REPORT BY THE CANDIDATE (For the Period of July 20 1 3 - December 2013

(Enclosure for Semester Progress Report)

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: N.Nalanth : 1408101005 : Study of the performance of Self compacting concrete using recycled aggregates

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Report: Four course work subjects have been completed ST1630 Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Structures

ST911 ST922 ST951

Concrete Structures Experimental techniques & Instrumentation Computer Aided Design

Literature collection relevant to the research work has been made . Preliminary

experimental investigation on Self compacting concrete by partial replacement of fine aggregate and coarse aggregate by recycled aggregates was conducted. Different aggregates obtained from construction and demolition wastes were used in the

experimental investigation.The investigations were divided in to five modules In the first module graded brick bats in various proportions were used as partial replacement of coarse aggregates. In the second module recycled graded concrete was used as a partial replacement of coarse aggregates In the third module graded rubber treated with sulphuric acid was used as coarse aggregate by partial replacement. In the fourth module manufactured sand was used by partial replacement for fine aggregate. In the fifth module corrugated steel fibres and plastic fibres were added in suitable proportions to the above said cases.Optimum mix proportions meeting the requirements of SCC for all the cases was arrived on a trial and error basis. All the materials used for the preparation of mix were tested to suit the requirements.The tests include (A)Tests on cement (B)Tests on Fine Aggregate (C)Tests on Coarse Aggregate. List of experiments conducted on fresh concrete sample include Slump Flow test, J-Ring,VFunnel,L-Box.The various strength test conducted are Compressive Strength

Split Tensile Strength Test. As a continuation of the experimental Investigation beam column joints are to be tested the structural laboratory of Mepco Schlenk Engineering College Sivakasi. Based on the test results the influence of the various recycled materials on the strength parameters of SCC has been studied. Validation of the test results is to be made using software package. Signature of the Supervisor with seal (Name in BLOCK Letters) Signature of the Scholar Name in BLOCK Letters . An article relevant to the study has been accepted to be published in a journal which has been listed in Annexure II.Test.Flexural Strength Test.