Read the text to answer question 1


hat does the noti!e "ean# A. The $uests are su$$ested to !he!% out at 1& to $et additiona' roo"(s !har$e. B. The $uests wi'' pay extra )i'' due to !he!%in$ out a*ter 1& noon. +. No $uest is a''owed to !he!% out a*ter 1& o(!'o!%. ,. It is a "ust *or e-ery $uest to !he!% out at 1&.

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To: Dewi I've got news that my grandmother is sick and hospitalized, so my family and I have to visit her immediately. Therefore, I cannot attend the class tomorrow. Wo ld yo mind s !mitting my report to "r. #oe$ % It will d e to tomorrow&. Thanks for yo r kindness. 'ldi


hat shou'd ,ewi do# A. As% per"ission to the tea!her. B. He'p A'di to su)"it his pro.e!t. +. Te'' the !'ass that A'di is a)sent. ,. /isit the $rand"other with A'di.

Read the text to answer questions 3 and 0
All Students of Grade 9 You are invited to:

FAREWELL PARTY 2010 GLO AL !"S #a$%#ate : Saturda$& t'e fift' of !ul$ t(o t'ousand and ten


Ti)e : *+) , 10 +)

-enue : all Roo) Sultana "otel !l. Sudir)an /av. 10 , 12 Sura0a$a

12nvitation 3ard availa0le at OS2S roo).



here wi'' the $raduation party )e he'd# A. At Osis roo". B. On Sudir"an street. +. At G'o)a' 1HS. ,. At Ba'' roo" Su'tana Hote'.

0. How 'on$ is the *arewe'' party !arried out# A. & hours. B. 3 hours. +. 0 hours. ,. 2 hours

Read the text and answer questions 2 and 3.

Dear Bima,

Congratulations on your success to be the best photographer journalist 2009

The manager and staff of The JJ Daily Post


. We plan to go to 5alak mo ntain.) 2.ai'y 6ost +. 6 t I3m not really keen on it.. a .ourna'ist o* a "a$a5ine. 'kmal. 8et me know soon. There3s a river near campsite.. 't night we3ll sit aro nd the fire and sing songs. A. a . 2ow3s life$ We3re going to have a long holiday this s mmer.id . and also for fishing. www. a photo$rapher .yahoo.co. announ!e peop'e to $i-e praise to Bi"a B. a photo$rapher o* a "a$a5ine. !on$ratu'ate Bi"a on his su!!ess Read the *o''owin$ text to answer questions 7 and 8 To : akmal*+. It3s a nice place for camping and hiking. 3.com -rom: denise. +.academicpare. The text is written in order to 4 .blogspot. A. aren3t we$ What are going to do$ 4 know s mmer is a good time for camping and hiking. hat is Bi"a # He is 4 .com . Why don3t 7oin s$ It3ll !e more f n if come.ourna'ist o* a newspaper.yahoo. in-ite peop'e to !o"e to 11 .ourna'ist o* a newspaper./ : 0lanning 1 holiday Date : # ne. (*th (++* 2i. in*or" peop'e a)out a photo$rapher . B.

. +. 6'ease )rin$ the do!u"ents needed. +. The !usto"ers: needed. .com . They:re $oin$ to !a"p and hi%e. The !usto"ers( "ana$er. +a"pin$ and *ishin$. . . and 1<.blogspot. hat wi'' )e dis!ussed in the "eetin$# A. B. 8. +a"pin$9 hi%in$9 sin$in$9 and sittin$ around *ire. . A. hy are they $oin$ to $o to Sa'a% "ountain# It:s a su""er season. The !usto"ers: order.enise $oin$ to do in the 'on$ ho'iday# +a"pin$ and hi%in$.. +a"pin$9 hi%in$ and *ishin$. B. www. A. It:s a ni!e p'a!e *or ho'iday. The !usto"ers: do!u"ents. The "eetin$ wi'' dis!uss the !usto"ers: orders. B. hat a!ti-ities is . They:re $oin$ to *ish in the ri-er.3< p" . +. Read the *o''owin$ text to answer questions .1 7.. ANNOUNCEMENT To = A'' >ar%etin$ >ana$ers There wi'' )e a "eetin$ this a*ternoon 1anuary 0 th &<1< at <1..academicpare.

+usto"ers.storey building$ The "ater sprouts from a forming animal statue into the pool$ The pool is also adorned "ith some big flo"erpot$ /$ Kenanga or Cemeti Island This part compounds of some buildings such as 0enanga or Cemeti 'sland 1forming 'sland2. +. B. ho wi'' attend the "eetin$# A.9 1<. Read the *o''owin$ text to answer questions 11 and 1& Tamansari isit Tamansari !ou "ill find a uni#ue atmosphere of the past periods$ Tamansari is an interesting place to %isit$ &any tourists come to Tamansari to find a uni#ue atmosphere of the past periods$ 't is located about 2 (m south of !ogya(arta Palace and "as built by Portuguese architect$ Besides the location is %ery closed to the )ultan palace.blogspot.$ The Sacred Room -s a hermitage place for the )ultan and his family$ 2$ The Bathing Pool . A'' "ar%etin$ "ana$ers.academicpare. )umur 3emuling and underground tunnels$ This artificial island is a high building used as resting room and reconnoitering place$ This "ill be the only building surfaced "hen the canals opened and the "ater o%er fle" this area$ 4rom the higher place it loo(s li(e lotus floating in the middle of big pool$ www. .com . Tamansari has its o"n specialty in attraction reflecting in some unimpaired ancient building and its atmosphere as the main tourist object of !ogya(arta$ The Tamansari comple* consists of+ . Se!retary dire!tor and a'' "ana$ers.ire!tor9 se!retary and a'' "ar%etin$ "ana$ers..pleasure place for the royal family$ Consists of t"o bathing pool that are separated "ith a 2. .

The *o''owin$ p'a!e is a p'a!e where Su'tan 'i-es a'one *or prayin$. . B. To te'' how to drin% !ou$h syrup.. 1&. Dosage Elixir 'd lt and children > 1+ year : ) . . Be!ause 4 A. co gh in ac te=chronic. fl . It:s 4 . 13. it:s -ery !'osed to the Su'tan 6a'a!e.blogspot. hat is the purpose o* the text written# A.e to infl enza. ( tsp. the Sa!red roo" the Su'tan 6a'a!e the Bathin$ poo' ?enan$a or +e"eti Is'and Read the text to answer questions 13 to 12 COUGH SYRUP Secretolytic agent Composition 9 ml /li. B. A. and asthma.ir !romhe. !ronchitis. : ) . B. Ta"ansari is an interestin$ p'a!e to -isit. +.: 11. 1=( tsp. +. To $i-e detai' in*or"ation o* the produ!t. it !o"pounds o* so"e an!ient )ui'din$s. Indicator -or prod ctive co gh i. To in*or" the !o"position o* !ou$h syrup. it has a unique at"osphere o* the past periods.ine 2<8 1 mg. www. 1 tsp.academicpare. +..com . it was )ui't )y 6ortu$uese ar!hite!t. <hildren 9 ? 1+ years <hildren ( ? 9 years : ) .

the :idd!e 9ast. &bama he!ped create !egis!ation to contro! con.. re!o""endation ana'y5es re!ipe ad-i!e 12. A.ard 3a' $choo!. 10.com (htpp://en%'ikipedia%org/'ki/<arack &bama) .. *++. To des!ri)e the usa$e o* !ou$h syrup.ersit/ and 0ar. nuc!ear terrorism. +. B.ention in 1u!/ *++4% As a member o" the 8emocratic minorit/ in the 1+9th 2ongress.ing three terms in the )!!inois $enate "rom 1996 to *++4% 0e a!so taught constitutiona! !a' at the #ni. it has $ood !o"position .ard 3a' 4e. A.ember 16. it is sa*e *or a'' the disease Read the text to answer questions 13 to 1. c!imate change. 1961) is the President e!ect o" the #nited $tates o" America. it is *ree *ro" su$ar +.. *++9% &bama is a graduate o" 2o!umbia #ni. 'here he 'as the "irst A"rican American president o" the 0ar. Barack Hussein Obama II (pronounced /ba'ra:k hu'sein ou'ba:ma/. @ Or a!!ordin$ to do!tor:s pres!riptionA The under'ined word has sa"e "eanin$ as 4 .ie'% 0e 'orked as a communit/ organi5er and practiced as ci.i! rights attorne/ in 2hicago be"ore ser.ered the ke/note address at the 8emocratic -ationa! 2on.es in *+++.. . born August 4.@ . and the "irst A"rican American to be e!ected as President o" the #nited $tates% &bama 'as the (unior #nited $tates $enator "rom )!!inois in *++4 and ser. hy is the dia)eti! patient a''owed to drin% this "edi!ine# Be!ause4. "o!!o'ing his e!ection to the Presidenc/% 0is term o" o""ice as the "ort/ "ourth #%$% president is schedu!ed to begin on 1anuar/ *+.ersit/ o" 2hicago 3a' $choo! "rom 199* to *++4% 7o!!o'ing an unsuccess"u! bid "or a seat in the #%$% 0ouse o" 4epresentati. he he!ped create !egis!ation regarding !obb/ing and e!ectora! "raud.academicpare. and A"rica% 8uring the 11+th 2ongress.ed unti! his resignation on -o.entiona! 'eapons and to promote greater pub!ic accountabi!it/ in the use o" "edera! "unds% 0e a!so made o""icia! trips to 9astern 9urope. and care "or #%$% mi!itar/ personne! returning "rom combat assignments in )ra. &bama 'as e!ected to the $enate in -o. it !ontains su$ar B.blogspot. and A"ghanistan% www.ember *++4% &bama de!i.

The experien!e o* O)a"a whi'e he was a senator. 18. A. How 'on$ had he )een a senator# Eor4years A.o) or position )e*ore 17.. 18 Read the text to answer questions &< to && www. 0 B.. 1& . Har-ard Law Re-iew +. B.blogspot. The pro!ess o* the 00th 6resudent e'e!tion in BS B. +. Har-ard Law S!hoo' B.com . O)a"a used to )e a 'e!ture in 4 A.. . . +.A 13.o) $a-e up *ro" his . 1. 7 +.. stopped to do his a!ti-ities )e*ore was ready to )e e'e!ted in the 6resident e'e!tion started to )e a!ti-e in his .. hat does the text te'' us a)out# A. Inau$uration o* O)a"a as 00th $resident e'e!t. The )io$raphy o* O)a"a )e*ore )e!o"in$ the president e'e!t. +o'u")ia Bni-ersity @Bnti' his resi$nation on No-e")er 139 &<<8 ACin para$raph 1D hat does the under'ined word "ean # It "eans he4. Bni-ersity o* +hi!a$o .academicpare.

here wi'' you pour the "ix o* 'i"e water and !o!onut "i'%# A.oll in your hands into o+al shapes and put them to flatten to about 1 cm thickness% $% -eat oil to a depth of 2 ½ cm o+er medium heat and fry the cakes and for $ to . In *air'y so*t9 p'ia)'e dou$h.blogspot. a "ixin$ o* ri!e *'our9 sa't and $rated !o!onut www. @ 4 and pour this into the in$redients in the "ixin$ )ow'.com . a "ixin$ o* "i'% !o!onut and 'i"e water . In a s"a'' "ixin$ )ow'.. A.* Gem !"n# $S%#ar&'"a(e) B!a'* Ri'e Ca*es+ In#re)ien(s. In a "ixin$ o* water and dou$h. minutes per side% /rain on absorbent paper% . • • • • • • 125 g (1 ¼ cups) black glutinous rice flour Pinch of salt 50 g (1/2 cup) young grated coconut 100 ml (scant ½ cup) thin coconut milk !armed ½ tablespoon slaked lime !ater "il for deep frying S%#ar '"a(in#.% &i' the sugar and !ater in a small hea+y based saucepan and boil hard until the syrup is thick and the surface is full of large bubbles% Place cakes in the sugar syrup and toss the cake about until the sugar carameli0es on the surfaces% 1ransfer cakes onto a plate to cool% 1hese cakes are called 2getas3 !hen made !ith !hite glutinous flour and coated !ith carameli0ed bro!n sugar% &akes 12 cakes Preparation time4 20 minutes 5ooking time4 20 minutes &<.. &1. +. 1% &i' black glutinous rice flour salt and grated coconut in a small mi'ing bo!l% (tir together the lime !ater and !arm coconut milk and pour this into the ingredients in the mi'ing bo!l mi'ing !ith your hands to get fairly soft pliable dough% )f the dough seems crumbly knead in a fe! more drops of !ater% 2% *nead for a fe! minutes until smooth and di+ide dough into 10 to 12 pieces% .academicpare. B. a s"a'' "ixin$ )ow' +. the dou$h B. In a "ixin$ o* ri!e *'our9 sa't and $rated !o!onut..A The word Fthis: re*ers to 4 . . • #5 g (1/$ cup) sugar • 2 tablespoons !ater Me(-")s.

destroy a )ui'din$ +.1+ &&. . G-en with a *air pri!e di-in$ was one o* the "ost expensi-e sports I ha-e underta%en whi'st on "y tra-e's. B. The Eren!h. @Ro'' in your hands into o-a' shapes and put the" to flatten to a)out 1 !" thi!%ness.blogspot. hit so"eone. hat I thou$ht was a *air dea' *or roo" *or 0 days with the di-in$ equip"ent. I had expe!ted so"ethin$ 'i%e a *erry )ut it was a!tua''y a wooden )oat *u'' o* 'o!a's and a who'e 'ot o* supp'ies headin$ to the Is'and. +. An Austra'ian..oy dinner and a *ew drin%s. de*eat so"eone . "a%e so"ethin$ *'at B. Read the text and answer questions &3 to &3. A*ter spendin$ 1 ni$ht in >anado I headed o** to Buna%en on one o* the pu)'i! )oats on Sunday. hat is the "ain idea o* the 'ast para$raph# &0. &2..e*inite'y one o* the "ost worthwhi'e thou$h. A tour $uide. The text is a)out4in Buna%en.academicpare. . A resident. the writer:s tour +.A The under'ined word "eans 4 A. e wor%ed out. e arri-ed at the Sea )ree5e di-e !entre and were i""ediate'y $reeted )y a 'o!a' who instant'y pi!%ed "e *or an Austra'ian. On the trip o-er I "et Eren!h who had )een to the Is'and twi!e )e*ore and said that he %new a ni!e p'a!e to stay and to do so"e di-in$. &3.com . the di-e !enter B. The p'a!e I stayed at has a who'e 'ot o* )un$a'ows and a restaurant9 !o""on area on the water ed$e9 whi!h was a -ery ni!e p'a!e to en. Buna%en was a s"a''9 quiet is'and whi!h !o"prises o* a 'o!a' -i''a$e and a row o* di-e !entre o**erin$ *ood9 a!!o""odation and di-in$ pa!%a$es. A. a )eauti*u' )ea!h . www.. pu)'i! transportation ho" did the writer "eet when he arri-ed at the di-e !enter# A.

Raden ?usu"o 'earned a)out the dea' his parents had "ade.com . The writer to'd a)out the 'o!a' -i''a$e and the *ood. B. Buna%en was a ni!e p'a!e *or di-in$. And it happened e-ery year unti' they had &2 !hi'dren. Eor six years they prayed9 p'eaded with $ods to $i-e the" !hi'dren. hat was the a$ree"ent )etween the !oup'e and the $ods# A. +. Sin!e that day9 e-ery ?asodo 10th in the Ten$$erese !a'endar9 the Ten$$er peop'e Cdes!endants o* Roro Anten$ and 1o%o Se$erD $i-e o**erin$s to the !rater9 as Raden ?usu"a had as%ed )e*ore the sa!ri*i!e. The writer des!ri)ed Buna%en and the p'a!e he stayed at. &7. di-in$ was the !heapest sport *or the writer. The eruption sudden'y stopped. Buna%en was a s"a'' is'and )ut has "any *a!i'ities. A*ter so"e ti"e9 Roro Anten$ $a-e )irth to a !hi'd. B.11 A. in Buna%en the writer stayed in a !otta$e on the water ed$e. it was the se!ond ti"e *or the writer to -isit Buna%en.. +. They 'i-ed happi'y and i$nored the a$ree"ent. Based on the text we !an !on!'ude that 4 A. . &3. A*ter ei$ht years o* "arria$e9 they had not had any !hi'dren. But they didn:t want to 'et their youn$est son9 Raden ?usu"a9 )e sa!ri*i!ed to the !rater. He didn:t want his si)'in$s and the peop'e su**ered )e!ause o* hi". The >ount Bro"o erupted si$na'in$ that the $ods as%ed the !oup'e to *u'*i'' their pro"ise. www. the writer too% a *erry to $o to Buna%en. Eina''y9 their prayer was !o"p'ied on one !ondition= they wou'd ha-e to sa!ri*i!e their youn$est son to the Bro"o !rater.blogspot. >eanwhi'e9 the 'a-a *ro" the !rater had "ade the peop'e 'i-in$ near the "ountain su**ered. . The !oup'e "ust $i-e their sons to the Bro"o !rater.academicpare.. Raden ?usu"a was a %ind and no)'e "an. There*ore9 he went to >ount Bro"o and sa!ri*i!ed hi"se'* to the !rater. Read the text to answer questions &7 to 3< There was a !oup'e who 'i-ed on the *oot o* >ount Bro"o9 Roro Anten$ and 1o%o Se$er.

Read the text and answer questions 31 to 30. +. The !ity is *i''ed with *a!tories9 'ar$e o**i!e )ui'din$s9 )an%s9 restaurants9 re'i$ious shrines9 and shops o* a'' si5es.or seaport. The !oup'e "ust $i-e o**erin$s to the Bro"o !rater. Gods were an$ry sin!e there were too "any peop'e 'i-ed on "ount Bro"o.academicpare. www. hat "ora' -a'ue !an )e 'earned *ro" the story# A. 6eop'e "ust %eep their pro"ise. 6eop'e "ust *u'*i'' their pro"ise to the $od to $et their desire. 6eop'e "ust sa!ri*i!e to $et their desire.. . B. +. To%yo is 1apan:s 'eadin$ !ity. The !oup'e had too "any !hi'dren. B. The !oup'e "ust sa!ri*i!e their !hi'dren to the $ods. A. The !oup'e re'u!tant to do their -ow. 6eop'e "ust su**er )e*ore they $et happiness. Lo!ated at the head o* To%yo Bay9 the !ity is a'so a "a. *a"i'y B.1( B.. +.com . parents +. )rother or sister &. The !oup'e "ust sa!ri*i!e their youn$est son to the Bro"o !rater..A The word under'ined has sa"e "eanin$ as 4 .. 6eop'e ne-er $a-e o**erin$s to Bro"o !rater. It is a !enter *or 1apanese art and is ho"e to "ore than 1<< !o''e$es and uni-ersities.. hat !aused the eruption o* "ount Bro"o# A. Based on the story. 3<. . &8. . @ He didn:t want his si)'in$s and the peop'e su**ered 4 .blogspot. $randparents .

The popu'ar uni-ersities A. A )o't o* 'i$htnin$ !an "a%e the air around it as hot as 189<<<I Eahrenheit C1<9<<<I +e'siusD. 33. 31. The I"peria' 6a'a!e.. The Nationa' . >oat.. The 1apan:s e"perors. That:s where 1apan:s par'ia"ent "eets.A hi!h one is si"i'ar in "eanin$ to the under'ined word in the senten!e a)o-e# A. >ost 1apanese !o"panies ha-e their headquarters in To%yo. HAT IS THBN.. The heart o* To%yo.GR# Thunder sounds 'i%e an exp'osion. The text is a)out 4 !a''ed To%yo.com . This is )e!ause sound tra-e's s'ower than 'i$ht.iet Bui'din$. That:s hotter than the sur*a!e o* the SunJ The hot air rushes away *ro" the 'i$htnin$ )o't.1) >any peop'e "o-e *ro" other parts o* 1apan to attend !o''e$e and then wor% in To%yo. Bay. B. At the heart o* To%yo is the I"peria' 6a'a!e.A C6ara$raph 3D hat does the word @theyA re*er to# A. . B. . 3&. Har)or. The *arther away the 'i$htnin$ is9 the 'on$er it ta%es *or you www. This is where the e"peror o* 1apan 'i-es with his *a"i'y. The sound !o"es *ro" air that sudden'y $ets -ery hot. The air rushin$ away "a%es the 'oud sound o* thunder. Kou o*ten hear the thunder a*ter you see a )o't o* 'i$htnin$.. Hi$h wa''s9 a waterH*i''ed "oat9 and a 'ar$e par% surround the pa'a!e.academicpare. The hi$h wa''s. . A. The I"peria' 6a'a!e . 1apan:s e"perors on!e ru'ed the !ountry9 )ut today they ha-e 'itt'e rea' power. Li$htnin$ !auses thunder. +. 1apan:s 'eadin$ !ity B. @ 4 the !ity is a'so a "a. The Nationa' . hi!h one is the p'a!e in whi!h "e")ers o* 1apan:s par'ia"ents $ather# The 1apanese headquarters. +. B. Lo!ated near the pa'a!e are the "ost i"portant $o-ern"ent )ui'din$s9 in!'udin$ the Nationa' . @4)ut today they ha-e 'itt'e rea' power.or seaport. Shrine Read the text and answer questions 32 to 38.iet Bui'din$. 30. The head o* To%yo Bay. The 'ar$e par%s.blogspot.iet Bui'din$ +. +.

the air the sun the 'i$htnin$ the sound Read the text and answer questions 3.A The word @itA in the senten!e re*ers to 4 . .. to 03. A. 7 B. 3 +.com .11 to hear the thunder. hy do we o*ten hear the thunder a*ter seein$ the 'i$htnin$# A. The 'i$htnin$ )o't is 4 "i'es away *ro" you i* you !ount the sound o* thunder at 3< se!onds. Sound tra-e's a)out 1 "i'e Ca)out 1. A. B. B. . 32.blogspot. 33. @A )o't o* 'i$htnin$ !an "a%e the air around it as hot as 189<<<I Eahrenheit C1<9<<<I +e'sius. A. www. 6ara$raph & o* the text a)o-e te''s you a)out 4 . . I* you !ount to 12 )e*ore you hear thunder9 the 'i$htnin$ )o't was 3 "i'es away. The thunder is -ery hot to *ee'. the heat o* the sun sur*a!e the 'oud sound o* air how the thunder happens.3 %i'o"etersD e-ery 2 se!onds. the sun that shines the air. The 'i$ht tra-e's *aster the sound. 2 . 0 38. +... The air rushes to heat the earth.academicpare. +. +. 37. B.. I* you !ount s'ow'y to 2 and hear thunder9 the 'i$htnin$ )o't was a)out 1 "i'e away. Kou !an !ount the se!onds )etween the 'i$htnin$ and the sound o* the thunder it "a%es. The 'i$htenin$ is *arther away. Kou !an te'' how *ar away the 'i$htnin$ is.

Then in the "idd'e o* the ni$ht I heard s!u**'in$ . +.blogspot. . There were du!%s and a s"a'' 'a%e and up on the hi'' there was a poo' and s"a'' store i* you needed anythin$. It was a -ery "e"ora)'e experien!e. It was )eauti*u'. At dus% we 'it our *ire. e were o** to a near)y !a"p$round. The writer:s *irst !a"pin$.. To this day we sti'' ta'%ed a)out "y *irst !a"pin$ trip.ust $o )a!% to s'eep. 3. It was aw*u'9 )ut the !a"p *ire was ni!e. The s!hoo' !a"pin$ pro$ra".. I hate )u$s9 and "osquitoes see" to )e the worse9 due to their stin$in$ and )ein$ irritatin$. B. e dro-e in and paid *or our site.ust out o* our tent. I rea''y didn:t %now that there were )ears in 'o!a' !a"p $rounds. The trip to the "ountain. It was -ery ni!e and p'easant. I $uess I didn:t rea''y thin% a)out it at a''. hat does the text te'' you a)out# A. It was du!%s.academicpare. A*ter a *u'' ni$ht o* stories and *ire9 we sett'ed in out the tent.19 I had ne-er )een !a"pin$ )e*ore I "et "y )est *riend9 1a!%'yn. The next "ornin$ I wo%e to the sa"e noises and *ound the !u'prit. They were rea''y interestin$. 1a!%'yn:s "e"ora)'e experien!e. O* !ourse9 the "attress wasn:t as !o"*orta)'e as "ine at ho"e )ut it was no pro)'e". I *e't so stupid. www. I didn:t %now that !a"pin$ "eant s'eepin$ out in nature9 in a tent. Howe-er I had a s"a'' a''er$y pro)'e" with "osquitoes. 1a!%'yn to'd "e a)out her !a"pin$ stories. e s'ept in our s'eepin$ )a$s on the $round. To "y surprise9 the $round was not wet9 and we had a s"a'' air "attress under us. She to'd "e to .com . I wo%e 1a!%'yn and I to'd her that there was a )ear in our !a"p.

The campgro nd. +. B.1: 0<. The 'o!ation *or ha-in$ a rest. 01. To te'' 1a!%'yn that she !ou'd not s'eep we''. The ni!e hi''. a*raid B. . B. hy did the writer wa%e 1a!%'yn in the "idd'e o* the ni$ht# A.. hat is para$raph 0 a)out# A. The equip"ent *or !a"pin$. B. . The p'a!e to set up the tent. A. The s"a'' 'a%e.com .ACpara$raph &D hat does the word @itA in the senten!e re*er to# A.. +.academicpare. *ond +.blogspot. To $i-e in*or"ation a)out the 'o!a' !a"p $rounds. The s"a'' store. +. To as% 1a!%'yn to 'ea-e the tent. The text shows us that the writer was 4 o* )ear. @It was !ea tif l. 03. To in*or" 1a!%'yn a)out an ani"a' !o"in$ to the tent. The writer:s s'eep at !a"p$round.. !on!erned www. . 1(.

happi'y +. They are a'so po''inators o* "any *ruit and -e$eta)'e !rops.blogspot. Their . 'i%e 03. rapid'y . sound'y B. 00. These )ees 4 C02D the honey that we eat. His +. produ!e B. horri)'e Eor questions 00 to 03 !hoose the )est word to !o"p'ete the text. A. 4 C00D 'eader is the queen )ee. Their win$s that "o-ed 4 C03D !ause the @)u55A sound. Her B. They 'i-e in a hu$e $roup o* *e"a'e and "a'e wor%ers.. A.com .academicpare. s'ow'y www. A... sa-e . Honey)ees Li%e ants9 honey )ees wor% to$ether with their *riends. !onsu"e +.1@ . They 02.. Honey)ees o*ten -isit *'ower or drin% on the sur*a!e o* poo's and ponds.

B.1A Read the text and answer questions 0& to 02. hi'e he was waitin$9 he $ot soa%ed to the s%in. +. He was e-entua''y re'eased the next day. www. Sudden'y9 as they were dri-in$ a'on$ the hi$hway9 a po'i!e !ar ra!ed past the" and "ade the" stop.academicpare. Andreas too% a )us to $et to the hi$hway. The poor hit!hhi%er. They were ta%en to the po'i!e station )e!ause the po'i!e suspe!ted that the tru!% was !arryin$ sto'en $oods.. The tru!% dri-er9 a reasona)'y we''Hdressed "an o* around 32 see"ed *riend'y. Andreas was a student o* the Bni-ersity o* Indonesia. Bn*ortunate'y9 he !ou'd not a**ord a )us ti!%et9 and e-en the train was too expensi-e.ust enou$h to 'i-e on. It was a !o'd9 rainy . He and Andreas ta'%ed a 'ot.e!e")er day. A*ter waitin$ *or hours9 he *ina''y $ot a 'i*t *ro" a tru!% dri-er9 who was $oin$ to Sura)aya. 08. He9 there*ore9 de!ided to hit!hhi%e. He e-en had to spend the ni$ht in a !e''. He wanted to -isit so"e *riends there. . hat does the text te'' you a)out# A. Apparent'y9 the tru!% was !arryin$ sto'en te'e-ision sets.blogspot. B. He !au$ht a )us to rea!h the hi$hway and waited. Last year9 durin$ the se"ester ho'iday9 he de!ided to $o to Sura)aya. The sto'en -ehi!'e.com . Andreas *e't extre"e'y re'ie-ed. The ex!itin$ ho'iday. Andreas went to Sura)aya to spend his ho'iday. 07. Andreas was interro$ated )y a dete!ti-e *or two hours. Li%e "any other students9 he did not ha-e "u!h "oney )e!ause his $rant was . hat is the "ain idea o* the se!ond para$raph# A. The "issin$ student.

+.academicpare. B. The weather was !o'd when Andreas waited *or a )us. Read the text and answer questions 21 to 23.o not *u''y trust so"eone who" you do not %now we''. he had pro"ised to -isit his *riends durin$ ho'iday . he was a !o''e$e student who 'i%ed an ad-enture +.. www.. It is sha"e*u' to as% *or so"eone:s he'p.. . Andreas had "any *riends who 'i-ed in Sura)aya.. . 0. Kou shou'd ta%e hi$h ris% in order to $et *un. hat "ora' -a'ue !an you 'earn *ro" the story a)o-e# A.1* +. A. there was no )us passin$ )y the hi$hway B. . Good peop'e a'ways he'p ea!h other.blogspot.com .. Andreas tried to $et a 'i*t to Sura)aya )e!ause . . he had no "oney to )uy the )us and train ti!%et 2<..

academicpare. The !a!tus is "ade up "ost'y o* ste"s and roots.A Cpara$raph 3D hat does the under'ined word phrase "ean# A..blogspot. 21. >ost %inds o* !a!tus ha-e no 'ea-es or 'ea-es that are -ery s"a''. B. To re"ind the reader a)out the unusua' p'ant. +. B. @ 4. The ste" o* the !a!tus stores the water *or 'ater use. That:s a'' the water a !a!tus p'ant needs. To te'' the reader how to *ind !a!tuses. the roots o* a !a!tus spread out !'ose to the $round they need a 'ot o* roo"s to !o''e!t water they need to soa% water throu$h 'ea-es the ste" o* the !a!tus stores the water 23.. . I"a$ine on'y ha-in$ to ta%e one )i$ drin% o* water two or three ti"es a year. The !a!tus is "ade *or storin$ water9 and water !an es!ape throu$h 'ea-es. . A)sor) www. These p'ants ha-e adaptations9 or spe!ia' *eatures9 that 'et the" 'i-e in p'a!es where there is 'itt'e water. To $i-e in*or"ation a)out !a!tus p'ants. the roots soa% up as "u!h water as possi)'e. Ga!h p'ant needs 'ots o* roo" to !o''e!t water. To announ!e !a!tuses to the reader. +. The roots o* a !a!tus spread out !'ose to the sur*a!e o* the $round. hat is the purpose o* writin$ the text# A. A.(+ There are "any %inds o* !a!tus p'ants9 )ut "ost $row in deserts and other dry p'a!es. +a!tus p'ants do not $row !'ose to one another )e!ause 4 . 2&.com . +a!tus p'ants do not $row !'ose to one another. hen it rains9 the roots soa% up as "u!h water as possi)'e.

. hi!h -irtues "ust not )e done )y s!outs a!!ordin$ to the text# A. The text te''s you a)out 4 . A"on$ the"9 a S!out shou'd )e trustworthy9 'oya'9 he'p*u'9 *riend'y9 !ourteous9 %ind9 o)edient9 and !heer*u'. . Stay a'i-e B. S!outs 'earn tea"wor% and !ooperation )y wor%in$ to$ether. +heer*u'. B. and 'earn how to sur-i-e in the outdoors. S!outs swi" and p'ay sports9 $o !a"pin$ and hi%in$9 and 'earn how to sur-i-e in the outdoors.. S!out 'aw requires S!outs to pra!ti!e "any -irtues. Loo% *or www. Boy S!outs 'earn use*u' s%i''s whi'e ha-in$ *un.com . +ourteous. arts B. 23.A hat does the word @sur-i-eA "ean# A.. s%i''s 22.. S!outs 'earn how to prote!t the en-iron"ent. S!outs %now how to sur-i-e in the outdoors. . s!outs . +. O)edient.academicpare. 27. S!outin$ has "any ran%s. S!outs swi"9 p'ay sports and $o !a"pin$. hat is the "ain idea o* the *irst para$raph# A. A. +. B.(1 B. +. S!outs o*ten do !o""unity ser-i!e and -o'unteer wor%. Other S!out a!ti-ities in!'ude "a%in$ arts and !ra*ts9 'earnin$ *irst aid9 and 'earnin$ how to use !o"puters or *ix !ars. +rue'. Ta%e out In!'ude Spread Read the text and answer questions 20 to 27.blogspot. 20. . @ 4. Boy S!outs 'earn use*u' s%i''s whi'e ha-in$ *un. S!outs ad-an!e throu$h the ran%s )y 'earnin$ new s%i''s and earnin$ )ad$es. !ra*ts +. They 'earn how to prote!t the en-iron"ent and !onser-e resour!es.

>ushroo" hunters ha-e to )e -ery !are*u'.com . &H2H3H3H2H1H7H.. 2. 3H1H7H0H2H&H3 3H2H7H1H&H0H3 3H0H2H3H7H&H1 3H3H7H&H1H0H2 Eor questions 2. Get ready . Teddy L te''in$ L are L is L a story L and L his students L hi" 1 & 3 0 2 3 7 8 . . &H2H3H3H7H8H0H1H.academicpare. www.H8H3H7 in L throw L p'ease H your L our L trash L waste)as%ets 1 & 3 0 2 3 7 A. . &H2H1H0H3H.(( +. A.blogspot. 3. But so"e "ushroo"s are poisonous. The "ost *a"ous poisonous "ushroo"s are the a"anitas. 3. and 3< arran$e the words into "eanin$*u' senten!es. &H2H1H8H7H0H3H3H.. 0. 'istenin$ to L >r. A *ew are e-en dead'y. 1. &. Gat out 28. 7..H& +. They !an "a%e you si!% and da"a$e your or$ans. +. +hoose the )est arran$e"ent o* the senten!es )e'ow to "a%e a $ood para$raph. They !ause "ost o* the "ushroo" poisonin$s in the Bnited States.. A. They don:t eat any "ushroo" un'ess they %now it:s sa*e. 2. B. B. 3H&H2H7H1H0H3 3<.

3H&H0H7H1H2H3 3H&H1H2H7H0H3 3H&H0H3H1H2H7 www.academicpare. .com .blogspot.. +.() B.