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HSE Management System: one of the most important corporate assets

In many cases. We believe an HSE management system is a fundamental asset for a firm: effective planning and coordination allows for the implementation of the safety system at work without slowing down the project. Implementing an efficient HSE management system requires considerable company effort. where subcontractors are expected to have an HSE management system.HSE challenges Developing an HSE (health. It fulfills contractual requirements for participating in the increasing number of tenders. We assist you by analyzing the current state of your operations (gap analysis) and show you step by step how to implement an HSE MS efficiently. causing serious losses and delays in work. In the event of an accident. Protecting board members and shareholders: a working HSE MS will help you recognize dangers and avoid risks. proper implementation of this system can avert significant legal consequences. preparing the company to obtain certification by the relevant authorities or receive confirmation of the statutory and regulatory requirements. An HSE management system not only allows a firm to meet its legal responsibilities but also demonstrates its interest in and concern for its employees and workers. The advantages of properly managing HSE issues also impact market competitiveness: The system minimizes risks on active sites and improves operational control. there are also additional benefits an HSE management system provides in terms of boosting the firm’s image for clients. its correct implementation fails from the outset. ergonos. shareholders and potential investors. An effective HSE system is capable of providing significant short and long term benefits.ch/hse . Ergonos helps you create and apply an HSE management system (MS) calibrated to your specific needs. safety and environment) management system is an innovative way to increase the value of your firm and what it produces. Finally.

a series of meetings can be arranged over time to help assess how effectively the HSE management system is integrated into firm operations. Gap Analysis Ergonos generates a document defining any corrective actions to be implemented across all levels. Follow Up Audit Depending on the specific need.HSE solutions Audit Ergonos on site with the client (approximately two to five days depending on the size of the client and structural complexity of the undertaking) to analyze the current situation. Staff Recruitment If the gap analysis highlights a need to integrate qualified personnel for HSE purposes. If the document structure has already been developed. Depending on the situation. Documentation Ergonos develops or finishes the HSE manuals and respective procedures for both corporate and operational levels. The required individuals will then be selected in accordance with the client. a final revision can be offered to coordinate manuals and procedures.ch/hse . the client can task Ergonos with developing one or several of the subsequent steps. Ergonos can provide professional profiles of suitable individuals capable of fulfilling the role requested. ergonos.

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