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The asset we are considering for our Durable Asset Valuation is a flat at Gulsan Badda area build by the company “Dom-Inno”. Name of the building is “Sporsho”. The flat is situated on the th floor of the building ha!ing total "### s$uare feet and each of s$uare feet re$uires the pri%e of &### ta'a that is in total of 15 million taka. It was bought in (##).

*ostly the !alue of a flat in Bangladesh depends upon the buyer+s perception about its true worth. The true ,intrinsic- !alue of the flat is different from its mar'et !alue. it is actual !alue that a flat wroth to a buyer today. The factors that mostly affect buyers the !alue determination of flat in Bangladesh are/ "1# 0ocation. "$# Brand Name. "%# 1menities that come with it. "&# 2i%e. "5# *ar'et condition. "'# 3uture e4pected !alue appreciation or depreciation. and most importantly "(# 3uture 5esale !alue it might hold. Cal)ulations "$**+#, 6onsidering abo!e factors during (##). before our purchase we determined our asset ,true- worth. before comparing it with mar'et !alue for profitable purchase. 1s far as location is concern. during our pre-purchase period Dom-inno and BTI were the two reputed brand we could find o!er that area. 1t that time usual price ranges were from T7. 8(##9##: 2$uare feet. 1fter analy%ing o!er all mar'et and comparing different options a!ailable to us in real-estate mar'et. and on other hand while 'eeping flat+s 1menity and si%es at a reasonable comparison criterion base. we decided to go for Dom-inno. Because the mar'et condition was such which will allow mar'et price to increase by 9#; within nest "-& years of purchase. 2o resale !alue was indeed reasonable enough for us to decide the purchase. 6onsidering e!erything. our Intrinsic ,true- <alue of flat came out to be T7.&(##: 2$uare 3eet. which were T7.(##: 2$uare 3eet more than our mar'et !alue of 3lat which was T7. &###: 2$uare 3eet. This ga!e us a profitable option to go for the purchase. considering the fact the <alue ,intrinsic- was higher than that of mar'et price. thus the asset had the ability to generate T7.(##: 2$uare 3eet o!er ne4t few years.


considering the fact that after all the use that we ha!e made out of the flat. That+s why it is best for buyers to loo' at replacement cost rather than a mar'et price of a flat. The mar'et !alue of the flat is T7. and also buyers negotiation abilities. 2till today it remains lucrati!e. ?(&#: s$uare feet. =ther factors that mostly affects the price appreciation during post purchase period . MAR. ma'es calculation difficult.ACEMENT VA UE The replacement cost and mar'et !alue of your home are not the same. among those most important was the gas crisis and new real estate establishment. !AIR VA UE The fair !alue of the e4act same asset at the current mar'et would be around T7. 2 . But if we consider the fact that the prices too' a huge hi'e in the recent years in the real estate industry. as per s$uare feet !alue appreciate to T7. 1lthough the mar'et prices may rise or fall. building costs only change as the cost and a!ailability of labor and *aterial-6hange. or appreciated price.The resale !alue would depend on the mar'et !alue of the asset which is decided by demand and supply. "%# Aow much someone ha!e to spend on replacing some parts of e$uipment of flat that are a!ailable in localmar'et price. RE. This made new flats cheaper compared to old ones as most of it didn+t ha!e gas supply.9& million. "$# 5ate home+s $uality class. also considering the flat+s condition and also the mar'et condition in our calculation. 5eplacement cost mostly calculated by considering factors/ "1# Total construction costs depend on the comple4ity of the home+s outside perimeter and roofline@ the more corners. real estate mar'ets o!er all conditions that might affect the *ar'et price of the asset. O--ORTUNIT/ COST The foregone consumption of the in!estment made bac' in (##? is hard to determine. so new buyers during (#>#->( loo'ed for old establishments with this amenity.ET VA UE 3air !alue is the !alue that the buyer is willing to pay and the seller is agreed to sell. ?(&#. 5eplacement !alue is !ery subBecti!e to calculate because then we ha!e to calculate the replacement cost of all of the stuffs that flat is e$uipped with. (8.(#>#->(-.9& *illion or. (8.9& *illion as a whole. T7. Thus made our flat to T7 (8. the higher the per-s$uare-foot cost. and most importantly. now we can sell it at e!en a higher price. T7. our in!estment in the car has been !ery lucrati!e and efficient one. ?(&#: s$uare feet or T7. totally depends upon mar'ets demand and supply condition. 2o opportunity cost was not high enough to not to go for the purchase bac' then.

TRUE VA UE 1s it mentioned earlier in the report about true !alue or intrinsic !alue of flat that.9& million. SE ING -RICE Now gi!en the mar'et price and fair !alue is almost around T7. 2o. duties. The true . 0OO. 3 . 1!ailability of the “Aouse Building 0oan” is much tough. The depreciation of the !alue of the asset because using it o!er time. D.>&#### then the boo' !alue of the asset is T'. Ce had to calculate this in our pre-purchasing period and the factors that we considered bac' then is mentioned in the !ery first point of the report. it is actual !alue that a flat wroth to a buyer today. T1e 2alues 3i44er 4rom one anot1er be)ause o4 some reasons 1. price of construction stuffs etc. E.>8> "### at >. VA UE Boo' !alue of the asset indicates the asset+s depreciation. polices.!alue of the flat is different from its mar'et !alue. it is the !alue that depends upon the buyer+s perception about its true worth. annual rate of depreciation.&(##: 2$uare 3eet. The gradual decrease in !alue of money. we want to sell it for at or abo!e the mar'et !alue. It came out to be T7. 6. 2o. (8. Drice rises and falls because change in ta4es. Demand of the mar'et is not always same. B. we assumed that the life time of the flat is >## years@ scrap-!alue of the asset is T'.intrinsic.