Design and Technology

Catherine Katakouzinos
Portfolio 2014

Table of Contents
Exploration of the need and evaluation ........................................................................................... 2 Research and evaluation of existing designs ................................................................................... 5 Generation and evaluation of 2 ideas with annotations .................................................................. 6 A final design with dimensions and materials .................................................................................. 6 Case study .......................................................................................................................................... 9


Exploration of the need and evaluation
Why are you making the item of jewellery?
I am making this item of jewellery for girls in the age group of 14-16. I am making a nice piece of jewellery for girls in that age group to wear out shopping or going out with friends/family. It would be a modern look dated in the 21st century.

To get some information you can use:

Things you might consider putting into your survey:
Age Personality Style Gender Interests Colour Symbol Character Size/strength/material

Survey results:
To find out what kind of jewellery people in the age group of 14-16 like, I made a survey and sent it to the whole of year 9. You will find in the results that most girls in the age of 14-16 like hanging around with friends and going out.Here are my results from the survey:




Research and evaluation of existing designs

The circle pendant shape catches my eye because I like how they are shaped and how they sit when you put them on. The collage below has given me inspiration to create what I have created for my necklace. I have chosen to do a daisy pendant. This can go with nearly any colour and is a nice piece to add to any outfit.

The 2 images:

This daisy gives me a very good guideline of where to put certain pieces and what colours. Daisy necklace can go with anything a girl is wearing no matter what colour. It brightens up her outfit and that’s what I would love to make my piece of jewellery based on.


This circle pendant made out of polymer clay inspires me because this is what I hope my design will turn out like. It’s the kind of shape I’m looking for, for my necklace. Nice sitting on the neck of a 14-16 year old girl.

Generation and evaluation of 2 ideas with annotations

Design 1:


Design 2:


A final design with dimensions and materials


Case study
Section 1 Design process
1. Read Evaluating success. List the financial and personal rewards that Dinosaur Designs' partners can enjoy because of their company's success. Some personal rewards for partners in Dinosaur designs are being able to work with your best friends, creating beautiful objects which are appreciated and enjoyed by others. For financial success it’s often measured by the popularity of the object and the number or products that are sold, some partners from Dinosaur Designs feel that it is also defined by the amount of personal joy they get designing and making products that are valued by others. 2. Look at the Dinosaur Designs' career path. What things indicate the company's success and popularity? Some things that indicate the company’s success and popularity are in 2001 their pieces of jewellery were exhibited in New York, they designed glasses for Bombay Gin in 2000, exhibited in Sydney and Milan in 1998, expanded to include ceramic range in 1997, opened third store in Melbourne in 1996, featured in international magazine in 1991, opened store in New York and many more. 3. Develop a flow chart of a design process undertaken by the team at Dinosaur Designs. Piece of resin sets. When set it is quite a rough material

Every resin design starts with making a prototype out of a material like plasticine.

Drill, sand and finish the piece by hand.

Make a latex mould

48 square shaped beads and a variety of colours are used to demonstrate the different colour ways that are available

Piece is polished and hand finished with moisturiser

Casting in resin

Individually mix colours into clear resin for each different piece


4. Dinosaur Designs uses specialist designers for some aspects of their work, for example, architects and graphic designers. Compare the design process used to design Dinosaur Designs' jewellery and that used by the product designer Angelo Kotsis. What are the similarities and differences between the two processes? Some similarities between what Angelo Kotsis designs and dinosaurs designs jewellery designs is they all start off with an idea in this case for Angelo Kotsis he is designing a dolphin torch. When they have their idea they look at other products for inspiration, they brain storm some ideas for their product, a design out of their 2-4 is chosen, designers us computer aided drawing and 3D modelling to communicate their ideas. 5. The Dinosaur Designs team are passionate about their work. They use a particular language to communicate their process of design, for example, hand-felt and finessing. Select these words and in the context of the passage, discuss what the designer means by them. The designer when states hand-felt means people always imagine plastic being this hard-edged material, but dinosaur designs wanted to bring the human back into plastics or into resin. When he says finessing he means they keep up with what is happening in fashion, they pay a lot of attention to that and that’s more reasons why they have such great business. Finessing is ‘making something better’ and hand-felt is ‘related to how something feels in the hand’.

Section 2 Factors influencing design
1. Visit the Gallery of work. Touch, feel and look are important to Dinosaur Designs. Look at three images and describe them in terms of the elements of design, such as line, colour and texture. The three designs I looked at were Louis Vuitton chess set pieces, silver resin inlay jewellery and dinosaur designs glass products. The Louis Vuitton chess set has lots of lines and colours. The glass products are great for decoration, look smooth and cut to the finest finish and lastly the silver resin inlay jewellery, they looked very finely cut and amazing lines and colours.

2. Dinosaur Designs manufactures all their resin pieces in their own studio. What kinds of Occupational Health & Safety practices might they have to consider for employees working in a studio or workshop environment? They would have to consider wearing gloves, wear proper work boots at all times, safety glasses if necessary.

Section 3 Roles of designers
1. The Dinosaur Designs team received training in the visual arts as well as professional art studies. Suggest an alternative career path that might give you the


skills necessary for designing objects and/or jewellery. You might like to visit A career path that will give you the skills necessary is a graphic designer. They make products and send them to stores around Australia. 2. Jewellery design is a design specialisation of the area of study: Products. What other design specialisations does Dinosaur Designs work in? They don’t only work in products like jewellery they also work in making clothing. 3. List some of the reasons people wear jewellery. Describe your favourite piece of jewellery and the reasons it is important to you. I think some reasons why people wear jewellery is to add something to their outfit. Something could be plane and boring, but when jewellery is added to it, it brightens it up. My favourite piece of jewellery is my bracelet with a diamond cross on it. This was given to me by my grandma and it means a lot to me. 3. Identify the contribution Dinosaur Designs makes to the improvement of everyday life. Dinosaur designs tries to get the latest fashions so that it keeps everybody up to date with the new looks. This causes more sales and makes more people happy.

Section 4 Generating ideas
1. Stephen Ormandy of Dinosaur Designs describes the importance of sketching for generating ideas. Practice your sketching skills for your next project. Keep a small pocket notebook and pencil with you at all times and draw thumbnails of any ideas you come across.

3. Identify some of the methods used by Dinosaur Designs to generate creative ideas. Some creative ways Dinosaur Designs generates ideas are their love of art and design, painting and screening fabrics, turning their imagination and thoughts into objects.

Section 5 Selects, analyses, presents and applies research


Experimenting and testing of design ideas was important for the development of Dinosaur Designs' first innovative products for Paddington markets. Describe the experimentation and testing that was carried out. Some experimenting and testing that was carried out is that the three would spend most Friday nights in their parent’s kitchens painting and screening fabrics or t-shirts and making jewellery.



Dinosaur Designs are influenced to a certain extent by current trends. What sources of information would be particularly useful for jewellery designers? Some sources that would be useful for jewellery designers to catch up with the latest trends are: Instagram, tumblr, facebook, google images.

Section 6 Mixed material technologies


If you were to design a small pendant how could it be mass produced? Research the different ways in which you could produce multiple copies of this object. You could make a mould out of that certain piece of jewellery and make millions.

2. For the small pendant research how it can be finished. How does it affect the visual appeal of the object? it can be finished any way with a gloss, buff etc. It will make it seem more expensive and new. 3. Research other products made from polyester resin, e.g. bathroom vanities, bathtubs, canoes, surfboards. Compare the characteristics of these products with the characteristics of Dinosaur Designs' products. Their finish is not very different to Dinosaur Designs’ because resin should be cleaned the same way.