I. A.


Background of the Study

This project is entitled “Itik Balls.” This is inspired by the popular Filipino street food “fish balls.” The group already had a product in mind. It was just waiting for confirmation. The idea of the utilization of duck meat for the production of this dish was gi en by the researchers! Biology teacher" #s. $rimalou %ucido. The group decided to use the suggestion since it was an interesting ingredient and we would be gi ing an interesting twist to a popular dish.


Significance of the Study

This study could be beneficial to those people who are looking for some ad enture in their food" since duck is not an ingredient that many people!s tongues are accustomed to eating. &n health benefits" duck" like any other meat" is a good source of protein" though it is high in cholesterol.


Statement of the Problem
The researchers would like to know'

() Is duck meat is a iable option as a substitute for fish in the production of fish balls* +) Is a product created from duck pleasing to eat*



() If the result of making fish balls with duck is successful" then duck meat is a good option. +) If the results of the sur ey are fa orable" then duck meat as a substitute is pleasing to eat.


b!ecti"es of the Study

The group aims'

() To be able to create a product from duck meat using a simple recipe that produces fish balls +) To be able to find out if duck is a delicious substitute for fish in fish balls.

#.Scope and Delimitations

The researchers ha e set a budget of $hp ,--. The main ingredient" duck meat" must be a ailable with in .uezon /ity at any time of the day. The group must be able to create a product from a recipe for fish balls.


%e"ie& of %elated 'iterature

0ccording to nutritiondata.self.com" duck is a good source of protein" just like any other meats. It is low in saturated fat. 1i en this information" one could say that duck meat is good. 2adly" this information is contradicted by the fact that duck is high in cholesterol. 0 ser ing on 3, ounces gi es you (++ mg of cholesterol. &mega45 fatty acids" those that are supposedly good for the heart" are also e ident in duck .



() %isting of materials .ty + cups ( cup + cups + cups Item 7uck meat 6minced) 2pring &nions Flour 9 aporated milk &il /ost 6$hp) +8free Free Free free

) )A'

$hp +8-

+) $rocedure

a) The duck meat and spring onions are mi:ed in one bowl.

b) Then" the flour and e aporated milk is mi:ed in together with the duck meat and spring onions mi:ture. The flour and e aporated milk will ser e as the batter. c) The mi:ture is frozen until it is firm. d) 0fter chilling" the balls are formed from the mi:ture. e) The balls are boiled in water until they float. f) 0fter boiling" the balls can be kept in the freezer until they are to be cooked. g) The balls are deep fried until they float.