DAILY LESSON PLAN Year Subject Theme Time Number of pupils 1 Anggerik English Language World Of Stories 1.05 – 2.

05 pm 34 Date Day Topic Duration Level of profeciency 15.03.2014 Monday Miss Bess, Miss Bess 60 minutes Average

Lesson summary In this lesson, the main focus is on Listening and Speaking which integrated with writing skill. For the set induction, I will show them a picture of woman who wearing the red dress and asks some questions to brainstorm them. Then in presentation stage, I will put up the rhymes lyrics and read them loudly. After that, I will drill the pupils to read the rhymes and stress the focused word. I will point to the words and show them the picture cards. After the pupils can read the rhymes, I will point to the punctuations such as capital letter and full stop and explains their uses in the words by giving some examples from the rhyme. For the practice stage, I will distribute the worksheets to be done in pairs and ask them to present their answers in front of their friends. For the production stage, I ask the pupils to complete exercises in their activity book. If the pupils can finish the exercise early, I will give them another exercise in activity book for their enrichment. For closure, I ask pupils to list the words learnt from the rhymes.



3.1 By the end of the 6-year primary 3.1.2 schooling, pupils will be able to form letters Able to copy and write in neat legible print : and words in neat legible print including a) simple sentences cursive writing. 1.1 By the end of the 6-year primary 1.1.3 schooling, pupils will be able to pronounce Able to listen to, say aloud and recite words and speak confidently with the correct rhymes. stress, rhythm and intonation.

BEHAVIOURIAL OBJECTIVES By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to : 1) Recite rhymes with the correct pronunciation. 2) Write simple sentences in neat legible prints.

Focus Skill (s) Integrated Skill (s) Teaching Aids Thinking Skill (s) Cross Curriculum Elements Moral Value (s)

Writing Listening and speaking Picture card, word card, rhymes lyrics, activity book Identifying Creativity Respect, be kind to others, co-operation,




Page 81 . 4) Teacher point to the punctuations and give some examples from the rhymes. 2) Teacher asks pupils to present their answers in front of the class. Teaching aid . 2) Teacher checks pupils answers. Miss Bess. Part 2 . dress Reflection : _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ .Set induction ( 5 minutes) 1) Teacher greets pupils. Activity book. a) What can you see in this picture? b) What is the colour of her dress? c) What do you think she is doing? 3) Teacher tells the topic for the day “Miss Bess. Moral value : Respect for others Presentation (15 minutes) Teaching aids : Rhymes lyrics Moral value : Co operate Practice (20 minutes) Thinking skill : Identifying Presenting pair work Moral value : Co-operation Production (15 minutes) 1) Teacher asks pupils to complete the exercise in their activity book.Page 82 Closure (5 minutes) 1) Teacher asks pupils to list the words learnt. Then asks some questions. 1) Teacher distributes the rhymes lines without the punctuations in pairs and asks them to fill in the missing punctuations. 2) Teacher drills pupils read the rhymes with correct pronunciation. 3) Teacher pastes pictures and word cards on board and drill them the words. To get pupils’ attention. 3) Teacher asks pupils to do activity in the next page (activity book) as enrichment activity. Picture of woman. hill. 2) Teacher shows a picture of woman who wearing a red dress. mill.wall. Miss Bess” 1) Teacher puts up the rhymes lyrics and reads them aloud with actions.