It is important for a teacher to gain knowledge from anywhere to make sure we can give the best for our pupils. Thank you to institute because gives me an opportunity to me to get some input via this assignment. This assignment is about the three topics that we learn in course. They are about part of speech, sentence types and types of tenses. It is not so easy but not so hard to. With help from others friends, this assignment can be done. These three topics are the most important part in English Language. That is because those three topics is part of linguistic item in English. It almost covers half about the linguistic structure. rom this coursework, I improve my English a little bit and hope I will able to understand better about these three topics after this. In this coursework, I applied what I have learnt to write an essay. This make me more understand.


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Task A 10 Grammar Exercises .

Exercises on Topic 1 ( Part of Speech ) .

Exercises on Topic 2 ( Sentence Types ) .

Exercises on Topic 3 ( Tenses ) Task B Writin Essay .

sufferers wished they had protected their health a whole lot better. or the rest of us who still have our health. minimi7e intake of deep$fried foods and organ meat. adding fruit to your cereal. 3iven the chance to wind back the clock. hypertension. These are 1ust a few ways you can start living healthy without drastic changes. they would certainly have lived life differently. 2ften. we does not have that ability in our life. 5ere. . 6uch as taking more steps. having an e"tra glass of water.( The Way to ha!e "ea#thy $ifesty#e ) The Way to have a Healthy Lifestyle It0s sad that heart disease. cancer and osteoporosis are robbing so many of the 1oys that life can bring. diabetes. This can contribute to the fat in our body. irst step to begin your healthy lifestyle is reducing fat intake. We can reduce the fat in our meal by limit intake of food high in fats and minimi7e fats and oils in food preparation. I will introduce the trick to healthy living is 1ust making small changes. we would do well to be more mindful and to invest in a lifestyle that ensures long$term health. 8o not forget to limit cholesterol$raising .eside that. 4nfortunately.

oyster sauce. .esides get less sugar we have to get less salty. cut back on dishes that use e"cessive oils and fats for e"ample. or cincaluk. and obesity. Then. lemongrass. and is at least moderately active. about an hour. We can get less the sugar intake by replace sweet desserts with healthier options like fruits and cereals. re?uent and routine e"ercise everyday helps boost the immune system by helps prevent the disease of affluence such as heart disease. onion. E"ercise or sports are key for a healthy lifestyle as well. syrup or cordial. It also improves mental health. In a market. Another way to lead you in healthy lifestyle is less sugar in your food and drink. belacan. vinegar and lemon to give flavour to your food naturally. nasi minyak and sambal tumis. diabetes. inally. do not add any more salt. tiredness will disappear somehow when we are getting together with our family and friends.less sweet< or kurang manis when ordering beverages. Then. Even this food is delicious. people like to use flavour like ‘Pasti Sedap’ and ‘Cukup Rasa’. ghee and butter. -ela"ation helps us reduce stress effectively. or daily. or e"ample. 9ut down on food and drink products that have sugar at the top of their ingredient list. 6alty taste is one of the cause for many diseases such as high blood pressure. 6o long as it>s routine. salted egg. Even taking your pet for a walk is good. and prevent depression. try to choose products labelled as having less salt. as well as margarines and shortening made from hydrogenated fats. 3o to the gym every once in a while. choose plain water rather than soft drinks. we have to reduce intake of salty foods such as salted fish. !lease consume food and beverages low in sugar in your daily life. stress. salted vegetables and high$ sodium snacks. We can choose and prepare food with less salt and sauces. cardio vascular disease. It is better for us to use natural herbs and condiments like garlic. fried rice. curry powder.coconut oil such as coconut milk. :ou are can also ask for . We will be happier especially when we with the one we . If you are already using salty sauces and flavouring condiments for e"ample monosodium glutamate. 2r take a run around your neighbourhood. =owdays. remember to en1oy life. pepper. It is unnecessary to be a professional 1ust spent your time outside and lead a active way of life. It is will make your meal become more salty.

Let0s learn to control our thoughts through meditation. It will not only release stress but also offers us helpful knowledge like historical culture. and other mind ?uieting techni?ues can be very helpful in reducing stress levels. This is vital as healthy life leads to blithe and bliss. so it stands to reason why we need to do our part to care for it as best we can. We can also travel to somewhere interesting and opening our mind to new most. yoga. we need to keep our body and mental in good condition always. for as long as we can. Each of us get only one body. . As a conclusion. 6tress is involve our inner though and inner feeling. manners and customs of a place we visit.

Exercise and sport more ( ( ( ( ( Less salt back on dishes that use ( 9ut ( 9hoose and prepare food with less salt Get and relaxation sauces ( ( ( ( 4se natural herbs and condiments. and opening our interesting mind to new environment. )t helps prevent the ( ( -educe intake of salty . 9onsume food and beverages low in sugar 9ut down on food and drink products that have sugar at the top of their ingredient list. Travel to somewhere . 9hoose products labelled as having less salt. Limit cholesterol$raising coconut oil. 6pent your time outside and lead a active way 3etting together with our family of life. ( Lifestyle ( Take a run around your neighbourhood. ( Learn to control our thoughts. Healthy and friends. -eplace sweet desserts with healthier options.inimi7e intake of deep$ fried foods and organ meat. 9hoose plain water. Taking your pet for a walk.Task % &in' &ap Less sugar Reduce fat intake ( ( ( Less intake of food high in fats and minimi7e fats and oils in food preparation .

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