LES MISERABLES: A Review One of the anticipated movies this January, Les Misera !es is a story of a Jean "a!

#ean$s stru%%!e to redeem himse!f after ein% imprisoned for &' years for a petty crime( Set in )rance durin% the )rench Revo!ution, this story shows a mu!titude of conf!icts( *his fi!m is definite!y for music !overs as every !ine was sun%, save for some short !ines spo+en( It is ased on "ictor ,u%o$s oo+ of the same tit!e( *his oo+ was then turned into a musica! y -!aude.Miche! Schon er%, A!ain Bou i! and ,er ert /ret0mer, the composer, !i rettist and !yricist respective!y, whi!e ein% produced y -ameron Mac+intosh, who a!so produced this fi!m( Jean "a!#ean, p!ayed y ,u%h Jac+man, an award.winnin% musica! theater actor, is torn on what to do to redeem himse!f after his imprisonment( ,u%h Jac+man$s performance was astoundin%( I e!ieve that most did not e1pect ,u%h Jac+man, a man +nown to many as 2o!verine, had such a %ood voice( ,e transformed himse!f into a character with much despair and a trou !ed sou!( Anne ,athaway, p!ayin% )antine, the mother of -osette, was e1ceptiona! in her sin%in% of 3On I 4reamed a 4ream(5 She turned it into a son% of her own, not a copy of previous actresses$ performances6 one of which is Lea Sa!on%a, whose sin%in% of this son% is one admired y many, inc!udin% Anne herse!f as stated in some interviews( Li+e, ,u%h, she was a !e to chan%e herse!f( She even said in an interview that she was so deep!y into her character that she had trou !e +eepin% the thou%hts of ein% )antine when not in front of the camera( She has interna!i0ed it so much( Eddie Redmayne, Samantha Bar+s and Amanda Seyfried, p!ayin% Marius, Eponine and -osette, respective!y, did very we!!( Showin% the tenderness of youth and its re e!!ious side, they stayed true to what was as+ed of them6 Marius is a re e!!in% midd!e c!ass youth in support of the poor who eventua!!y fa!!s in !ove with -osette6 Eponine is a %ir! +eepin% her fee!in%s for her friend Marius6 and -osette, a pampered %ir! who fa!!s in !ove with Marius( 2hat ecomes evident to this writer is the difference of the approach of Samantha Bar+s to the son% 3On My Own5 etween her p!ayin% of Eponine in the &7th Anniversary and the fi!m adaptation( Russe!! -rowe, p!ayin% Javert, the inspector whose !ife has ecome an o session with the capture of &89':, otherwise +nown as Jean "a!#ean, was disappointin% in his ro!e( ,is portraya! did not deve!op Javert$s character( )rom previous performances of Les Misera !es, Javert is seen as a ruth!ess, co!d.hearted inspector, whose inner conf!ict is deve!oped in the duration of the story, cu!minatin% in his suicide( *his was not shown in his portraya!( ,is voice was not up to par with that of the sheer power needed to %ive a sense of power and stren%th to Javert( It fe!t as if he was a ro ot tryin% to show some emotion( 2ithout a dou t, this fi!m adaptation is a %reat one( *heir set was hi%h!y reminiscent of the ones used in the story$s theater production( I especia!!y was ama0ed that the end, wherein a!! those who died where in a hi%h arricade wavin% f!a%s, was a!most a rep!ica of the set used durin% the &7th Anniversary concert in London( If one is not used to cryin% in movies, one shou!d not have watched Les Mi0( It tu%s at your heart every which way( It definite!y made me cry, so did others(