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The GE Parts Advantage:
A behind-the-scenes look at GE part creation

Why buy a part manufactured by GE? 2/ GE / .

stresses. model construction. materials. impact on adjacent parts) Extensive documentation structure supports entire process Manufactured to meet design intent 3/ GE / .Only GE meets the complete specifications of a GE part number Part design process includes research. processes and methods Collateral effects of the part are quantified (performance. testing Manufacturing process integrates design. cooling.

Creating a GE part is a rigorous process… Notes & Instructions Material Specifications Process Specifications Drawings …leveraging our technology leadership and engineering expertise 4/ GE / .

Example: Frame 7 Stage 1 Bucket Kit or Arrangement 5/ GE / .

Bucket Casting 6/ GE / .Bucket Machining Drawing .7EA Stage 1 Bucket Kit or Arrangement Drawing .Bucket Cooling Drawing .Bucket Kit or Arrangement 92 Buckets plus Hardware Drawing .

•Surface Finish . •Water/ Air Flow Acceptance Criteria . •Complimentary Document for Dovetail Drawing – Contour and tolerance.Identification of required data marked on bucket. Specific inspection methods. etc. •Casting Process – Qualification req’ts. secondary.Drawing . etc.2 coatings (internal and external) •Heat Treatments – Definition heat treatments.Water flow check individual holes •Dovetail Coating Blending and Overspray •Dimensions . Temp. etc. •Acceptance Requirements – Gen. calibration.Bucket Machining Process Specs •Coating .Radial/Axial Features – machining dimensions. etc. etc. and tertiary specific locations •Coating Procedure . for grinding/ turning/ milling/ cutting/etc. and time req’ts. and leak checks •Machining of Super Alloy – Req. •Airflow Testing – Definition of test equipment.Requirement of surface smoothness •Part Marking . tolerances 7/ GE / . req’ts.Define sequence for different coatings. production processing req’ts. Notes •Machining Datum – Primary. etc.

etc.Radial dimensions of turbulated features.. .Bucket Cooling Process Specs •Airflow Testing – Each bucket tested for cooling hole flows. arching limits. etc. . . diameters.Requirements for inspection and nondestructive testing.Quality assurance requirements. •Cooling hole manufacturing – Drilling parameters. •Air Flow Acceptance Criteria – For each hole– air flow individual and sets of holes •Dimensions for hole features – Definition of center. etc.Definition of test equip. relative true position. •Dimensions for wall thickness – Requirements for wall between airfoil exterior 8/ GE / and hole surfaces. etc. • Machining of Super Alloy – Requirements for grinding/ turning/ milling/ cutting/etc. and leak checks.Drawing . Notes •Surface Finish – Requirement of surface smoothness •Part Marking – Identification of required data marked on bucket. calibration. . . electrolyte quality.

•Acceptance Requirements – General Req’ts. •Internal Cavity & Shank Requirements – Dimension. etc. process capability analysis. 9/ GE / •Dimensions for Platform & Shank features . features. etc. documentation •Part Marking – Identification of required data marked on bucket. •Dimensions for Airfoil Internal & External Features – Airfoil dimensions and tolerances.Bucket Casting Material Specification Document •Reference GE material specification – Chemistry composition.Drawing .Documentation. definition of surface contours. test material req’ts.Primary. etc. and tertiary specific locations •Airfoil Inspection – Contour and relative displacement inspections between airfoil sections. secondary. record retention. . •Complimentary Document for Airfoil Shape Definition – Airfoil and shank coordinate definition. inspection planes . inspection & test req’ts •Dimensional Data Collection Process – Responsibilities. . Process Specs •Casting Process – Qualification.Vendor responsibilities.Dimensions and tolerances. Specific inspection methods. production. contour definitions for cavity & shank external surface •Surface finish – Requirement of surface smoothness for various locations on the bucket •Prohibiting Some Casting Techniques – Industry processes or techniques from being used in manufacturing •Dimensional Process Capability Collection & Reporting . process capability analysis.Contour tolerances Notes •Initial & Final Casting Datum . material properties. definition of compound radii.

etc. — Notes with Dimensions/Instructions/Procedures GE is the Only — Acceptance Criteria Parts Supplier • Bucket Cooling Drawing Meeting — Process Specifications for Airflow Testing. — Notes with Dimensions/Instructions/Procedures Complete — Acceptance Criteria Drawing • Bucket Casting Drawing Compliance — Material Specifications — Process Specifications with Qualification Requirements — Notes with Dimensions/Instructions/Procedures 10 / GE / .Investing in a GE part gives you the benefit of our detailed design and manufacturing process Top Level Arrangement Drawing – 92 Buckets + Hardware • Bucket Machining Drawing — Process Specifications for Heat Treatments. etc.