“... knowledge of human communication, culture, and the natural world.”

College of Education (CEDU)
The College of Education provides the basis for a range of core 21st century skills, including knowledge of human communication and culture, and knowledge of the natural world. There is an emphasis on utilizing problem-solving skills to address ethical, environmental and global issues in real world settings, with the ultimate aim to undertake research to test theory.

The mission of the college is to provide a genuine learning environment for a range of core 21st century skills. Our mission stresses effective communication, informed by inquiry and research, leading to a holistic leadership approach.

Programs and Specializations
The College of Education provides a sound basis for the skills and knowledge required for the successful pursuit of your studies at AUE. There is an emphasis on acquiring and improving writing, reading, speaking and listening skills in English and Arabic. In addition, the college offers courses that lay the foundation for academic success.

The Core Values of the College of Education
Core values drive our college to excel in supporting your learning. CEDU is pledged to achieve its mission and thus to define our work as a cohesive team. The following are our core values: • Student Focus Students are at the epicenter of learning in CEDU environment. It is the first place at AUE where students are able to recognize and realize their unique potential. The CEDU team advises students in support of their ambitious goals and responsibilities. • Commitment The CEDU faculty set standards of excellence and achieve these by promoting and supporting key educational goals. CEDU strives to uphold the vision of the AUE in creating stimulating learning experiences for our students. • Respect The CEDU team supports and encourages diversity and individual expression in our students. • Integrity Our philosophy in teaching and learning is designed to bridge international ethics with local values. • Creativity CEDU values creativity and innovation by creating a dynamic educational environment focusing on specific learning objectives.

Goals & Objectives
• • • • • • • • • • Reason critically, solve problems and interpret data Demonstrate high levels of oral and written language Analyze natural, social and psychological phenomena Enhance health, biodiversity, and environmental awareness Promote intellectual curiosity and support life-long learning Enhance awareness of social and cultural values of the region Use qualitative and quantitative methodologies to analyze data Evaluate hypotheses using appropriate information and methods Apply information and communication literacy and numeracy skills Demonstrate fundamental knowledge of the natural world and the foundations of human endeavor

• Minimum 3 ½ years at the AUE

Entry Requirements
• • TOEFL 500+ High School Certificate with 60% and above

Required Courses
• • • • • • • • • • • • • English Islamic Culture Natural Sciences General Statistics Computer Literacy General Psychology General Mathematics UAE and GCC Society Study and Learning Skills English for Specific Purposes Introduction to Social Sciences Introduction to IT & Applications Communication Skills in Arabic Language


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