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NUPIC and NIAC audits are conducted regularly. Target Rock has the capabilities to meet the industry’s toughest challenges. Target Rock valves continue to be the valve of choice for the U. Over the years.A Nuclear Legacy Over 50 Years of Nuclear Experience Target Rock. NPT.S. Nautilus.S. 1 . Target Rock maintains ASME N. a business unit of Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Company. MIL + 45208.2 10CFR50 Appendix B MIL-Q-9858. Navy and they are installed on every nuclear powered submarine and aircraft carrier commissioned by the United States. MIL-STD-767 Certified for ultrasonic. was founded in 1951 to meet the special severe service valve requirements of the United States Nuclear Navy. critical service valves and related products to both the U. and radiographic non-destructive tests in accordance with military and ASME specifications.CW) since its inception. the U. and NV Code Stamps. An Innovative Spirit Purchased by Curtiss-Wright Corporation in 1972. MIL-STD-45662. Target Rock was also one of the first recipients of the ASME “N” stamp in the early 1970s. Since those early days. With the backing of a multinational company. Curtiss-Wright was established in 1929 with the merger of Wright Aeronautical Company and Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company and has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE . These state-of-the-art capabilities assure that Target Rock products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality in accordance with: • • • • • ASME Section NQA-1 ANSI N45. Navy nuclear fleet and the global nuclear power generation industry. With over 6. Target Rock is a business unit of the CurtissWright Flow Control Company. Navy’s first nuclear powered submarine. Target Rock has an outstanding reputation for its custom products and technologies. Quality Assurance Target Rock’s extensive manufacturing facilities house some of the most advanced metalworking. The first Target Rock valves were installed on the U. Target Rock has expanded to be the leading designer of critical solenoid valves for nuclear power reactors. welding and heat treating equipment.S. liquid penetrant.S. magnetic particle. in-house testing capability for duplicating reactor conditions. and nuclear experienced engineers and technicians. Today Target Rock is the premier supplier of highly engineered.000 valves installed in nuclear safety-related applications worldwide. Curtiss-Wright has transitioned from an aircraft company to a diversified provider of highly engineered and technologically advanced products and services to a broad range of industries. Target Rock has the proven products and experience to handle the nuclear power industry’s most difficult applications.S. With state of the art manufacturing facilities.

Features and Benefits Reliability Solenoid Valves have no friction which results in unlimited cycle life Process fluid is confined to a full static pressure related boundary There are no elastomeric diaphragms that can wear or age of Solenoid Operated Valves Solenoid Operated Valves (SOV) are installed in critical safety applications throughout a nuclear plant. durability. airsets.Requires only #18 AWG wire Low power requirement .400 watts of electrical power No motor control center . or accelerated stem wear No ancillary equipment required: volume boosters. The primary advantages of using a SOV include reliability.Low Cg allows line mounting No safety related nitrogen backup system required for Post Accident Operation No heavy power cable . Solenoid Valves have no stem. or solenoids No air system required Low Installed Cost No seismic supports required .40 .Simple relay on switch outlets 2 . eliminating packing or bellows seals that can leak or fail Ease of Maintenance Elimination of valve mounted components decreases overall maintenance activities Bolted Bonnet design provides for faster repair and reduced ALARA exposure Solenoid Valves have only three moving parts and no packing to maintain or replace Simplified Controls All electric “fly by wire” design Solenoid Valves exhibit no hysteresis. high breakaway forces. small size. simplicity. and reduced operating and maintenance costs.

15 psi Target Rock Control Valve 3 .No Extra Accessories Stroke Time Air Backup Required for Safety-Related Systems Motor Control Required Sliding or Rotating Stem Against Packing Friction Coefficients to Calculate Selectable Failure Mode Requires Stem Packing Subject to GL89-10 Testing Elastomeric Diaphragm Operators Instrument Air Issues Requires Class 1E Nitrogen Back-Up Frequency Response Modulating Valves with No Hysteresis SOV 42 lbs True Fast No No No No Yes No No No No No Excellent Yes AOV 185 lbs False Slow Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Average No MOV 300 lbs True Very Slow No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No No Poor No Typical Control Valve Installation Schematic Solenoid Actuated Control Valve Power Supply Flow Demand Signal Pneumatic Actuated Control Valve Instrument Air Regulator Solenoid Positioner Valve Control Signal Booster I/P Transducer Positioner 3 .Solenoid Operated Valve Features Compared to Air Operated Valves (AOV) and Motor Operated Valves (MOV) Features Light Weight .Low Weight to Cv Ratio Compact .

Valve Size 1/2” 1” 2” 4” 6” Max Liquid Flow (GPM) 22 56 341 1.ANSI B31.Position Indication Switches .LVDT Position Output on Modulating Valves .Over Seat .440C. Trim Materials Main Disc .Flow Direction . Flanged . rectified for AC service.Haynes 25. Norem .637 Max Cv 2 15 50 140 170 General Valve Data .Specialized Trim Characteristics . Stellite.158 2. 344.Spiral-Wound Gasket .IEEE 323.Anti-Cavitation Trim 4 .Available to ASME Section I or III requirements .440C or 316 SS . which provides ANSI B16.Body Material .104 Class VI Leakage Rating.IEEE Qualified .General Valve Specifications Valve Position Sensor } Solenoid Coil · Class H insulation (200°C) Electrical Assembly Fixed Core · Designed for continuous duty · Designed for DC electrical power. Soft Seat: Many trims are available with a soft seat option for ANSI B16.Welded .34 . 382 Valve Options .Butt or Socket Weld. B16.End Connection .A182 (316SS or F22CrMo) A105 (CS) .Normally Open/Normally Closed .1.Elastomer O-Rings Solenoid Coil Plunger Return Spring Pilot Disc Main Disc Seating Options Hard Seat: All trims are available with a hard seat option. Colmonoy .104 Class IV or V leakage ratings.17-4PH or 420 SS Pilot Disc Guide Seat Seals .

This action compresses the return spring and opens a vent port in the Main Disc. the Valve Assembly is similar to the On/Off version except for certain trim modifications which provide for: Proportional positioning of the Pilot Disc Stable and smooth follow of the Main Disc relative to the Pilot Disc positioning Valve operation is similar to the On/Off Valve except that the solenoid current is modulated by an electronic positioner to modulate magnetic force. which is attached to the Pilot Disc and is attracted upward toward the Fixed Core. a magnetic force is generated between the Plunger and the Fixed Core. the current is removed. the Control Pressure above the Main Disc decreases. As the vent port closes.On/Off Valve Operation On/Off To actuate the valve. provides for Main Disc actuation when the system is depressurized. causing the Main Disc to lift. An incremental increase in power to the coil results in an incremental movement of the valve trim. The current magnetizes the Plunger. As the vent port opens. allowing the return spring to move the Plunger and Pilot Disc downward. along with the return spring. Any movement of the Main Disc will change the area of the pilot discharge orifice thereby restoring the force balance required to maintain the position of the Main Disc as determined by the location of the Pilot Disc. The mechanical coupling. Stable control of the Main Disc position is assured. the magnetic force and return spring force is balanced anywhere between zero and full stroke. Position feedback is inherent in the hydraulically coupled Pilot Disc/Main Disc arrangement. To close the valve. closing the vent port in the Main Disc. which. causes the Main Disc to move downward. By selecting an appropriate spring rate and preload. Valve Closed Pilot Disc Lifts Modulating For Modulating Service. thus positioning the Pilot Disc to any desired position. This force is proportional to the electric current supplied to the coil. the Control Pressure above the Main Disc increases. by means of the link pin. closing the valve. An increase in power to the coil is required to move the Pilot Disc from point A to point B. Control Pressure Vents Valve Open (Main Disc Lifts) 5 . opening the valve by developing a differential pressure across the disc.

0 Operating Delta-P: 2500 psid (max) Process Fluid: Water. or Steam 6 .Screw adjustable reed switches reduces maintenance time · High Opening Forces . · Single Pilot Design .Operation over a wide range of pressures · Simplified Maintenance . reduced orifice solenoid valve that meets the challenges presented by reactor coolant and containment sampling applications.Extends pilot life · Simplified Maintenance .Target Rock Solenoid Valves Featured Applications: Product Description: Sampling Valve (DASV) The Target Rock DASV is a Direct Acting. T-Pattern Body Material: 316 SS or 316L SS Operating Mode: On-Off.0 to 15.Bolted bonnet design for quick access to internals . Fail Closed/Open Service Conditions: Inlet Pressure: 2500 psig (max) Inlet Temperature: 700°F (max) Cv Range: 0.Tight shut-off in high pressure. Flow): 1000 psid (max) Process Fluid: Water.15 to 1.Improved coil and plunger design Valve Specification: Size: 1/4” to 1” Type: Globe.Bolted bonnet design for quick access to internals . Y-Pattern Body Material: 316 SS or 316L SS Operating Mode: On-Off.Elimination of pilot. high temperature applications · 50% Increase in Pilot Return Spring Force .Opens against full RCS pressure . even at high pressures . Gas. or Steam Inlet Pressure: 2500 psig (max) Inlet Temperature: 700°F (max) Cv Range: 2.0 Delta-P Shut-Off (Flow): 2500 psid (max) Delta-P Shut-Off (Rev.Magnetic force increased by 400% over previous designs . Gas.Screw adjustable reed switches reduces maintenance time Features and Benefits: · Direct Acting Design . Reactor Head Vent Valve (RHV) The Target Rock RHV is a Y-pattern unidirectional solenoid actuated valve specifically designed for use in the nuclear reactor coolant system high point vent application. Fail Closed/Open Size: 1” (typical) Type: Globe.Provides tight sealing at all pressures .

2.No Stem . 382 and ANSI B16.No bellows to fail from cyclic fatigue · Magnetically Actuated -. Class 1. · No Separate Pilot Assembly .000 cycles with borated water .Tested for over 100.No packing to wear from boron crystals . 316L SS.No air supply system to maintain · On/Off or Modulating Designs .0 Minimum Operating Pressure: 0 psig Operating Delta-P: 2500 psid (max) Process Fluid: Water and/or Steam Inlet Pressure: 2850 psig Inlet Temperature: 140°F Cv Range: 40.The valve pilot is nested into the main disc within the valve body · Positive Position Indication .Magnetic actuation requires electrical wiring only · Integral By-Pass Orifice Available Size: 2. ASME QME-1 Pressurizer Operated Relief Valve (PORV) The Target Rock PORV is a Y-pattern unidirectional solenoid actuated valve used to control steam pressure during plant transients below Main Steam Safety Valve setpoints. Fail Closed/Open Size: 4” (typical) Type: Y-Body Forging Body Material: 316 SS or 316L SS Operating Mode: Modulating.Anti-cavitation trim to protect seat during in-service testing · Simplified Maintenance .41. Fail Closed/Open Inlet Pressure: 2500 psig (max) Inlet Temperature: 650°F (max) Cv Range: 15.ASME Code: Section III.No packing to wear from boron crystals .0 Operating Delta-P: 50 psid (typical) Process Fluid: Borated Water 7 . Y-Pattern Body Material: CS or 316 SS Operating Mode: On-Off.0 to 170.5” x 4” (typical) Type: Globe. or CS Operating Mode: Modulating.No Stem . Pressurizer Spray Valve The Target Rock Pressurizer Spray Valve is a Y-pattern unidirectional solenoid actuated valve used to control steam pressure and temperature in the steam generator.High performance magnetic reed switches are directly actuated by disc motion · Cage Guided Seat .Field replacement of all seating components Emergency Feedwater Control Valve The Target Rock Emergency Feedwater Valve is a Y-Pattern unidirectional solenoid valve used to control the flow of feedwater in an emergency condition.“Fly-by-Wire” modulating valve option . and 3 “N”.Stamped Qualification: IEEE 323.Bolted bonnet design for quick access to internals . Fail Closed Size: 4” and 6” (typical) Type: Y-Body Forging Body Material: 316 SS. · Magnetic actuation requires electrical wiring only · AbateTM Trim .0 to 140.No bellows to fail from cyclic fatigue · Low Maintenance .0 Operating Delta-P: 2850 psid (max) Process Fluid: Condensate Inlet Pressure: 2485 psig Inlet Temperature: 650°F Cv Range: 40.Screw adjustable reed switches reduces maintenance time · Magnetically Actuated -. 344.0 to 60.

Size: 3/8” to 2” .Input: 90 to 140 VDC .ANSI Pressure Class: 900. 382 .Design Temperature: 400°F (max) . 323.Qualification: IEEE 382.Type: Diaphragm Element or Metal Bellows Sealed Piston .Voltage: 48 VDC and 125 VDC . 3 Pressure Regulators .Design Pressure: 2500 psig (max) .Design Temperature: -40°F to 180°F .34.34.Supply Pressure: 30 psi (typical) .Canadian Registration: CRN# OF10301.Output: 60% of full rated current . 2.Qualification: ANSI B16.Output Signal: 3-15 psig . B31. 344.Design Temperature: 1050°F (max) .1.Flow Rate: Cv = 0.Supply Pressure: 150 psi (max) .28 .Qualification: ANSI B16.5 Current Control Unit (CCU) .Qualification: IEEE 382.Additional Target Rock Products Motor Operated Gate and Globe Valves .Design Pressure: 3000 psig (max) . B31. 3 3-Way Pilot Solenoid Valves .ASME Code Section III Class 1. 2500 .Uses pulse width modulation to reduce coil heat load by one-half for continuously energized applications .Body Materials: Carbon Steel & 316 SS .1 .Size: 1” to 8” . 2.Body Materials: Carbon Steel & 316 SS . 344 .ASME Code Section III Class 1. 344 I/P Converter .Design Temperature: 32°F to 150°F .Qualification: IEEE 344. 1500. IEEE 323.Input Signal: 4-20ma . 323 8 .

Extremely high flow rates can be achieved when this facility is used in a blowdown mode in conjunction with a 65 cu. This unique facility may be used to achieve extremely high steam flow rates for seat leakage and set point certificate testing or may be used for long duration. supply four high pressure. maintaining a high level of commitment to our customers.. Higher flow tests may be conducted by injecting steam over pressurized hot water using a 65 cu ft. High Pressure Air Two four stage compressors with a combined capacity of 40 CFM supply a bank of high pressure air receivers with a total storage capacity of 72 cu. One such loop uses a 600 HP diesel to power a four stage centrifugal pump which delivers flow rates up to 1. Pressurized High Temperature Water Testing Four closed-loop. All of Target Rock’s flow test facilities are supported by complete instrumentation services for measuring and recording pressures. High Pressure Steam Testing Two high pressure (2700 psi) boilers. Start-Up Sequence Study Valve Repair. Refurbishment. Our field service capabilities include: • • • • • • Commissioning Troubleshooting Witness Start-Up Process. accumulator. high temperature-pressurized water facilities constructed of stainless steel and rated at 3. with a steam generating capacity of 10. stainless steel accumulators with a total capacity of 85 cu ft. noise levels. accelerations.000 psi @ 680°F can provide continuous flow rates of up to 300 GPM across the test sections. Upgrade Tooling and Lapping Equipment Specifically Designed to Meet the Requirements of Our Equipment 9 . temperatures. The accumulators supply two 4” and one 6” 2500# test section inlet flanges with the test section discharge piping sized at 10”.Testing Capabilities Target Rock has designed.000 psi stainless steel accumulator.000 #/hr. ft. flows. engineered and constructed an extensive array of test facilities to support the design. Customer Support for the Life of the Valve Target Rock provides aftermarket support for all of our products. Our technical staff and service engineers provide prompt response and in-depth 24/7 support. development and qualification testing of its products. 3. displacements.100 psid. forces and strains.000 GPM and differential pressures to 1. ft. endurance type steam tests within the generating capacity of the boilers. Cold Water Flow Facilities Various closed-loop ambient temperature water flow test facilities are available which can produce a wide range of flow rates and pressure drops.

CA 92821-6235 Enertech . Enertech is a member of the Nuclear Group of companies (EMD.2301 enertech. pumps. qualification and dedication services. is the exclusive distributor of Target Rock solenoid valves and accessories in the U. fluid sealing products. Target Rock. snubbers. Nova. heat exchangers.S. distribution and service company committed to providing solutions to meet the unique requirements of the nuclear power industry. maintenance. Scientech. 714. diagnostic and test equipment. instrumentation. and select countries worldwide. actuators.cwfc. Trentec). Enertech is an engineering.Solenoid Operated Valves for Nuclear Power Generation First in Customer Service to the Global Nuclear Power Industry Enertech.528. manufacturing. and engineering services to the nuclear power 2950 Birch Street Brea. continuously supporting the global nuclear power industry for over 50 years. Located in Southern enertech@curtisswright. Enertech provides advanced valves. repair. a business unit of Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Company.