Republic of the Philippines Third Judicial Region REGIONAL TRIAL COURT Angeles Cit !

Pa"panga #ranch $% PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, Complainant, - ers!s )E%ICHO S*&IN, &++!se,. - ------------------------------------------ O&NI#U' &OTION (OR PRELI&INAR) IN*E'TIGATION +, &OTION TO -E(ER ARRAIGN&ENT . TO 'U'PEN- PROCEE-ING' CO.ES NO*, t/e a++!se,, t/ro!0/ +o!nsel, in t/e a1o e entitle,-+ases !nto t/is Honora1le Co!rt, most respe+t$!ll2 a ers" 1. T/at t/e instant +ase 3ere $ile 12 irt!e o$ an In4!est Pro+ee,in0s +on,!+te, 12 In4!est Prose+!tor Caitlin #i on &pril 1, 25167 2. T/at t/e /erein a++!se, 3as not a1le to s!1mit an2 +o!nter a$$i,a it or an2 +ontro ertin0 e i,en+e in /is 1e/al$7 3. T/at t/e a++!se, 1elie es t/at i$ /e 3ill 1e 0i en an opport!nit2 to ans3er t/e +/ar0es a0ainst /im, t/e resol!tion +o!l, /a e 1een ,i$$erent7 6. T/at t/e a++!se, /!m1l2 pra2s t/at a preliminar2 in esti0ation $or t/e instant +ases 1e +on,!+te, 1e$ore t/e O$$i+e o$ t/e Pro in+ial Prose+!tor7 5. T/at t/is motion is not inten,e, $or ,ela2 1!t solel2 !pon a1o e-mentione, 0ro!n,s. *HE%EFO%E, premises +onsi,ere,, an, in t/e interest o$ s!1stantial 8!sti+e it is respe+t$!ll2 pra2e, t/at t/e instant .otion 1e 0rante, an, t/e re+or,s o$ t/e instant +ase 1e transmitte, to t/e O$$i+e o$ t/e Pro in+ial Prose+!tor $or t/e +on,!+t o$ Preliminar2 In esti0ation. .o ant $!rt/er pra2s $or t/e ,e$erment o$ t/e arrai0nment an, $or t/e s!spension o$ pro+ee,in0s pen,in0 resol!tion o$ preliminar2 in esti0ation. &n0eles Cit27 ( &pril 2516. 9S0,.: &ntonio Santos Co!nsel $or t/e &++!se, Criminal Case No. 112358 For" #iolation o$ %& '1(5