The Science of Attraction by Ian De La Cruz Ever wondered how one girl would fall for the uglier

guy? I mean, eriou ly, we have all een that odd cou!le, right? "ave you al o wondered how you eem to get attracted to a certain girl that other don#t ee attractive? $ell, there i a cience to that% It lie in our biological !roce e and gene % &rom ymmetry to cent, attractivene may really be all about the way our body i com!o ed% I am going to li t down ' determiner of attractivene % &or tho e who will feel odd about them elve after thi , !lea e don#t be% $hat will be mentioned are the general figure di covered by cienti t ( the e do not nece arily mention the outlier % )ow, let# move on to the li t% &ir t, there i ymmetry% "ave you ever wondered why man can ay that another man i hand ome without being homo e*ual? +r why women can tell that another woman i beautiful? That# becau e our brain can detect the ubtletie of ymmetry of human % ,ut why do we find ymmetry attractive? $ell, it how good gene % "ow o? $ell, we tart from dividing cell ( and if it ha!!en right, we all a!!ear ymmetrical% ,ut there are out ide factor which affect thi divi ion% -ood gene would enable the develo!ing off !ring to with tand the e factor % That i why, according to an American evolutionary biologi t, ymmetry !lay a role in mating% "e aid that mating with a ymmetrical !artner would yield a better chance of the child being ymmetrical% The a ymmetry of !eo!le i o ubtle that it i !erceived ubcon ciou ly% Second, there i body ha!e% )o, thi doe not nece arily mean you hould be thin nor doe thi o tracize tho e who are overweight% Thi only ay that there i a ratio between the hi! and wai t that loo. attractive% Even if you are overweight, it might till wor. out% So what could the e ratio be? &or women to be attractive to men, it i around /%0123%34 hi! 2to wai t ratio% &or men to be attractive to women, it i /%423%/ wai t2to2hi! ratio, and broad houlder would be a bonu % Third, there i the face% 5e , you read it right, the face% 6eo!le ay that we hould not be 7udging on loo. alone, but our mind tend to do o% $hat, then, might the tructure of the face tell u ? It may tell u of fertility% Te to terone create a very ma culine face with a bigger lower face and with !rominent eyebrow % E trogen regulate bone growth in the lower face and chin to ma.e it a bit maller% It i al o re !on ible for a le !rominent eye brow in women% 6eo!le with the e trait would a!!ear more fertile% La t on my li t would be cent% Thi ound weird right? ,ut it doe hel! out the brain in choo ing the ideal mate% +ur bodie !roduce a chemical called !heromone% The e !heromone carry with them information on our immunity and genetic! that only our mind can deci!her% Thi y tem en ure that we do not mate with family, who e genetic! and immunity i imilar to our elve , and that we meet omeone with a not com!letely different genetic! to fill in the e of our genetic! and immunity% Thi would create children with better immunity to certain di ea e and a better genetic! altogether% So there i my li t% It may not be definitive( not e*actly a go2to guide, but a hort li t of what i found by cienti t a thing that our mind ubcon ciou ly loo. for when earching for a

!artner% &or tho e who became di heartened by the li t, don#t be% There are other thing that factor into our finding of !artner %