Learning Standards


4.1.2 Able to sing songs and recite jazz chants and poems with correct stress, pronunciation, rhythm and intonation

4.2.1 Able to respond to literacy texts: (a) characters Learning objectives: Previous Knowledge: CCTS: Moral Value(s): Teaching Aids:
Stage Set Induction (5 minutes) Content(s) Teaching and Learning Activity Teacher pastes a song lyric entitled “People in my town” on the board. Pupils listen to the song and sing along with the teacher. Presentation (10 minutes) Teacher pastes sentence strips on the board about what each occupations do. Pupils name what occupation does it belongs to. Practice (15 minutes) Teacher shows flashcards of occupations. Pupils, in pair, name the occupation and state what it does. Production Teacher divides pupils into 4 groups. Teacher gives each group 4 Remarks

Closure Teacher plays the “People in my town” song and sings along with the pupils. Pupils are required to colour the pictures and paste them on the given paper.pictures of occupations and a manila card. Each groups presents their work to the class. Pupils are also asked to write the job for each occupations besides it. .