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4JJ1 (Turbocharger) AJ-4JJ1TYBW-01

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Drawing No. E3-1040-033-0 ( 3D Data Code )

Symbol Date 0᫝ : ᫝2008-9-3 Revision Record : For confirmation of prototype engine specifications. : : : : : Issue No.

ISUZU MOTORS LIMITED Powertrain Business Dept.

Manager : Nobuhiro Shimizu

Prepared : Koji Ogawa

320 kg L 977 x W 748 x H 847 ( With cooling fan ) 1-3-4-2 Clockwise viewed from cooling fan Overhead valve .SAEJ1349 EU. silencer * Intake restriction -2.ISO15550 Rating Standard atmospheric condition Break-in time 30 hrs With AC generator.2.5 to 1 Engine performance Test᫝conditions Conforming standard JPN. IS-08-136-0 ( 2/9 ) Engine Specifications Model No.JIS D0006-1 US.95. without cooling fan With air cleaner and exh. direct injection type No. EU:EN590 ) Approx. 1800 min-1 : 225±5% g/kw.45kPa or less * Exhaust restriction 13.999 L 17. vertical in-line.: AJ-4JJ1TYBW-01 General power EPA Tier-3 / EC Stage-lllA Four cycle. overhead valve. : 280±5%Nm / approx.3kPa or less Fuel : JPN: JIS-NO. of cylinders-bore x stroke 4 .0±3% kW / 2500 min-1 Maximum Torque Fuel consumption at rated. speed : 2500±10 min-1 Low idle speed : 800±10 min-1 Type of fuel Engine dry weight Dimensions Firing order Rotating direction Valve device Diesel fuel only ( JPN:JIS-NO. water cooled.9 mm Total piston displacement Compression ratio 2. 0 Manufacturer Engine Model Application Emission regulation Engine type ISUZU MOTORS LIMITED Base Model: 4JJ1 (Turbocharger) Model No.2 Rated Output : 61. AJ-4JJ1TYBW-01 Rev. US:ASTM-2D.4 mm x 104.No.h No load max.

8 mm (Lubricated by fuel oil) Denso corporation Electrical multi-hole type Electrical controlled ----With Denso corporation Rotary type(Lubricated by Fuel oil) With Paper element type (With priming pump and water separator) WAKOU INDUSTRY CO. LTD Cartridge type Manufacturer Name of type Fuel feed pump Manufacturer Name of type Fuel filter Filtering system Manufacturer Name of type Governor Speed control system Lubricating system Manufacturer Name of type Electrical variable speed control --TRANSTRON Inc. 0 Supercharging device Supercharging system Driving system Lubricating system Manufacturer Name of type With Exhaust turbocharger --Full forced pressure feed type (Oil cooled & water-cooled type) IHI LTD.Diameter 8.5 mm x Stroke 8.No. Electrical control type . IS-08-136-0 ( 3/9 ) Engine Specifications Model No. AJ-4JJ1TYBW-01 Rev. RHF5 without waste gate Fuel device Injection pump Manufacturer Name of type Plunger Injection nozzle Manufacturer Name of type Fuel injection time regulator Denso corporation Common rail HP3 type 2 .

. 0 Lubricating device Lubricating system Lubricating pump Type of pump Driving system Full forced pressure feed type Gear pump Crank gear driven Oil pressure regulating device Piston . AJ-4JJ1TYBW-01 Rev.No.Suction type . speed ratio: 1. sensor) ..03 Impeller type Belt driven by crankshaft pulley Wax-pellet type Fuji Bellows Co.8 blades Belt driven by crankshaft.Ltd Water cooled type (Built-in Engine) TOKYO ROKI CO.LTD Cooling device Cooling system Cooling fan Type of fan Driving system Water pump Type of pump Driving system Thermostat Regulating system Manufacturer Water temperature indicating device Pressurized water forced circulation type Dia. 550 mm . With (water temp.spring type Oil pressure indicating device With engine oil pressure sensor Oil filter Filtering system Manufacturer Oil cooler Cooling system Manufacturer Full flow paper element Nippon Donaldson. Ltd. IS-08-136-0 ( 4/9 ) Engine Specifications Model No.

AJ-4JJ1TYBW-01 Rev. Charging discharging indicating system: --- Hour meter System Manufacturer Fitting position Driving system Speed ratio Rated speed indicator Without ------------- Power Take Off Flange type Speed ratio Spline number of teeth None ------- . IS-08-136-0 ( 5/9 ) Engine Specifications Model No.ᛸ) Alternator Generating system Manufacturer Voltage Output Driving system A/C type HITACHI Ltd.5kW Engine stop device Fuel cut (Electronic controlled) Preheating device With Glow plug (QOS. 0 Air cleaner Cleaning system Manufacturer ------- Starting device Starting motor Manufacturer Name of type Voltage Output Denso corporation Reduction type 12V 2.No. 12V 110A Belt driven by crankshaft pulley Regulator Regulating system Built-in IC regulator Manufacturer HITACHI Ltd.

23 rad(13deg) BTDC 0. CF-4 or ACEA Grade B2/B3. CE.15 mm at cold Valve timing: open Valve timing: close 0.15 mm at cold 0.61 rad. 0 Allowable inclination angle 0.91 rad(52deg) BBDC Injection timing Initial injection pressure Compressive pressure Electrical control --3.No.7deg) ATDC 0. AJ-4JJ1TYBW-01 Rev.0 degrees C Temperature at valve lift of 10. Recommended . 15. electrical part connectors.0 ᚴ Clear. 11.0 mm and over: 92.0 L (Engine only) --- Maintenance data Valve clearance and adjustment Valve Inlet Exhaust Valve clearance 0.(35deg) for all directions viewed from flywheel Capacity Lubrication oil Air cleaner Injection pump Governor Cooling water Others MAX : approx. CF. API Grade CD.72 rad(41deg) ABDC 0.0 L (Oil pan only) ------Approx 6. and labels Painting color Lubricating oil at delivery There is no engine oil when engine deliver from Isuzu factory.0 MPa (At engine speed 200 min-1) Reference data Thermostat Initial opening temperature at atmospheric pressure: 85. except for cooling fan.10 rad(5. E2/E3 * Please refer to "Engine Instruction Manual" for details. IS-08-136-0 ( 6/9 ) Engine Specifications Model No.0 L MIN : approx.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Item HOUSING . AJ-4JJ1TYBW-01 Rev. FLYWHEEL FLYWHEEL OIL LEVEL GAUGE AC GENERATOR STARTER FUEL FILTER OIL FILTER WATER INLET PIPE WATER OUTLET PIPE COOLING FAN POWER TAKE OFF Description SAE#3 SAE 11. IS-08-136-0 ( 7/9 ) Engine Specifications Model No.550-8 blades-Suction None . 0 Dress Level No.5kW With (remote type) With (Engine RH attached) Right hand (Viewed from Flywheel) Left hand (Viewed from Flywheel) dia.5 & 10 Combined type Engine RH attached HITACHI A/C 12V-110A Denso corporation 12V-2.No.

0 Loose parts No.FUEL PIPE FILTER ASM.FUEL PIPE PACKING.MAP SWITCH ASM.STARTER Gasket.FUEL BOLT.EYE.STARTER CUT RELAY.PRE. AJ-4JJ1TYBW-01 Rev.TEMP.FUEL FILTER. IS-08-136-0 ( 8/9) Engine Specifications Model No.ELECTRIC RELAY. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Parts No.STARTER RELAY.Exhaust Qty 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 4 8 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Remarks . INLET PIPE CONTROL UNIT.No.FUEL FEED PUMP ASM. 582550-0290 894248-1610 582550-0290 897011-9490 812146-8300 898103-3420 897383-4270 109675-0951 109630-0860 898074-2911 898075-8551 898068-2750 582550-0290 897217-7780 894402-5000 894369-0210 Item RELAY RELAY.ENGINE PIPE ASM.FUEL PUMP SENSOR.GLOW PLUG SENSOR.

45kPa) with (Noload) with (13.1800min 300 280 .3kPa) 0 JIS D0006 / SAE J1349 / ISO15550 Preliminary AJ-4JJ1TYBW-01 & 02 Target performance curve FOR GENERAL POWER braking time Pulley Ratio Cooling Fan Air Cleaner Alternator EXH. Silencer 260 240 220 200 70 Rated output -1 61±3% kW / 2500min 60 50 POWER OUTPUT (kW) 40 30 20 High idle speed -1 2500±10min 10 0 Fuel consumption at rated output 225±5% g/kW.h) TORQUE (Nm) Maximum torque -1 280±5% Nm / approx. IS-08-136-0 conditions atmospheric condition Rev.Specifications sheet No.h 250 240 230 220 210 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 ENGINE SPEED (min-1) Specific Fuel Consumption (g/kW. standard 30Hr without with (2.

No.08 Page Item Previous Current For confirmation of prototype engine specifications . 0 IS No. IS-08-136-0 Date 3.Sep.Engine specifications Revision chart Customer : EXPORT Application : General power Description (Reason of change) Engine Model : AJ-4JJ1TYBW-01 Rev.