA HUTS. Facilities: Drive in. MANALI Hut 2 Rs.P.1500/DBR 3 Rs. Parking. cable TV. Parking. 1750/. (01902) 253197-98 Fax: 252325 E-mail: manali@hptdc. (01902)252332. Restaurant. HADIMBA COTTAGE. Hadimba huts can also be sold on MAP basis by adding Rs. dining room and kitchen.NO.

Restaurant .Rs. DBR 4 Rs. Restaurant.Rs. 1000/Family Suite 2 Rs.per person per day (Veg. KULLU Tel. RAISON Tel.P DBR Super Deluxe with 1 Rs. KULLU. 1200/. M. 1500/balcony DBR with sitting area 5 Rs.( 01902)240516 C. 1250/BLOCK-B Family Suite (with two 2 Rs. 1000/Note: The above rates are on C. 800/Rs.in DBR Deluxe 2 Rs.Rs. except during May and June rooms are to be sold on MAP by adding Rs. THE ADVENTURE RESORT. 1800/separate DBRs with one attached bathroom).per person per day (Veg. parking.P Huts (DBR) 14 Rs. Restaurant THE MANDAV. Parking. 900/.P.per person per day (Veg. Food) Facilities: Drive in.P.75/bed each bed s on E.100/. Bar.600/-.Rs.:9: THE SILVERMOON. 1900/sitting room. Note: The above rates are on C. food) Facilities: Drive in. food) Facilities: Drive in. Cable TV in rooms with tariff above Rs. 800/DBR Regular (NXB) 4 Rs. Parking. 1600/. (01902)222471 BLOCK-A C. 1200/DBR Regular 2 Rs. TV.per person per day (Veg. 1100/.P. TEL.A. 1200/. (01905)235503 Fax: 235551 E-mail: mandav@hptdc.P DBR Deluxe 2 Rs.Rs. Cable TV.Rs.100/. Restaurant. cable TV. 600/Annexe DBR Economy 4 Rs. 1300/DBR Regular 2 Rs. except during May and June rooms are to be sold on MAP by adding Rs.P. MANDI TEL.P. 700/. M. DBR Deluxe with 4 Rs. except during May and June rooms are to be sold on MAP by adding Rs.NO. parking.150/.NO.Rs. (01902) 222488 C. 650/DBR Regular 1 Rs. food) Facilities: Drive in.A.Rs.A.50/. M. 1000/.P.P.1000/Dormitory 6 Rs. 1100/NOTE: The above rates are on C. THE SARVARI. 950/. 400/NOTE: During May –June rooms would be sold on CP basis by adding Rs.

850/DBR (Ground floor) 6 Rs. Restaurant. No catering. 1000/DBR 4 Rs.food) Facilities: Drive in. (01900)222393.per Person per day (Veg. except during May and June rooms are to be sold on MAP by adding Rs.per person per day (Veg. 222247 Family suit(2DBRs) 3 Rs.per bed.P.in DBR per room per day. Food). THE CHANDERABHAGA. JOGINDERNAGAR TEL. 900/.Rs. Catering. Facilities: Drive in.NO. TEL.:10: THE UHL. 300/Toilet) Note: Rooms are available on dormitory basis @ Rs. (01902)252832 4 bedded Room(Common 14 Rs.100/.Rs. Cable TV. 350/Facilities: Drive in. Parking.NO. SWARGHAT TEL. (01908)222002 DBR Deluxe (NXB) 6 Rs.No.NO. parking. KASOL DBR 3 Rs. Parking. 950/DBR Large (Ground Floor) 1 Rs. (01902)252832 C. Parking.(On MAP) Dormitory 15 beds Rs. Cable TV.Rs.1000/.150/. THE BEAS. 75/. Facilities: Drive In. 1400/Family Suite 1 Rs. 800/NOTE: During May – June rooms would be sold on CP basis by adding Rs. 600/DBR Regular (NXB) 7 Rs. 400/.A. 600/NOTE: The above rates are on C. KEYLONG TEL. Cable TV. MANALI TEL. .1300/DBR Large 14 Rs 750/. Restaurant THE HILL TOP.Rs. 800/DBR (NXB) 4 Rs. Beer Bar.Rs.in family suite and Rs.1600/-(On MAP) DBR Regular 12 Rs.P Family Suite 2 Rs 1000/. THE TOURIST LODGE.per bed (EP) Note: The rooms at S.1400/Family Suite (Ground floor) 1 Rs. MANALI.NO. 500/. Parking. (Open June to October). BUDGET HOTELS THE TOURIST HUT. 700/DBR (NXB) (Ground floor) 3 Rs. 1300/(4beds)A/C DBR A/C 3 Rs. 650/. Restaurant. 400/Facilities: Drive in. 600/.300/.Rs.1&2 are inclusive of veg. NO.P M.food charges @ Rs. Cable TV in Deluxe Rooms.Rs.600/.50/. (01978)284112 Family Suite (2 DBRs) 1 Rs.

Food @ Rs.300/.NO.for 2 persons per day i. breakfast and lunch or dinner. Parking. Restaurant.per person per day (Veg.NO. Parking. Catering. 450/DBR (NXB) 4 Rs. REWALSAR TEL. (01906)222566 DBR 4 Rs. food charges @ Rs.for 2 persons per day i. THE TOURIST INN. 350/common toilet/bath Note: The tariff of 4 DBRs is inclusive of veg.e.:11: THE SPITI. Facilities: Drive in.300/.NO. KAZA TEL. 400/DBR NXB (with common 1 Rs. KAZA TEL. 500/DBR (NXB) 5 Rs. (Open June .per bed per day(EP) Facilities: Drive In. (01905)240252 BLOCK-A 4 bedded room 1 Rs. . Camping. breakfast. Tenting facility (Open June-October only). 250/bath room and toilet) Dormitory 8 beds Rs. TV in Block-A.75/-each bed During May-June rooms would be sold on CP basis by adding Rs.50/.(On MAP) Rs. 600/3 bedded room 1 Rs. Cable TV.(On MAP) Double bedded tents with 5 Rs.1200/-(On MAP) Rs. 800/. Restaurant. parking.e.150/.1000/. food) Facilities: Drive in.October). THE TOURIST LODGE. (01906)222752 DBR Deluxe 4 DBR Regular 18 Dormitory 8 beds Rs. and lunch or dinner. 400/BLOCK-B DBR 1 Rs. Note: The tariff of DBRs is inclusive of Veg.

Restaurant.NO: (01892)222977 DBR Deluxe 6 Rs. THE CLUB HOUSE. except during May. 1650/Rs. 1350/Rs. except during May. 1550/Rs. NOTE: The above rates are on C. 1800/DBR Regular 3 Rs. MECLEODGANJ. DHARAMSALA TEL. (01892) 220834 CP MAP DBR Deluxe 4 Rs. Bar. Rs. Car Parking. DHARAMSALA. Cable TV. (01892) 221091-92 E-mail: dharamshala@hptdc.P. 900/Facilities: Drive in. Beer Bar.NO. Table Tennis.:12: DHARAMSALA-PALAMPUR CIRCUIT (PALAMPUR-DHARAMSALA-MCLEODGANJ-JAWALAJI) DELUXE HOTELS THE DHAULADHAR. 100/each on E.Rs. DHARAMSALA TEL. food) THE KASHMIR HOUSE. Restaurant.P. 2150/.P. 1700/Facilities: Drive in. Conference Hall. Restaurant. 1950/Rs.Rs. food) THE BHAGSU. 2000/DBR Semi Deluxe 7 Rs. 1700/Rs. NOTE: The above rates are on C. MECLEODGANJ. Billiard Room.in CP MAP DBR Super Deluxe 2 Rs. 1350/. 1350/Facilities: Drive in. TEL. Garden. June and October rooms are to be sold on MAP basis (Veg. Cable TV. food) . 2000/DBR Regular 6 Rs. Conference facilities. 1450/Rs. 1900/DBR Semi Deluxe Dormitory 4 9 beds Rs. June and October rooms are to be sold on MAP basis (Veg. 1650/.NO.Rs. 2500/DBR Deluxe 15 Rs. and Roller Skating NOTE: The above rates are on C. Car Parking. Restaurant. except during May. Cable TV. Parking. 2300/DBR Deluxe 8 Rs. Cable TV. June and October rooms are to be sold on MAP basis (Veg. 1000 /DBR Semi Deluxe (NXB) 5 Rs. 1800/- Facilities: Drive in. DHARAMSALA TEL. Parking.NO. (01892)224926-27 FAX: 224928 E-mail: dharamshala@hptdc. 1000/Rs.in CP MAP Kangra Suite 2 Rs.P.

500/Rs.NO. Conference Hall. Cable TV. Cable TV.75/each bed. Cable TV. (01892)236065 4 bedded room DBR Dormitory Rs. JWALAMUKHI TEL. Parking. 222601. Parking. Conference Hall HOTEL JWALAJI. Conference Hall. DBR Super Deluxe A/C 1 Rs. Cable TV. 800/Dormitory 6 beds Rs. 1300/DBR Deluxe A/C 3 Rs.:13: THE YATRI NIWAS.NO. 1000/DBR Semi Deluxe 9 Rs.NO. Restaurant. Fast Food Counter. Parking. 800/Cooled DBR Regular Air 12 Rs. Parking. (01970)222280. (01892)223163 DBR Deluxe 18 Rs. CHAMUNDAJI TEL. THE HAMIR. 100/each bed Facilities: Drive in. 1700/DBR Deluxe A/C 6 Rs. Restaurant. (01894) 231298 Four Bedded Room 1 Rs. Parking. Bar. DHARAMSALA TEL. Restaurant THE T-BUD. PALAMPUR TEL. HAMIRPUR TEL. 1300/DBR Deluxe 10 Rs. 1100/DBR Semi Deluxe 3 Rs. Restaurant THE YATRI NIWAS. 600/Cooled Facilities: Drive in. CP Rs.NO. (01972)222608 DBR Deluxe A/C 5 DBR Semi Deluxe 4 Air Cooled Facilities: Drive in. 850/DBR Regular 9 Rs. 1400/DBR Deluxe 8 Rs. 650/Rs. 1200/DBR Semi Deluxe Air 3 Rs. 800/Facilities: Drive in. 1150/Rs. Restaurant. 850/1 5 6 beds . TV. Facilities: Drive in.NO.

THE KHAJJI COTTAGE.NO. KHAJJIAR Full Cottage (2 DBRs) 1 Rs.1200/DBR Regular 6 Rs. 75/each bed Facilities: Drive in. (01978)264120 DBR 6 Rs.NO.1500/DBR Deluxe 7 Rs. CHINTPURNI TEL.each per day . Restaurant THE TOURIST INN.NO.2000/. Parking.1000/DBR Regular Dormitory 6 beds Rs. Parking. 500/Rs.NO. (01976)255234 DBR Semi Deluxe A/C DBR Semi Deluxe Air cooled DBR Semi Deluxe Air Cooled DBR Semi Deluxe Air Cooled Dormitory 4 2 2 2 12 beds Rs. SHAHTALAI. 500/DBR Regular 12 Rs. 1400/DBR Semi Deluxe 3 Rs. Cable TV. DEOTSIDH.3500/.:14: BUDGET HOTELS THE YATRI NIWAS. 600/Facilities: Drive in. Cable TV. 400/- Rs. Restaurant. CHAMBA TEL. (01899)236333 Family Suite (2 DBRs) 3 Rs. Cable TV.1800/DBR Super Deluxe 2 Rs. Cable TV. 600/Rs.per day Room can be hired separately also @ Rs. BILASPUR TEL. Restaurant THE DEVDAR. 900/DBR Regular 7 Rs. Walks. Parking. Parking. 1000/Rs.75/-each bed Facilities: Drive in. 1000/DBR Regular 4 Rs. KHAJJIAR TEL. 800/DBR Regular 1 Rs. Restaurant CHAMBA-DALHOUSIE CIRCUIT (CHAMBA-KHAJJIAR-DALHOUSIE) DELUXE HOTELS THE IRAVATI. 400/Facilities: Drive in. (01899)222671 Fax: 222565 DBR Deluxe 4 Rs.

:15: THE MANIMAHESH. Restaurant.700/Facilities: Cable TV. Restaurant THE CHAMPAK.NO.2150/DBR Deluxe 5 Rs.1350/Facilities: Drive In. BUDGET HOTELS THE GEETANJALI. 300/Rs.1650/DBR Regular 6 Rs.850/DBR Regular 4 Rs.1100/DBR Semi Deluxe 4 Rs. DALHOUSIE TEL. 75/each bed .(01899)242793 dalhousie@hptc. CHAMBA TEL.NO.in CP DBR Super Deluxe 2 Rs. conference hall. Parking. bar. DALHOUSIE TEL. (01899)242155 CP 4 bedded room 2 Rs. 250/Rs.NO. (01899)222774 DBR 4 DBR (Common bath) 3 Dormitory 10 beds Rs.1950/DBR Semi Deluxe 5 Rs. Cable TV.

1. reduction of number of rooms or period of stay is received from the guests before 7 clear days or more in advance from the scheduled date of arrival.in Senior Citizen can avail 30% discount on accommodation during season and 10% over and above discount announced during off season in all HPTDC Hotels. Discount valid on rooms to be used by elderly guests only Check-in/Out-time =12 Noon. cancellation/ refund request may be sent to Marketing Office. 50% of advance taken will be refunded. No refund will be given. it shall be accepted. In case of premature departure. In case reservation is for dates beyond 31st March. next revised tariff will be applicable. if the cancellation intimation is received less than 4 days before the date of arrival. Reservation can also be made On-Line through credit card on HPTDC website: www. E-mail: shimla@hptdc. RESERVATION Reservation can be made by paying 100% of the rent for the 1st day and 50% for subsequent days. No refund shall be given if the cancellation intimation is received less than 4 days before the date of arrival. Similarly if request is received between 4 to 6 days before. Shimla. Intimation/request for cancellation is to be addressed to the concerned Unit/Marketing Office from where the reservation was obtained along with original vouchers. 50% of advance paid for the days not availed will be forfeited. 75% rent shall be charged.:16: Note: DBR NXB MAP C. 2. Luxury Tax @ 10% will be extra.e. . Continental Plan = Room with Continental Breakfast. 80% of the advance received on account of room(s)/period of stay only for which the request has been received from the guests will be refunded. 80% of the advance will be refunded. 500/. 3.in 3 In case request for cancellation of reservation is received before 7 clear days or more in advance before the scheduled date of check in.P Double bed room No extra bed Modified American Plan = Room with breakfast and lunch or dinner. 4. If the request for cancellation of reservation is received between 4 to 6 days.hptdc. For single occupancy. In case of request for partial cancellation i. In case of reservation made through On-line payment gateway. CANCELLATION/REFUND 1.per day. In case the guest wishes to deposit full rent in advance. The rate for additional person staying in the room will be 25% of the room rent subject to a maximum of Rs. 2. 50% of the advance received shall be refunded.

NEW DELHI-110001 Tel (011)23325320.in Dhalpur. Fax (011)23731072 E-mail: newdelhi@hptdc.in 2. . 5. S. 1/1 A. THE MALL. 9 10.in 36. Fax (01902)252325 E-mail: manali@hptdc.in 205.in THE MALL.in KOTWALI BAZAR. ASHRAM ROAD. MUMBAI-400005 Tel (022) 22181123.:17: FOR RESERVATION AND INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT THE FOLLOWING HIMACHAL TOURISM OFFICES & GENERAL SALES AGENTS HIMACHAL TOURISM OFFICES 1. SHIMLA-171001 Tel (0177)2652561. Fax (01892)224928 E-mail: dharamshala@hptdc. 22180080 Fax (022)22181123 E-mail: mumbai@hptdc. 11. 2658302. ELECTRONIC CENTRE. Fax (0177)2652557 E-mail: shimla@hptdc. ROAD.in CHANDERLOK BUILDING. NO: 13. 3.in HIMACHAL EMPORIUM. 6 7. 4. 2ND FLOOR. BANGALORE-560009 Tel/ Fax (080) 22876591 E-mail: bangalore@hptdc. Tel (01902)222349 E-mail: kullu@hptdc. 12.in 2H.in INTER STATE BUS TERMINAL SECTOR-17. CHANDIGARH Tel (0172) 2707267 FAX: (0172) 2708569 E-mail: chandigarh@hptdc. CHENNAI-600102 Tel/ Fax (044) 25385689 E-Mail: chennai@hptdc. WORLD TRADE CENTRE. SHILP-II NEAR INCOME TAX OFFICE. DHARAMSALA Tel (01892)224212.in TAMILNADU TOURISM COMPLEX. GANESH COMPLEX. CUFFE PARADE. Kullu-175101. 8. WALLAJAH ROAD. MANALI-175131 Tel(01902)253531. Tel (01899) 242136 E-mail: dalhousie@hptdc.C. BIPLABI ANUKUL CHANDRA ST. JANPATH. KOLKATA-700072 Tel(033)22126361. AHMEDABAD – 380009 Tel (079)27544800 Fax (079)27544548 E-mail: ahmedabad@hptdc. 36. 23324764. Tel/ Fax (033)22127470 E-mail: kolkata@hptdc.in Dalhousie –176304.

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