Airline Vocabulary

Word part of speech airfare noun aisle noun aisle seat noun assist verb baggage noun Meaning cost of a plane ticket the long empty space that you walk down the seat that is next to the aisle help Example sentence The cost of your meal is covered in your airfare. Please keep your bags out of theaisle so that nobody trips. I'll give you an aisle seat in case you need to walk around with the baby. Please wait until everyone is off the plane so that we can assist you. I'm afraid your baggage got on the wrong airplane.

the bags and suitcases that travellers put their belongings in place where you pick up yourbaggage after arrival warm covering

baggage, luggage claim noun blanket noun boarding pass noun

The announcement will direct you to the correct baggage claim. If you feel cold I can get you ablanket.

part of the ticket Your must present that you give to the your boarding pass at the crew as gate. you step onto the plane up and down movement of the aircraft interior of the aircraft It might be a bumpy ride because we are flying through a storm. There is no smoking allowed inside the cabin.

bumpy, rough adj cabin noun

. but you have to pay for light noun a button If you need anything. If the captain gets sick the copilotcan take over. You can either pay for your excess baggage or leave one of your bags behind. press to get a crew member's attention the person who is in charge of the plane discount airline the part of the plane where the captain and his co# pilots sit feel good physically. able to relax free of charge !ould the kids like to go and meet the captain" If you take a charter it will cost you half as much. captain noun charter noun cockpit noun comfortable adjective complimentary adjective co-pilot noun domestic adjective emergency exit noun e-ticket noun excess baggage noun person who helps the captain fly the plane within the same country section of the plane %re you comfortable sitting that opens in the next to the emergency exit" case of an accident airfare purchased on the internet heavier&more bags than you are allowed You will need to present youridentification along with your e-ticket. !e offer complimentary coffee or tea. ust passengers can press thecall light. You should be at the airport two hours ahead of time for domesticflights. $ecause you have long legs you might be more comfortable in an aisle seat. !e aren't doing any more tours of the cockpit because it's almost time to land.

during a rough ride more passengers than available seats place above the seats for storing luggage items that do not fit in suitcases The flight is o erbooked. headset. go up one level. life jacket noun motion sickness noun a blow#up device Please take a moment to locate that you put on in thelife est under your seat. land verb life est. with better get a better meal to eat. !e will be landing in Tokyo in approximately ten minutes. an emergency over water a bad feeling in the There is a paper bag in front of stomach that you in case you passengers get experience motion sickness. You'll have to put your bag under your seat because all of theo erhead bins are full. *y body doesn't suffer from jet lag anymore.first-class noun/adj gate noun more expensive !hen you sit in first-class you seating. I'm used to travelling now. (our of our passengers will have to wait for the next flight. earphones noun international adj jet lag noun device that allows !e will be coming around passengers tolisten to sellheadsets for five to music or a dollars. services place where passengers go to wait to board a plane Gate '$ is down this hall and to your right. movie worldwide tiredness due to travelling through different time )ones returning to the ground after being in the air (or international departures. Infant car seats and sporting e+uipment can be picked up at theo er-si"ed o erbooked adj o erhead bin!compartment noun o er-si"ed baggage adj .

so we will be serving refreshments but not a meal. !e are next in line to take off on this runway. on device that holds passengers in their seats Please remain in your seats while theseatbelt light is on. You are in seat $ of ro# nine. !e're making one stopo er in Toronto. It's a short flight. case of cabin air pressure loss document that proves a person's identification and nationality the person who drives the plane drinks and snacks Please have your passport out when you go through security. provides air in child. seatbelt noun ste#ard $male%. passport noun pilot noun refreshments noun ro# noun run#ay noun The pilot is circling over the airport until it is safe to land. a number of seats beside each other the strip of land The plane almost missed that an airplane the run#aybecause it was takes#off and lands such a bad storm.baggage counter. take off noun/verb . air host noun stopo er noun man or woman who %sk one of provides service for the ste#ardesses for a pillow passengers during if you're tired. oxygen mask noun a device that goes Put your oxygen mask on first over a person's before putting one on your face. flight attendant. ste#ardess $female%. a flight touching down at more than one airport during a flight when the plane leaves the ground It's not a direct flight.

in ured people seat next to the window where passengers can look out If your child wants a #indo# seat I can move you back a row. in. noun turbulence noun #heelchair noun #indo# seat noun a seat for pushing % steward will take you to the elderly. for taking off or deboarding when the aircraft wheels land on the ground rough flight That was a very smooth touch do#n. This turbulence should only last a few minutes. or gate with a #heelchair. . touch do#n verb. out verb driving an airplane Please remain in your seats to the correct place until wetaxi in to the gate.