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We are well known for respected brands such as LYSAGHT@. i n c l u d i n g l a n d m a r k b u i l d i n g s i n A u s t r a l i a . B l u e S c o p e L y s a g h tc o m e s u n d e r t h e u m b r e l l a o f B l u e S c o p e S t e e l . W . we bring to you solutions inspired by innovative technology. C h i n a . T h e s e s t e e l sheeting profiles offer differing spanning and loading capacitiesto suit different design needs.D E C K @a n d P O W E R D E K @i)s a v a i l a b l et o m e e t y o u r d i v e r s e b u i l d i n g n e e d s .BlueScopeLysaghtis one of the world's largest roll former of processedsteel building products. o n e o f t h e l e a d i n g s t e e l c o m p a n i e s i n t h e A s i a P a c i f i c r e g i o n s p e c i a l i s i n gi n t h e p r o d u c t i o n o f f l a t s t e e l p r o d u c t s . An entire suite of LYSAGHT@ s t r u c t u r a l s t e e l d e c k i n g p r o d u c t s ( i n c l u d i n g B O N D E K @l l . hot rolled coil. The LYSAGHT@ brand name is synonymouswith quality and pertormance. PANEL. O N D E K @I I .H o n g K o n g . KLIP-LOK@. ready a c c e s st o r a w m a t e r i a l s . plate. BlueScope Lysaghtstructuralsteel decking products have been tried and tested. including slab. M a l a y s i a . D r a w i n g f r o m o u r w o r l d w i d e r o l l f o r m i n g e x p e r t i s e a n d m o r e t h a n 1 4 0 y e a r s o f e x p e r i e n c ei n the construction industry. and successfully utilised i n c o u n t l e s sp r o j e c t s a r o u n d t h e w o r l d .S i n g a p o r e . tin plate and value-added coated and painted steel products. a l e a d i n g d o m e s t i c m a r k e t p o s i t i o n a n d a s t r o n g p r e s e n c e i n t h e growing markets of Asia. P O W E R D E K @ and others. D u b a i a n d T a i w a n . .l n d o n e s i a .Since 1979. PRESTIGE@ T R I M D E K @B . cold rolled coil.

the profi l e compri ses The ef f ec t iv ec ov e r w i d th i s 6 0 0 m m . ' : lqg/sf' ' Zx 1O9mm3/m 10. than the samearea depth makesit more effective Its higheryieldstrengthand largereffective of deformedbarsor welded wire fabric. embossed Female Lap Rib Male Lap Rib Embossment .gOruOfK@ industry to be ll profileis widelyacceptedby the buildingconstruction LYSAGHT@ h i ghlyef f ic ient v a n d ro b u s t. ll Profileand Dimensions BONDEK@ l l p ro fi l e d are show ni n the fi gurebel ow . b uildingpr ojec t sa profi l edsteel BO NDE K @ ll s t ee l p ro fi l e h a s b e e n d e v e l o p e dfr om the ori gi nalB ON D E K @ p ro fi l es h a p eb u t a s i g n i fi cantlmore l ongi tudi nal tensi l e lt hasa si m i l a r y effecti ve sh eet ing.50 16. e rs a ti l e . concrete.30 13. 47..0 2 leffestive l* lOa.98 64. BONDEK@ ll is a completestructural construction.The assembled ribsare all boldly ribsfor everyinterlocking side-lap intermediate dovetail alongtheir exposedtop faces. t"' 54 l 2 4 l l-. reinforcement. 7 5o r 1 .08 76.69 20.75 1.When the concretehardens.i t c a n b e u s e d a s a w o rk i ngpl atformand formw orkto supportw et ll actsas BONDEK@ materials and trades. construction of the concrete slab.:.1) Table ll SectionProperties BONDEK@ mm mm-2 ' t .ffil 4 4 ^ CoverWidth : 600 0 . BONDEK@ ll steelsheetsare permanent In i t s as s em bled sta te . The nom inal steelsheeti ng dim en s i o no s f BON D E K@ tw o state.mrnalm 12.i've .t I t . 0 0B M T (FrG.l t h a s a l s o been usedto great effect on many maj or .90 0.20 1259 1678 2014 .60 1 6 . . s w e l l a s c o u n tl e ss ma l lo n e s .00 1. formworkfor a suspended compositeconcreteslab.. In th e a s s embl ed joint. The top of the ribs hasbeen embossed to bring about greatertensilestrength. the bottom reinforcement masonry or steelframe steeldeckingsystem for concrete.03 effa*.

Material Specification BO NDE K @ ll pr of i l e ds te e ls h e e ti n gi s ro l l -fo rm e d from hot di pped.furtherenhanced by the bold embossments on the ribs Fastinstallation of decksdelivered cut-to-length (withoutthe need to drill into concrete Eas! installation of services and ceilings slab) Bold embossment resistance on ribs providemechanical betweenconcreteand the deck pr opp i n g M inim al NO PROPSare needed for the following formwork spans: (mm) SlabThickness SingleSpan(mm) 1 10 12O 2730 2670 Continuous Span(mm) 3240 3170 1 3 0 1 4 0 1 5 0 175 204 225 250 2610 25s0 2s00 2390 2290 2210 2140 3100 3030 2960 2810 2670 2560 2460 130 ' t40 150 175 200 225 250 2180 2130 2080 1 9 8 0 1 8 9 0 1 8 1 0 1 7 4 0 24oO 2340 2290 2170 2070 1980 1910 (mm) SlabThickness SingleSpan(mm) 1 10 2300 12O 2240 2460 Continuous Span(mm) 2530 . Benefitsof BONDEK@ ll Profile r r r r I r r Can be usedin concrete-frame construction formworkdeflection Shapeof profileminimises Safeworkingplatform. 2 0m m 2759/m2 or 350 g/m2or450 g/m2 5 5 0MP a AS 1397. 0 0m m .2350or 2450 are being supplied. 1 .c h r o m a t e passivated. high strengthgrade steelstrip in bare metalthickness of e i t h e r 0 . 1 .c o a t e d . 1 .Coatingclass of 2275. Thickness Coating Mass Yield Strength Meets Australian Standard 0 .z i n c .20mm. 0 0 m m or 1.G550-2275 Features of BONDEK@ ll Profile r r r r r r I Permanent formwork Hight ens ile steel Positive interlocking section galv an i s e c do s ti n g Dur able Fullrangeof accessories Corrosionprotected fire performance BS Composite slab's is in accordance to requirements of British Standard 5950: Part 8. 7 5 m m . 7 5m m . Fire performancehas been further improved (referto tests conductedat VictoriaUniversity).

Product Recommendation & Designto Suit your Specifications Working from your projectspecifications. Australia.formwork. formworktestsincluding shearand bearing. full scaleslabtest. user-fri endlE s n d a p ro j ectproposal A y xcel -based software for the designof composite slabswith LYSAGHT@ ll profileis available BONDEK@ t o as s is a t c om p e te n te n g i n e e r i n d e ri v i n ga n opti malsol uti on. lmproved Fire Performance BONDEK@ ll profiledsteelsheetinghasbeen put throughfurtherfire testsconductedat the VictoriaUniversity of Technology to ascertain the contributionof BONDEK@ ll decks momentcapacity to the positive of a composite slabin fire. fire ratingtest.BONDEK@ LYSAGHT@ ll profiledsteelsheetscomplywith buildingregulations and des ignc od e si n c o u n tri e s u c ha s U K . composite slabcyclictest. .A l l of our LYSAGHT@ structuralproducts are subjectedto rigoroustests such as slip block test.four point loadtest and concentrated load t es t . our engineers willfollow-up on your requirements and wor k out a s e t o f c a l c u l a ti o na . T he s ete s ts a re c a rri e do u t i n th e l abs of the Lysaght Technol ogy C entre i n Chester Hill. Research & DevelopmentSupport p l a c e sg re a t e m p h a s i s B lueS c ope Ly s a g h t o n product research and testi ng. . 3.Material/ ManufacturingProcess 5 .A u stral i a. Quality Assurance The LYSAGHT@ brandnameis synonymous with qualityand performance. 4.Sydney. Thi ssoftw are shoul dbe us edin c onjun c ti o w n i th th e BON D E K@ l l D e si gn and C onstructi on Gui de. H ong K ong.S i ngapore and Mal aysi a.formwork.i n addi ti onto the conventional reinforcement. havebeen established. Accreditation by NATA Laboratories Our test results are accredited by NATALaboratories productlistingschemes to facilitate of localauthorities.The structural adequacy of the c om pos it e s la b sa n d i ts re s i s ta n co ef s i g n i fi c ant tensi l e forcesi n bendi ng. 2 .air pressure test.OO BMT 1 .Recommended Usageof BONDEK@ ll Profile Thickness 1 8 0m m 1 7 0m m 1 6 0m m 1 5 0m m 1 4 5m m 1 4 0m m 1 3 0m m 1 2 5m m 1 2 0m m 1 1 5m m 110mm 1 0 5m m 2 0 0 0 l 2 s 0 0 l 2 6 0 0 l z e o o l g o o o l 3 2 0 0 1. performance to ensure maximum and qualityof our decking profiles. As with all other products.

mechanical.without in a retrievalsystem.l stored No part of this brochuremay be reproduced. BlueScope LYSAGHT@ and BONDEK@ trademark of BlueScooe SteelLimited. bl uescopesteeIasia. 2003 by BlueScope SteelLimited. Copyright@ recordingor otherwise.or transmittedin any form or by any means.com ffitu*sffisffi#pffi EYSEffiFfrY . made by BlueScope SteelLimitedtrading as BlueScope The LSYAGHT@ rangeof productsis exclusively pleasecontact For furtherinformation. from BlueScope SteelLimited. Lysaght.All rightsreserved. DeckingAsia BlueScope SteelAsia Pte Ltd Boulevard 9 Temasek #06-03SuntecTower2 038989 Singapore Tel:(65)6333 3378 Fax:(65)6333 3347 www.ABN 16 000 011 058. written permission is a are registered trademarks of BlueScope SteelLimited.electronic.