What is your Inquiry question ?

Identify at least 4 others who are at this table, explain why they are at the table (why they are invested in your topic) and how you think they might answer your inquiry question.

My inquiry question is, why is Hip Hop not as respected as other musical genres by society. Some people I would think would be interested in being a part of this discussion would be Oprah, Nas, Russell Simmons, and Kanye West. Oprah Winfrey an International T.V. Icon is seen as symbol of African American greatness she has a solid following of middle age African American and white women. Oprah has voiced her opinions on hip hop prior she has said that she feels that the vulgar way that most of Hip Hop describes women are unacceptable and not away to advance African Americans as a whole. She has laxed on her views toward hip hop after doing interviews with Jay-Z and a few other major rappers on the subject. I feel that her answer would sound something like “Hip Hop artist should first address the lack of respect within hip hop its self before their question why they are not respected by a mainstream who would rather the genre doesn’t exist.” While Russell Simmons, co-founder of the power house music label Def Jam, may be the most respected person in Hip Hop he works very closely with the people who may not respect Hip Hop as a genre. It is because of that that his answer may be more diplomatic I would imagine he would respond with “It may seem like Hip Hop isn’t as respected as other genres but that is because they have yet to fully understand Hip Hop and it is up to us to help them understand.” Nas a Hip Hop Legend regarded in some circles as the greatest rapper of all time has spoken on this exact topic before in a documentary. He said “ Hip hop is threatening to those who are making decisions their sons and daughters are listening to Hip Hop artist but their parents don’t want to listen to the people they don’t like telling their own stories.” Kanye West is a Hip Hop artist and producer non for his controversial opinions and his ways of conveying his opinion. Kanye West would have a more militant approach to the subject. He would say something along the lines of “ They will never understand Hip Hop, because they don’t want to, they would rather hip Hop would have stayed in basements and underground, but it hasn’t and now that we here we have to demand respect and that’s how we will get it.”

Read the entire "Evaluation" section of the syllabus, and then look specifically at the Portfolio Grade Scale on pg. 2. What grade would you give yourself in this class? In your answer, include a letter grade and use the Grade Scale to help you explain why you deserve that grade. Also explain at least 2 key concepts that you're succeeding with. You may also want to mention a key concept that you're struggling with and how you might attempt to engage with it better in the second half of this course. As of now I would give myself a B in the course while I have engaged with the key concepts and I recognize which ones I am using and which ones I am struggling in I don’t think I always fully explain in full details my thoughts on the subject. I think the key concepts I am succeeding with the most are independent inquiry and making connections. With independent inquiry I really started understanding this concept when I started my inquiry project. As I came up with my inquiry question I realize how invested I was in this topic and I would lose myself in research and begin doing research ahead of when it was scheduled just to satisfy my own curiosity. Making connections key concept also stems from my extended inquiry project I was so invested in my topic even when I wasn’t researching my topics, I came across things that I could connect to my research by watching TV or listening to music or just watching interviews for fun. I think a key concept I'm struggling with would be providing feedback while I’m not struggling with it as much as I was when I first came into the class. I still feel I have a lot of room for improvement to help make my classmates and my own work the best it could be.

Rhetorically analyze one of the ten example e-Portfolios on Moodle2. We'll use all of our "3 tools" here: Use the bottom frame on pg. 59 of your textbook to get you started. (This frame prompts you to use the rhetorical triad and Aristotle's appeals + kairos) Use the multi-modal (5 modes of communication) handout to help you explain what modes the author of the e-Portfolio used well. (If you lost your hard copy, this handout is available on Moodle2) Lastly, make sure to explain, based on your analysis, whether you think the ePortfolio is successful. With the Portfolio Grade Scale in mind, does it fulfill its purpose? What grade would you give it? The author of portfolio 4 did great job in appealing to emotional appeal the entire portfolio was bright and she used great pictures to accent her portfolio and made me want to dive deeper into her portfolio. I like how she included personal pictures that also gave the portfolio a personal touch which adds to value of the portfolio. I like how she also added pictures of previous drafts to show her lead up to her final product. The only mode that wasn’t used in her portfolio was gestural where a lot of the pictures did look very similar. Her portfolio is very successful it was easy to navigate and was simple and easy to read. Her pictures and quotes were relevant. She had all of the aspects of the portfolio she was asked to and she kept her home page bio short and simple I would give it an A because it was “complete, thoughtfully arranged and easily navigable. As explained in the Portfolio Essay, all work is completed to the best of the writer’s ability”.