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A machie or computer technology is in the design or made to facilitate human activity, computer power have made the same inteligence as the human experts i order to facilitate the task. However, if the computer can replace a human?

The use of a computer or machine has it’s drawbacks, can not completely replace humans, afen in the man is too ambisious to make something that can replace humans, the man himself will lose. Indeed if everyone uses a computer or come kind of robotic machine as a whole then a lot of people who will lose their jobs because all done by machines and humans will make a bit lazy or unwilling to work hard.

A machine or computer is not completely replace humans, but to help people, therefore man should strive to be smater then a machine or a computer, because it was created by humans.

And with computers or machines rather difficult man loking for a job; but we as humans do not be excuted without human assistance.

Before delving deeper into the GSM and CDMA technology . All data sent and received in the network must be in digital form . we sadurkan Magazine CE ( Computer Easy ) ed. using technology Speet Circuit Data (CSD). CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) technique using the method of deployment spectrum.37 ff . High Speet Circuit Switch Data (HSCSD).Berbeda Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) using Time Division Multiplexing (TDM). GSM is more widely used in CDMA 2000 1X eropa. The same thing applies to the votes cast and received by callers when communicating .12/2004 p. BTS is what receives the data and used the phone earlier and forward ( switching ) to BTS destination . Gsm also provides services to transmit data at high speed. both the details and the working principle of digital systems are not the same . The world has GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz frequencies with the name of the Personal Communication Network.CDMA primarily a third-generation 3G. Of course . However . the phone receiver will convert digital data into a form that is acceptable voice to be heard by the recipient . This general principle applies to all digital systems . it helps if you first understand the system of sending and receiving data in digital networks . Working Principle The working principle of these two pathways can be described as the following picture . Furthermore . General Pocket Radio Service (GPRS) and Enhanced Data rates for GSG Evolution (EDGE).Differences of GSM And CDMA GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) is the most popular mobile communications standard in the world. particularly in the world of communications . both GSM and CDMA . so it is expected from the explanation below to understand the working principle of both these technologies . this sound is converted into digital form and transmitted via radio waves to a Base Transceiver Station ( BTS ) of the service used . Each channel uses the full available spectrum. will use the analogy that is easy to understand for the lay of us who have not been clear distinction between the two . In this discussion . Sound that is sent by the caller will be received by the microphone on the phone . And BTS this purpose . CDMA does not provide a marker at a specific frequency to each user. the data will then be transmitted to the destination phone is supposed to accept the call .