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re"uisites COMPILER DESIGN PECS3204 CSE & IT THEORY OF COMPUTATION No. of Credits 4 Sc ool Co!re"uisites CUTM, SOET, Paralakhemundi.

Course Coordinator#s$% Mr.A.A ina!h " Mr.Man#$kar" %r. Ani&a Pa&ra &OD% DEAN Email Telep one No. '()*+(*((4 Ot er Course Teac er#s$%Tutor#s$ 4, Learnin' &ours Student (uota Course T)pe Offer in Academic *ear Pr#-e!!i#nal Ele.&i e /&h Seme!&er 0 ()+1

COURSE DESCRIPTION Thi! .#ur!e in&r#du.e! .#m2iler de!i3n &e.hni4ue! and &he u!a3e #- de!i3n .#n.e2&!. T#2i.! in.lude e--e.&i e u!e #2ar!er! and im2lemen&in3 2ar!in3 &e.hni4ue! . COURSE O+,ECTI-ES +. T# de el#2 &he -undamen&al !&ren3&h in &he .#m2iler de!i3nin3 ( Learn to develop some simple applications 1. To prepare students for successful careers in industry 4. Learn to develop some small projects .UIDELINES ON .RADIN. AND STANDARDS O/ ASSESSMENT
Qualification Grade Score on 100 Percentage Points Point Outstanding Excellent Very Good Good Fair Pass Failed Malpractice “O” “E” “A” “B” “C” “D” “F” “M” 90 and above up to 100 80 and above but less than 90 70 and above but less than 80 60 and above but less than 70 50 and above but less than 60 40 and above but less than 50 Below 40

translation of expressions. Module III0 #15 &ours$ Run Time Environment: storage organizations. basic blocks and flow graphs. semantic rules. Symbol Table: Structure and features of symbol tables. type checking and conversions. types and declarations. three address codes . dependency graphs. simple code generation using flow graphs. Code Generations: Factors involved. Intermediate Code Generation: DAG for expressions. Syntax Analysis:Role of a parser. lexical analyser generator. application of syntax directed translation. SLR parsers and construction or SLR parsin' ta3les4 LR#1$ parsers and construction of LR#1$ parsin' ta3les4 LALR parsers and Module II0 #12 &ours$ Syntax Directed Translation: Syntax directed definitions (SDD). static and dynamic storage allocations.quadruples and triples. registers allocation. regular expressions and regular languages. error reporting and recovery. inherited and synthesized attributes. stack allocation. Elements of Code Optimization: Objective. LL(1) grammars. translation of Boolean expressions and control flow statements. design of a lexical analyser as a DFA. Bottom Up Parsing: Handle pruning and shift reduces parsing. peephole . array references. symbol attributes and scopes. handlings of activation records for calling sequences.Absent “S” COURSE CONTENT Module I0 #12 &ours$ introduction: Overview and phases of compilation. evaluation orders for SDD. non-recursive predictive parsing. Top Down Parsing: Recursive descent parsing. context free grammars and context free languages. back patching. ambiguous grammar. Lexical Analysis: Non-deterministic and deterministic finite automata (NFA & DFA). parse trees and derivations. intermediate code 'eneration for procedures. simple code generation using stack allocation. regular grammar.

. <8 Internal E8aluation Total 5. redundant and un-reachable codes.#n!idered.optimization.#ndu. 8 Ali'ned Course Learnin' Outcomes. 8 . concepts of elimination of local common sub-expressions. 7e!& #&5# 5ill 6e . 48 hours are the total number of contact hours planned for the course for the semester. 45 hours are lecture/teaching/interactive forum discussion hours.#ndu. COURSE LEARNIN.e and a6# e.ournals4 te7t3oo@s4 6e3site addresses etc.e Mark! are 3i en -#r '*8 a&&endan. Learnin' Outcomes 6 ic 6ill 3e met COURSE ASSESSMENT MET&ODS Assessment Met od Description 1$ In&ernal Te!&! Three in&ernal &e!&! 5ill 6e .$ . :ei' t 2. ? ESSENTIAL READIN. ()< 2$ A!!i3nmen&! Three a!!i3nmen&! are <8 3i en &# &he !&uden& and are &# 6e !u6mi&&ed in &he !eme!&er 5$ A&&endan. DOM De8elop a small pro9ect 6 ic includes all concepts of 6e3 desi'nin' E7plain t e importance of t e topic and discussin' all pre8ious )ear uni8ersit) e7amination "uestions E7plain t e importance of t at topic in campus inter8ie6s and competati8e e7amination COURSE TEAC&IN. CSS . 8 =$ E=&ernal E=amina&i#n Uni er!i&> E=amina&i#n >. ACTI-ITIES • • • • There are 4 contact hours per week.&ed. 3 hours are interactive tutorial hours for discussing the previous year papers.S0 #. OUTCOMES E7plain o6 to de'i'n a 6e3pa'e Implement t e concepts JAVA Script . AND LEARNIN. basics of flow of control optimization. 9+):+) .&ed a& &he end #&he !eme!&er Total 1.

Si'natureBBBBBBBBBBB.u!!i#n 5i&h &he !&uden&!.!&uden&! in &he .&ure #!#me leadin3 Uni er!i&ie!. academic honesty.e in a !eme!&er< 1< One0&#0#ne di!. Ravi Sethi and Jeffrey D.. ADDITIONAL COURSE IN/ORMATION +OARD O/ STUDIES APPRO-AL. DateBBBBBBBBBBB .#ur!eB! !>lla6u! ha! 6een de!i3ned 6> ad#2&in3 e=i!&in3 . The Ce.&ure manual i! a 3enuine 5#rk d#ne 6> &he C#ur!e C##rdina&#r. The . Techniques and Tools Authors: Alfred V. Aho. Lam. Ullman Publisher: Pearson MEANS % PROCESSES /OR STUDENT /EED+ACA ON COURSE +< ?er6al -eed6a.k #.k #.#ur!e !&ru. attendance etc.Textbooks Compilers – Principles. Monica S.&he !&uden&! 9#nline -#rma&A &aken &!! (< @ri&&en -eed6a.) +. (. COURSE POLIC* (including plagiarism.