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The American University in the Emirates AUE as we are affectionately known is one of the most rapidly growing universities in the United Arab Emirates. Why do so many students want to study here? This is because AUE offers an American curriculum, taught by highly regarded faculty, who seek to engage our students in excellent learning experiences. AUE faculty members collectively value our hard-earned reputation for high quality in teaching and related research, and seek to promote intercultural understanding and respect, not as an alternative to a sense of cultural and national identity, but as an essential part of the rapidly changing 21st Century international, regional and national environment. AUE also offers students an accredited undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs that encourage you to become proactive, reective and critical thinkers and researchers. AUE students learn to become part of a fully engaged community, whose members embrace their own culture and are responsive to other cultures and views. The American University in the Emirates is motivated by a sense of direction to create a better world through education. This motivation informs the environment for teaching, learning and collaboration in daily work, in such a way that encourages potential new faculty and staff who are attracted to our vision and values to join us, and to help to further develop the University.

Our Commitment
The AUE has grown into a very signicant university in a short span of time. The University has established a reputation for offering quality accredited academic programs, that are also career-relevant. The American University in the Emirates is committed to prepare exemplary leaders, scholars and practitioners in various disciplines, so that young graduates, from home and abroad, are encouraged to become life-long learners in their chosen profession. The ambitious goals of pursuing the provision of quality education with measurable outcomes that were drawn up in 2007 have led to new achievements over the years. Currently the university has six colleges: To ensure that an environment of trust and condence is present, the AUE has highly qualied faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, accredited partners, and an expanding student body. This reects the nations economic and cultural wealth, the aspiration for knowledge of its people, the learning skills of the population, and the use of new technologies that enhance quality of life. The AUE has emerged as a national leader in professional education, where teacher-scholars impart knowledge and ideas to student learners. Most programs within each academic unit are planned in such a way as to allow students to gain practical experience. The American University in the Emirates will continue to offer innovative, excellent programs of higher education that provide lasting benets to the students of the nation, the region and the world.

College of Business Administration (COBA) College of Media and Mass Communication (CMMC) College of Computer Information Technology (CCIT) College of Fine Arts and Design (CFAD) College of Education (CEDU) College of Law (CLAW)

The AUE, also, has several institutes and centres, including an English Language Institute, Continuing Education and Training Institute, Technology Incubation Center, and a Guidance and Counseling Center. The University has committed itself to the professional development of its faculty and staff, applying a long-term initiative. Within AUE, academic understanding is developed and knowledge is imparted to its students in order to respond to an ever-challenging world. The new millennium demands that technological knowledge must be complemented globally by a focus upon peace and stability, understanding, negotiation, and partnership.

AUE Strategic Vision

AUE is dedicated to be one of the leading liberal higher educational institutions, providing an integrated pathway for students to become creative, effective, and productive members of the community.

Strategic Focus
The 21st century University is ideally an arena for the provision, discussion, internalization and further development of knowledge, as well as a trainer of young minds, transmitting a culture of lifelong learning, afrming social values, responding to environmental demands, developing research competences, providing training and public service. AUEs leadership team works closely with faculty members and administrative units to exemplify the vision and mission of such a university, applying best practices, while adapting to dynamic environmental change. As a result of its positioning and transformational strategies, AUE continues to build upon its strengths and exploit its opportunities effectively, realizing our vision and fullling our mission, while focusing upon quality assurance and enhancement. Since AUEs inception in 2007, with an ever-increasing number of students each year, the University has engaged in a long-term strategic planning process. This allows for continuing growth, while afrming the values of strong academic and professional standards, equality of opportunity, integrity and leadership that is intent upon maintaining social, cultural, and religious values as well as environmental sustainability. AUE continues to establish itself as a globally competitive institution of higher education, maintaining high-quality in its academic activities through consistent attention to quality

assurance and institutional effectiveness, as well as efcient nancial management. The University remains committed to fostering a research-intensive culture and knowledge transfer through student-centered activities. We are passionate about ways of identifying and implementing solutions to the multiple social, environmental, economic, security and environmental challenges of the current millennium. . The Universitys overarching goal is to implement our vision and mission in such an excellent manner as to ensure that AUE is recognized as a notable regional University by 2025. To this end, AUE seeks to build regional and international strategic alliances with a number of selected, highly regarded universities around the globe, for collaborative purposes that include the pursuit of best practices in teaching and learning, academic internationalization, joint research and development, and means of most effectively addressing national, regional and global environmental, security, political, cultural, religious, economic and social responsibilities.

AUE Mission
AUE is committed to offering quality, multidisciplinary, research, and career-oriented academic degree programs to prepare students for successful employment and continuing higher education. The AUE is characterized by its unique history, its commitment to bilingualism, its location in the UAE, and its location at the international crossroads of Dubai. Its special commitment to promote Arab culture adds to its multiculturalism. As a result and through the ground-breaking work of the government and international partners, it is uniquely positioned among UAEs research-intensive universities to give the students a remarkable education, to enrich their intellectual, social and cultural life and to help AUE achieve greater international prominence. The AUE aspires to be a reference point and integral part of UAE society and to be counted among world class international universities. It will be distinguished by its search for excellence in research, a high quality learning environment, its passion for innovation, its leadership model, and its openness to accept challenges in its educational mission.

AUE Core Values

The AUE does its utmost to help students expand their critical thinking, probe into their own and international culture, and boost their creativity. It supports the inquiry based approach to learning and encourages students to take full advantage of university life to become well-rounded, responsible citizens and leaders of the society. In order to attain these goals, the following core values are encouraged:

Quality of Life Innovation and Creativity Respect and Dignity for all Openness, Trust, and Integrity Stewardship and Economic Viability Equal Opportunities and Recognition Persistence and Entrepreneurialism Safety and Environmental Responsibility Teamwork and Partnership for Common Goals

AUE Goals
The University goals are:

To offer quality career-oriented academic programs to meet market demands To prepare students for pursuing their higher education to further their knowledge and skills To provide holistic education To establish and enhance interrelationships among the universities, business and communities To develop knowledge based on applied and basic research in various elds of study


College of Business Administration

Would you like to learn how to succeed in business, and to be an entrepreneur? The rst step is to become familiar with the concepts and tools of business disciplines such as strategic management, nance, accounting, marketing and human resources management. At the same time, a successful entrepreneur needs to sharpen his or her critical thinking skills, creativity and capacity for innovation, while blending theoretical knowledge and understanding with practical applications, by means of activities such as internships, simulation and shadowing. The College of Business Administration (COBA) seeks to inculcate life-long learning aspirations in our students, an approach which will help you to keep abreast of the dynamic international markets in which you will repeatedly test your mettle. COBA also prepares our students for entry-level employment in management, while aspiring to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. The specializations offered through COBA undergraduate programs are:

Finance Accounting Business Management E-Commerce and Marketing Human Resources Management Insurance and Risk Management Hospital and Healthcare Management Logistics and Supply Chain Management Master in Business Administration

Accordingly, the American University in the Emirates provides a passport to a successful career in management, across the eight

disciplinary areas listed above. A functional understanding of these disciplines will help graduates engage with the corporate, service-oriented economy and the evolving employment market in a manner that will encourage success. COBA exibly offers course sections during the weekend, as well as weekdays and

evenings, so as to make it easier for students who are working to attend and participate in classes. COBAs undergraduate and graduate programs of study allow students to develop a variety of multidisciplinary strengths, which are especially tailored for the GCC business environment, and which address the best practice international business solutions available in the evolving 21st century. The curricular and co-curricular opportunities available to students are calibrated to increase your condence self-esteem, and sense of accomplishment, while preparing you for satisfying careers in business employment, entrepreneurship or education, following graduation.


College of Media and Mass Communication

The College of Media and Mass Communication (CMMC) offers programs at undergraduate and graduate levels in the following concentrations:

Media Sales Radio and TV Public Relations International Relations Master of Arts in Diplomacy

The above programs facilitate intellectual stimulation to generate a desire for learning in the students. The programs empower them through a sustainable environment of academic practices to meet challenges of a collaborative and competitive environment that provides opportunities of cultural inclusiveness, internationalism, and higher education. The AUE graduate program in Diplomacy helps students to understand the asymmetric nature of conict while providing the vital human framework for the development of international society in a globalized world. The program enhances mediation skills in increasingly complex patterns of the international environment, including cultural, religious, economic and political aspects both within and between nation states. This course is ideally suited for those students who wish to pursue professional careers and can benet by being informed by diplomatic theory and practice, mediation and negotiation. The program is offered during weekends to allow professionals from this background to benet from such sessions.


College of Computer Information Technology

The College of Computer Information Technology (CCIT) provides a long-term focus on building excellence in its programs and developing a quality learning environment for its students so that the mission, goals and objectives are met and the vision of the university is upheld. Achieving these goals requires resources to build and sustain faculty capacity, enhance student experiences inside and outside of the classroom, and improve the teaching and research infrastructure. CCIT aims to offer hands-on training integrated accredited Bachelor and Masters Degree Programs which are as follows:

Digital Forensics Network Security Information Technology Management Master in Library and Information Sciences

The above programs demand students to be simultaneously and sequentially involved with diverse disciplines and concepts. They are structured to be taught the fundamentals of disciplines and to reect changes in the professions. Currently, CCIT provides quality teaching that creates an environment in which interested students can achieve full potential. The AUE plans to increase the number of Library and Information Science graduates in the next 10 years to serve the rapidly changing needs of the future librarians, archivists and information professionals through the rst accredited master program in Library Information Science in UAE. The program will prepare graduates to serve in schools, in public, academic or specialized libraries in archives and in business and corporate settings, where the effective management of information is crucial. The program has exible timings for for working people.


College of Fine Arts and Design

The College of Fine Arts and Design (CFAD) offers new artists and future designers with a broad range of specializations in the eld of design. The idea is to learn to conceptualize, create and produce quality artifacts in their respective elds, and to utilize the latest electronic applications and emerging technologies to stay current with the industry. The college offers the following undergraduate programs:

Interior Design Fashion Design Graphic Design Digital Animation

The above programs give students a sense of the future range of business, and link up with the promotion of creative arts and the cultural industry. In the same context, the use of human art, design science and information technology allows job creation, a reection on heritage, the development of a continuum of skills and people to benet on cultural, environmental, and societal levels.

College of Law
The College of Law (CLAW) offers an undergraduate program in Law and constitutes a vibrant scholarly community that contributes to academic and public policy discourse on a wide range of legal issues. The faculty imparts theoretical and skill-oriented teaching that meets the standards of academic and public policy debate. The College gives minute attention to writing and to clinical and trial advocacy that link law and technology and, thus, anticipates future developments in legal issues. The program is also available during weekends.


The College of Education

The College of Education provides the basis for a range of core 21st century skills, including knowledge of human communication and culture, and knowledge of the natural world. Students will be expected to demonstrate high levels of oral and written language, and to apply information literacy, numeracy and effective intercultural communication skills. There is an emphasis on utilizing problemsolving skills to address ethical, environmental and global issues in real world settings, with the ultimate aim to undertake research to test theory. The College of Education provides a sound basis for the skills and knowledge required for the students successful pursuit of studies at AUE. There is an emphasis on acquiring and improving writing, reading, speaking and listening skills in English and Arabic. In addition, the College of Education offers courses that lay the foundation for courses that are offered by the other colleges. These include Islamic Culture, Natural Sciences, General Statistics, Computer Literacy, General Psychology, General Mathematics, UAE and GCC Society, Study and Learning Skills, English for Specic Purposes, Introduction to Social Sciences, and Introduction to IT and Applications.

Masters Programs at AUE

The American University in the Emirates offers three graduate programs of study at present:

Master in Business Administration (College of Business Administration) Master in Library and Information Science (College of Computer Information Technology) Master of Arts in Diplomacy (College of Media and Mass Communication).

Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Are you a student with a rst degree seeking to build upon your current base of business knowledge and professional development? Do you want to delve deeper into subjects such as Managerial Economics, Financial Management, and the Management of Information Technology? Or perhaps, your career interests attract you to academic studies such as Management Accounting, Strategic Management, or Leadership and Change Management. In order to develop a strong foundation for your continuing or future career in business, you actually need an integrated set of business skills all of the above - to which may be added Project Management, Total Quality Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, e-Commerce and International Trade. Whether you wish to become an auditor, accountant, cost estimator, nancial analyst, marketing manager, insurance underwriter, revenue agent, mediation specialist, or many other career options, the AUE MBA Program provides you with the analytical tools required for decision-making in a complex global environment, the organizational skills needed for project or policy implementation, and a range of competences essential to your success.

applications to library information services? Would you like to develop advanced skills in undertaking independent research and project evaluation? Accessible information is the lifeblood of any organization. AUEs MLIS Program enables understanding and application of how information can best be organized, structured, retrieved, managed, and disseminated in a variety of formats. This program uses lectures, tutorials, group-work, seminars and laboratory sessions that allow students to develop a clear understanding of the principles and ideas of contemporary information management. Whether you wish to become a librarian, library manager, researcher, information and research management specialist, information analyst, or an executive in the public or private sector, this program will help you to build your professional future. As Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan once noted, Education is like a lantern which lights your way in a dark alley. The MLIS degree program at the American University in the Emirates is available to help light your way.

Master in Library and Information Science (MLIS)

If you have successfully completed an undergraduate degree at a licensed or accredited university in any discipline, with a CGPA not less than 2.5, you might wish to consider the MLIS Program. Have you heard of specialized Library management software such as Symphony? Are you interested in information technology

Master of Arts in Diplomacy (MAD)

Would you like to serve your country as a diplomatic ofcer working in an Embassy, or at the United Nations in New York or Geneva, or as an intelligence or security specialist? AUEs Master of Arts in Diplomacy Program can empower and equip you with the necessary knowledge and competences, including awareness of the need to participate in promoting reciprocal global respect, understanding, and accepted cultural diversity. This is because 21st century society is informed, entertained, persuaded and shaped by international and intercultural communication. This program is intended to empower current, potential and future diplomats working in government, civil society and in business with the skills required for success, such as critical thinking, language analysis, negotiation and media communication competences, conict resolution at individual, organizational and political levels, and diplomatic report writing. Whether you wish to become a career diplomat, public relations ofcer, trade negotiator, information or media ofcer, international relations researcher, UN staff member, NGO expert or advisor, liaison ofcer at a consulate or embassy, or an international mediator, this program can help you to build your professional future. As Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan has remarked, The future holds no place for those who lack knowledge and education. Since many of the critical challenges, opportunities and threats evident in the twenty-rst century are international, the AUE Masters of Arts in Diplomacy Program provides you with a set of critical professional competences that can be used effectively in multiple career arenas.


English Language Institute

Students who do not meet the admission requirement in terms of the minimum TOEFL or IELTS test score attend English language courses (beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels, or TOEFL / IELTS preparation courses) offered by ELI until they pass a standardized test. Thereafter, all AUE students take courses in academic writing and English for specic purposes, which are mainly taught by ELI faculty.

Continuing Education and Training Institute

The AUE conducts professional training and similar activities through its Continuing Education and Training Institute. The idea is to encourage professionals to enhance their knowledge and stay up-to-date with new developments. Depending on the eld, these requirements may be satised through the other six colleges, extension courses, conferences and seminars. Although individual professions may have different standards, the accepted standard of ten contact hours of professional courses is practiced. The method of delivery of education is through classroom lectures, visits, laboratory work and table top exercises. In addition to independent study, the use of conference-type group study, including study networks, and break out group activities are used to facilitate learning.

Foundation Program
The AUE started a new program for high school graduates who scored less than 60% in their high school examinations. The Foundation Program is designed to qualify these students to choose a variety of undergraduate level programs at AUE. The Foundation Program consists of a two-semester bridging program between high school and the university. This gives students an opportunity to enhance their prospects in undergraduate studies.

AUE Scholarships Program

The AUE Scholarship Programs is competitive, merit-based programs that provide opportunities for studying at AUE. The objectives of the Scholarship Program are intended to assist students to continue their education and to make an excellent mark on their way to attain knowledge, skills, experience, and wisdom. Scholarship recipients must be able to meet the requirements in terms of the criteria and continue to improve their performance. The scholarship programs include the following: obtain 10-20% discounts in their tuition fees.

Financial Aid and Special Discounts

The AUE also helps students who cannot afford to pay full tuition fees. At the beginning of each academic semester the Financial Aid Committee reviews such cases and determines special nancial discounts for eligible students ranging from 10% to 100% of their tuition fees.

Merit Tuition Discount

Students, who achieved an average of 95 % and above in high school, are eligible for a merit discount of 25% of tuition fees. Students, who achieved an average of 90.00 to 94.99 % in high school, are eligible for a merit discount of 15% of tuition fees. Students, who achieved an average of 85.00 to 89.99 % in high school, are eligible for a merit discount of 10 % of tuition fees. Students, who maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.6 and above, are eligible for a merit discount of 10% of tuition fees.

Payment Through Installments

By 2 Installments: 50% down payments of the total tuition fees made on the same day of registration, the second 50% to be paid within the next two months by postdated cheques. By 3 Installments: 60% down payments of the total tuition fees made on the same day of registration. The second and third installments (20% each) to be paid within the next two months by postdated cheques.

Family Tuition Discount

Students who enrolled simultaneously with more than one brother/ sister at AUE as full-timer will receive tuition fees discount of 20% after the rst and up to ve siblings. Couples are also offered tuition fee discount of 20%.

Corporate Discount
The AUE has a partnership agreement with various government and certain private organizations that allows eligible employees to