England ABC Book

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The area now called England was first inhabited by humans during the Upper Palaeolithic period. England became a unified state in 927 A.D. England’s area of terrain consists of low hills and plains. The area in England is 50,436 sq miles.

Bedfordshire is a county in England. It borders the counties of Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, and Hertfordshire. Bedfordshire is located on the east region of England. It is the 14th most densely populated county of England.

In England, there are lots of castles. Many castle locations are the hotspots for tourists. Castles vary from Warwick Castle, Tower of London, etc. There are over 1400 castles in England.

Durham is a county in northeast England. Durham is known for its Norman Cathedral. It is also well known for its 11th century castle. The castle has been home of Durham University since 1832.

The education system is divided into early years (ages 3-4), primary education (ages 4-11), secondary education (ages 11-18), and tertiary education (18+). The education system is really similar to ours. It’s mandatory for children aged between 5-17 to attend school. There are also really good universities and colleges located in England.

The flag is very simple. It consists of two colors, red and white. It’s basically a red cross with a white background. The red cross is really named St. George’s Cross.

England holds most of the central and southern two-thirds of the island Great Britain. England is bordered by Scotland and Wales. It is closer to continental Europe than any other part of mainland Britain. England mainly consists of hills and plains.

Humans have been inhabiting England since 800,000 years ago. England’s history is very complex. As England is a part of Great Britain during the Revolutionary War. England’s history is very interesting.

England is a highly industrialized country. It’s an important producer of textiles and chemical products. Automobiles and aircraft aren’t really important industrial products. I big proportion of the country’s income comes from London.

Jack Wilshere
Jack Andrew Garry Wilshere is an English professional soccer player. He was born on January 1, 1992. He plays for Arsenal, a professional FIFA team. Jack is Arsenal’s youngest league debutant.

England had a lot of kings and other monarchs. England started with Alfred the Great. Alfred was king from year 871-899. England ended with Queen Anne. She was queen during year 1707.

Lake District
Lake district is a mountainous region in England. It is a hotspot for tourists. It’s famous for its natural features and the 19th century poetry written by William Wordsworth and the other lake poets. It’s a popular holiday destination.

England uses the British currency called the pound. Some people in England still use Euro as some shops still accept Euros. 1 pound is made up of 100 pence; like our dollar is made up of 100 pennies. Coins in England have very unique shapes.

National anthem
Europe really does not have an official national anthem. They use other songs to fulfill this role. People in England mostly use the song “God Save the Queen” as a national anthem. This song was made in the year 1745.

Official Languages
England’s official language is English. English is now used worldwide. There were other languages like Old English, but when the Normans conquered England, they slightly changed it into the modern day language. English has been brought to England since the 5th century of our common era.

The English people are an ethnic group native to England. English people on England are British Citizens. Their ethnonym is derived from Angles and Germanic people. The population right now in England is roughly about 53.01 million.

Queen Anne
Queen Anne was Queen of England from the year 1702-1707. She was also Queen of Scotland and Ireland. Queen Anne is very popular worldwide. Before she died, she was currently queen of Great Britain and Ireland.

The main religion in England is Christianity. There are still a variety of religions like Islam and Hinduism. Many of England’s building are religious in nature. The festivals of Christmas and Holidays are still celebrated.

Sports are a big deal in England. As they are champions in FIFA (Soccer). Soccer in England is Football. They have great soccer teams like Manchester United & Arsenal. England also has a good rugby team.

England has a large variety of traditions. The main tradition is drinking tea. Drinking is a form of class in England. Another tradition is eating fish and chips. Fish and chips is a classic English meal.

England is home to many universities. England alone has 91 universities. One popular university is The University of Oxford. A lot of these universities are very high class.

England is a very green country because it rains nearly every day. England is known for its lush meadows and colorful gardens. Most of the time vegetation is used for decoration or sight seeing. There are at least 50 tree species in England.

Wiltshire is another county in England. Wiltshire is located South West in England. It is landlocked and bordered by 6 other counties. It’s famous because it’s the location of the Stonehenge.

X-treme Sports
England has a variety of extreme sports. Paintballing is one popular extreme sport. Another extreme sport is rafting. Other extreme sports rely if the terrain is dangerous or not.

England/Britain has a big role on the site www.youtube.com. There are many popular British youtubers. It can come from vloggers to gamers. Some famous youtubers are Charlieissocoollike and KSI.

The London Zoo is very popular in England. It is one of the best hotspots for tourists in all of England. There are nearly 20,000 animals in the London Zoo. It cost 50 pounds to get in the zoo.