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Bollard Pull data for various Jaya’s Projects
This factor is according to WPNL depending on the shape of the hull, according to the consultant also the shape of the propulsor has an influence. Therefore some margin on this additional thrust deduction is possible and accepted by the customers. Normally, when no information on the vessel is available, WPNL uses 10% thrust deduction, but for a very good vessel shape this can be reduced to 5%. For your information, we have made below table to give an overview of the alternatives thrust deduction factors that have been quoted:
Jaya Hull Wrtsil  Engine type 6L26A 9L32 8L32 6L32 Power (kW) CPP/Gearbox type Propeller Speed Prop diam/ Nozzle BP ahead 2 xcpp, td=10% (mt) 68,8 152,2 140,8 113,4 BP ahead 2xcpp, td=7% (mt) 71,2 157,2 145,5 117,2 BP ahead 2xcpp, td=5% (mt) 72,6 160,6 148,6 119,7

836/837 832 838/839 842/843

2025 (100%MCR) 4500 (100%MCR) 4000 (100%MCR) 4000 (100%MCR)

Lips 4D650 / SCV56 208 rpm Lips 4D1095 / SCV85 144 rpm Lips 4D1000 / SCH85 135 rpm Lips 4D920 / SCH85 150 rpm

2700 / 19A 4000 / 19A 4000 / 19A 4000 / 19A

Note: The indicated BP values are calculated values, for a BP-guarantee these values have to be reduced with 2%.

WPNL Bullard pull guarantees subject to following conditions: • Draught aft at least 5.8 m to the baseline • Water depth at least 29 m ( 5 ! " the draught# • Po$er to be measured b% &alibrated strain'gauges • (ollard pull to be measured b% &alibrated load &ell $ith its highest a&&ura&% around ))2 t (SI# for the appli&able temperature range • "he $ater&urrent shall not e!&eed *+5 ,not in an% dire&tion • "he test shall be performed $ith a $ind speed not e!&eeding 5 m-s • Minimum distan&e from ship.s stern to do&, $all at least )5* m • /learan&e to the beam ($idth# of the ship should be at least one ships'length on either side • 0udder angle to be ,ept &lose to 1ero • Po$er on the t$o propellers should be about e2ual • 3arge mo4ements and d%nami& 4ariations should be a4oided during the test • 5f the no11le $ill not be supplied b% WP 63+ a manufa&tured freehanging )97 t%pe no11le should be applied+ $ith a minimum amount of anodes (ma! ) %ear#. "he stru&ture of the no11le in&l. the $elds should be finished smoothl% and the &orre&t profile of the )97 no11le should be applied. • 8ull and no11le &lean and to be manufa&tured in a&&ordan&e $ith design dra$ings • "he flo$ around the no11le should be free+ the no11le headbo! should not e!&eed )*9 of the no11le &ontour+"he no11le should be freehanging • Propeller speed to be measured on the propeller shaft • 5n &ase the guaranteed bollard pull is not a&hie4ed+ the ship%ard has to pro4e that the thrust dedu&tion does not e!&eed *.)**b% means of modeltests

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