Dear Prime Minister, I am writing to inform you about a major crisis due to Global Warming.

This term I have been learning all about Antarctica. And as many upsides and wonderful things there are in Antarctica there are also a few downsides like the major crisis Global Warming. Have you ever heard of the Ozone layer which covers our earth protecting it from the sun? Well encase you are unaware it is the referred to as the earth's stratosphere that absorbs the sun shooting down on earth. It is like shields to earth, stopping the sun melt all our countries. In Antarctica being a country which no one owns (There are only claims for Antarctica) people from all over the world come when they please. And as back then there were no treaties (It was even worse back then!) everyone thought it wouldn't even matter if someone came to Antarctica and killed all the fauna to eat, which messed with the natural Antarctic life cycle. For example, if the leopard seals usually eat the penguins, but the leopard seals can't eat the penguins because the penguins can't eat the krill all because some silly fishermen wanted krill! And this was only one terrible thing I learnt about Global Warming in Antarctica! Another terrible thing that has happened in Antarctica is all the pollution. Not only was rubbish being tipped into Antarctica's seas that would float in the winter and sink in the summer, but packaging that could not be recycled or reused was sent to Antarctica. Antarctica was becoming SO polluted! But then one day the world discovered a small hole in the Ozone layer JUST ABOVE Antarctica!! This was caused by all the pollution in Antarctica. If the world kept all this up eventually the hole would get bigger and bigger, which mean the sun would get through to Antarctica and it would MELT! Did you know Antarctica is almost twice the size of Antarctica? And pretty much all of Antarctica is made of ice! If Antarctica was to melt then the sea levels would rise by a lot which means most of our countries would GO UNDERWATER!! No one wants their countries to melt do they? Especially when the population is growing by the minute everyday!! Soon enough there were many treaties and protocols to protect Antarctica and all the flora and fauna, pollution and who was allowed to go there. Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Chile, France, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States and USSR were the twelve nations who signed the Antarctic treaty in Washington on the 1st of December 1959. The treaty has fourteen articles. It is open to anyone of the United Nation and now has 48 signatories! Since entering into the force on the 23rd of June 1961 the treaty is recognised as one of the most successful international agreements. I hope you have learnt something in this letter and will continue to show great leadership in making a difference to Antarctica's Global Warming. Your Sincerely Annabel x

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