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SO3 Sulfonation Plant Process Overview

General Description
The sulfonation process consists of two continuous falling film ballestra reactors capable of approximately 50/tons per day of active ingredient. The design of the processing plant encompasses a gas plant, sulfur burning, SO3 conversion, sulfonation reactors, aging, neutralization, hydrolization, pH trim and exhaust gas treatment The original process was designed for sulfonation of dodecyl benzene and ethoxylated alcohols. It was later converted to sulfonate alpha olefins and lauryl alochols

Plant History • Chemithon sulfonation plant commissioned in 1977 for liquid detergent business • Produced Sulfonated Dodecyl benzenes and ethoxylated alcohol surfactants for first 20 years of production • An additional sidestream Ballestra reactor added in 1982 for sodium lauryl sulfate surfactants • Refurbished with new reactors and process control system in 1996 to produce Alpha Olefin and Exthoxylated Alcohol surfactants • Plant scheduled for shutdown in October of 2006 .

• In 2005. one with seventy two tubes and one with thirteen tubes.Plant Metrics • The gas plant of the process is designed to burn 450 lbs/hr of sulfur and is the limiting processing system • The process has two Ballestra sulfonation reactors. asset utilization was 87% and the plant has produced in excess of 55 million pounds of various surfactants the last two years .

Process Systems • • • • • • • • Raw Material Storage and Handling SO3 Gas Plant Reactor Sulfonation Neutralization (sodium hydroxide) Hydrolizer ( Alpha Olefin’s only) Exhaust Gas Treatment Finished Product Storage and Loading Utilities and Process control .

Building 42 .Sulfonation .

Alcohol & Alkane storage .

Molten Sulfur Storage .

Primary blower – Gardner Denver .

Air Dryers – Alternating Dual system .

Sulfur burner .

SO2 to SO3 Converter .

SO3 Cooler and Mist Eliminator .

Top of Ballestra Reactor (60 Tubes) .

Bottom of Reactor Liquid/Gas Separator .

Neutralization Skid .

Hydrolizer Unit – Alpha Olefins only .

Sulfuric Acid Scrubber .

Caustic Scrubber – exhaust gas .

Electrostatic Precipitators – exhaust gas .

East Product Storage & Loading .

West Storage and Loading .

Wonderware & Allen Bradley PLC Controls .

Trane Chiller .

Process Cooling Tower .

Utility & Energy Consumption Available thru technology suppliers .

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