1. Design a product which will enhance the mobility of physically challenged person. 2. Redesigning existing product which will help in improving the standard of living in rural areas. 3. Harnessing non-conventional source of energy for meeting daily domestic/industrial requirements. Examples :
1.Make a magneto testing machine for fiber testing. 2.Make crop cutting easier for rural areas. 3.Something related to water harvesting. 4. Something related to gyroscope. 5.Making a natural powerhouse in remote areas.

GENERAL RULES      Competition is open to students of technical college (diploma/ug/pg). Each team must have 1-2 members. All teams must register online. The competition has 3 rounds. The decisions taken by the judges will be final.

A general over view of your idea must be sent in word format. The document should include: Detailed Report 1. Introduction Briefly introduce the problem being addressed and the solution being proposed. 2. Needs being Met Explain the needs you are addressing. Provide supporting data, interviews, market statistics, etc. 3. Existing Solutions What are the existing solutions for this problem? What are the closest solutions to meeting the needs? Provide brief descriptions of prior work in this area. 4. Proposed Ideas Describe the idea or ideas that are being proposed. Describe how they will meet

the needs described. 5. Novelty of Ideas Describe if and why the ideas are new. Describe the differences between the proposed solutions and existing solutions. Explain how these differences are an advantage or a disadvantage over existing solutions. 6. Feasibility of Ideas Provide information justifying the feasibility of the ideas. Feasibility is to be evaluated from all points of view including technical, engineering, and capability of implementing solutions, scalability, and affordability. 7. Value Proposition Provide financial details related to implementation of the ideas and their impact on the consumer. Provide details on costs for design and maintaining the resulting products and related services. 8. Conclusion Describe key conclusions and propose future directions. The baseline started with and the potential improvement should be summarized clearly.

Around 50 teams would be selected and these teams must give a complete explanation of their design in the technical aspect. The report must include:

1. Working principle 2. Construction 3. 3-D model with rendering <Give front view, top view, side view, isometric view> 4. Calculations 5. Material selection and analysis 6. Environmental analysis

A working/nonworking prototype of your project must be shown along with a presentation of 20 minutes (15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for judges question answers).

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