The one and only qualified Bachelor in Indonesia!

It is ext remely dif ficult being a job seeker. Especially when you were born as a t hird-world count ry cit izen. Having a Bachelor's degree doesn't necessarily makes you desirable. How come? Just t ake a look at t he f act s below:


Number of Diploma Graduates Unemployed


Number of Bachelor Graduates Unemployed

A Bachelor Is A Guy Who Never Made The Same Mistake Once
It is more t errif ying if we t ake a look at t he overall number of unemployment in Indonesia:

Total of Labor Force


Overall Number of Unemployment

B UT, you shouldn't be worried. Especially any big firms out t here looking f or an int ake. My universit y, Gadjah Mada Universit y, provides you wit h bunch of qualified graduat es wit h high compet it iveness and great academic and pract ical abilit y. Pay at t ent ion t o t he f act s I'll present you below:

2.000 25 1

Average number of UGM's Graduates per Graduation Term.

Average Number of International Relations Department's Graduates Per Term

Number of Qualified, Competent, Credible, Hard-Worker, And Commit Graduate Is Only One. Me.

Yes. Only one among t housands of t hem t hat really has t he qualit y. And yes, t hat is me. St ill unsure about my qualit y? Take a look at my score on several abilit ies t hat my colleague's gave me:


Int erpersonal

Comput ing



Overall Compet ency




The Leadership and Int erpersonal skills are analyzed t hrough my organizat ional experiences. During my college period, I managed t o be t he chief of Sociedad Indonesia para America Lat ina (SIPAL ), an int ernat ional st udent organizat ion t hat gives concern t oward Lat in American issues. I also been able t o organize several nat ional event s such as Model F EAL AC, Pert emuan Nasional Mahasiswa Hubungan Int ernasional Indonesia (P NMHII ), and communit y service in a village near Sleman. I also spent my t ime being an int ern in NCB Int erpol Indonesia as Junior Associat es, and Freedom Inst it ut e as Junior Researcher. Sounds quit e convincing, right ?

Chief Head of Division Staff Junior Associates Junior Researcher Tutor
My management skills could be seen by making my daily t ime management as one of t he variable of example. I spent a similar amount of t ime f or sleeping and reading during my years as a collegian. During t he day, I was analyzing t he dat a and wrot e t hem down. As a result , my supervisor and f riends t old me t hat I am an ef f icient worker.



Daily Act ivit ies on 24-Hour Basis

2 4 2 4 Reading Writ ing Analyzing Playing Eat ing Sleeping

The Most Effective Way To Do It, Is To Do It!
So, you've seen my creat ive resume. I hope it ent ert ains you and at t ract s you t o hire me as your f ut ure employee. Wit h love, Aldo Marchiano Kaligis.

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