GENERAL MARKET This is a portal designed to facilitate companies and customers who deals in direct equity market to come online and do transactions. Main motto of the clinic is to provide the buyers and sellers of equity a common platform where they can transact fast and securely using latest web technologies all that with “ any time any where” feature. System perform following fun tion o Registration of New Customer o elling hare !n"#ine

o $uying hare !n"#ine o hare #isting

Registr!tion of New Customer This part covers up the registration of new customer into our website and providing other details to customers. %t also provides different links to get information about hare $a&ar. Selling S"!re On#Line This part covers up online trading i.e. selling of share to a specified customer at a listed price which is given in hare #isting. $uying S"!re On#Line This part covers up online trading i.e. buying of share from a specified customer at a listed price which is given in hare #isting. S"!re Listing This part covers up the detailed listing of shares like type of share' name of the company' their respective price and availability of shares for trading.

This portal helps in financial dealing o' we can say that it will help the companies as well as customers to buy share and sel share with the spead of light. Customers will have this advantage buying share at “C(RR)NT R*T)+ and e.actly when they want to but because we all know how swifty market rate changes.O$%ECTI&E % am developing this portal for companies who want to sell shares and for the customers who want to buy these shares. -e proposing a centrali&ed system with one server maintaining high level of security. %t will also help in stock monitoring according to predefine format This portal will help in getting the current sale and purchase status of shares of to a particular company. .

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8 +LAT-ORM.rocess *n open )nded Rectangle shows the data store. states the flow of data in the system as seen from the outward in each module. -indows 9.>. Dri.'solaris. RAM. The first level . * Circle shows the . Minimum 20 M$ for installation and running. can be up to several %t is generally made of symbols given below=" * square shows the )ntity.'-indows NT' -indows :.river D!t!0!se Ser.>. *n arrow shows the data / *pache Tomcat 2.)NT%(M " /00 M1& or above. show more detail' about the single process of 0 levels D-D .>.ecution and reliability.RE'UIREMENT ANAL(SIS )ARD*ARE RE'UIREMENTS MICRO+ROCESSOR. The .05websphare 6any web server which support 7 .ata flow .'linu. . Microsoft <# erver4000. )ARD DISK S+ACE. The 0 level . 34 M$ R*M or above for fast e. D-D The . !.er.iagram shows the flow of data. SO-T*ARE RE'UIREMENTS Ser.$C .

amount. id Order2 m ar0et. time. date. 3uantity. date. item.mount O+ed to "ach Su&&lier Order* $elayed Norm al Order roce**in' Invoice to Su&ermar0et2 item. order id.Su&ermar0et )ana'er Su&&lier delivery * li&2 item . am ount. order id &aym ent2 item. due.mount O+ed %y "ach Su&ermar0et Order* 1eceived Su&ermar0et $elayed Order* roce**ed Non4delayed Order* roce**ed $aily Sale* 1e&ort 5ee0ly Sale* 1e&ort . *hi&&in' . amount U&dated Stoc0 Inventorie* Initial Stoc0 Inventorie* Orderin' Sy*tem $elayed Order roce**in' . 3uantity. tim e. *u&&lier.

elopment time *s the procedures will be common to many programs' the development time be saved substantially by keeping. >ield validations and user"friendly error message were written as a part of the program specification.rogram specification= The program specifications were written for the master' transaction' report' and queries. The application systems' function' tables and columns must already e. . was incorporated here. (ser preferences= $ased on user preference like form name' validation of primary key' layout of forms' layout of fields. @enerate the program= The program was generated based on the relationship specified and according to the user preferences.MODULE DESIGN: This screen is used to enter module information during the design stage of business system development. The logic for each fields' from were so that anyone who does not know system will be able to code the logic. Creating title for forms' mandatory input field prompts etc. This is done mainly for two reasons= /1 S!.ing t"e 2e. .ist in C* )? dictionary before being referenced.

The analyst must perform both unit and system testing. (nit testing gives stress on the modules independently of one another' to find errors. This helps the tester in detecting errors in coding and logic that are contained within that module alone. Levels of Testing: ystems are not designed as entire systems nor are they tested as single intent of determining whether the system will process them correctly. >or this reason' unit testing is sometimes called program testing. The errors resulting from the interaction between modules are initially avoided.ceed' equal and are less than the actual quantities on hand. Test cases are devised with this purpose in mind.Testing. Unit Testing.ample' test cases for inventory handling should include situations in which the quantifies to be withdrawn from inventory e. * test case is a set of data that the system will process as normal input. >or e. There are two general strategies for testing software= Code testing and pecification testing. 1owever' the data are created with the e. The levels of tests and types of test data' combined with testing libraries' are important aspects of the actual test process. (nder specification testing' the analyst e. %n unit testing the analyst tests the programs making up a system.amines the program specifications and then writes test data to determine how the program operates under specific conditions. Regardless of which strategy the analyst follows' there are preferred practices to ensure that the testing is useful. %t should be clear in mind that the philosophy behind testing is to find errors. >or e. %n code testing' the analyst develops that cases to e.ecute every instructions and path in a program. )ach test case is designed with the intent of finding errors in the way the system will process it.ample' a hotel information system consists of modules to handle reservationsA guest check in and checkoutA restaurant' room service and miscellaneous chargesA .

convention activitiesA and accounts receivable billing. (nit testing can be performed from the bottom up' starting with smallest and lowest"level modules and proceeding one at a time. . >or each' it provides the ability to enter' modify or retrieve data and respond to different types of inquiries or print reports. >or each module in bottom"up testing a short program is used to e. The test cases needed for unit testing should e.ercise each condition and option.ecute the module and provides the needed data' so that the module is asked to perform the way it will when embedded within the larger system.

ystem . %mplementation /D. 9. 4.roBect !bBective Requirement *nalysis *bout 7*E* *bout Ms"*ccess Modules ystem *nalysis /0.ata >low . F. 3.esign //. . Maintenance /F. D.TENTATI&E CONTENTS /. %ntroduction !verview Need of the .iagram /4. C. )R . >uture )nhancement /G. 2.rocess >lowchart /C. Conclusion . G.iagram /3. . Coding /2.

/9. $ibliography .

ibility in N)T and <#' the software can be developed in a neat and simple manner thereby reducing the operators work. . The key focus is given on data security' as proBect is online and will be transferred in network. The speed and accuracy will be maintained in proper way. This will be user friendly one and can successfully overcome strict and server validation checks.-UTURE EN)ANCEMENT The system is highly fle. The system will be fle.ible one and changes whenever can be made easy. (sing the facility and fle.ible one and is well efficient to make easy interaction with the client.

com .mysql.#5 <# " )van $ayros HCI 7*E*"complete reference -ebsites Referred = www.$I$LIOGRA+)( H/I H4I 1offer' Modern ystem analysis and design H3I .com www.vikipedia.geekpedia.