Mathematics (M) (950


Third Term

Masyati Binti Karim

Quiz 1: Mathematics (M) (950) Answer all questions. All necessary working should be shown clearly. 1. A small cellular phone company manufactures two popular models, for which the demand for both models is much greater than the current supply. The company manager has production constraints and profit opportunity listed in the following table. Model 1 Assembly time per unit Test time per unit #rofit per unit 1 hour 1 ! hour $M %" Model 2 1 hour 1 2 hour $M &" Maximum hours a ailable per month !" """ 1" """ '

(a) *etermine the linear programming model to obtain the greatest monthly profit that the company can make without increasing its current facilities. +, marks(b) .se the simplex method to obtain the solution for the linear programming problem. +& marks2. An assembly process to manufacturing certain gadget consists of se en tasks as follows/ Task A B C D E F G Predecessors ' ' A A, B A, B C D, E Duration (in hours) 2 1 1 1 % , 2

(a) *raw an A0A network diagram for the assembly process. +, marks(b) *etermine the critical path of the assembly process and the minimum assembly duration. +1 marks,. 2onsider the following two'person, 3ero'sum game. #ayoffs are winnings for #layer A. 4dentify the pure strategy solution. 5ence, state the alue of the game6 #layer B b2 7 !

b1 a1 #layer A a2 1 2

8 1" +, marks-

(a) <ind the 90= for this component. Assume that the ordering costs are $M 27 per order. +% marks(d) 5ence. 9astside has 27" working days per year and a lead time of 7 days. 9astside:s generator production operation. >uppose that 9astside Auto of =uestion Ch = ( 2C )( ". +. +7 marks- 7. +. which is operated at a constant rate.7"= !. calculate the total annual cost."". $M ". the unit cost is $M 2. @ackorder costs are estimated to be $M 7. with D ? 12 """ units per year. +. (a) <ind the minimum cost order quantity.Mathematics (M) (950) Third Term Masyati Binti Karim !. and annual holding costs are 2". and $M 27. of the alue of the in entory."" per unit per year. will require 1""" components per month throughout the year (12 """ units annually). 9astside Auto purchases a component used in the manufacture of automobile generators directly from the supplier. +! marks- .7". decided to operate with backorder in entory policy. +2 marks(c) <ind the maximum in entory and the cycle time.2") = . marks(b) *etermine the maximum number of backorders.7" per component. marks(b) *etermine the reorder point and the cycle time. marks(c) <ind the total annual holding and ordering costs associated with your recommended 90=.