temate® PowerBox H High-Powered Portable Ultrasonic Instrument
ATA-NDT Forum, September 28, 2011

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19 1083 _Macros Table of Contents  Introduction to EMAT  Design Objectives and Equipment Specifications  Existing and Future Applications • Normal Beam Inspections • Guided Waves • Properties Measurement • Non-EMAT Applications  Innerspec Technologies. © 2011 2 . Inc.

19 1083 _Macros Introduction to EMAT Technology © 2011 3 .

Sokolov in 1929.temate® PowerBox H Introduction to EMAT Technology 19 1083 _Macros Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) is a fairly recent ultrasonic technique that is rapidly growing History:  First recorded Ultrasonic Testing experiment conducted by Russian scientist J.Y. First patent for UT equipment in 1931  Initial experiments with EMAT UT in the ‘70s  First commercial applications of EMAT in the ‘90s  Great recent growth thanks to advancements in technology and equipment © 2011 4 .

temate® PowerBox H Introduction to EMAT Technology 19 1083 _Macros While Piezoelectric UT uses a crystal to generate the ultrasound. an Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) generates the sound in the part inspected © 2011 5 .

temate® PowerBox H Introduction to EMAT Technology 19 1083 _Macros EMAT enjoys all the benefits of UT plus other particular advantages Ultrasonic Technique • Volumetric Inspection • Easy One-Side Access to Difficult to Reach Areas • Meets UT Standards • Safe Ultrasound is Generated in the Part Inspected Insensitive to Surface Conditions Dry Inspection (no couplant) Easier Probe Deployment Unique Wave Modes Self-Calibration • Easy to Automate and Integrate in Production • No Couplant Induced Errors • High Inspection Speeds (up to 60 m/s) • Capable of High and Sub-Zero Temperatures • Capable of Inspecting Rough. Dirty (Oily/Wet). Oxidized or Uneven Surfaces • The angle of incidence does not affect the direction of propagation • No Signal Variations from Probe to Probe • Capable of Generating Horizontally Polarized Shear Wave Energy • Guided Waves (Especially Advantageous for Weld Inspection) • Sample to Sample Self-Calibration of Signals on Guided Waves • Accurate and Repeatable Inspections • No need for Operator Interpretation © 2011 6 .

Uranium and most other metals Geometries Discrete and Continuous Geometries • Plates (thin and thick) • Cylinders. Cobalt • Non-Ferrous: Aluminum.temate® PowerBox H Introduction to EMAT Technology 19 1083 _Macros EMAT can be used on most metals and geometries for all the standard UT applications Type of Inspection Flaw Detection • Points • Seams • Surfaces • Volumes Thickness & Distances Material Properties • Nodularity • Anisotropy • Stress Material Electrical Conductors • Ferrous: Carbon Steel. Copper. square or others) • Structural Elements © 2011 7 . Brass. Nickel. Rods • Tubes (round. Stainless Steel.

including austenitic materials • Flaw Detection (surface) Surface Guided Volumetric Lamb • Flaw (including Corrosion) Detection • Velocity and Properties Measurements • Flaw (including Corrosion) Detection • Velocity and Properties Measurements Shear Horizontal 1 Practical generation is restricted to EMAT 2 Very efficient generation with EMAT EMAT1 © 2011 8 .temate® PowerBox H Introduction to EMAT Technology 19 1083 _Macros EMAT can generate unique wave modes such as Shear Horizontal and Lamb Boundary Beam Orientation Wave Mode Longitudinal Normal Bulk Angled Shear Horizontal Technique Piezo EMAT EMAT1 Main Applications • Thickness and Velocity Measurements • Flaw Detection • Properties Measurement Shear Vertical Shear Horizontal Rayleigh Piezo EMAT EMAT1 Piezo EMAT2 Piezo EMAT2 • Flaw Detection • Flaw Detection.

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EMAT and nonEMAT sensors • Software and hardware features available in high-end flaw detectors • Handheld and battery operated • 2. Flaw. B. Backwall) DAC Curves PC software to display and analyze results Remote control operation through ethernet Optional software modules for Stress.temate® PowerBox H Design Objectives and Specifications 19 1083 _Macros The goal was to develop the first high-power ultrasonic handheld instrument with the capabilities of a high-end flaw detector Design Goals • Capable of running any EMAT wave mode including: • Normal Beam (SH and L) • Guided Waves (Rayleigh. SH.5-3MHz • Signal conditioning attachment with independent tuning modules to adapt to any type of coil configuration • 1:8 Multiplexer attachment with slot for tuning module • Tuning Modules permit matching any transducer including EMAT.72 Lbs (6Kgs) • 4-8 hours of battery time © 2011 10 . Lamb) • Angled Beams (SH and SV) temate® PowerBox H • 1 Channel tone burst (up to 5 cycles) with 8kW of power in two power settings (600Vpp and 1200Vpp) • 100kHz to 6MHz Bandwidth • Pulse/Echo and Pitch/Catch operation • Built in pulse/echo signal conditioning for 1. C and Line Scan formats Amplitude. PZT (PVDF). air-coupled • • • • • • • A. Bolt Load and multichannel measurements • Capable of multiplexing up to 8 sensors. TOF and velocity readouts 3 Gates (Calibration.

temate® PowerBox H Design Objectives and Specifications 19 1083 _Macros temate® PowerBox H System without and with Signal Conditioning Attachment/Multiplexer © 2011 11 .

19 1083 _Macros Existing and Future Applications © 2011 12 .

weld overlays…) • Stress/anisotropy measurement • Bold load with single and double wave mode (L and SH) • Nodularity measurements • Corrosion monitoring (8 Channel BAND) • High-power PZT (e. rolls. PVDF) • Air Coupled Normal Beam EMAT Guided Waves Multi-Sensor Normal Beam Non-EMAT All © 2011 13 . painted and rough surfaces (3-4mm liftoff) • Flaw and corrosion detection • Corrosion under supports with Shear and Lamb waves • Thin weld inspection (under 6mm) • Surface inspections (strip. tubes.g. billets.temate® PowerBox H Existing and Future Applications 19 1083 _Macros Existing Applications UT Type Wave Type Applications • Thickness Measurement • High and low temperatures (-30ºC to 650ºC) • Coated.

temate® PowerBox H Existing and Future Applications 19 1083 _Macros Summary and Future Applications  First handheld ultrasonic instrument capable of generating up to 5 cycle tonebursts at 1200Vpp…30 times more power than a 400V high-end flaw detector!  Permits running all EMAT applications including normal beam and guided waves…reclaim surface waves!  Runs PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) sensors and air coupled transducers  Potential applications discussed during the show: • Scribe lines • Surface inspections • Thin welds (engine casings) • Thickness and corrosion measurements © 2011 14 .

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temate® PowerBox H Innerspec Technologies. VA with offices in Europe and China and representatives and distributors throughout the world  First EMAT (NASA) in 1989. 19 1083 _Macros Our Company  US company located in Lynchburg. Inc. First commercial EMAT in 1994  56 patents for EMAT applications and equipment  World leader in commercial applications of EMAT with over 200 integrated systems installed in 27 countries and the most complete line of equipment  temate® and Rollmate product lines © 2011 16 .

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