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The Ultimate UNSW BCom Course Review - UNSW Course evaluation and Commerce Ultimate Guide 2.

0Source: Zhou Wei Hang Skip log Note that this text has some misleading, their deliberate peril.

II. Accounting
ACCT1501 (2009S1) [Accounting & Financial Mgt 1A] Compulsory, nothing to say, difficult. That textbook is basically useless. ACCT1511 uses same textbooks.

ACCT1511 (2009S2) [Accounting & Financial Mgt 1B] Came into contact with the contents of management accounting. Vary, some people like to qualitative things, some people like quantitative things. But I found that Chinese childr en more able to make sense of quantitative things. China is the tendency of genes tangib le things, the exclusion of intangible. This is why there are not what copyright is not copy righted. With 1501, do more questions, notes and textbook holding a light is useless. Als o, the kind of management accounting of discussion questions, do not just go on the end cap a theoretical thing, pay attention and scenarios should be closely linked to explain.

ACCT2522 (2010S1) [Management Accounting 1] Officially began Management Accounting, Accounting inside this course be relatively simple. Seriously, no problem. This is what I wrote earlier review: To be honest, I am now down more like management accounting, and that financial too much trouble. This lesson teachers are good, School of Accounting English teachers are r elatively normal, three lecturer, Yee, Linda and Nicole. I like Linda school, this woman is very bold, fun class comparison; Nicole is also good, afraid to speak beneath her class, v ery deterrence, very concerned about the students, and is a beauty, though seemingly ol d; Yee, speaking too Fast, Singapore accent, very strict. Throughout the course of the de sign is good, exams basically have more levels, unlike the Finance people like to recycle past questions.

ACCT2542 (2010S2) [Corporate Financial Reporting] Oh, Accounting highest rate, which is, estimated waste class lesson. Before I had a very detailed review: This course UNSW Accounting 2B is a legend in the accounting profession hardest course , but also said 3A harder than this, anyway, this is a very challenging course. If you're a freshman Accounting very struggle, read this course is definitely a torment. T his course main topics are: consolidation, accounting for associates, accounting for joint venture, accounting for income tax and a few other odds and ends. Highlight is the cons olidation, Chinese seemingly called "Merge." If the teacher cruel, consolidation can be us ed as the subject of IQ test questions. But in general the teacher was very kind, and not in a very abnormal when the examination of the question. Understand the steps and prin ciples, basically a big problem.

Assessment of structural changes frequently, but to us this session, every other week the re is a classroom quiz, every other week and then there are jobs to be handed over. So i s paying six times the job, consider six times quiz. All very big pressure every week, whic h is why I rarely sleep every Thursday night, because the next day to the course of the t utorial. You do not expect no change in Accounting School papers, they are very industri ous, rarely have the same problem, unlike the Finance School of questions are almost th e same every year. This lesson is no midterm exams, final 60. Final examination paper wi ll not be too difficult. Strongly recommend this course for the sea tactical, although there is no so-called suppl ementary books, but there are past paper, and weekly practice question, must be a good practice, or you are unable to understand why so get the teacher to explain to you a tho usand times, you do not exercise is not to make a topic come. Universities, most of the ti me self-study, this course in particular. My tutor, Carmel great teacher, explaining things super clear, practical experience, in ad dition to classes like drag outside, I am very satisfied. If you encounter bad luck does not explain the class, the teacher talk about the answer, then you also to strengthen self-stu dy.

ACCT3563/3573 (2011S1) [Issues in Financial Reporting] Commonly known as 3A. Is actually not difficult: Accounting is compulsory. Nothing to say, accounting or college class and quality is guar anteed. In fact, this course is not Accounting 2B difficult, because: 1. Basically no longer engage in consolidation of; 2 No abnormal quiz each lesson is not homework. 2011 first s emester teaching major group members: Associate Professor Morris, Malaysia small grou p of children Lai Cheng, Bangladesh guy children Hussein, Germany looks like Thais Tami . Lai class should be the best as teachers, we started to think he was Chinese people do, the results are in Malaysia. This man brain is very flexible and very promising. Associate professor of school very cold, mathematical logic is unclear. Hussein continued to play ac cent, accent endurance poor students is a cup. Tami class in general, but it seems back t o Europe a. Final papers rely on a child because it is a teacher, so surprisingly difficult. H e does not seem to teach the next year, so do not worry too much about the end of diffi culty.

ACCT3583/3593 (2011S2) [Management Accounting 2] Commonly known as 3B. Management Accounting, this estimate is the most relaxed I ha ve been on Accounting lesson, though before each lesson there is a quiz, but basically ve ry simple, notes on the content. Because this lesson no separate lecture and tutorial, dire ct a seminar, so basically all activities on the seminar. Click to preview before class notes , quiz to be slightly serious point. Then is a report and presentation. report, then we set a great mistake, I did not write introduction and conclusion directly deducted 6 points. G ood to see notes, no problem, the examination is not difficult. Also, if you have studied I NFS1602 words, a lot of content is the same, what SWOT ah, Porter's Five Forces ah. Th at ugly point is the set of modern corporate management analysis basically bullshit stuff i nside.

ACCT3708/3718 (2011S1) [Auditing & Assurance]

Hey, kids, beware one o'clock this course: This course is audited. In fact, the audit has been very interested in, but this class exams and teaching little disjointed to be honest, that white is a little difficult exam. Class, the Taylor's class very passionate, speaking also very good, but not much space for students to think, we can say non-heuristic teaching. The audit this thing I think that we should t hink of. Exam is very flexible, leading auditing has become my worst ever peacetime poi nts a subject. That this material is very useless, are a bunch of very specific things very t heory, the examination of little help, you can look for other books to the library, such as there is a Melbourne teacher wrote, that the more suitable for beginners . Do not turn th ose things, because you have taken back no. Finally doing Past paper, have some help . Usually the class to do a good case study, exercise thinking. When the end of a case st udy of the big questions. Yes, this course assignment to the sub is very low because the students understanding of the audit is basically never place too rigid. For example, this y ear's audit something that you can not have been holding the company's annual report la st year, you have to look at the mid-year report, and other relevant information, anyway, to know better, rather than last year's annual report to infer The situation this year.

III. Finance
FINS1612 (2009S1) [Capital Markets & Institution] If you do not understand finance, then be careful of this course. Although there are basic s, but a lot of things first contact is still a little people by surprise. Concept should all get to know, on the back of lesson has helped. Required courses, a good school. And I was learning something personal habits when not doped Chinese, do not put the t erm translated into Chinese. I think the Chinese have an advantage, such as call option h as been translated into call option, put option has been translated into put option, which is more than obvious a lot of English. But after all, the English exam, do not engage with their brains, to the last British turned, turned in Britain, the brain is a paste. Still insist o n English, do not know to see the English explanation, do not always go to check Chines e meaning. If you really need, so you after completing their studies, you find what Gold man circulated on the Internet Glossary of financial accounting research can go slowly.

FINS1613 (2009 S2) [Business Finance] This door is also a financial foundation courses, bias in the calculation, the field is Corpor ate Finance. This course for Chinese children, it should be easy, many of which are calcul ated things. Should not be hard. This course is the foundation course FINS2624, Meihua hao then 2624 estimated unbearable.

FINS2624 (2010 S1) [Portfolio Mgmt] Legendary HD killer, a high rate of waste lesson course. But do not listen to rumors, lear n your own wants, this lesson is not so difficult. Of course, this all depends on your attitu de towards learning. If you are always to look around, get to know nothing went to the e xam, then this course you're a little dangerous; if you always come Inquisitor asked in th e end, then you should be very easy to sort 70.

This semester's favorite course, though Henry Yip as legendary so perverted, but I still pr efer his notes, the person's course management good, more organized, the entire course is designed both to my satisfaction. Content is basically Finance Learning some basic the ories, coupled with what excel application. The latter by the guest Asoc Prof. Alex Groh c ompleted, this person German / French nationality, English said than Henry nicely, but m ore dawdling, he notes very long, basically endless talk. In fact, Henry I basically can onl y keep up with the class as part of the back does not know what he speaks, and his dou ble "s" pronunciation makes me crazy. Take good points before, final a little more difficul t. Is not the final sessions before the mid-term comparison metamorphosis, Henry is a H D killer. There is our tutor is really ............ there IQ mindless.

FINS2643 (did not take) [Wealth Management] Don't do it.

FINS3616 (2010 S1) [International Business Finance] Delivery points, traditional WAM booster: I have always been very interested in the theory lessons nothing, so I think this class is v ery boring, as a required course, I think teaching methods should be improved. Are esse ntially based on Butler, Multinational Finance a book, this book by CCTV big pants on the cover of extremely poor quality, basically off the page. U.S. version of the materials, a s ense of distance. The whole book talking about something very very comprehensive, that I is not interested in this kind of International Finance, see forex and Multinational Corp oration and the like on the head. Instructional design is far worse than 2624, notes that t he book is supplied together with the teacher to get some of the example. Teacher, uh, t he first half to complete and Eliza, who estimated that ABC, English is no problem, no pr oblem talking about, but her monotone good hypnotic effects. Second half completed by the lovely Zhang, Zhang's research is cattle fork, research home bias, and it seems to ha ve been a certain prize. This person Tsinghua University, and later in Hong Kong, HKUST and the Nanyang Technological Hunguo, intelligence is absolutely not a problem, but it s peaks English very pregnant sense. investor = English outside Manchester children, glob al = Greenspan treasure, typical northerners ah. Zhang examination paper is relatively si mple, Eliza examination paper is difficult.

FINS3635 (2010 S2) [Options, Futures & Risk Mgmt] Content is quite useless, said all financial theory in the classic ah: Institute of Finance's class, hey, cups. This lesson is the main content of financial derivatives. The first half of futures (futures), forwards (forwards), swaps (swaps), the second half is the options (futures). Translated i nto Chinese so strange and learned people must think of the future, in front of, exchang e and options. Many people say that this lesson is difficult, it is not. It's easy in that, not content, focusi ng on understanding rather than memory. See Notes reading to do problems, there shou ld be no big problem. This lesson when the class is very out of focus, and tutorial and no paricipation mark, so attendance is very low. Mid-term exam, an assignment, final exam .

Recommend more reading, doing Homework. If you really can not read the book, get hol d of the Chinese version, because the material is very famous domestic translated versio n, fully synchronized, that is, the term looked tired point, but also kept in the English tra nslation. I now feel that I should not read the Chinese version, the Chinese professional t erms are too strange, too stiff. Could it be I'm biased?

FINS3641 (2010 S2) [Security Analysis & Valuation] Commonly known as SAV, this course is actually very useful, very useful: My teacher basically satisfied with this course is particularly good because the tutor, the f inancial institute rarely have such serious tutor, each lesson has slides, said very clearly . This course Curiously, tutor sometimes bigger power than lecturer. Content is actually quite useful stuff with investment banks is closely related to, DCF and relative valuation. Lecturer not to force, basically say the following slides, and that slides obviously is autho r of the book, and he also marked his name. Textbook author is very famous in the Unite d States, but the man's book is a bit messy, slides more chaos, which for my kind of peo ple who like clarity, it is a very unpleasant thing. Assignment of the subject is always the same, no problem, there is no word limit, in any way you like stock price valuation of the two companies, but only 5%. Recommendation: do problems, do problems, do problems. Exercise is a good book, alth ough some questions some bug, there are a lot of wrong answers to the answers given t o tutor classes prevail. Do not understand the question tutor, he was very strong. Final e xam questions and tutorial question about a lot, some of the original title, but the re-cou nt again still very troublesome. A few weeks before this lesson find it particularly difficult, how so many things, but in fact go to school will feel that something is not much theory in order to understand the main focus is to apply those models to calculate that ugly poin t is to understand the equations and formulas back .

FINS3650 (2011S2) [International Banking] This class is useful when learning a sense of failure. Because suddenly find yourself fart did not know, and teachers too Niubi. Bruce was a cow, I think he is a legend. Teaching i s not his main business, he is in the APRA engage in research. 1989 came to Australia for the Australian people the securitisation. Talked about class is very good, but not necess arily keep up with his mind. And he used a lot of slang, Chinese children are at a disadva ntage. So you have to go home and listen to Lectopia (like would be a system called Ech o360 place), very exciting. Got used to the other teachers theorists, listen to Bruce never let you benefit. Do not wo rry about the usual points too low, Essay topic is not specified, as long as you adopt a se rious attitude that will not be the last of the low. Did not finish a lesson, Bruce will send a Recap, you also need to do a Recap sent to Blackboard for all to share and learn. His a ssessment structure is complex and metamorphosis, and his course outline is a wonderfu l work. Here to quote paragraph:

Inappropriate Behaviour
Prior to each lecture, a charity will be announced. (Nominations will be accepted through Blackboard.) Students whose mobile phones go off during lectures will be expected to c ontribute to the named charity, in an amount to be announced. Texting, listening to music, or playing Angry Birds will, if detected by the lecturer, result i n the confiscation of the responsible device, although the confiscation is likely to be temp orary. You may, however, become ineligible to enter the MasterChef competition. If you want to eat or drink during lectures, bring enough to share. The lecturer is sympathetic with students who are compelled to nap during lectures, but please keep snoring within limits. Highly recommended and is a good school.

FINS3655 (2011S1 and dropped) [Behavioural Finance] It is said that this course the original fine. Then came a French woman, do not like her st yle.

FINS3630 (did not take) [Bank Financial Management] I learned this course, but a lot of friends learned, generally reflect the relatively simple, b ut later, after a change of lecturer becomes difficult. I looked at the first semester of nex t year should be the original lecturer, kids can try, which is a traditional WAM booster. Ad ded: shallow knowledge, but it is not able to mix casually past.

FINS3775 (2011S2 and dropped) [Research Method I] Research Method. If you do not read Honours, do not consider this course. Honours read ing. Finished. Lecturer very powerful but very Cock, British woman's pride ah.

IV. Other Courses

MATH2871 (2011 S2) [Data Management for Statistical Analysis] Well, in addition to the teacher outside, this is a good lesson. Although MATH beginning, but science is not mathematics, oh. This course is mainly to learn SAS programming. If y ou do not know is what SAS can Google or Baidu. SAS is not SARS. Simply put SAS is a v ery useful data processing software, very powerful, direct spike low-level tools such as E xcel. But these functions are basically powerful programming capabilities you need to ach ieve. This introductory course is considered, there is no very deep things. But programming thi s kind of thing some people may not be suitable brain ah. Overall score points easily, end ing also only 50%. Finally finished after there is a Certification Exam can test, test out lat er became SAS Certified Base Programmer. Recommended for students interested in mat hematical thinking such as GE to learn. Notes give me a good look, a good exercise for me to do.

GENS5013 (2011 S2) [Workplace Safety] It's a shit course. It's hard to fail though. Online teaching. No Final. There is an 50% Group Report. Quiz (40%). Can group operati ons. But this course is Aviation junior class, I do not understand why so feces lesson will exist. I chose this course the main reason is rarely work load. Basically consequently do not dry. Find some good crew.

ECON1101 (2009 S1) [Microeconomics] Microeconomics, it seems still compulsory. Very useful, especially if you have no economi c basis, then, there are some interesting concepts and theories. Good for it. Should be in accordance with the Economics Institute of the rules, there should be four or five differe nt teachers with different lecture, so you can choose to listen to your favorite teacher.

ECON1102 (2009 S2) [Macroeconomics] Macroeconomics. Good lesson. But-and micro as textbooks reportedly not very good, I h ave not seen the other textbooks, but also felt it was too theoretical textbook. Collaborat ors have now the Fed (Federal Reserve) Chairman Ben Bernanke (Ben Bernanke). Do not understand why not learn those classic economics textbook. This two introductory cours es are not difficult, there is no basis for the students might be a little difficult, the key is t o read the book, discusses the time to reflect on your theoretical understanding.

ECON1202 (2009 S1) [Quantitative Analysis for Business and Economics aka Q uantitative Methods A] Commonly known as the QMA. Mathematical good kids should be very easy. Not much to say.

ECON1203 (2009 S2) [Business and Economic Statistics aka Quantitative Meth ods B] Commonly known as QMB. Is the statistical entry. I think this question should be no prob lem doing the course, ah, do not know the kids will destroy ah. Again, the key is to get t o understand it in the end in what was not looking around like a book, going to want to understand. Some people read quickly but to no avail (efficient but not effective), and so me people read very slowly with good results (inefficient but very effective - you know w ho I'm talking about), and some people do not read books. This course does not require a very careful reading to tell the truth, they get to know the subject enough.

ECON2206 (2011 S1) [Introductory Econometrics] I think teaching is not good. How can you be so taught econometrics. I think it should be talked about class examples, and then send the schools own series of books, the above i s the theory and exercises, do question just fine. Talked about class and can not rememb er a lot of theory in mind. This lesson has not been difficult exam, all very basic theory c alculations are not many. The study of these statistical data processing software like, ST ATA like practicality is not strong, you must learn the words have to choose FINS3775; el se or to consider learning about MATH2871 (SAS). This is my one elective course, someone told me that this course is not difficult, easy to get high scores. Finally, I also do not low points. But to remind students attention a few t hings: 1. Econometrics which is useful for careers in business, engage in financial researc h what's also helpful; 2 This course is really difficult, really, could just beginning to learn will feel when finished, certainly waste, but persevere, because the final exam is really ve ry simple; 3. need to know about the contents of the contents of less than, do not see N otes on so many things to panic; 4. well done past paper, you'll thank me. Young teacher English teacher in China which is very good, but so much older, speak such good Englis h is not easy, but he is totally hypnotic class represented figures gusto. To use the softw are STATA, quite useless, good to do those exercises. INFS1602 (2011 S1) [Information Systems in Business] Nothing to do not learn. It's a shit course. It's a WAM killer. In addition, if you are very in terested in the IT, like me, it should not be too difficult to learn. Therefore, this course is not suitable for most girls. In fact, the subject of the final exam out okay, but the essay questions are so many questions you scratching your head, because that is too much con tent of textbooks, while the notes are basically useless. Below I explain the title of that r oad are on their own handle every IT news pulled out, and I pulled a lot of such as what Cloud Computing, Amazon, Amazon Kindle and the like. Information systems. Children, but this is not a computer class. But if you have no intere st in the computer, I advise you not to learn. This is a very special class. Information syst em is a very useful professional, companies need to understand this very man. Losers in information systems, I think it is the company's various processes of research, how to im prove the efficiency of the class. It will involve the computer side of things. But at length the theory, theory, theory is very boring. There is a great assignment, about 5,000 word s, we need to do a web page. In fact, not too difficult, but if you are a computer idiot, it really is a big challenge. Do remember, writing assignment not put the book on the theor y of fall heap together, but their ideas, designing a business model. So in fact the assign ment relationship with this course is not great. There Weekly Online quiz. Comparison is not fly is one hour per week Lecture and tutorial, also called the workshop is two hours. I n these two hours inside, if you do not speak, you still do not go well, because the teach er will not tell you anything, all you do Presentation, panel discussions, debates and the li ke. That workshop teacher and our very to the force, did not learn what things to be hon est. Final exam multiple choice, then the continuation of the metamorphosis of the wron g pour points of principle, and short answer questions very large share of points, it is imp ortant to do some systematic theoretical review. I think I was brought up by end of the p oints to pull up, and end with a problem is to explain the concept, I rely on some of my s tuff on today's IT understanding of those concepts are explained in simple terms, but als o bring a lot of very popular in. Some examples. Haha. That Road 35 points the big ques tions I wrote more than six, and the first question is 35 points, just write more than two . Many candidates for this course regret it, because the score is really good to take. Look before you leap. Oh, forgot to say that the weekly Online quiz, you have to read a chapt er on page 30 and 40 can do, very sick, very fine point of the test was very tangled.

LEGT1710 (2010 S1) [Business and the Law] CPA and CA course. There is no simple legal lesson, even if you feel simple, that is illusio n, Chinese people's thinking is not able to stand these laws lesson. Although this course a lot of things, such as negligence in the matriculation when they are learned, but starte d writing articles to still very jerky. Go for it, quite useless. I still recommend the law clas ses, but if you still do not suck WAM learn: Although it is a newly opened class, in fact, and not very different from the previous 171 1 estimate. Lecturer on one, this woman is the MQ before the ACCC for many years, plen ty of industry experience, class did not pause, can breath Barabara talk for two hours. Th roughout the course of the design is still OK, but the tutorial compare not only the lectur er to bring their own tute also OK, Julia's tute can accept, Julia more able to pull the stud ents with poor English is definitely a disadvantage, listening to an estimated talk about w hat lessons do not know. But the law thing is to pull, although I guess Chinese people w ant what the teacher can provide answers to, ah, through what turned a deaf ear, but co nsequently, all on their own. In addition, there is a Teacher Chang, who is also the Tsing hua University, here read Buiness Law of the PhD, this person speak, uh. This person op ening the first lesson is this: I teach this lesson three years. Then civil law has been harv est civi law. After listening to a lesson I immediately went to Julia.

LEGT2741 (2010 S2) [Business Entities] Difficult than 1710, looks like I'm one of the lowest points in three years course. This cou rse is tailor-speaking company, partnership laws. Common Law's interesting is not back what legal provisions are many, many cases. If you have time to study, some cases still v ery interesting. I will provide a valuable long-term review notes, there is a need, please l eave a message. Lecturer seemingly strong, South Africa over, that he co-wrote the textbook. English is v ery clear, but I am still very drowsy class. His biggest problem is the Notes particularly m essy, so many lesson never seen such a mess, so I do not understand this, because his b ook is very organized, very good. Notes chaos reasons, my analysis is ultimately his com puter skills and basic knowledge of typography is very lacking, font size change is very s erious, typesetting poor. So if you're hearing is good, fast typing, then hit a Notes own cl ass would be more better. Overall, they can still talk. My tutor is great, again, Julia met LEGT1710 teacher, lively, articulate, speed fast, rambli ng, I like the style, but American accent, hehe. To force the most is that she at last class analysis a past paper on the case, and our final topic exactly. But I still believe that she d id not read the title, and she should not see the problem of power. Young man who, unf ortunately, Julia teacher does not teach the next year, she said, to work as a judge. The other two tutor uncle are age, are too strict, stuffy atmosphere. The difficulty of this course is that, in fact, you have to remember a lot of things, althoug h those laws are not back, it will give you the exam, including the case list, too, but you know what corresponds to what the case, and sometimes some of the topics from the Ac t out different sections, you have to know where to look. Moreover, not mechanically. Le gal stuff must write specific examples specific analysis. MIRAT is a style, not a form! ! ! Recommendations, final question before all of the past paper to do it again, because ther e will be some questions are exactly alike. But do not take it lightly, Legal standard answ er is never, you've got yourself slowly figured out a copy of your answer, or discussing wi th your mates. You think you're invincible, like title yet? You are wrong.