Time after start of loading (years)
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Creep settlement (m)



3.3m fill, no extra fill, drains @ 3m c/c 3.3m fill, no extra fill, drains @ 1.5m c/c 3.9m fill, 18% extra fill, drains @ 3m c/c 3.9m fill, 18% extra fill, drains @ 1.5m c/c



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6m fill, 1.5m wick drain spacing 6m fill, 3m wick drain spacing 8m fill, 1.5m wick drain spacing 8m fill, 3m wick drain spacing


-1.5 Settlement (m)





-4 -70 -60 -50 -40 -30 -20 -10 0 Distance from toe (m)

4 Creep settlement (m) 0. possessing unrivalled industry knowledge and experience across key areas such as site characterization. drains @ 1. drains @ 3m c/c 3.9m fill. The Geotechnical Consulting Practice strives to deliver optimal geotechnical solutions to the world’s most challenging geotechnical problems. This is achieved by using a truly integrated approach with our customers to identify project requirements.000 strong.3m fill. 18% extra fill.0 3. Dr Fiona Chow Managing Consultant Geotechnical Consulting Practice The geotechnical consulting practice is embedded within the greater WorleyParsons organization.5m c/c 3. .0.3m fill. nearshore and offshore foundations and tunnelling.9m fill. Our consultants are involved in the most diverse projects globally.8 1. drains @ 1. 30. advanced numerical analysis. The success of a project often hinges on fundamental geotechnical activities such as the selection of the right site location.4 Geotechnical engineering is one of the earliest project activities and remains one of the most challenging. industry-recognized expertise and local knowledge. One team. no extra fill.6 GEOTECHNICAL CONSULTING 0. sourcing of construction materials and dealing with geohazards. drains @ 3m c/c 3. undertake complex geotechnical studies and provide comprehensive specialist advice.5m c/c 1. geotechnical engineering. Getting the foundations right can provide big savings in time and money while the converse leads to delays and cost over-runs. no extra fill. 18% extra fill. in 137 offices over 40 countries.2 1. Our comprehensive geographic presence enables us to provide our customers with a unique combination of extensive global resources.

000 0.000 600.00 1200.000 10.00 Plaxis 8.00 200. Leading Edge Historically. our consulting practices use our internal workshare approach to facilitate access to the particular consultant who can deliver the required expert services in a timely manner.000 200.CONSULTING PRACTICES OVERVIEW “Our consultants combine proven project experience and leading edge skills with creative thinking to give our customers the competitive advantage.00 800.000 5. ı'v0 = ıv0 . Collaboration Through collaboration with recognized centers of excellence. our consulting practices maintain a leading edge understanding of emerging technologies and their use in solving the problems faced by businesses today.00 400.u 0.000 4. they operate within the greater WorleyParsons organization to deliver consulting services for our customers either from within our larger project teams or via stand-alone consulting engagements. Organized into global consulting practices.000 800.000 1.000 7. WorleyParsons has maintained strong links to universities.000 8.000 2.00 Total displacements (Utot) Extreme Utot 10.84 ft -1.000 geotechnical 1 . Global Network WorleyParsons provides ready access to our consultants via 137 offices in 40 countries to ensure that the required world class expertise is combined with local delivery of services.00 600.00 1000. As a result.00 6.00 1000.00 3.5 [ft] 11. in-house consultants differentiates WorleyParsons within the broader EPCM and PMC project delivery industry. research institutions and industry associations.” Verena Preston Global Director Consulting Practices es The presence of world class.000 400.00 9.

best value. Ground conditions have a hidden element of uncertainty often making geotechnical problems the hardest to solve. Principal Consultant. It pays to use the best people with a proven track record.5 2 geotechnical -3 -3.“The best people are needed to solve the hardest problems.5 -0. efficiently and sustainably.5 -1.” Alec Walker.5 . driven by a highly competitive operating environment in a world with increasing pressure to develop quickly. 1.5 -2 2 -2.5 1. while also providing quality. Key challenges often cited by our customers include: Developing holistic solutions with innovative multidisciplinary and experienced teams Gaining rapid access to world class expertise Pressure to shorten investigation and development times.5 -1 1 Development of brownfield and marginal ground in congested environments Reducing risk and implementing sustainable approaches in design and construction -1. -1 1. Singapore Office. and a safe working environment Settlement Set S Se et e ttl tle t le l em men me ent (m) (m) m) 0 -0 0. Singapore Today‘s and Tomorrow’s Challenges WorleyParsons recognizes that our customers face an increasing number of challenges. Continual innovation and flexibility are required to deal with the geotechnical risks inherent in the ground.

site instrumentation and monitoring Geotechnical Engineering .desk study. onshore. contrasting with tender advice to contractors for pile design Global centers of excellence allowing local offices to realize best practice around the world. developers and cost estimators Proven experience in delivering cost effective and rapid solutions to both mega and micro projects.onshore. thus saving time and money and reducing risks. harnessing the power of Engineering Geology with Geotechnical Engineering to provide the best in site selection. tunnels. geophysics. site characterizations. slopes.5m wick drain spacing 8m fill. Examples include the landmark Fortescue Metals Group mine-tomarket developed in record breaking time. retaining structures. aerial photo interpretation. laboratory testing. 6m ill. feasibility assessments. 3m wick drain spacing ∆ ı'rd = 2G ∆ r /R geotechnical 3 . This assists our customers who have complex geotechnical challenges to implement the best solutions possible Experience in the application of sophisticated numerical analysis software to efficiently model soil-structure interaction 6 fill.Geotechnical Consulting Practice The Geotechnical Consulting Practice is a global network of consultants focussed on providing an integrated service in Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Engineering. nearshore and offshore site investigation. nearshore and offshore foundations. Core capabilities offered by the team include: Engineering Geology . ground improvement Numerical Analysis in 2D and 3D for the optimized design and assessment of ground displacements and soil-structure interaction Providing our Customers with the Competitive Edge Key differentiators offered by the Geotechnical Consulting Practice include: World class expertise. 1. site reconnaissance. environmental and heritage specialists and planners. 1.5m 5 wick w c drain d a spacing 6m fill. geohazard identification and concept design Multidisciplinary teams that are able to brainstorm innovative solutions with minimal interfaces. they bring a unique blend of technical expertise and extensive practical and on-site experience. Operating from within the larger WorleyParsons organization. in situ testing. 3m wick drain spacing 8m fill. We understand and work closely with structural and civil engineers. excavations.

professional and dedicated service to the onshore Pluto LNG project. We have demonstrated our expert technical and on site ability by making the right decisions in some of the most challenging environmental conditions.Our geotechnical and drilling team has successfully provided a safe. 4 geotechnical .

Pluto Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Plant and Flowline Customer: Woodside Location: Burrup Peninsula. The plant-site WorleyParsons Geotechnical Group played a major role in this LNG project. foundation design including earthquake analysis. sourcing construction materials. The nearshore and onshore geotechnical investigations recovered more than 700 m of high quality core over 4.400 man-hours without any lost-time incidents. design. to receive gas from offshore subsea wells and an offshore platform. also designed by WorleyParsons. Western Australia The FosterWheeler-WorleyParsons Joint Venture was commissioned to design and construct a greenfield LNG liquefaction plant. WorleyParsons geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists used field and laboratory data to produce a comprehensive geotechnical model encapsulating the varying conditions and design parameters along the flowline in a clear and accessible format. The flowline involves the transport of gas from the Pluto manifold on the continental slope (~830 m water depth) to the Pluto riser platform on the outer continental shelf (~85 m water depth). geotechnical 5 . the execution and interpretation of geotechnical investigations. and advice throughout construction. responsible for geological mapping.

drains @ 3m c/c no extra fill. satisfying both design and construction requirements. Reading Off Office.SERVICES OFFERING “Study to start-up project experience allows us to bring technically superior and practical geotechnical solutions. drains @ 3m c/c 18% extra fill. into the consulting environment.5m c/c 18% extra fill. drains @ 1. We have the people and experience to meet customer’s needs with high value geological and geotechnical chnical input.5m c/c 6 geotechnical . Perth Office. nsultant.“ Brad Fuge Principal Consultant. USA Time after start of loading (years) 1 10 100 00 1000 100 00 0 00 no extra fill. Australia Wade Anundson Anun Consultant. drains @ 1.

performance and safety. possessing knowledge of the state-of. We place particular emphasis on collection and interpretation of sound geotechnical input parameters through the use of appropriate soil and rock models. the most prevalent being difficulty in obtaining geotechnical data and the costs associated with site investigation. and engineering properties. river crossings. wharf and bridge foundation assessments. Our advisory and design services include. jetty.the-art in construction technology and utilizing advanced numerical solutions where appropriate. and by knowing how these will affect or be affected by any given development option. WorleyParsons assists in overall project decision making. We create value through collaboration and we understand that efficiency and accuracy in the collection and interpretation of investigation data is critical in enabling our customers to make reliable and informed decisions. time and safety pressures. Early geological. In this way. hence results are more certain and resilient. geology. The merging of geotechnical and structural software now allows us to demonstrate the detailed effects of the environment on the structure in one model to balance economy. ABAQUS and FLAC to a wide range of 2D and 3D soil-structure interaction problems. This is best achieved at the pre-feasibility or feasibility stage by carefully researching and understanding all site-specific surface and sub-surface conditions. while reducing risk with minimum schedule and cost implications. Nearshore and Offshore Geotechnical. This is done by developing comprehensive geotechnical models. geophysical and other remote sensing data collation and interpretation can be exported into graphical outputs easily understood by the customer. Geotechnical Engineering Geotechnical engineering differs from other branches of engineering in that customers have little choice in the geological materials on which their foundations are constructed. geotechnical. coastal engineers and oceanographers.Engineering Geology Our experienced consultants facilitate industrial and commercial development by finding engineering solutions that are compatible with the natural site conditions. By combining our industry knowhow with over 600 years of accumulated experience. Our consultants understand the risks associated with inherently variable ground and are experienced in the techniques needed to provide sound foundation solutions under increased cost. Applications include: PLAXIS. our geotechnical consultants are ready to deliver tailored and integrated solutions to meet these challenges whilst leveraging the skills of our marine scientists. tunnelling. pile and shallow foundations. structural and coastal conditions in the marine environment pose unique challenges to our customers. Advanced Numerical Analysis Continual developments in computing capabilities and numerical modeling software have enabled our consultants to provide customers with improved insights into soil-structure interaction during and after development. but are not limited to: dredging. Horizontal Directional Drilling. Specialist Skills and Niche Services Tailings and dams Mine-to-market LNG facilities Pipelines Power stations Earthquake analysis Geophysics Ground improvement geotechnical 7 .

350 test pits Laboratory test program comprising 2.440 m borehole drilling and 1. marine facilities to enable the export of 45 Mtpa of iron ore through Port Hedland. 8 geotechnical . Design of 22 m deep 150. rail and port materials handling facilities at Anderson Point and Harriet Point. The project was developed for a Phase 1 capacity of 45 Mtpa including mine site ore handling infrastructure. 50 km mapping via helicopter Investigation program comprising 1.000 m3 excavation for train unloading facility 3D FEM design of roof vaults supporting 45 m high iron ore stacks 5 million m3 dredging and land reclamation program Foundation design for 13 communications towers of 65 m height 670 m of driven piles for port facilities Completed in three years.FMG Mine-to-Market Customer: Fortescue Metals Group Location: Western Australia The FMG Pilbara Mine-to-Market project includes mine. port and rail developments for which WorleyParsons has been a primary partner in the EPCM Team45 project management. this was the fastest ever delivery of a mine-to-market project. and 256 km of heavy haul rail connection. WorleyParsons provided technical solutions to a wide range of geotechnical challenges including: Geological mapping of 256 km rail corridor.000+ samples Design of 82 km of cuttings based on geological models developed Geotechnical slope stability assessment for 256 km of railway embankment Sourcing of 6 million m3 of borrow for rail construction Developing geotechnical design solutions for the management of soft soils around the port and collapsible soils along the rail formation.

“ Gordon Cowe. Director of Projects.“The WorleyParsons Geotechnical Group was able to provide geotechnical information that enabled us to award two lump-sum contracts for rail earthworks which were successfully completed with minimum variations. Fortescue Metals Group geotechnical 9 .

84 ft -1. Canada WorleyParsons conducted a feasibility study for the surface facilities and the logistics required to develop gas reserves on an island in the Canadian High Arctic.00 1200. UK 0.000 5.RECENT ENGAGEMENTS “We are accustomed to taking on demanding assignments. 10 geotechnical .000 Arctic Islands Project Customer: Confidential Location: High Arctic. and the plant site.5 [ft] 11.00 3.00 6.” Fred Claridge Principal Consultant.00 Plaxis 8.000 7.000 400.00 800. The onshore facilities will be founded on either shallow or pile foundations in permafrost.00 Total displacements (Utot) Extreme Utot 10. often at remote sites or with little advance notice.000 2.000 800.00 9.00 200.00 1000. offshore jetty and dock. The geotechnical component consisted of assessing all previous geotechnical work for the pipeline route.000 600.000 10. Thermosyphons will be needed for the shallow foundations to keep the permafrost frozen during the summer months.000 1. We meet these challenges with the active participation of our most knowledgeable consultants. Our consultants also achieved a Class 5 cost estimate for this project. Canada and London. WorleyParsons provided an innovative solution to the plant modules by floating the permafrost foundations (protected by thermosyphons) to site and then backfilled into place.000 200.000 8. All have their unique challenges to be assessed and overcome. Both fields lie partially onshore but are expected to require future offshore wells and flowlines to fully exploit the reserves. Calgary Office.00 400. The concept is to liquefy the gas and transport it to market in icebreaking LNG tankers. The foundation conditions offshore are challenging due to the presence of soft sediments underlain by permafrost that contains thick layers of ice and the need to resist high lateral ice loads.000 4.00 600.00 1000. working closely with our customers and key stakeholders to achieve their desired outcome.000 0.

Mounding of pipes avoided construction below the water table and reduced dewatering costs. the Middle East and the USA. with stresses dissipated partly through friction. Other projects include the Marina Coastal Expressway.5 million people. Transmission Cable Tunnel from Harbour Drive to Labrador Customer: SP PowerGrid Ltd Location: Singapore WorleyParsons was Owner’s Engineer for the tender design and construction supervision of a 5. WorleyParsons. All are situated in the rugged. to geotechnical support for the licensing of proposed facilities and modifications to existing facilities. Africa. 2D and 3D numerical stability assessments of tunnel shaft supports. and safety measures for tailings storage dams and associated structures. Our geotechnical experience ranges from siting studies for new nuclear power facilities. All sites required special design considerations to minimize the possibility of a dam break. excavations and slopes were conducted. mounding and above ground pile support. particularly for microtunnels of up to 12 m invert depth. and assisted in achieving a maintenance free pipeline. the Colquiri Dam is the tallest fluid retaining structure in the country. particularly through contaminated land on the pipe route. involving a 12 lane highway in exceptionally deep soft ground beneath the mouth of the Singapore River. Rain water diversion measures for the dams and dam break consequence assessments were also undertaken. as part of an alliance. WorleyParsons’ innovative engineering solutions include microtunneling to avoid services and minimize open work fronts and costs.000 m+) terrain of the Altiplano of Bolivia. This project won 2010 Civil Federation NSW Earth Awards and the Government Partnership Excellence at the 2010 National Infrastructure Awards for high quality design. Pipelines are constructed using a mixture of microtunneling. WorleyParsons is currently involved in new nuclear construction projects in Europe. and a 500 Ml/day water pumping station. Assignments completed over a five year period included reviews and proposed enhancements of the technical design. from concept to detailed engineering design. At 65 metres. Porco). 9 km of DN1800 overland pipeline. Australia One of Australia’s largest seawater desalination plants will provide potable water to 1. open trenching. The tunnelled pipeline sections required the construction of 19 shafts for TBM launch and receival using a mix of circular and rectangular. Worldwide Nuclear Power Projects Customer: Various Location: Global By designing nuclear units at over 16 power stations and plant modifications at many more. A mixed face EPBM was used through soft ground and rock with a 250 mm thick segmental lining. We work with owners and contractors across the spectrum of ground types and functional requirements to deliver the full tunnel package.Sydney Seawater Desalination Plant Customer: Sydney Water Corporation/The Water Delivery Alliance Location: Sydney. Independent Review of Tailing Storage Facilities Customer: Sinchi Wayra Location: Bolivia WorleyParsons was retained by Bolivia’s largest mining company to provide independent reviews of new tailings storage facilities at three of the company’s main lead and zinc mine sites (Colquiri. currently under construction. secant piled and sheet piled construction methods. high altitude (4. Fully welded pipe construction reduced the need for large anchor blocks. Don Diego.4 m diameter bored cable tunnel. The reviews were performed in accordance with the International Finance Corporation and World Bank standards. construction procedures. we have consultants who have experience in the stringent requirements for the design of foundations for nuclear power plants. undertook the design of 8 km of DN1400 twin pipeline tunnelling beneath Botany Bay. geotechnical 11 . which in this mountainous terrain is particularly critical to prevent the exposure of downstream populations to effluent above internationally acceptable levels.

In uncertain times it pays to combine these people with an organization that has a proven project delivery track record.” John Grill Chief Executive Officer 40countries 12 geotechnical . They recognize that solving the most difficult problems requires the best people.THE WORLEYPARSONS GROUP “The rapidly changing business environment is providing our customers with new challenges and some difficult problems.

as we strive to provide tailored services wherever our customers need us.2 1. iron ore. Hydrocarbons Full-scope global project delivery in deepwater. 137 offices Our business has been built by working closely with our customers through long term relationships. Infrastructure & Environment Complete solutions for the transportation. drains @ 1.6 0.0 1 10 100 0.1 0. gas cleaning and chemicals across the world. coastal and marine. LNG. subsea and conventional structures. Strong growth continues to characterize our performance both through organic development. nuclear and natural gas generation. resources and energy.000 personnel Creep settlement (m) 0.9m fill. Minerals & Metals Delivering comprehensive mineto-market projects and solutions in base metals.5m c/c 3.9m fill.3m fill. onshore oil and gas. drains @ 3m c/c 3.8 1.5m c/c 1. no extra fill.Time after start of loading (years) 0. drains @ 1. aluminium. Our services cover the full asset spectrum both in size and lifecycle – from the creation of new assets to services that sustain and enhance operating assets. anticipating their needs and delivering inventive solutions through streamlined.2 0. 18% extra fill. alumina. Power Renewable energy. ferrous metals. no extra fill. municipal and urban infrastructure sectors. and through strategic acquisition. 18% extra fill. topsides. and refining and petrochemicals.4 30.4 WorleyParsons is a leading provider of professional services to the resources & energy sectors and complex process industries. water and wastewater. pipelines. proprietary project delivery systems.0 3.3m fill. drains @ 3m c/c 3. floating. transmission networks and retrofit project solutions from pre-feasibility to asset operation and maintenance. geotechnical 13 . coal. clean coal.

Canada Ph:+1 403 247 0200 US Wade Anundson Principal Consultant G2A 2675 Morgantown Road Reading PA 19607.00 6. 250 St Georges Terrace Perth WA 6000.00 9.00 3.00 400.worleyparsons.000 600.00 Plaxis 8.000 0.00 Total displacements (Utot) Extreme Utot 10. 100 4500 -16th Avenue NW Calgary AB T3B 0M6.5 [ft] 11.00 800.000 400. November 2010 . USA Ph: +1 610 855 2000 Europe & Africa Fred Claridge Principal Consultant 27 Great West Road Brentford Middlesex TW8 9BW Ph: +44 20 8326 5000 Asia and Middle East Alec Walker Principal Consultant Level 5.00 1200.00 1000.00 1000. Unit 05 111 Somerset Road Singapore 238164 Ph: +65 6735 8444 ∆ ı'rd = 2G ∆ r /R Ge =4 (2 – µe ) ∑ (2 – µi ) i-1 x 2 ∆Ui Gi -1 0.000 800.000 8.00 600.000 10.84 ft -1.000 200.000 Rev01.Australia and New Zealand Dr Fiona Chow Managing Consultant Level website: www.00 200.000 2.000 4.000 For further information about our global capability email: geotechnical@worleyparsons.000 1.000 5. Australia Ph: +61 8 9278 8111 Canada Joaquin Quiroga Principal Consultant No.