PRECEPTORIAL – STUDENT GUIDE LU5: Ambulatory Pediatric Prece!

I" DATE AND TI#E The whole LU5 class will be divided into 8 groups of 20 students each. Each group will undergo ambulatory pediatrics rotation for wee!s starting on "ugust #$ 20## to "pril #$ 20#2. NA#E O$ PRECEPTORS AND SECTIONS REPRESENTED %elected consultants from the ambulatory and subspecialty sections of the &epartment of 'ediatrics will act as preceptors.



PRE%RE&UISITES LU5 students are re(uired to pass the minimum re(uirements in the following) #. *asic anatomy$ physiology$ pathology$ and pharmacology 2. 'ediatrics) #. +istory,ta!ing , proper s!ills to conduct an interview 2. 'hysical e-amination, perform basic maneuvers needed to carry out an accurate physical e-amination I'" O'ER'IE( O$ T)E #ODULE .ithin their ,wee! rotation$ the students will rotate in the pediatric out, patient clinics for preceptorials) the sic! child clinic$ the well child clinic$ and selected subspecialty clinics. " ma-imum of two students will be assigned to one patient. They are e-pected to do a complete history and physical e-amination. *ased on their clinical findings$ they are e-pected to come up with a rational wor!ing diagnosis and to identify diagnostic and therapeutic plans before they present their respective cases. Each student will present a minimum of #0 patients /cases0 at the end of their , wee! rotation. LEARNING ACTI'IT* 1our students will be pre,assigned to one pediatric consultant,preceptor. 2. The senior pediatric residents or fellows rotating in the out, patient clinic will assign one patient per 2 students. 2. %tudents assigned to the patient will obtain pediatric history and perform appropriate physical e-amination under the senior residents3 supervision. . The students will be allowed to write down their findings in the medical chart) history$ physical e-amination$ diagnosis /and differential diagnoses0$ and management plan. 4rowth charts must be #.


The sealed envelope will be given bac! to the students before the preceptor leaves the :'&. This will be placed inside a brown envelope bearing the dates of all scheduled preceptorials.hat is the nutritional status of the patient> 'resent a duly accomplished growth chart. 5. 8. "ll four students will present their patient to the pediatric consultant. . . 7. 4uide =uestions) #.hat important part/s0 of the history and physical e-amination were pointed out /or missed0> &emonstrate complete physical e-amination of the area of primary concern.preceptor en banc in a designated room within the pediatric out. Enumerate differential diagnoses and e-plain why it is considered and? or eliminated. . The preceptor will countersign the accomplished and corrected medical chart at the end of the session. . Two cases will be presented in one preceptorials session. #0. The preceptor will sign over the appropriate preceptorial slot as proof of completion of the session and submission of grades. 'I" CASES $OR DISCUSSION "ll new patients consulting in the pediatric sic! child and subspecialty clinics< new or old patients on follow.up for immuni8ations in the well child clinics will be eligible for case presentation. " ma-imum of 20 minutes per patient will be allowed for each patient presentation. 5. 4rading sheets must be submitted to the preceptor at the start of case presentation. Enumerate salient features in the history and physical e-amination and give the most probable diagnosis based on these salient features. 6. 6. 9. 4rading sheets will be filled up by the preceptor and will be placed inside a white letter envelope.temi8e plan of management$ including laboratory e-aminations and ancillary procedures$ treatment and referrals /if applicable0.patient comple-.accomplished and the patient5s nutritional status must be computed prior to presentation. . "fter presentation$ final disposition and management$ including discharge instructions and administration of immuni8ations$ will be given by the students under the consultants3 supervision. The preceptor will seal the white envelope and sign over the flap /to guarantee from tampering0. 2.t is their responsibility of the students to turn their grades over to the LU5 secretary at the end of the day. . The students will be evaluated individually using a standard grading sheet. 2.

Nel o+ Te.orld +ealth :rgani8ation. . #. Tuberculo i i+ I+.wee! rotation. 2.o.tboo. 2.preceptors shall li!ewise submit a feedbac! sheet on this learning activity at the end of the school year. 2002 'hilippine 'ediatric %ociety. " feedbac! sheet on this learning activity will be filled up by the students at the end of their . 2. . I+te2rated #a+a2eme+t o.a+cy a+d C1ild1ood. 2.'II" E'ALUATION %tudents will be evaluated by the consultant preceptor according to !nowledge$ s!ills$ and attitudes using a standard evaluation card. Co+ e+ u Guideli+e " 2005 'III" #. RE$ERENCES *erhman AE$ Bliegman AC$ Denson +*. Pediatric /0t1 Editio+" 2002 . @onsultant. C1ild1ood Il+e e 3I#CI4 handboo! 'hilippine 'ediatric %ociety @ommittee on @hildhood Tuberculosis.