CY3271 FirstTouch RF Release Notes Rev

1 Overview
The CY3271 FirstTouch RF Starter Kit provides the developer with the necessary intellectual property to build a wireless system using ….. All builds are done using PSoC Designer 5.0 with SP2 build445 Major Version: Minor Version: Build: Development Environment: CYFISNP UM: SCD: Hub Hardware: Node Hardware: 01 00 10030801 PSoC Designer 5.0 with SP2 Build 445 PSoC Programmer Version 1.0 Version PDCR-9439 PDCR-9400


RF_Hub project:

The CYFISNP UM property “Maximum number of nodes” is limited to 10 nodes. To go above 10 nodes, you must either compile the project with ImageCraft or Hi-Tech 9.61 PL2 build 2723 or later.


RF_ULP_TEMP Project:

Has custom lib\CYFISNP_config.h file to always bypass external PA because of C2032 coincell power supply.


SCD USB to I2C communication failure

Do not have the SCD software running when expansion cards are plugged into the PC bridge interface connector. This will cause the SCD SW to stop polling the I2C interface eventually causing the RF Hub buffer to fill up and prevent packets from being received from the nodes. You should not run Programmer and SCD at the same time.
2.4 RF_I2C_BRIDGE/RF_ULP_TEMP build warning
The following warning is generated when these projects are compiled: !W warning: area 'node_i2c_bridge_RAM' not defined in startup file './obj/boot.o' and does not have an link time address.
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6 MF_TEMP This project will only compile using Hi-Tech Pro due to memory limitations. This will result in packets being lost in the RF Hub application rather than having the node hold the data waiting for the Hub buffer to free up. 10/17/2008 CY3271 Rev ** Page 2 of 3 . Again. this is only an issue when the RF Hub application packet buffer is full due to the SCD application not being able to keep up with the RF packet throughput or SCD has stopped polling for packets.0 Buffer overflow error CYFISNP UserModule will incorrectly acknowledge node RF packets in the event that The RF packet buffer is full. 2. Starting address 0x8d. This warning should be ignored.5 CYFISNP V1. 2.CY3271 Kit Release Notes Area 'node_i2c_bridge_RAM' follows area 'data'.

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