Jesse Nemitz

“why can!t more people do it”? As a coach. people don!t walk around all day in normal life making the epic high-pitched sounds that audiences love to hear so dearly… maybe that!s why the high note carries a superhuman stigma as we singers train to accomplish the great feats of the vocal giants before us. We invite you to play and replay the video as many times as you wish. However. one of the most frequent requests I get from my students is to learn to sing high with more power or presence. With the information provided we hope to provide an extra spark of understanding to light the fire of excellence in singing easy and connected into the highest parts of your “mix register”.P. It!s an even more in depth look at the diagnostic behind the execution of singing “connected high notes”. However.1 Welcome to the Top 7 Secrets of the Super High Mix Voice Why is Singing High With Power So Difficult? Why is singing high with power so difficult? With all the vocal training materials available to students on the internet. Whether it!s the crystal sheen in the resonance or the inhuman volume that cuts over a band or orchestra. high notes that connect seamlessly to a singer!s lower notes and carry the same power within. This program is made to be an addendum to the Singing Success Program and Singing Success Online (subscription video service). if you don!t understand one Welcome to the Professional Singer!s Warm Up . the high notes inexorably draw attention to themselves. one might ask instead. That is. " " " " " " " " " " " Jesse Nemitz THIS PROGRAM CONTAINS: ! This PDF guide and track list ! 28 minute video containing the bulk of the content and explanation with examples ! 14 audio mp3 tracks containing vocal exercises for male and female " " " " " " " " " " HOW TO USE THIS PROGRAM: STOP! Watch the video before doing any of the vocal exercises on mp3! The most important concepts are explained thoroughly in the video portion of this program. You might have new understandings from repeated viewings at different stages of your vocal development. a well executed high note carries the perfect ring for a deserving climax in many styles of music. Though there are many other aspects to singing songs.

This program assumes the singer has attained a general balance of the voice as is common with students who train with the Singing Success program. Keep The Larynx Neutral (05:23-07:27) 3. Straight Tone Before Vibrato (19:30-21:47) 7. Male arpeggio whiny “nah”. they are not a replacement for the complete technical foundation found in the Singing Success program. The audio tracks are meant to be used IN ADDITION to a daily warm-up or technique routine. “nah”. Male one octave tongue out. For that. Consistent Airflow (07:28-10:30) 4.P. “nah” (03:00) 5. Finding Legato (smoothness) (10:31-14:26) 5.2 of the seven secrets at first. “nah”. Female arpeggio whiny “nah”. move on to the next secret so you can gain additional insight to help shed light on the technique as a whole. Male arpeggio head voice – “oo” to ee” (04:17) 2. edgy “ah” (02:36) Welcome to the Professional Singer!s Warm Up . While these seven secrets WILL help improve your ability to sing in the high mix. The Building Blocks (01:15-05:22) 2. “nah” (02:58) 4. we recommend Singing Success or The Pro Singer!s Warm-Up. Female arpeggio head voice – “oo” to “ee” (04:35) 3. We Don!t Need Consonants (21:48-27:26) OUTRO (27:27-28:23) MP3 BUILDING BLOCKS EXERCISES 1. Demonstration Chapters/Tracks: VIDEO INTRO (00:00 – 01:15) 1. Choose Your Vowels Carefully (14:27-19:30) 6. Use only a few of the exercises at a time in one practice session to target specific areas of vocal development.

“shuh”. 8. Female arpeggio “shuh”. Female arpeggio. “shuh”. second half “uh” (02:50) © Copyright Singing Success Inc. then legato “uh” (02:31) 12. “shuh” (03:00) 8. first half “Mum”.P.3 6. first half “Mum”. then legato “uh” (02:29) 11. 7. Male two arpeggios “uh” slide . Male arpeggio “shuh”. second half “uh” (02:50) 13. Female two arpeggios “uh” slide . Male arpeggio. “shuh” (03:00) 7. edgy “ah” (02:26) Male one octave heavy edge “uh” (02:33) Female one octave heavy edge “uh” (02:26) BUILDING CONSISTENT AIRFLOW EXERCISES 6. © Jesse Nemitz 2008 All Rights Reserved Welcome to the Professional Singer!s Warm Up . Female arpeggio “zzzz” (02:51) IMPROVING LEGATO EXERCISES 10. Female one octave tongue out. Male arpeggio “zzzz” (02:51) 9.