Substation and IEC-61850
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Outline: Substation and IEC- 61850
Substation Automation (SA) Configuration history Technology and market requirement Needs and main driver for new Standards IEC61850 main objective Over-view IEC61850, modeling,… Implementing IEC61850 in the substation Pilot project

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Smart Grid and IEC- 61850
Smart grid is a type of Electrical Grid which attempts to predict and respond intelligently to the behavior and needs of power users. Smart Grid functions
Self Healing Accommodate integration of Alternative Generation Increase, Reliability, Security, Quality Motivate End consumer to participate to the Grid operation Optimize asset , Reduce cost Demand response support (reduce reservation,..) Digital network
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Role of Substation Automation (SA)
Role of Substation Node Functionality Access to the power network Role of SA in Network management Provides local function
data acquisition from power grid via switchgear Actuator role , by commanding to the switchgear Control, protection, monitoring,..

Provides Local support function for control system
Source of information and sink of power control Provides automated local function to reduce load of scada Source of data for wide area monititoring and protection

Provides Communication link and interfaces to the power system grids
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Hierarchy of the Grid power management

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Trends in Technology Drastic reduction in band width constraint Serial Technology (1200 KB → 56000 KB) LAN Technology (1MB →1GB) Drastic reduction of communication cost due to Explosion of communication market Standard such as TCP/IP internet Advances in Hardware capability © Kinectrics Inc.. 2008 .

Trends in application requirement Deregulation adds to more complexity and more data sharing More intelligence required more data and points to be monitored Increased number of point implies more cost to maintain the data bases Commissioning Maintenance Complexity of application © Kinectrics Inc.. 2008 .

.Motivation for new Standard Too many solution Lack of adequate real time information exchange Island of real time information Too many none efficient standard Effective integration was impossible One standard Seamless communication Data sharing Interoperability Reduction of cost © Kinectrics Inc. 2008 .

.Motivation for new Standard Transmission Neighboring Utility Utility Power plant None utility power plant Alternative Energy source Control Center Distribution © Kinectrics Inc. 2008 .

2008 . Because of lack of global standard Microprocessor based devices with communication from different suppliers often cannot be combined and integrated in the single system without extensive engineering efforts (high cost in integration and start up). The global utility and industrial market required a standard for competitive performance cost reduction © Kinectrics Inc.Market Status and needs (I) Protection and Control Systems with IEDs (intelligent electronic devices) with enabled communication have been accepted on the market and being used by utility and industrial customers for more than a decade..

more competition. reduce the cost without necessary effect the quality. 2008 . Long term stability in implemented solution and technology is required by utilities (20 or more years). © Kinectrics Inc. Ability to Mixing the devices from different vendors without increasing the cost of solution..Market Status and needs (II) Manufacturers and utilities are global companies and directly being effected by lack of global standard. Open standard. Cost reduction and better performance is required by utility to reduce the cost of infrastructure and cost of maintaining the system.

© Kinectrics Inc. Stability The standard shall be stable to follow the progress in communication technology as well as evolving system requirements.Substation Automation Standard Requirement I Interoperability The ability of Substation Automation devices from one or several manufacturers to share and exchange the data and be able to utilize these information for the their own functions. 2008 ..

the standard should support both centralized (RTU ) or decentralized (bay protection and control ) solutions. 2008 . © Kinectrics Inc.Substation Automation Standard Requirement II Free in Engineering Concept Different engineering concept shall be supported by standard.. Substation Automation evolution Standard should regards what has been learnt from pasr parctises and addresses the issue in hand.

IEC61850 standard series Part 1: Introduction and Overview Part 2: Glossary Part 3: General Requirements Part 4: System and Project Management Part 5: Comm.. Requirements for Functions and Device Models Part 6: Configuration description Language for Communication in electrical Substations related IEDs Part 7-1: Principles and Models Part 7-2: Abstract Communication Services (ACSI) Part 7-3: Common Data Classes Part 7-4: Compatible Logical Node Classes and Data Classes Part 8-1: Mapping to MMS and to ISO/IEC 8802-3 Part 9-1: Sampled Values over Serial Unidirectional Multidrop Point-to-Point link Part 9-2: Sampled values over ISO 8802-3 Part 10: Conformance Testing © Kinectrics Inc. 2008 .

Communication for monitoring and control (WG 17) Part 7-420: Communications systems for distributed energy resourcesLogical nodes (WG 18) Part 7-430: Communication system for distribution feeder and network equipment Part 90-1: Communication between Substations Part 90-2: Communication between Substation and control center Part 90-3: Using IEC 61850 for Condition Monitoring Part 90-xx: Network Engineering Guidelines (Technical report) Part 90-xx : Using IEC 61850 to transmit synchrophasor information according to IEEE C37.Edition 2 and new part to come Part 7-410: Hydroelectric power plants .118 © Kinectrics Inc.. 2008 .

SICS – SCL Implementation Conformance Statement – IEC 61850 list of features for system and IED configuration tools) Extensions of the data model and functions for the use in new areas/domains such as Distributed Energy Resources. new SCL files.. Power Quality.g.Motivation for Edition 2 Improvements of the standard documents derived from implementation experiences in products and SAS projects Correction and clarification regarding misunderstanding and interoperability problems documented in the “Tissue” data base Buffered Reporting. Semantic Test-Mode. Hydro Power. 2008 . Wind power Redundancy solution PRP – HSR © Kinectrics Inc. engineering process etc. Extension of missing definitions (e.

sub-functions and functional interfaces Data Flow The exchange of information between distributed functional components and the functional performance requirements Information Modeling Used to define the abstract syntax and semantics of the information exchanged and is presented in terms of data object classes and types. abstract object methods (services) and their relationships © Kinectrics Inc.IEC61850 Modeling Approach Functional Decomposition The decomposition of a function into the smallest entities – logical nodes. Used to understand the logical relationships between components of a distributed function and is presented in terms of logical nodes that describe the functions. attributes. 2008 .. for information exchange.

IEC61850 Modeling Approach Object oriented communications organize the data by function to simplify distributed applications Standardized object models allow for application interoperability Self-description Focus is shifting from data acquisition to Data Management © Kinectrics Inc. 2008 ..

. object oriented data model Every days objects for the Substation Engineer SIMG XSWI TVTR TCTR XCBR PTOC XSWI CSWI PTRC CSWI CSWI Secondary Technology (Substation Automation) Primary Technology (Switchgear) © Kinectrics Inc. 2008 .Logical node.

Data Communication using IEC 61850 Logical Nodes – 92 Logical Node Classes © Kinectrics Inc.. 2008 “IEC61850-7-1 Standard” .

Distance Protection Function Modeling Transformer Protection IED © Kinectrics Inc. 2008 ..

.Data Communication using IEC 61850 Data classes and example © Kinectrics Inc. 2008 “IEC61850-7-1 Standard” .

Data Communication using IEC 61850 Logical groupings – Devices.. Physical Device (Server) Logical Device Logical Node XCBR Data Class Pos Data StV Logical Node MMXU Data Class A Data PhA © Kinectrics Inc. nodes. 2008 . classes and data.

Distance Protection IED Modeling Transformer Protection IED © Kinectrics Inc.. 2008 .

.IEC61850 Communication network © Kinectrics Inc. 2008 .

MMS Application Presentation Session Transport Network Data Link Physical © Kinectrics Inc.. 2008 ASN.IEC 61850 Protocol Mapping Information IEC 61850-7-4 Information exchange sampled GOOSE IEC 61850-7-2 values 9-1 9-2 IEC 61850-8-1 ISO 9506 .1 Session RFC 1006 TCP Ethertype IETF IEEE IP Ethernet Ethernet .

GOOSE Encoding GOOSE A-Profile Encoding (from Annex A of IEC 61850-8-1): © Kinectrics Inc. 2008 ..

GOOSE Encoding GOOSE A-Profile Encoding (from Annex A of IEC 61850-8-1): © Kinectrics Inc.. 2008 .

.sqNum increments B .GOOSE Protocol A BA A A A A A GOOSE A . © Kinectrics Inc.stNum increments There are no frame retransmissions. 2008 .

. © Kinectrics Inc.GOOSE Protocol GOOSE Allows subscribers to monitor online status of publishers. subscribers can take appropriate action: •Assume data points are 0. •Custom logic. •Assume data points are 1. If a GOOSE message times out (timeAllowedto Live expires). 2008 . •Retain last received values.

2008 . © Kinectrics Inc.Using GOOSE Protocol GOOSE Use this feature to monitor IED and network health. Have station computer subscribe to all published GOOSE messages. Monitor test mode status of all IEDs..

Modeling Examples – PTRC and XCBR © Kinectrics Inc. 2008 ..

2008 .IEC61850 SA Structure Station level Station bus Bay level Process bus Process Interface Process Interface HMI Station computer Station gateway Control Protection Protection & Control Control Protection Cu wires Process Interface Process level Switchgear/Switchyard © Kinectrics Inc..

IEC 61850-9-1 Process Bus © Kinectrics Inc.. 2008 .

2008 .IEC 61850-9-2 Modeling © Kinectrics Inc..

File transfer remote File transfers and parametrization with IEC61850 services Substation gateway IED © Kinectrics Inc. …) System Specification (Single line. . 2008 IED IED . LNs..ICD System Configurator . relation to single line.SCD Engineering Workplace Engineering environment SA system File transfer Local IED Configurator Associations.SCL: Usage in engineering process IED Capabilities (LN.SSD ... …) IED DB . DO. preconfigured reports.

. 2008 .GE HardFiber System © Kinectrics Inc.

IEC 61850 Process Bus © Kinectrics Inc. 2008 ..

.GE HardFiber System © Kinectrics Inc. 2008 .

. 2008 .IEC 61850 Process Bus © Kinectrics Inc.

. 2008 .Brick – GE Merging Unit All copper wiring ends at the Brick Eliminate 33% of breaker terminations Easy replacement of Bricks reduces maintenance © Kinectrics Inc.

2008 .Process Bus Relay Only fiber connections at the relay © Kinectrics Inc..

.GE HardFiber System © Kinectrics Inc. 2008 .

2008 ..IEC 61850 Process Bus © Kinectrics Inc.

.Process Bus Relay Only fiber connections at the relay © Kinectrics Inc. 2008 .

one-by-one installation by highly skilled workers .Traditional Breaker Wiring • Low density copper needs 1000s of terminations © Kinectrics Inc.. 2008 • Manual.

Cable Termination © Kinectrics Inc.. 2008 .

2008 ..Cable Path © Kinectrics Inc.

2008 .Process Bus Areva © Kinectrics Inc..

2008 ..Process Bus Areva © Kinectrics Inc.

2008 .Cable Path © Kinectrics Inc..

. 2008 .Substation from real world to model © Kinectrics Inc.

.needs new procedures. tools.First IEC61850 Project IEC61850 is impacting how we are working today Knowledge base-Training Organization-Traditional scope of protection and communication is not hold any more Technology-TCP-IP versus serial Design Testing Documentation Maintenance . 2008 . First implementation through Pilot project © Kinectrics Inc...

. device..First IEC61850 Project-Pilot Project Pilot Project None Biased.) Regress testing for Prove of concept and Interoperability Product and system acceptance Documentation © Kinectrics Inc. test.Expert Partner Selection of Pilot station Design concept Product selection Engineering procedure Tools (Engineering.. 2008 .

First IEC61850 Project-Pilot Project Migration Strategy Lesson learn Review procedures and concept © Kinectrics Inc.. 2008 .

.Conclusion Questions and Discussion? © Kinectrics Inc. 2008 .

2011 Substation Automation Basics • • • • • Substation automation basic functions History of common system architecture used Centralized versus decentralized system architecture Common protocols used Interfaces with control system Key Benefits: • An overview of modern substation automation infrastructure and basic networking principles • An understanding of how work may be changed to accommodate the requirements of a modern automated substation and the standard Price: One day . network management. testing and commissioning of Protection and Modern Substation Automation systems. Modern Substation Automation • • • • • • Introduction to IEC61850 IEC61850 approach and goals System Architecture. Course date is December 14. control and communication structure in the substation and power system network.$750+ Applicable Taxes Complimentary lunch & coffee breaks Course price is $500 for IEEE members .com E-mail: training@kinectrics. P. Mansour has 20 years experience in design.Technical Overview of IEC 61850 Overview This course is for those who need an introduction to IEC 61850. system planning. distribution or generation connections. 2011 Instructors: Mansour Jalali.207.a $250 discount. It provides a conceptual understanding of Substation Automation and IEC61850. process bus High light of Data modeling and services Interoperability Scada interfaces Who Should Attend? • Staff who need a conceptual overview of IEC 61850 and how it compares to conventional substation automation technologies Engineers and technical staff who may need to account for IEC 61850 in their work. Course Outline: Why IEC61850 • • • • Substation Automation History Utility requirement Need of global Standard Introduction of IEC 61850 Discount for IEEE members December 14. It highlights how this standard impacts the design of the Fax: 416. Station Bus. application.kinectrics. such as procurement.6532 . MAsc. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for Professional Development hours • Register now: On-line: www.

Course participants gain skills and in-depth knowledge through interactive participation in technical workshops presented by experts working in Kinectrics’ state-of-the-art labs. 2012 This course focuses on the interoperability of multi-vendor devices and systems for Global Standard IEC 61850.IEC 61850 Interoperability of Multi-vendor Devices and Systems Discount for IEEE members Overview January 16. 17 & 18. periodic testing Life cycle management Firmware version control Spare parts Module 4: Process Bus Applications • • • • • Overview of IEC 61850-9 Merging unit and sampled value streams Data sink relays Time synchronization Interoperability and Interchangeability See page 2: Workshop – Modules for Hands-On Training and Course Registration Details . Course Outline: Module 1: Introduction to IEC 61850 • • • • • • • History of IEC 61850 Documentation and organization of IEC 61850 standard Substation configuration description language Abstract communication service Interface Data models for information exchange Security and reliability Benefits of IEC 61850 Module 5: Modeling Approach and Naming Convention • • • • • • • Overview of IEC 61850-5 and IEC 61850-7 Basic information models Modeling approach Self-descriptive names Pre-defined names for logical devices Naming convention Function and product-related naming systems Module 2: Ethernet Architecture • • • • • • Pros and cons of typical Ethernet architectures Reliability requirement and N-1 criteria Redundancy and interoperability Traffic control and data flow management Scalability and maintainability Migration path for accommodating full-scope deployment from pure station bus applications to combined station bus and process bus applications Module 6: Deployment Strategy • • • • • • • Functional specification Architecture evaluation Cyber security design System-wide naming convention Data flow management Operational & non-operational data Traffic mitigation strategy Module 7: Migration Strategy • • • • • • Harmonization between IEC 61850 / 61970 / 61968 Strategy for new substations Retrofitting brown substations Migration path for existing substations Control center connections Field trial Module 3: Station Bus Applications • • • • • Overview of data models for GOOSE exchange Mapping to MMS State-of-the-art configuration tools Horizontal integration Typical GOOSE applications o Inter-tripping schemes o Breaker failure protection schemes o Interlocking schemes o Open/close breakers Module 8: Maintenance Strategy • • • • • • Isolation design Cope with naming changes Conditional assessment vs.

a $450 discount! Course date is January 16.500 for IEEE members .IEC 61850 Interoperability of Multi-vendor Devices and Systems Cont’d Workshop Outline: Workshop Module 1: Integration of MultiVendor IEDs for GOOSE Applications • • • • • • • Overview of bottom-up approach XML schemas Substation configuration description language IED and system configuration tools GOOSE publication and subscription Step-by-step integration procedures Horizontal integration for GOOSE applications Who Should Attend? This course is designed for: • Utility P&C Engineers • System Integrators • Maintenance Staff • Consultants • Substation Automation System Designers Key Benefits: Gain an understanding of: • Gain Practical Knowledge to build station and utility performance • Experience “plug-and-work” solutions in Kinectrics’ Interoperability Testing Lab • Platform IEDs covered include: o GE o SEL o AREVA o Siemens o ABB o Cybectec Workshop Module 2: Interoperability Testing of Multi-Vendor IEDs & Systems – GOOSE Applications • • • • • • Test system architecture Test system configuration Configuration tools and Integration GOOSE simulation using Omicron / RTDS GOOSE performance testing GOOSE transfer trip vs. BSc. testing and commissioning of Protection and Modern Substation Automation systems. 17 & 18. 2012 Instructors: Mansour Fax: 416..Eng. local hard-wired trip Workshop Module 3: Integration and Interoperability Testing – Client / Server Applications • • • • • • Test system architecture and configuration Client / server integration Data point mapping and signal scaling Buffered and un-buffered reporting Alarm Processing Automatic Control Price: Theory and Workshops.kinectrics. 3 days: $1. Mansour has 20 years experience in design.6532 . P. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for Professional Development hours Workshop Module 4: Testing of MultiVendor Merging Units & Data Sink Relays • • • • • • Test system architecture Test system configuration Configuration tools and Integration Time synchronization Interchangeability between merging units and IEDs Traffic control / simulation over the LAN Register Now: On-line: E-mail: training@kinectrics. MAsc. application.950+ applicable taxes Complimentary lunch and coffee breaks Course price is $1.207.