The importance of actively participating in co-curricular activities. Good morning, I bid to the principal, teachers and friends.

In conjunction with Co-Curricular Moth, I will be giving a speech on the importance of actively participating in co-curricular activities. Co-curricular activities are established by the school that includes clubs, societies and sports in addition to academic classes. Under the 1 Murid 1 Sukan 1 Malaysia programme, each and every student in Malaysia is required to actively participate in co-curricular activities by engaging in the activities held by the club and interacting with the other members of the club. Therefore, it is crucial that you join in co-curricular activities, as it brings many benefits. First and foremost, co-curricular activities play a vital role in providing knowledge and experience to the students. For instance, students will have the opportunity to gain new experiences when they join a camp. They would learn to be independent. They would also be able to gain extra knowledge such as inventing gadgets from recycled objects and all sorts of other challenging activities. Sometimes, the new experiences gained will teach you to be more matured. Next, active participation in co-curricular activities will help a person to develop holistically. This is because students should not only focus entirely on their studies and instead, should learn to balance between their studies and their involvement in extra co-curricular activities. Through active participation in the activities, the school would be able to produce students who are smart, intelligent, bold and inquisitive instead of just bookworms. Furthermore, participation in co-curricular activities can also help you to release stress and boredom. I am sure you will feel stressed, especially when the examinations are just around the corner. Hence, by joining clubs or sports in your school, you can set aside your problems for a while. This in turn will make you feel better and less tense, as all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Besides that, co-curricular activities will help you to be fit and healthy. All of the toxic substances in your body will be removed whenever you sweat by playing sports and carrying out activities that require a lot of physical movements. Therefore, you will feel better and be more focused in class. You will also have the opportunity to apply things you have learned in the classroom in real life. For example, if you join the Physics Club, you might have a chance to build a rocket based on the physics principles that was taught in class. On the other hand, if you join the life skills club, chances are,you will get the opportunity to build handicrafts or learn how to cook properly. These are rare opportunities that you might not get when you are not actively participating in clubs and societies. Moreover, your chances for further studies are also enhanced, if you are active in sports, clubs and societies. With an increasing number of students excelling academically, the competition to get into universities is tougher. The universities are not only looking for students who are academically good, but also who are confident and bold. These attributes could only be gained through co-curricular activities. Overall, even though the participation in co-curricular activities are usually seen as less important than the academic subjects, they have been proven to benefit the students in many ways. Co-curricular activities form the core of a student’s life and pave a brighter future for th ose who excel in them. So, do not hesitate to join any co-curricular activities now and be an active member who contributes to the club as well as the school. That is all from me today, thank you. Nur Hafizatul Sahera Nurafini Amirah Nur Syazwani