1. Woman never

less than


Poinb per day. Men never less than 11 Points.

2. Always eat Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrates fogether to give you more
energy, keep you satisfied for longer,and help you burn more fat, process, and to reduce negative hormones. 4:. Never go more than 5 hours between meals, lf so add in a snack to keep ' , your energy up and to avoid over eating at your nert meal.

3. Always eat within an hour after waking to kick start the body's fat burning



Always eat a balanced snack t hour to help you burn tat while you sleep,
ptan your meal with


an hour before going to bed to

6, Always

your prolein choice first.


Supplemena your eating plan with 3000 mi igrams Grade or Molecular Distilled Omega 3 per day.



8. Always advise your doctor any time you alter your daily nutritionCALCULATIONS FOR USING FOOD LABELS Proteins Carbs 9o 7q

No of Points



An example of Meal Times for an 11 Point day might look like this: Protein Points 3 Carbohydrates 3 Points Fat

Brealdast: 3 Points

Lunch: (12pm) Snack: (4pm)
Dinner: (6pm)

3 Points Protein 3 Points Carbohydrates 3 Points Fat
1 Points Protein 1 Points Carbohydrates

Points Fat

3 Points Protein 3 Points Carbohydrates 3 Points Fat

Snack: 1 Points Protein (10pm) I Points Carbohydrates
1 Points Fat

sliced Onions. cu? Cotiage 1 oz Low Fat oz 3 (firm ext. chop Tu*ey bacon 1oz 3 strips BLOCK(pOLn Tu*ey. Whole egg Beef lean cuts Canadian bacon.4 ps 1%wps 1 oz % cup 1 cup % cup 1 cup Leeks Lentils FAIR CHOICES (MEDIUM SA'I URATED FAT) . Iean Pork.PROTEINS BEST CHOICE (LOW IN SATURATFD FAT. 1 5 oz Chacken Breast. 1 link Hot dog (Pork or Hot dog (Turkey or Chicken) 1 link FOOD cheese pork cuts fat) Beeo Kielbasa Liver' chicken Pepperoni salami 2oz 1oz 1oz 1oz 1 oz l oz 2-5 oz 1.5 oz 3 cups 1%clups 1oz 1.5o2 1oz loz ct)ps 3 cups 2 cups . lean 2112 oz 1oz 1oz 1 oz 1oz 1oz 1-S oz Spinach.5 oz 1-s oz 1 oz COOKED Artichoke Asparagus Beans..lozzarella cheese Mushrooms (boiled) Okra. chopped Swiss chard. Pork.5 oz ground (1G15% aeef. '" Rich in omega 3 EFA skinless style skinless style 7I POOR CHOICES (HIGH IN FAT OR ARACHTDONIC ACID) l BLOCK 1oz Hard 3 strips Bacon.S) Lean organic Free Range Beef 1 oz 1oz Chicken Breast.5 oz 11A 1. chopped (boiled) Saueakraut 'l cup % cup 1 cup 1oz 1 Ricotta cheese. chopped Eggplant Kale Kidney beans 11/3cups 2 cups Y. Tuna (steak) Tuna (canned in wate.5 oz 1 5 oz 1. black Bok choy Broccol: Brussels sprouts Cabbage.. deli 1 oz Breast Turkey 1 oz Turkey Breast. sliced Altalfa sprouts Eamboo shoots.5 oz 1l cups 1Y. cuq 2 cups 11. green orwax Beans. cuts 1 % cj'rps 1%c I cup ps 1't I ctJp 114 clps 1 112 cups l Broccoli Cabbage.a and Tofu Protein h\atry Soy 1 link Soy hot 2 links Soy '1 Patty Soy FOOD l CONTINUED.5 oz 1.5 oz 1oz 1 oz Cauliflower Chickpeas Collard greens.5 oz CARBOHYDRATES BEST CHOICES (LOW INSULIN INDEX) 15oz 1.. dark meat.4 1.. chopped Turnips. da* meat. skinless 'I oz 1oz whites substitute Cheese Cheese firm powder burqers dogs sausages sausage Bass Bluefish calamari Caifish clams cod Caabmeat Haddock Hallibut Lobster I\.5 oz 1. deli 2 Eqq 1l cuq Egg /. fatty 1.I BLOCK FOOD I\. lean Ham. 1oz Beef. mashed Turnip greens. cups 1 1.BLOCK l medium 12 spears 1 cup Ya cuq ps 1. deli style Hamburger (less than 10o/o Lamb. shredded Cauliflower. lean Chicken..lackerel'* salmon'* SardineScallops Shrimps Snapper Swordnsh Trout. skinless Comed beef lean Duck Ham. shredded l.5 oz 1. pieces BLOCK lai 1. chopPed Yellow squash (summer) zucchini..

canned BLOCK 'll3 cup 1/3 cup Y. cubed "l tbsp Cherries Fruit cocktail . boiled Potato. mandarin. 1 cup cup '/. cups Green pepper. cubed Lime Nectarine. mashed FRUITS Banana cu? cup 1/3 cup 1/5 cup Y. cubed Plum Raspbearies 1t2 1t2 v-8 Bagel (small) Biscuit /. /. and BREADS 114 12 'A oz 1A Shawberies Tangerine Breadcntmbs Bread. chopped cu\ C€nberry sauce FRUITS (FRESH. sliced FArR CHOTCES (USE lN lODERATION) I BLOCK % cup 1/8 cup 1A Onions.Celery.. sliced 2 % ctrp9 1 Watermelon. chopped 3 cups 1 cup %lbsq Oatmeal(slow cooking. baked Potato. CEREALS.cup Y. iceberg (6 inch diameter)1 head 4 cups Lettuce romaine.@P 1t2 Y. cup 1 cup 6 cups Tomato Tomato. cubed Prunes (dried) Raisins FRUIT JUICES I piece 'A cup % cup 2 1 l 3 3 1/3 cup cup 'l Y2 cuq c\rp % melon % cup Boysenberries Cantaloupe Cantaloupe. canned Peaches. cubed GRAINS Barley (dry) 'l l cup BLOCK Cucumber 4 cups Cucumber. chopped Spinach salad Raw spinach 2 'l Carrot. sliced 7 lA aups Endive. baked Sweet poteto.lushrooms. chopped Radishes. slnashed Refried beans Sweei potato. cup cup cuP 1t2 cup cup GRAINS. wholegrain slice . BLOCK 1t3 1t4 Cranbenies. /. dry) COOKED Acom squash Baked beans Beets. chopped % cup Humus Lettuce. cu? 1 1 Apple Apple cide. cup % cup % cup 1/3 clp 1/3 cup 1/3 cup % cup l Grapefruit Lemon 1 1t2 Lemonade Orange Pineapple 1D 1/3 cup 1 Tomato Pear Pineapple. chopped 7 % cups chopped Escarole.. sliced Salsa Snow peas Spinach chopped 2 Y2 ct)ps Buttemut squash Caarot /. chopped I\. shredded Corn Baked French fdes Lima beans Parsnips 1 cup 114 cup % cups 5 % cvp 1/3 cup I 1t3 1/3 cup 3 cups % cup % cup 1t4 Tossed salad : Shredded lettuce Raw green bell pepper Pinto beans Potato. sliced Papaya. cup Yn 113 1t3 1/5 cup 2 cups l Y. Grapefruil Gaapes Cranberry Fruit punch Grape Honeydew melon. FROZEN oI CANNED LIGHT) l BLOCK FOOD Dates Fig 3 tbsp 2 pieces Apple Apricots Blackberies Blueberries 1t2 1/3 cup Guava Kumquat I\rango. medium Orange Orange. 3 Green or rcd peppers 2 Y. cooked) 1/3 cup 1A oz Oatmeal (slow cooking.

[' Bread. white (cooked) Rice cake Roll. Fat) FOOD 1 BLOCK Kelchup Ivlollasses. dry Cereal. pancake Teriyaki sauce 2 tsp 2 tsp 1 tbsp Comstarch Couscous. plain Caouton loz 4 3 112 tbsp FATS BEST CHOICES (MONOUNSATURATED FAT) l BLOCK FOOD th oz Doughnut. bulkie Roll. light Potato chips Pretzels Relish. natural Peanul oil 1/3 tsp 2r3 tsp pockel 2 cups 1/5 cup 1/5 cup 1 3 lnEp '14 Y.4lsq ALCOHOL Beer Distilled spirits 6oz 1oz 4oz BLOCK 2 tbsp Walnuts. shelled and choPped 1 tsp POOR CHOICES (HIGH SATURATED FAT) 11. corn (six inch) Tortilla. four (8 inch) 1/3 tsp 1t2 % cup % cup 1A Mnegar Olives Peanut blrtter. low ret (1-2Yo) 1E 1t2 Sugar. small Peanuts Tahini 1/3 tsp 6 %Ep 1t2 1 1 FAIR CHO1CES (LOW ]N SATURATED FAT) small 1t2 1t2 1 BLOCK Whole cashews Mayonnaise. light Lard Sour cream. 1 Suga[. hard Buckwheat. pickle 2 tbsp 1 % tbsp zone bar Balance bar Milk. granulated 2 tsp 1 tsp 1t2 1 oz oz Y2 oz Y. cooked Melba toast Millet 3t4 1t4 Almond butter Almonds (slivered) Almonds (whole) Canola oil 1/3 tsp 1l. hamburger Taco shell Torlilla. cup . light 1/3 isp ltbsp 1 tsp 2 tsp 1/3 tsp 1 tbsp 4 Vegetable shortening 1/3 tsp 1 th pieces 1/2lbsp Y. plain English muffin Granola Grits. cuq Guacamole Macadamia nut Olive oil Olive oiland vinegar dressing: Olive oil Muffn. cu? 1/6 cup 2 tbsp MULTIPLE BLOCK FOODS (Contain 1 Block of Protein. browil 11. Y. plain 1'l oz 3oz Y. dry Combread Y2 slice Sugar. b. dinner Roll.lsp 3 1 tbsp %oz 1/3 cup lA oz 1/3 tsp 1 tbsp 1 %oz 1t2 Y. plain Croissant.own (cooked) Rice. Caabs. maple Syrup. mini Popcom. saltine Cracker. soft and regular Yoghurt. bluebeny Noodles. white Breadstick soft Breadstick. confectionery Syrup. dry Cracker.4lbsp 1A oz tA oz 4 tsp 2 tsp 6oz 1/3 cup Soyfloua Tempeh Totu.4lsp Bacon blts (imitaiion) dressings oil oil 1/3 isp POOR CHOTCES Barbecue sauce Candy bar Cake Cocktail sauce Cookie (small) Crackers (saltine) crackers (graham) Honey lce cream (regular) lce cream (premium) Jam or Jelly l 1t4 1/3 slice 2 tbsp '1 Butter Cram (Half +HalD Cream cheese cream cheese. popped Rice. regular Light Sesame Soy bean 2 1/3 tsP 1 tsp 1. egg (cooked) Pancake (4 inch) Pitta bread Pitta bread.