Batman Begins Analysis

By Sam Tyrell

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Trailer: Chronolo ical !lot "ummary
The opening scene starts with a flash back as Bruce Wayne is shown as young boy falling into a well where bats flew around and attack him. Due to this Bruce Wayne develops an intense fear of bats. Another catastrophic event happens in Wayne’s life; for his parents get shot after viewing an pera show. The man who shot Wayne’s parents was !oe "hill. Bruce then goes on to be raised Alfred #ennyworth who is the Wayne’s butler. $ourteen years later !oe "hill is granted a plea deal% and this would reduce his sentence to parole in e&change for the testimony against 'otham’s top crime lord "armine $alcone. Bruce goes to the trail and plans to kill "hill% but before he can do so one of $alcone(s assassins shoots "hill. $rom this stems a very important moment in the movie% because after the movie Bruce Wayne is shown thrown his gun into a pound. This is the reason why Batman )Bruce Wayne* does not use guns. Also% +achel Dawes Bruce’s lifelong friend comes into play after Bruce tells her about what his plan to shoot "hill she scolds Bruce Wayne for attempting to take the law into his own hands. Bruce then decides to travel the world and learn about criminals and their behaviors. ,e does so without telling anyone. This in away backfires on Bruce% for he is taken to a Bhutanese prison% where he meets ,enri Ducard. Ducard% offers to train him in the art of stealth and fear with the -eague of .hadows. +a’s el 'ula is the leader of the -eague of shadows. The -eague of shadows is an organi/ation that fights for 0ustice. After completing his training% Bruce finds out about the -eague(s true intent% and he refuses to 0oin them. Bruce then ends up burning down the

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-eague(s temple. During the action clip +a(s is killed by falling debris while Bruce saves an unconscious Ducard. Bruce returns to 'otham where he takes control of his family(s company% Wayne 1nterprises. This is the point where Bruce decides he wants to make a difference in 'otham city so becomes the Batman. By doing this% Bruce meets Wayne 1nterprises top scientist -ucius $o&% and $o& shows Bruce various gadgets. 2e&t% Bruce finds the entrance into the cave under the well where he fell in as a child. By this finding he confronts his fear of bats and creates the bat cave% which is his lab where he keep all of his batman gear. Bruce needs a suit that will protect him from guns% and with the help of -ucius he is made a Bat suite% the suit will protect him against guns. The first thing Bruce Wayne does% as Batman is he intercepts a drug shipment and provides +achel with evidence to indicted the criminal $alcone. $alcone is then sent to 0ail where Dr. "rane )scarecrow* who is a doctor for the prisoners of Arkem gives him an hallucinogen drug while wearing a burlap mask% which drives $alcone to be fearful of everything. Batman is also e&posed to the drug while investigating Dr ."rane% but is rescued by Alfred before he completely goes cra/y% and is given an antidote by $o&. +achael is also given the Drug but batman saves her from the hallucinogen by giving her two vials of the antidote. Bruce also gives "ommissioner 'ordon two pills of the antidote that cures people from the hallucinogen drug. "ommissioner 'ordon then finds out that the compound has been spiked into the entire city water system. The clima& of the movie is at Bruce’s mansion where Bruce has his birthday celebration. During the celebration Bruce is confronted by Ducard% who reveals him self to be the real +a(s al 'hul. Bruce hurries to kick his guests out so none of them get hurt. As

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Bruce’s guests narrowly escape% +a(s al 'hul’s men ambush the house and 'hul reveals the -eague(s plan to destroy 'otham to Batman. +a(s al 'hul and his men then sets fire to the mansion% and Bruce is saved by Alfred again and is taken to the bat cave. Thus giving Batman time to rescue 'otham% but first he rescues +achel from a mob of criminals and indirectly reveals his true identity. ,e then goes for +a(s al 'hul on the monorail train that is carrying the emitter toward the city(s main water distribution center% which would poison the whole city. "ommissioner 'ordon uses the bat mobiles cannons to destroy a portion of the tracks% and Batman escapes from the train% leaving 'hul(s to presumably die )actually survives* when it falls and crashes. 3n the end% Batman is a public hero but by doing so he will never be able date +achel. The movie ends by 'ordon as promoted to -ieutenant of the 'otham #olice $orce% and mentions a criminal who leaves !oker playing cards at crime scenes. Batman promises to investigate% and disappears into the night. ).ourced4 http455www.rottentomatoes.com5m5batman6begins http455en.wikipedia.org5wiki5Batman6Begins*

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#art 74 analysis

3magery that 3nspirers

The Dark 8night Trilogy is essentially the story of Bruce Wayne. The specific movie 3’m going to be talking about is Batman Begins% which is the first movie in this trilogy. The movie Batman Begins does a superb 0ob of depicting the themes of fear% anger% and 0ustice. These themes are revealed in everyday life and make the movie Batman Begins relatable to everyone These three themes work in coherence with one another to give this film individuality% and also they are three key traits that make up Batman’s personality% but words alone can’t depict these themes compared to the visual content of this movie. These theme’s shown in imagines can better fully convey their impact they had on the movie.


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#atman $#ruce Wayne% u&e& an er to motivate him durin time& o' &tru

le. (otivation i&
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the &in le mo&t important 'actor 'or havin &ucce&&. Thou h batman relie& on hi& an er to pre&erver) he ha& the power to channel hi& an er &o to not make irrational deci&ion&. *n er i& al&o conveyed in thi& movie throu h the villain& o' Crane) +alcone) and +a(s al 'hul. Their an er however) i& u&ed in a ne ative connation. ,n retro&pect thi& i& a key di''erence between #atmen bein a &uperhero a& oppo&ed to a &uper villain.

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#ruce Wayne a& a child &tru

led with hi& 'ear&) and they &eemed to

control him mo&t o' hi& youn li'e. +or Wayne to be the protector o' -otham city he mu&t put hi& 'ear& a&ide 'or 'ear make& a per&on vulnerable. #atman.& 'earle&&ne&& make& him the &uperhero that no villain want& to me&& with. The /illain& in Batman Begin utili0e 'ear o' their victim& to create control amon &t the people. The "carecrow $crane% i& a prime e1ample o' utili0in 'ear to obtain control on hi& victom&.

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2u&tice i& the main diver o' the character #atman becau&e it harmoni0e& the pa&&ion& o' 'ear and an er by keepin hi& ambition toward& doin the ri ht thin . #atman embodie& the nobility o' how a &uperhero &hould act in that he never irrationally kill& a villain 3u&t ba&ed o'' the 'act that he ha& the upper hand on them. The movie re'lect& 3u&tice becau&e in the end both the main villain& where &ubdued and the evil plot undone. *n er) +ear) and 2u&tice are illuminated not only in Batman Begins but al&o throu hout the batman &erie& and the&e 'eelin & add applicable perception o' #atman to viewer&.

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