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OptiX OSN 7500/3500/2500/1500/REG

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The OSN REG is a STM-64/16 REG designed for longhaul transmission. OSN 7500/3500/2500/1500/REG. special consideration for easy operation & maintenance and built-in intelligent engine based on ASON/ GMPLS control plane. The OSN 3500 is a STM-64/16 OED (Optical Edge Device) designed for Metro core and edge. OSN series products bring a perfect end to end solution to the carriers from Metro core to Metro access. Ethernet. Based on a unified platform design. ATM. full compatibility in hardware and software. built-in WDM and SAN services transmission solutions.Product Brief To address the multi-service transport requirement on Metro Area Networks (MAN) and reduce operation & maintenance cost. OSN series products can provide SDH/PDH. Huawei launched Next Generation SDH products. Metro Core N*GE BRAS N*GE BRAS Metro Edge N*155M 10M Private DSLAM 10M Enterprise HQ LAN Switch FE/GE 10M internet Subsection 10M internet Subsection DSLAM Net Bar Bank HQ Mobile Transmission Metro Access Metro core device OSN 9500/7500 Metro edge device OSN 7500/3500 Metro access device OSN 2500/1500 1 . The OSN 1500 is a STM-16/4 compact CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) designed for the Metro access. The OSN 7500 is a STM-64 OCS (Optical Core Switch) designed for Metro core. OSN 7500/3500/ 2500/1500/REG brings significant cost saving for carriers' CapEx and OpEx through new highly integrated ASIC chips. The OSN 2500 is a STM-16/4 OED designed for Metro edge.

Huawei optical products including OptiX OSN 7500/3500/ 2500/1500 have been awarded the Carrier Ethernet Certification from the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF). E3/T3.STM-64 Ethernet services: Fast Ethernet. Gigabit Ethernet and 10Gigabit Ethernet N64K services: V. Lower Capex up to 20%.155M. Service provision response would cut down to few seconds. More network resource saved for direct route replacing pass-through services and reducing service cross connect between inter-rings. maintenance and manage the network.DVBASI ATM services: IMA E1.8011. 3G.Next Generation SDH OptiX OSN 7500/3500/2500/1500/REG Main Features Multi-service Provisioning enable carrier fast end to end service connect to VIPs. Auto discovery.17. FICON. multi-failure resistance and route optimization based on different policies. which can provide EPL/EVPL/EPLn/EVPLn services defined by ITUT G. Mature tools to provide network design and restoration emulation. BOD and OVPN provision to Compatibility OptiX OSN 7500/3500/2500/1500/REG is the NG-SDH 2 . Huawei OptiX OSN 7500/3500/2500/1500 support powerful Ethernet processing capability. 1+1 permanent protection. high network reliability and smooth scalability. High efficient network design by planning tools. ESCON. STM-16 . Pay as you grow as network expansion visibility by planning tools.35. STM-4. Service Level Agreement (SLA) services of Diamond. Data awareness Capability Ethernet become more and more popular in metropolitan area network. OSN series products have ability to access a great diversity of services to simplify the transport network.Frame E1 Storage services: Fiber Channel. Gold. To meet these requirements. E4 Lower Opex up to 50%. The OSN series products support a broad range of services in a single platform including. NGN.622M Any rate services: service rate range from 34Mbps to 2. auto configuSDH services: STM-1(e/o). Silver.7Gbps Built-in OADM (CWDM & DWDM) ration and auto diagnose make it easy to operate. 34M. The OSN series product can also provide RPR (Resilient Packet Ring). PDH services: E1/T1. Intelligent Feature OSN series products support distributed ASON features with rapid protection and restoration mechanism. To meet various service interface requirements on Metro network. Revenue increased by more value-add services provision. Copper and Iron class to meet various customized requirements. which comply with IEEE 802. More network bandwidth available for no need of 50% bandwidth reserved for protection. Broadband access and VPN all have requirements for Ethernet transport. Network Quality Promotion by MESH restoration.

It is a long-haul transport solution which has high proportion of performance and based on a unified software/hardware platform. Unified management system with end to end service provisioning. up to seven regenerators can be configured using only one OptiX OSN REG subrack. Single OptiX OSN REG subrack supports seven optical fiber links. In-service software upgrade. Long-haul transport solution OptiX OSN REG provides STM-16 or STM-64 register electrical regenerator that measure up ITU-T G. Operation & management capability Service board compatible to save spare parts and operation cost. all the software and service cards. therefore. OSI over DCC. Order-wire protection in case of fiber cut. TCM function. Unified product series can also shorten the time of network deployment and training. which greatly minimize the initial investment. Ethernet card. PDH. spare parts as well as maintenance cost. OptiX OSN 7500 OptiX OSN 3500 OptiX OSN 2500 OptiX OSN 1500A OptiX OSN 1500B OptiX OSN REG 3 . are compatible among various products. OptiX OSN REG support amplifier board and dispersion compensation module.958. which will highly extend the transmission distance. Hot-swap STM-1/4/16 and CWDM SFP optical modules. IP over DCC.SNMP. such as SDH.

L-16.694.694. timing unit and power unit 1:N tributary protection for E1/T1. L-1.2b.2b interfaces STM-4 S-4. Ethernet.1.2b. STM-1(e).2 Data capabilities Support GFP encapsulation Support LCAS Support VCAT Mapping granularity. U-16.2. L-4. L-16.2. S-16. GE to GE CAR based on 64K granularity Link aggregation MPLS and Stackable VLAN for L2 VPN 64 aggregation directions for powerful Ethernet convergence 4-level CoS RPR capabilities 3-level CoS. L-16. L-16.2. Spatial reuse of bandwidth with Fairness algorithm Automatic topology discovery Integrated MPLS with RPR to provide VLL/VPLS service Protection Equipment level: 1+1 protection for system control and communication unit.Next Generation SDH OptiX OSN 7500/3500/2500/1500/REG Specifications Parameter OSN 7500 Rate Cross -connect capacity OSN 3500 STM-64/16 OSN 2500 STM-16/4 OSN 1500 OSN 1500A OSN 1500B STM-16/4 STM-16/4 OSN REG STM-64/STM-64 FEC/ STM-16/STM-16 FEC STM-64 360G high-order 200G high-order 20G high-order 20G high-order 20G high-order & 80G low-order & 40G low-order & low-order & low-order & low-order Optical STM-1 S-1. S-16. L-1.2 STM-64/STM-64 FEC I-64. VC-12-nv/VC-3-nv.1. V-16. V-4. V-64. FE to GE. S-64. L-4. and VC-4-nv L2 convergence from FE to FE.1. L-64.2. L-64.2. E3/T3. IMA and 4 . S-64.2 STM-16 I-16. E4. A(A0/A1) / B(B-CIR/B-EIR) / C STEERING/WRAPPING/STEERING+WRAPPING protection scheme guarantee 50ms switching.1.2.2 Support CWDM color optical interface measure up ITU-T G.2.1.2 STM-64 I- Support DWDM color optical interface(out-of-band FEC) measure up ITU-T G. V-64. cross-connect unit.1 STM-16/STM-16 FEC I-16.1.

220V AC In conformity with ITU-T G.4~-72V DC. VP-RING Dimension 730 H W D 497 722 497 470 447 131 447 221 447 470 447 295 mm -38. 1:n linear MSP (n<=14) DNI (ITU-T G. virtual path protection Fiber shared MS-SP Ring (one optical interface can support 2 groups of MS-SP Rings) 1+1.4~-72V DC 295 mm 220V AC 263 mm 220V AC 263 mm -38.4~-72V DC. RPR/STP/RSTP ATM. ENV50141.4~-72V DC 295 mm -38.813 2 x 2048kb/s or 2 x 2048kHz 220V AC External timing inputs/outputs Operation Environment Temperature Long term: Short term: 0 -5 ~ 40 ~ 55 Relative Humidity 10% ~ 90% 5% ~ 95% EMC ETSI EN300 386. EN55022. 295 mm -38. Power Supply Timing specification -38.board power supply Network Level: 2/4 fiber MS-SP Ring SNCP/SNCTP Fiber shared. ENV50140 5 .842) Mesh Protection and restoration Service level: Ethernet. EN61000-4-2.4~-72V DC.4~-72V DC. -38.

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