Ingredients: 1 cup Moong Dal/Yellow Split Moong Lentils 2 Tomatoes, finely chopped 3 Green Chillies, finely chopped

1 inch Ginger, peeled and finely chopped ¼ tsp Turmeric Powder/Haldi Salt as per taste For Tadka/Tempering: 1 tsp Cumin Seeds/Jeera 6-8 Curry Leaves 1 tbsp Oil (for Tadka/tempering) Special Utensil: Pressure Cooker or Heavy bottomed pan Method: 1. Pick and rinse dal a few times till the water runs clear. Soak for about 15-30 minutes. 2. In a pressure cooker, mix dal and two cups of water. Let it come to a boil. Discard the scum floating on the surface. 3. Then add chopped tomatoes, green chillies, ginger, salt, turmeric powder and one more cup of water (The water should be above the level of dal mixture). 4. Cover the cooker with the lid and wait for 2 whistles. 5. Whisk the dal when cooked. 6. Now heat some oil for tempering, add curry leaves and cumin seeds, and allow it to splutter. 7. Add this seasoning to the dal, mix it, adjust the consistency by adding water and simmer it for few minutes or wait for one whistle, if using a pressure cooker. 8. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with plain white rice .

Special Notes/Tips:

Some prefer to cook this dal in a handi or an open vessel. In that case follow the same method as above, except adding more water, and cooking it on high flame for few minutes. Simmer it till almost cooked, soft and mushy. I added some shallow fried okra(wash, wipe, slit and shallow fry , sprinkle some salt) after dal was done, and let it boil for a minute.

Generally dal-rice is always served with a side dish, which ranges from simple fried and spiced up potatoes, okra, brinjal etc., to healthier options like dry mixed vegetable curry, drumsticks in onion base, gobi aloo etc. This time it was paired with Capsicum and Onion Subji, a simple and tasty side dish, cooked in jiffy.

Capsicum and Onion Subji

Recipe: Capsicum & Onion Subji (Bell Pepper & Onion Stir Fry) Prep & Cooking Time: Around 15 minutes Serves: 3-4 People Recipe Level: Basic/Beginner Recipe/Post by: Alka Ingredients: 3 Capsicums/Bell Peppers of any colour 2 Onions 2-3 Green Chillies 1 large Tomato ¼ tsp Turmeric Powder/Haldi ½ tsp Coriander Powder

Heat oil in Kadhai or pan and add onions. This veggie does not take much time to cook. Papad(popadum). Add capsicum. Wash and remove pith and seeds of capsicums. Enjoy a wholesome meal with some Rice. Dal. 12. 7. . Roti/Phulka. You can lower the heat or add few drops of water if the vegetables start to burn and stick to the pan. Saute it till translucent. You can also add some weight to facilitate fast cooking. 6. salad etc. 9. Sprinkle few drops of water in between if the veggie tends to sticks to the surface. and all other ingredients and cook on a high heat. Then add chopped tomato and cook for 2-3 minutes. 5. Peel and chop the onions finely. Cut these into large chunks.under 10 mins Cook time -under 20 mins Serves -3-4 10. 2.Little less than ¼ tsp Garam Masala Powder(optional) 1 tsp Oil Salt to taste Method: 1. 4. 3. about 3 minutes. taking care not to burn the mixture. as soon as tomato appears to be skinny. How to make vendakkai curry (poriyal) Prep time . Reduce the heat to low and place a lid over the pan. its done! 8. Ingredients needed 11.

Variations . Then cut off the head and the tail. 1 tsp curd and cook uncovered till it changes color and is slightly crispy.Fry 2 tsp of channa dal (kadalai paruppu). 14.Lady's finger . Tips . add urad dal and curry leaves. wipe it dry with a clean cloth.1 1/2 tsp (use less if using store bought) Coriander powder . Keep stirring it now and then for even cooking. cover and cook. add turmeric powder. 13. Ingredients to make Crispy Bhindi Fry :  Lady's finger(Vendakka/Bhindi) . You can also add a tsp of besan (kadalai mavu) instead of curd. coriander powder. Saute till dal turns golden brown. 15.(not too small as it will become sticky) Method Heat oil in a pan or kadai.1 tsp Urad dal . After it is slightly cooked. then add the ladies finger. salt needed. add mustard seeds.This curry can be served as a side dish for rasam and sambar rice. Then cut it into small pieces as seen in the picture. when it splutters.1/2 kg (500 grams) Oil .1/4 cup Turmeric powder .1/2 tsp Curry leaves . Powder it and use that podi/powder as required to give a different flavor to the curry.1 tsp Salt as needed For the seasoning Mustard seeds . chilli powder. 2 tsp of coriander seeds (malli) and 4 dry red chillies in a tsp of oil until dal turns golden brown.Curd is added to prevent the lady's finger from becoming sticky.a pinch Chilli Powder .2 tsp Curd .250g .few Preparation Wash ladies finger well.

1/2 bunch or more to garnish  Salt Salt (English) / Uppu (tamil) / Uppu (malayalam) / Uppu (telugu) / Uppu (kannada) / Namak (hindi) / Laban / Noone (Bengali) / Meethu (Gujarati) / Meet (Konkani) / Mith (Marathi) / for more details.1/2 tsp  Garam masala powder . click the name of the ingredient .1/4 tsp . click the name of the ingredient . for more details. Corianderleaves Cilantro / Coriander Leaves (English) / Kothamalli Ilai / Malli Ilai (tamil) / Kothamalli Ila / Malli Ila (malayalam) / Kothimeera / Kothamalli Kooraku (telugu) / Kottambari Soppu (kannada) / Hara Dhania Ke Patte / Dhania Patha (hindi) / Dhonay Patha (Bengali) / Kothmir / Dhana (Gujarati) / Kottambari Pallo (Konkani) / Kothimbir (Marathi) / Dhania Patra (Oriya) / Hara Dhania (Punjabi) / .

click the name of the ingredient (Besan/Kadalapodi) _ 3 spoons . Turmericpowder Turmeric Powder (English) / Manjalpodi (tamil) / Manjalpodi (malayalam) / Pasupu (telugu) / Arashina / Harasina Pudi (kannada) / Haldi / Hardhar (hindi) / Halood (Bengali) / Hardhar / Haldi (Gujarati) / Haladpito (Konkani) / Halad / Halede (Marathi) / Haladi Gunda (Oriya) / Haldar / Haldi (Punjabi) / Lader (Kashmiri) / Haladi (Urudu) / for more details. click the name of the ingredient .1 pinch  Gramflour Gram Flour (English) / Kadalamaavu (tamil) / Kadala Podi / Kadala Mavu (malayalam) / Senaga Pindi / Chenaga Pindi (telugu) / Kadalehittoo (kannada) / Besan / Channa No Lot (hindi) / Baeshun (Bengali) / Channa No Lot (Gujarati) / Chonyapitti / Sone Pet (Konkani) / Besan (Marathi) / Besan (Oriya) / Besan (Punjabi) / for more details.

1 tsp  Corianderpowder Coriander Powder (English) / Mallipodi (tamil) / Mallipodi (malayalam) / Dhaniyalu (telugu) / Kottambari Beeja / Haveeja (kannada) / Dhania / Dhana (hindi) / Dhonay / Dhaniya (Bengali) / Dhana / Dhaniya / Kothmiri / Libdhaba (Gujarati) / Kottambari / Konpir (Konkani) / Dhane / Kothimir (Marathi) / Dhaniya (Oriya) / Dhaniya (Punjabi) / Kothemberi (Tulu) / Deaniwal / Kothambalari (Kashmiri) / . Chillypowder Chilli Powder (English) / Mulakupodi (tamil) / Mulakupodi (malayalam) / Erra Mirapa Kayalu / Yendu Mirapakayalu (telugu) / Molaku / Kempu Menasinakai / Ona Menasinakai (kannada) / Lal Mirch (hindi) / Paka Lanka / Lal Mirch / Lankamorich (Bengali) / Lal Marcha (Gujarati) / Sukki Saangi /Suke Miriyasang (Konkani) / Lal Mirchi / Mirchya (Marathi) / Lanka / Nali Lankamaricha (Oriya) / Lal Mirch (Punjabi) / Marach Wangun (Kashmiri) / Lalmirch (Urudu) / . click the name of the ingredient . for more details.

3 tbsp  Onion Onion (English) / Vaengayam (tamil) / Savala (malayalam) / Nirulli / Ullipayalu / Yerra Gaddalu (telugu) / Ulligadde / Erulli / Neeruli (kannada) / Pyaz / Dungri / Kanda (hindi) / Pyajj / Piyaz (Bengali) / Dungri / Kanda (Gujarati) / Sawalo / Piyavu (Konkani) / Kandaa (Marathi) / Piaja (Oriya) / Pyaz (Punjabi) / . click the name of the ingredient .for more details.2 . click the name of the ingredient .1/2 tsp  Oil .1/2 tsp  Cuminpowder Cumin Powder (English) / Jeerakapodi (tamil) / Jeerakapodi (malayalam) / Jeelakara / Jidakara / Jikaka (telugu) / Jeerige (kannada) / Jeera / Jeeru / Safaid Jeera / Zeera / Shimai Shombu (hindi) / Jeera / Zeera / Safed Jira (Bengali) / Jeeru / Jiru / Safed Jiraun (Gujarati) / Jeerey / Jeren (Konkani) / Jeera / Jeregire (Marathi) / Jira / Jeera (Oriya) / Jira (Punjabi) / Zyur (Kashmiri) / for more details.

click the name of the ingredient . click the name of the ingredient (medium) .1 no   (jullienned) For seasoning:-  Mustardseeds Mustard Seeds (English) / Kadugu (tamil) / Kadugu (malayalam) / Avalu (telugu) / Sasuve / Karisasive (kannada) / Rai / Banarasi Rai / Sarson (hindi) / Sarsay / Shorshe / Rai (Bengali) / Rai (Gujarati) / Sasaun (Konkani) / Mohori (Marathi) / Sorisa / Sarosha (Oriya) / Rai / Banarasi Rai / Kalee Sarson (Punjabi) / Sasive (Tulu) / Aasur / Sorisa (Kashmiri) / Rai.1/2 tsp  Blackgram Black Gram (English) / Ulundhu (tamil) / Uzhunnu (malayalam) / Minu Mulu / Manipa / Uddulu (telugu) / Uddu (kannada) / Subat Urd / Urid (hindi) / Mashkolair Dal / Kaalo Dal / Mash / Kalai (Bengali) / Aalad / Udad (Gujarati) / Oodeedu / Urdachi / Udid (Konkani) / Uddachi / Udid (Marathi) / Biri . Banarasi Rai.for more details. Kalee Sarson (Urudu) / for more details.

click the name of the ingredient (Kadalaparippu) .(Gota) / Muga Dali (Oriya) / Mah-Di / Mash (Punjabi) / Urdu (Tulu) / for more details.1/2 tsp  Cuminseeds Cumin Seeds (English) / Seerakam / Jeerakam (tamil) / Jeerakam (malayalam) / Jeelakara / Jidakara / Jikaka (telugu) / Jeerige (kannada) / Jeera / Jeeru / Safaid Jeera / Zeera / Shimai Shombu (hindi) / Jeera / Zeera / Safed Jira (Bengali) / Jeeru / Jiru / Safed Jiraun (Gujarati) / Jeerey / Jeren (Konkani) / Jeera / Jeregire (Marathi) / Jira / Jeera (Oriya) / Jira (Punjabi) / Zyur (Kashmiri) . click the name of the ingredient (Uzhunnuparippu) .2 tsp  Bengalgram Bengal Gram (English) / Kothukadalai (tamil) / Kadala (malayalam) / Sanagalu / Sanaga (telugu) / Kadale / Chana (kannada) / Chana (hindi) / Chola (Bengali) / Chana (Gujarati) / Chanae (Konkani) / Harbara (Marathi) / Buta / Bata (Oriya) / Chole / Channa (Punjabi) / Kadle (Tulu) / Chanu (Kashmiri) / for more details.

1/2 tsp   Roasted peanuts(Nelakadala) .1 tbsp Roasted cashews . click the name of the ingredient (Jeerakam) . click the name of the ingredient ./ for more details.3 sprigs  Corianderleaves Cilantro / Coriander Leaves (English) / Kothamalli Ilai / .1 tbsp  Curryleaves Curry Leaves (English) / Kariveppilai / Karivempu (tamil) / Kariveppila (malayalam) / Karivepaku / Karepaku (telugu) / Karibevu / Baisoppu / Karibevina Soppu (kannada) / Kadi Patta / Kathnim / Mitha Neem / Curry Patta / Gandhela / Bareanga (hindi) / Curry Patta / Barsanga / Kariphulli (Bengali) / Mitho Limdo / Meetho Limbado / Goranimb / Kadhilimbdo (Gujarati) / Karbapathi / Beva Palo (Konkani) / Kadhi Patta / Karhinimb / Poospala / Gandla / Jhirang / Pandheri Kunthi (Marathi) / Bhrusanga Patra / Barsan / Basango / Bhuraunga (Oriya) / Kadipatti / Curry Patta (Punjabi) / Bevudirae (Tulu) / for more details.

1/4th bunch (chopped finely)  Greenchillies Green Chillies (English) / Pachchii Milagai (tamil) / Pachamulagu (malayalam) / Patchimirapa / Pachchi Mirapakayalu (telugu) / Hasi Menasinakai (kannada) / Hara Mircha / Hari Mirch (hindi) / Kancha Lanka / Maricha (Bengali) / Marcha (Gujarati) / Jeevisaang / Tanrni Mirsang / Tanrni Miriyasang (Konkani) / Pachchai Milagai (Marathi) / Lila Marcha (Oriya) / Mirchan (Punjabi) / for more details.2 nos (minced or grated or crushed) Directions to make Crispy Bhindi Fry :  1)Wash the bhindi and pat dry them in towel and leave them for 1 hour. . for more details.3 nos or as reqd   Garlic cloves . click the name of the ingredient . click the name of the ingredient .2 .Malli Ilai (tamil) / Kothamalli Ila / Malli Ila (malayalam) / Kothimeera / Kothamalli Kooraku (telugu) / Kottambari Soppu (kannada) / Hara Dhania Ke Patte / Dhania Patha (hindi) / Dhonay Patha (Bengali) / Kothmir / Dhana (Gujarati) / Kottambari Pallo (Konkani) / Kothimbir (Marathi) / Dhania Patra (Oriya) / Hara Dhania (Punjabi) / .

1/4th bunch of pat dried coriander leaves and toss well. 4)To it.In between keep tossing or shaking so that the bhindi is not burnt.14 mins.Never over toss the bhindi. gram flour. :.2 mins on a medium flame. 3)In a bowl mix together salt. It will turn soggy. roasted peanuts & cashews. :. 7)Fry them covered for 1 . 11)Open the lid and cook on medium flame until the bhindi turns crispy. add bhindi. 6)Splutter mustard seeds followed by black gram. curry leaves and coriander leaves one by one. :. 12)Finally garnish with cilantro leaves and curry leaves and switch off the stove and keep covered for 10 more minutes so that the flavours of cilantro and curry leaves is absorbed by the bhindi.U can adjust spicyness according to ur taste.7 mins. During childhood days biryani is a very rare thing and i hardly remember amma making biryani.Take care not to burn the seasoning. :. turn the stove to medium and cook covered for 6 .U can also alternately deep fry the bhindi and then do the seasoning and add masala and grated coconut. :.This takes another 10 . She regularly makes Tomato Rice for Lunch box . Bengal gram. :. 5)Heat oil in a pan. Tomato biryani our neighbour aunty makes so well and those days we don’t get Mint leaves . turmeric powder. cumin seeds. aunty . 10)Close the lid . :.U can add grated coconut if u wish. cut them into circular discs or rings of 5-7 mm thickness. garm masala powder.                2)After 1 hour. 9)Change the flame to high and add the bhindi tossed with all powders and coriander leaves to the above and toss it well and saute for 2 mins without lid. chilly powder. so whenever we demand aunty to make . 8)Add julienned onion and saute for 3 .4 mins. coriander powder and cumin powder.

So i am sharing the recipe of Tomato Biryani – Jamuna aunty’s version.will call up uncle and tell him to buy mint leaves from a particular market in the city and the next day she makes yummy Tomato biryani which we will feast with simple raita. when we both visited my mom’s place aunty made the Tomato biryani for both of us and we both enjoyed it. INGREDIENTS: [SERVES 3-4] JEERAGA SAMBA RICE* WATER COCONUT MILK TOMATO ONION RED CHILLI POWDER SALT TURMERIC POWDER SHALLOTS(SMALL ONION) GINGER 1 AND 1/4 CUP 1 CUP 3/4 CUP 2 1 3/4 TSP AS NEEDED 1/4 TSP 8-9 A SMALL PIECE . After i got married .

ginger and fennel seeds into a fine paste using little water.garlic. if u want u can use basmati rice too. Grind the shallots(small onion).GARLIC FENNEL SEEDS MINT LEAVES OIL + GHEE GREEN PEAS 3-4 CLOVES 1 TSP 10-15 1 TBLSP + 1 TBLSP 1/4 CUP *Generally jeera samba rice is used to make tomato biryani. METHOD:    Wash and soak the rice for 15 minutes in 1 cup of water. Puree 2 tomatoes in mixer and keep aside. .

I added the sTore bought one. heat oil and ghee. When onions turn brown.    Mix well and add the coconut milk. . Add the sliced onions and mint leaves. add the grind paste to this and saute in a low flame till the raw smell goes off. Close the lid of the cooker and keep the flame to medium. Add chilli powder. Saute for few minutes in a medium low flame till the raw smell goes off and the oil oozes out on sides.   Chop the onions and mint leaves finely. turmeric powder and salt. You can dilute the first milk little by adding 1/4 water water to 1/2 cup thick coconut milk. If u don’t get get green peas you can skip it else u can add Butter beans too. Add the rice now.    Add the tomato puree. In a pressure cooker. Add the green peas.If making at home add the first milk.

  When it gives one whistle. This will taste awesome when we mix with hot rice and eat with papad(my mouthwaters!!) . I still remember wheni was pregnant with my second kid. keep the flame low and let this be like this for 10 minutes. Switch off the flame after 10 minutes. Serve hot with any raita. BRINJAL CURRY | KATHRIKKAI CURRY| EGGPLANT STIR FRY RECIPE Eggplant | brinjal| kathrikkai whatever you call is one of my favorite veggie and especially this curry which my mom makes with the big eggplant which we use for Baingan bharta is my most favorite one.  Fluff it with a fork once the pressure is released. i used to ask my mom to make this alteast 3-4 times a week.


When it crackles add the thinly sliced onions and saute for 2 minutes. . Slice the onions thinly. Add the cubed brinjals and throw in the sambar powder.METHOD:  Cut the brinjals into cubes. turmeric powder and salt.   In a pan add oil and throw in the mustard seeds and curry leaves.

Serve hot with plain rice or enjoy with simple Tomato Rasam and rice. .   When the color changes to dark brown. switch of the flame. Saute them in a medium flame till the brinjals become tender and cooked nicely.

INGREDIENTS: GREEN PEAS SHALLOTS COCONUT CUMIN SEEDS SALT RED CHILLY GARLIC OIL MUSTARD SEEDS TURMERIC POWDER 1/2 CUP 10 NO 3 TBLSP 1/4 TSP AS NEEDED 2 NO 2 NO 1 TSP 1/2 TSP A PINCH .Note:   You can use small brinjals or the green color brinjals too. Sambar powder can be replaced with red chilli powder too.

This will take approximately 10 minutes.   Add water in a wide vessel and add the green peas . Add a pinch of turmeric powder and salt to this and cook till the peas gets cooked. Take out the skin of shallots and chop them finely. Drain the water.METHOD:   Take out the peas from the shell. once it is cooked and keep it aside. .

cumin seed. and garlic into a fine paste adding very little water. In a pan add oil and throw in the mustard seeds. red chilly. When it splutters add the chopped shallots.  When the onions turn golden brown add in the cooked green peas and the ground masala.  Grind the coconut. .

  Mix it nicely and cook for 2 minutes to get the masala infused into the peas and check for salt. Garnish with curry leaves.  This can be served even with rotis too. .

Cumin seeds can be replaced with fennel seeds to enhance more flavor. 2.Note: 1. 2-3 shallots can be added while grinding the masala. .