HINDU TRINITY EXPLAINED. HINDU TRINITY is roughly equavelent to Christian TRINITY only Hin!u Trinitarian se"ts use! !

i##erent $in! o# %or!s an! e&'ressions. This is 'artly !ue to religious (a"$groun!s an! 'artly !ue to the !i##eren"es o# ter)s an! languages *+REE, AND LATIN -N -NE .IDE AND .AN.,RIT -N THE -THER .IDE/. 0ut in Essen"e an! .u(stan"e they are one an! the sa)e i# not one an! the sa)e then al)ost one an! the sa)e. In Hin!u Trinity 0rah) or 0ARHA1AN *N-T 0ARHA1A/ is the +o!hea! i.e the The Divine -usia.Nature o# the Divine -usia is Divine. There are three Hy'ostases in the Divine -usia na)ely 0arha)a *N-T 0ARHA1AN N-T 0AR1H/ .heu an! 2ishnu. Ea"h Hy'ostasis is 're!i"ate! (y the %or! +o! or go!. Thus Three HYy'ostases are in one +o!hea! su"h that ea"h o# the) is +o!. Plurality o# hy'ostases in +o!hea! su"h that ea"h o# the hy'ostases is +o! !oes not !istur( the unity o# +o!hea! i.e 0arah)an. .o)e Hin!us )ay e&'lain this (y saying three go!s in one +o!. This e&'ression is highly o(3e"tiona(le on the stan!er! o# Christian Trinitarians se"ts.They thin$ that this is a tria! that is three +o!s in the )eaning o# three Divine Essen"es three Divine-usias Three DivineNatures Three Divine.u(stan"es three Divine 4or)s 4or)s in the 4orth Divine Essen"e -usia et". 0ut this is an in"orre"t )eaning o# the Hin!u "on"e't. Hin!us 0elieve that Three Divine Hy'ostases in -ne Divine -usia or Essen"e or Nature %hat so ever. They only use the %or! go! #or a Divine Hy'ostase so %hen they say 55 Three go!s in one +o! 55 they !o not )ean 'lurality o# Natures Essen"es -usias et". 0ut they only )ean 66 THREE DI2INE HYP-.TA.E. IN -NE DI2INE -U.IA77. The %or! Deo is #ar )ore general then the %or! +o! .It )ay )ean a Divine -usia or it )ay )ean a Divine Hy'ostasis. 8hat )a$es a hy'ostasis a 'erson is the 9uality o# Rationality. Thus three Deos !oes not )ean three +o!s (ut three Divine Hy'ostases.

A hy'ostasis )ay (e !ivine or not !ivine in Hin!unis). .o a Deo )ay )ean a A .UPRE1E HYP-.TA.I. -R A .UPRE1E E..ENCE. -R A .UPRE1E NATURE -R A .UPRE1E -U.IA. Thus they only )ean that there are three Hy'ostases in one +o!hea! su"h that ea"h o# the) is Divine an! .u're)e. Tese hy'ostases are Perse .u(sistent .ui Iuris Rationalis an! in"o))uni"a(le to ea"h other. -usia is the ::.u're)e .ourse o# ea"h o# the Hy'ostasis #ro) %hi"h all the Divine 9ualities an! Divine Nature #lo%s to these Hy'ostases. The 4irst Hy'ostasis as the ter) o# I))enent A(ility ;9uality -# 1a$ing the se"on! Hy'ostasis as a 9uality;a(ility -# Preservation an! the last one as the A(ility or 9uality o# Distru"tion. IT 1AY 1E N-TED THAT EACH HYP-.TA.I. I. A 9UALITY A RELATI-N AN ACT AND A 1-DE A. 8ELL YET A PER.-N AND A .U0.I.TENT .INCE E2EN A RELATI-N -R AN ACT -R A TER1 IN +-DHEAT I. PER .E .U0.I.TENT. Ea"h o# the hy'ostse )eni#ests (y assu)ing .u'er)un!ali" Natures an! #or)ing Hy'ostati" Union %hith these Non Eternal Natures. 0arah)a is the )eni#estation o# the #irst hy'ostasis 2ishnu is the )eni#estation o# the se"on! hy'ostasis an! .hiva or .hio is the )eni#estion o# the thir! Hy'ostasis. The relation (et%een Hy'ostase 2ishnu an! 1eni#estation 2isnu is al)ost equal to the !i##eren"e (et%een Hy'ostase Logos an! ,nosise! <esus in trinitarian "hristianity %ith so)e a""e'te! !i##eren"es.=/ Logos assu)es the Hu)an Nature to "onstitute <esus o# Trinitarian CHRI.TIANITY. 0ut Hy'ostasis 2ishnu as a""or!ing to Trinitarian Hin!unis) Assu)es .u'er)un!ali" nature to "onstitute an! to (e"o)e the )eni#estation 2ishnu.>/ A hy'ostasis in Hin!u trinity )ay In"arnate !ire"tly or in!ire"tly. A nu)(er o# in"arnations an! )eni#estations are i))ortals. ?/ A hy'ostasis )eni#ests or re)eni#ests in"arnates or rein"arnates %ith so)e natures only one o# their $in! an! there is no (eing in that $in! o# nature. @/All there hy'ostases are equal in +o!hea! Nature Eternity Po%er et". yet there )eni#stations )ay (e unequal in ran$s or 'o%ers et".

That is %hy so)e Hin!u se"ts thin$ that the 1eni#estation o# the Hy'ostasis 2isnu is higher in ran$ then the )eni#stations o# other t%o hy'ostases. Inse"on!ary senses assu)'trions o# these three hy'ostases )ay(e as"ri(e! to the very +o!hea!. In#a"t in .u(stan"e Hin!u Trinity stan!s (et%een +REE, -RTH-D-X TRINITY an! R-1AN CATH-LIC TRINITY. A/ A""or!ing to Ro)an Catholis) The Thir! Hy'ostasis is issue! #ro) (oth #irst t%o Hy'ostases an! a""or!ing to +ree$ -rtho!o& it is only issue! #ro) the #irst either through the se"on! or !ire"tly #ro) the #irst (ut the se"on! hy'ostasis is not the issuer.0ut in Hin!u Trinity all o# the three Hy'ostases are unissue! an! are !ire"tly issue! #ro) the +o!hea! 0arha)an.B/ A Hy'ostasis )ay assu)e )ore then one Non Divine Natures..o)e )ay (e #e)ale natures an! thus a #e)ale go!ess is no thing (ut a the sa)e hy'ostasis in #e)ale )eni#estation. .o)e Hin!u s"holars )ay use "ertain %or!s o# .ans$rit #or ea"h hy'ostasis %hi"h )a$e an i)'ression that ea"h Hy'ostasis is a 0EIN+. 0ut none o# the) is a 0EIN+ in the sense o# Christology. I# there is a Hy'ostasis in the Divine -U.IA then I.CNE.. is the 'ro'erty o# the Hy'ostasis. It only )eans that there is a Hy'ostasis . .i)ilarly i# there are several Hy'ostases in +o!hea! then ARECNE.. is a 9uality o# All these Hy'ostases. This I.NE.. -R ARENE.. I. in"orre"tly translate! as (eing or (eings.Ho% ever in another sense I.NE.. I. THE 9uality o# ALL THE HYP-.TA.E. AND THE -U.IA AND .-1E TI1E THE UNI-N -4 ALL -4 THE1 A. 8ELL. H-8 E2ER THE I.NE.. -4 +o!hea!;DI2INE -U.IA is the 0eing in CRI.T-L-+ICAL .EN.E A. 8ELL even in Hin!unis). Arya .a)a3is are to Hin!unis %hat Arian Catholis) is to Christianity %ho )isinter'rete Hin!unis). A"tually the #oun!er o# Arya .e"t %as ins'ire! #ro) The Ithna Ashri se"t %hi"h is in turn ins'ire! #ro) 1uta:ilis) an! re!u"e! +o! in )ere a Non living sel# 'rogra))e! su'er Co)'utor %ith no #ree %ill an! se)i i)'ersonal so)e %hat li$e the +o! o# +ree$ Philoso'hers. A nu)(er o# Hin!u ."holars are una(le to e&'lain Hin!u Trinity an! use ter)s %or!s 'hrases e&'ressions o(3e"tiona(le to

Trinitarian Christianities. -(3e"tion on the "on"e't is one thing an! o(3e"tion on the %or!s e)'loye! to "onvey the "on"e't is another thing. It is u'on the Hin!u ."holars to "onvey their i!eas so that it (e"o)e least o(3e"tiona(le to Triniarian Christianities li$e RC +et". The (est %ay is to ues the ter)s #a)iliar to Trinitarian Christians su''orte! (y .ans$rit ."ri'tures. THE-L-+YD0RIT1AIL.NET IT I. H-PED THAT TRINITARIAN HINDU .CH-LAR. 8ILL +I2E THERE RE.P-NCE -N THI. EXPLANATI-N -4 HINDU TRINITY. .- THAT -NE 1AY UNDER.TAND THI. TRINITY 1-RE CLEARLY.